18 Best Air Conditioners in Malaysia (2023) – Inverter & Non-Inverter

An air conditioner is a must-have in Malaysia. The weather has been getting hotter every year. If you want a comfortable and cool home, an air conditioner beats a fan for sure. However, air conditioners are also expensive to buy and also run because of electricity costs.

But we are here to help! We have read up on all the various aircon brands and models and found the best in terms of price and performance. Here are the best air conditioners that you can get in Malaysia!

Daikin 2.0HP Inverter R32 FTKG-Q Air Conditioner

Best 5-star energy-saving air conditioner

This Daikin Air Conditioner has the perfect combination of performance and efficiency. It makes your room cold fast, especially if you use its Cold Start function. Within a few short minutes, your room will turn from blazing hot to ice cool.

With a 5-star energy rating, it is one of the most energy-efficient air conditioners in the market. Daikin is able to achieve this because this aircon is using the new cutting edge refrigerant.

It is also the perfect companion for the night because of how quiet it is. You can activate the Quiet Mode, which makes it quieter than a whisper. This Daikin Air Conditioner has everything you want and need!

Daikin Innovaire 1.0HP Inverter Air Conditioner

This Daikin Inverter Air Conditioner is an improved model that has better performance. At the same time, it still has a relatively low price so you’ll be able to enjoy air conditioning without burning a hole in your pocket.

It has a powerful fan that helps to distribute air evenly across the entire room. Also, when running, this Daikin Air Conditioner only emits 22dBa of noise. You will barely be able to hear it.

With the inclusion of the iPlasma Technology, this air conditioner can purify and sterilize the air while cooling it down. Your family can enjoy cool, clean and safe air all day long with this Daikin Air Conditioner!

Panasonic 1.0HP Premium Inverter Air Conditioner

The Panasonic Premium Inverter Air Conditioner is the result of a large amount of hard work and tests. It has paid off because it is one of the most popular models because of its performance and durability.

It uses a unique concept of shower cooling. It feels more comfortable because the cool air gently caresses you from above rather than being right in your face. Additionally, it is equipped with the nanoe-G technology which removes dust mites, bacteria and viruses from the air. As such, you won’t need a separate air purifier.

This air conditioner is also very energy-efficient all thanks to its ECONAVI sensors. It can detect human activity and sunlight to find the exact spots that need more cooling. You’ll see a difference in your electrical bill every month if you get this fantastic Panasonic Air Conditioner.

Panasonic 1.5HP Standard Non-Inverter R32 Air Conditioner

With a horsepower of 1.5, which is equivalent to 12000BTU, this Panasonic Non-Inverter R32 Air Conditioner is perfect for cooling down a space of up to 27 square metres. It is also extremely affordable, available at a range of RM1260 to RM1400. What impressed us is how fast it can cool down a room once you turn it on. With a special Powerful Mode, it can instantly cool down your room even in the sweltering Malaysian heat.

Even with its high power, this aircon manages to attain a respectable 3-star energy rating, especially considering it is a non-inverter model. Therefore, you won’t have to worry too much about high electricity bills even when using this aircon all day long. Another plus point is that it uses the R32 refrigerant, which is an eco-friendly choice as it does not impact the ozone layer. You can cool down without worrying that you’re destroying the earth!

For a cheap, eco-friendly and powerful single aircon, check out the Panasonic Non-Inverter R32 Air Conditioner!

York 1.0HP Rapid-Cooling Air Conditioner

Cheapest air conditioner in Malaysia

The York 1.0HP Air Conditioner is one of the best deals you can get. It is likely the cheapest air conditioner that you can find in Malaysia, at least in terms of price to performance. One thing we really like is its 3D airflow design. It allows air to be circulation throughout the entire room, so everywhere is evenly cool.

With a 5-speed fan, it can cool down a room very fast. Another plus point is that it can ionize the air, which helps make the circulated air cleaner and safer. If you are searching for a cheap air conditioner, you should definitely consider this value-for-money York Air Conditioner.

York 2HP Inverter Air Conditioner

If you want more power without a bill shock, get the York 2HP Inverter Air Conditioner. With its inverter technology, it is extremely efficient and attains a 4-star energy rating. Concurrently, it can rapidly cool down your room thanks to its powerful 5-speed fan. Also, it has a hydro purifier which adds moisture and refreshes the air. This helps to counteract the drying effect that air conditioners usually have.

