14 Best Air Coolers in Malaysia (2023) Better Than Aircon

With the weather being hot and humid in Malaysia all year round, an air cooler can be a lifesaver. It is cheaper than an air conditioner and more effective than a fan in cooling down your home. It can be hard to find an air cooler in Malaysia. Thankfully with e-commerce platforms, it has become significantly easier. Here are the best air coolers that you can get in Malaysia today!

Midea MAC-215F Air Cooler

The Midea MAC-215F Air Cooler is not just excellent at keeping your home cool. It can also function as a fan, air purifier and humidifier at the same time. That means your room’s air will be the coolest and cleanest it has ever been. 

With ionizing and purifying capabilities, it can remove dust, dirt, smoke, haze from the air. From the moment that you turn it on, you can almost smell and feel the difference immediately. 

What we also like is its 15-litre water tank. It means that it can last longer without the need for refilling. It is no wonder that Midea is one of the most popular brands for air coolers around the world. The best part is that it is very inexpensive as well – so what are you waiting for! 

The Honeywell CL151 Air Cooler is going to be the perfect choice for most homes. It is compact and lightweight enough to fit inside any room. Additionally, with its wheels, you can move it around from room to room without any difficulty. 

Its cooling power is pretty good as well even in the heat and humid weather of Malaysia. Also, when it is on, it only uses 126 watts of energy which is a small fraction of what an air conditioner consumes. You’ll be able to stay cool and save money with this amazing Honeywell air cooler. 

Honeywell Air Cooler TC30PEUI

The Honeywell Air Cooler TC30PEUI is the perfect fit for you if you’re looking for a compact and sleek-looking air cooler. It has a slim profile which means it does not take up much space. Even with its slim build, it can still effectively cool down an area of up to 26m² with a maximum airflow of 800m³. Depending on your preferences, you can select from three different power settings – low, medium and high.

With moving vents, this Honeywell Air Cooler can divert the airflow evenly to all parts of the room. This means that there won’t be any spots that are too hot or too cold. To provide air cooling, this air cooler is equipped with a large water tank capacity of 30 liters. When the water level is low, there is an automatic alarm alert to let you know.

Although this air cooler is slim, it is still pretty heavy, tilting the scales at 8.9kg. However, it comes with caster wheels that move smoothly. You can easily push this air cooler from one room to another without any issues. Additionally, this air cooler can also work as an ionizer which helps to clean the air in your room.

If you want a sleek, slim and powerful air cooler, definitely check out the Honeywell Air Cooler TC30PEUI today!

The Pensonic Air Cooler PAC-104M is powerfully cooling, especially if you take advantage of its ice-pack functionality. If the weather gets too unbearably hot, just drop a pack of ice cubes into its tray and it’ll feel just like a brand new air conditioner. 

With 3 fan settings, it generates a good amount of airflow to ensure every corner of the room is well-ventilated and cooled. Additionally, it comes along with a honeycomb filter that can trap dust, which means cleaner air too. If you are looking for an air conditioner substitute, this is a great one to get!

Pensonic Air Cooler PAC105M

The Pensonic Air Cooler PAC105M is one of the more affordable air coolers in Malaysia. Pensonic has built a reputation for their value-for-money home appliances and this air cooler is no exception. You get a very competent air cooler for just around RM250 which we think is a very good deal.

It uses a cooling water pump sprinkling cyclic system which changes the water into small droplets to be distributed throughout the space. If you want the best cooling effect, this air cooler also comes with 2 ice packs that you can place inside the water tank. The vertical airflow can be controlled manually while there is an auto-swing function for horizontal distribution.

If you want a good bang for your buck and want to keep cool while spending less money, the Pensonic Air Cooler PAC105M is one to consider.

Sharp PJA36TV Air Cooler​

We have a good impression of Sharp products. They are always reliable and effective. So it is no surprise that the Sharp PJA36TV Air Cooler is one of the best we have seen. First of all, it is very powerful for its relatively small size. 

With an 1150 RPM motor, it can generate very strong airflow that can cool down a small to medium size room in super-fast time. Concurrently, it is energy-efficient with its low power consumption of only 65W. 

If the weather gets too unbearably hot, you can make use of its 4 ice boxes to bring down the temperature even more. You’ll feel fresh and relaxed with this effective Sharp Air Cooler for sure!

The Khind Air Cooler EAC400 is a small but mighty air cooler that rival even the strongest air conditioners. If you add ice to the mix, it can totally cool down a hot room within a few short minutes. 

With a powerful fan, it blows and circulates cool wind fast and effectively. You can feel the cooling effect almost immediately. If the weather isn’t too hot, it can also be used as an alternative for a fan. Essentially, you are getting both a fan and an air conditioner with this super Khind Air Cooler. 

