About Us

At FindGoodBuy.com, our mission is simple – we want to help you find the best product or service. Choosing the right product for yourself can be difficult. There are so many different brands and models available. 

We understand that money is hard-earned. So we want you to buy the best and not have any regrets. That is why we put in a lot of time and effort to understand each product and service that we feature. 

Why did we start FindGoodBuy

To be honest, we were sick of buying things that sucked. So every time before we buy a product ourselves, we always spend hours researching before committing to a purchase. So we thought, why not share our research with you guys. That way, more people can buy the best and be happy with their purchases. 

Our vision

We want every single one of our readers never regret a purchase. We hope to reach every single one in Malaysia who is thinking of buying a product or service. We are happy when you are happy with what you buy. 

How do we research

For each article on FindGoodBuy, it takes us 27 hours to research, fact-check, proofread and publish. Firstly, we find all the different products that are available. Next, we go through their product sheets to find out about their features and specifications. 

Whenever possible, we go to the stores to try out the product to get understanding of how it performs in real-life. If we can’t find it in stores, we scour the web for more information from sources like websites and videos. We also message the manufacturers and distributors if we need clarification on anything. 

After going through all these tedious findings, we feature the best of the best in our articles. Out of every 10 that gets featured, 20 to 30 are not. So when you buy one of our recommendations, you know you are getting the best.

How does FindGoodBuy sustain itself

When we recommend a product, we try to find places online which sell it. Some of our links are affiliate links. When you buy the product, we might receive a small commission from the merchant. However, this does not increase the price that you pay. 

The amount that we earn is usually only enough for our hosting and maintenance costs for the website. The true joy comes when we receive a message from our readers, thanking us for helping them to make a great purchase. 

To all our readers, a sincere thank you for reading our articles.