As you turn on this York aircon, you will feel as though you are enveloped by the wind. Using 3D airflow technology, this aircon circulates the air quickly and efficiently throughout the entire space so that everyone can enjoy the cool air no matter where they are. If you value a quiet environment when sleeping, you can opt to activate its quiet mode, which lowers the running volume of the air conditioner.

As you can see, the York 2HP Inverter Air Conditioner has a wide variety of functionality. It is definitely one of the best single unit inverter air conditioners that you can get right now.

Ascon S-Series Air Conditioner

With a cooling capacity of 18000BTU, the Ascon S-Series Air Conditioner is very powerful. You can feel its prowess from the first time that you turn it on. It can transform a blazing hot room to a comfortable temperature in 1 to 2 mins when you activate its turbo mode.

Furthermore, you can use its plasma technology to purify the air concurrently. It can remove harmful things like bacteria, viruses, dust and even odours. If you want it to be quiet, activate its Quiet Mode, and it’ll get no noisier than 25dBa. This Ascon model definitely ticks all the right boxes of what you want in an air conditioner.

Midea MSAE-10CRN1 Ionizer Air Conditioner

The Midea MSAE-10CRN1 Air Conditioner has 3 features which make us love it. Firstly, it has turbo cooling perfect for those hot days – even up to 50 degrees celsius. It is also designed with a wide-angle airflow distribution. Also, it has a powerful fan that can send the cold air much further than others.

These features combined means it is one of the best in terms of cooling down the entire room. Other cool features include a dual filtration system that helps purify the air and a self-cleaning function that makes maintenance simple.

Sharp AHA9UCD Air Conditioner

First of all, the Sharp AHA9UCD Air Conditioner is a very affordable option. It is a non-inverter model but not to worry because it is very eco-friendly too. Compared to the usual non-inverter models, it uses 24% less electricity, so you won’t have to worry about high monthly bills.

It also has most of the functions that more expensive air conditioner models have. So you’ll be getting everything you need, just for a lower price. When you consider every feature it has, you’ll know that it is a great deal.

Mitsubishi 1.0HP SRK09CRR Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi is one of the most reliable brands for air conditioners. The Mitsubishi SRK09CRR Air Conditioner is no exception. We have a great impression of it because reviews online always mention how long they have used it for.

Besides its reliability, it also provides high-speed cooling with its powerful motor, well-designed fans and flaps. For a non-inverter model, it is also very energy-efficient, which means you can turn it on all day without getting a bill shock. If you want a reliable and affordable air conditioner, definitely consider this Mitsubishi model.

Samsung 2.0HP Inverter Air Conditioner

The Samsung 2.0HP Inverter Air Conditioner is powerful yet efficient because of its 8-Pole Inverter. With it, the aircon can maintain the temperature you want without powering on and off – which saves energy. It also means less noise and vibrations when it is operating.

With a 2-step cooling mode, it cools down a room fast and switches to a lower power after. You won’t need to set and change the temperature and fan speed manually to achieve that. Another thing we like is how it is equipped with a filter that takes care of the viruses, bacteria and allergens in the air. It’ll help you greatly if you suffer from allergies.

Hisense AN10DBG Air Conditioner

You might have heard that air conditioners hurt the environment and worsen global warming. However, it is so hard to live without an air conditioner in the hot weather. Thankfully, the Hisense AN10DBG Air Conditioner uses the R32 refrigerant that is more eco-friendly – you can now use the aircon without feel guilty!

Compared to older models, it is also more energy-efficient by up to 38%, which is very big savings on your electricity bills. Furthermore, it has smart sensors which can detect the temperature in different parts of the room. It’ll then cool down the hot zones more while leaving the cool zones untouched. Taking care of Mother Nature and feel cool at the same time with this Hisense eco-friendly Air Conditioner!

Hitachi Wall Type Air Conditioner

You won’t ever have to worry about hot days anymore with this Hitachi Air Conditioner. With 9040BTU, it can cool your entire room down quickly and efficiently. It is also built to be very safe and reliable. With safeguards like auto restart and power surge protection, you won’t need to worry about thunderstorms and blackouts hurting your air conditioner.

Hitachi RAS-VX10CG Premium Inverter Series 1.0HP Air Conditioner

Unlike the usual all-white air conditioners, this Hitachi Premium Inverter RAS-VX10CG comes in a sleek silver grey finish that would suit an industrial theme. If you want a different look, this is one aircon which you must check out. Besides its unique design, this Hitachi model has many features that you will appreciate.

Firstly, it is extremely quiet, with the noise measuring just 19dB. Compared to most other air conditioners, we would say you can barely hear this one when it is switched on. Additionally, it is extremely energy-efficient with a 5-star rating. On average, it will only consume 1267kWh per year which ensures turning on the aircon won’t bleed your wallet. There is also a good number of modes available for you to select. Some examples include the Air Sleep Mode, Eco Mode, Smart Swing, Welcome Breeze, Refresh Mode, UV Fresh and Super Silent Mode.

Want a premium single unit air conditioner for your home? Then our top recommendation would certainly be the Hitachi RAS-VX10CG!

Electrolux Essential Air Conditioner

With 3 different filters, the air coming out of the Electrolux Essential Air Conditioner is guaranteed to be clean and healthy. The 3 filters are Vitamin C, Bio-HEPA and HD filter. Your nose will feel the difference and thank you for it.

In terms of cooling, it has a similar performance to other brands and models in this price range. But we like how Electrolux thinks of the entire aircon process. That is why they included the X-fan which removes moisture once the aircon stops. This helps to prevent mould and bacteria from growing. Because of this, you can truly enjoy clean and cool air every day for a long time.

GREE Lomo-N Air Conditioner

Honestly, we hadn’t heard of the GREE brand before we did our research. But we just had to check it out because it is one of the best-selling air conditioners online. With more than a few hundred positive reviews online, we are convinced enough to include it on our list.

Firstly, it has excellent cooling performance according to GREE’s users. Additionally, it has can eliminate the bacteria, viruses and dust in the air very efficiently. Maintenance is also simple because you can use its auto-cleaning function. Best of all, the GREE Air Conditioner has an attractively low price! No wonder it is so popular in Malaysia!

Midea 1HP Portable Air Conditioner MPH-09CRN1

An excellent alternative to the a built-in aircon is a portable unit like the Midea 1HP Portable Air Conditioner MPH-09CRN1. It offers you the comfort of air conditioning without the hassle of installation. Additionally, it is much cheaper at around 60% of the price of a single unit aircond. With a cooling capacity of 9000BTU, it can cool down a room effectively with ease.

In addition to its cooling capabilities, this portable air conditioner is also equipped with a silver ion filter. The silver ions can help to eliminate bacteria to ensure your home air is clean, safe and healthy. As this portable air conditioner has a no bucket design, this means that excess water is evaporated automatically, so you won’t have to clear it.

If you need the portable aspect or just want a cheaper air conditioner, definitely consider the Midea 1HP Portable Air Conditioner MPH-09CRN1!

Morgan Portable Air Conditioner MAC-091

The Morgan Portable Air Conditioner is another popular model to consider. Similar to most other portable models, it has a BTU rating of 9000 along with an hourly airflow of 380 m³. This is sufficient to cool a room size of up to 14 metres square effectively. There are 4 modes which you can select from – cool, fan dehumidifying and sleep. This gives you sufficient variety depending on your preferences.

As you know, filters do collect dust and become dirty over time. The filters are washable which makes regular maintenance a straightforward and simple affair. With 4 caster wheels, rolling this portable air conditioner from one room to another is a breeze. This portability can help you to save money as instead of installing multiple air conditioners; all you need to do is move it from room to room.

At under RM800, the Morgan Portable Air Conditioner MAC-091 is a very affordable option for your room, home or office.

Inverter vs non inverter air conditioner

The difference between an inverter and non-inverter air conditioner is their motor. The motor speed of an inverter air conditioner is variable. On the other hand, the motor of a non-inverter air conditioner is fixed. Because of this, the motor in the non-inverter air conditioner has to turn on and off many times while operating. 

An inverter aircon is quieter while a non-inverter air conditioner is louder. The difference is because an inverter aircon only needs to turn on the motor once.

Inverter air conditioners last longer than non-inverter models because their motor isn’t subjected to constant switching on and off.

Inverter air conditioners have faster cooling performance. Their motors can usually go to higher speeds and then slow down after the desired temperature is reached.

Inverter air conditioners are more energy-efficient. Turning on and off the motor uses up more electricity than just varying the motor speed.

Non-inverter air conditioners are cheaper. The motors in a non-inverter air conditioner are less costly to produce. Therefore, you can often find non-inverter models to be about half to two-thirds the price of inverter air conditioners.