Khind Air Cooler EAC600

Another cheap option you might want to take a look at is the Khind Air Cooler EAC600. It is around the price range of the Pensonic models and is a no-frills model that has decent cooling power. It can effectively cool down a space of around 10m². With a 7-hour timer, you can set it to turn on and off according to your schedule which will help to save electricity. In terms of speed, you can vary it around 3 different settings depending on how cold you want the room to be. For safety purposes, this air cooler has an auto shut-off function which activates when it senses an empty water tank.

If you’re looking for a very powerful air cooler for a big space, this model may not be the best option. We would recommend this air cooler if you just need a functional model to cool a small room.

Vaarenta Air Cooler

With more than 200 positive feedback from buyers on Lazada, the Vaarenta Air Cooler is a very popular option. Truthfully, the Vaarenta brand is pretty foreign to Malaysia, at least compared to popular brands like Honeywell, Sharp, Pensonic etc. However, they seem to have gotten it right with their air cooler.

Besides its air cooling function, the Vaarenta Air Cooler can also help with humidifying and purifying the air. Additionally, you can use its fan function on its own too, if you just want better air circulation. With front honeycomb vents, this air cooler distributes the cooled air well to every nook and cranny. Together with its 6 fan modes and speeds, you can definitely find a setting which suits any time and weather.

Another huge plus point about this air cooler is its very affordable price tag. With good functionality and a cheap price tag, no wonder the Vaarenta Air Cooler is so popular in Malaysia!

Sharp Air Cooler PJA200TVB

Want an air cooler that fits into the modern home? Then you have to check out the Sharp Air Cooler PJA200TVB! It has a super sleek and modern design which is accentuated by its all-black design. Out of all the air coolers we have seen, this Sharp Air Cooler definitely stands out as the best-looking.

Beyond its great design, this Sharp Air Cooler has all the powerful functionality you need to cool down your home or office. It can generate a consistent airflow volume of 750m³/h. You can also control the wind options – normal, natural and sleep. For the fan, there are 4 different settings and 8 options for its timer. It comes with 4 ice packs, which can ensure the air cooler blows out cool air for a very long time – perfect for the hot Malaysian heat. Look good and feel good with the Sharp Air Cooler PJA200TVB!

Selamat Air Cooler

The Selamat Air Cooler has more than its air-cooling capabilities. It can also ionize and increase humidity in your room. Furthermore, you can also substitute it for your fan. With its 4-in-1 functionality, this air cooler can take the place of your other devices which saves you space and money.

One impressive feature of the Selamat Air Cooler is its huge water tank which can hold up to 20 litres of water. This means that it can support use up to 48 hours straight without the need for refilling. This is extremely convenient, especially when you compare it to some other models which only have less than 10 litres of capacity.

Controlling this air cooler can be done through its touchscreen panel or through its remote control. In terms of settings, it has everything that you need to customize the experience to your preferences. Despite its powerful cooling effect, this air cooler only consumes 80W of power which means you won’t have to worry about hefty electricity bills even as you enjoy a chilled environment.

Panalux PAC-168 Air Cooler​

Cheapest air cooler in Malaysia

If you are searching for a good air cooler that is affordable, the answer is the Panalux PAC-168 Air Cooler. It costs half of what some other air coolers cost. Its price is so low that it is even comparable to the price of some fans. 

But do not underestimate the Panalux PAC-168 Air Cooler. Even though it is cheap, it does the job of an air cooler really well. It can comfortably cool down a room. Furthermore, it even comes with the functionality of a humidifier. This Panalux Air Cooler is truly one of the best deals you can get – so don’t miss out on it!

Hesstar HA-230 Air Cooler

The Hesstar HA-230 Air Cooler is one of the largest residential air coolers you can find. As such, it is also one of the most powerful in terms of airflow and the capability to cool down a room. 

It has a powerful air volume of 2000m3/h. That is multiple times more powerful than the average air cooler. A large water tank of 23 litres also means it will not need constant refilling despite its higher water consumption. If you need to cool down a larger room, this powerful Hesstar Air Cooler is the one for you. 

Best portable air cooler

If you are looking for a portable air cooler, definitely check out the Arctic Air USB Air Cooler. With the need for a power plug, you can bring it around anywhere you go. All you need is a power bank, and you can cool down from the weather immediately. 

It weighs only 0.8kg so you can even carry it around in your bag if you want. A 500ml water tank can keep it going for up to 10 hours if you keep it on low speed. With its efficient water mist spraying technique, the Artic Air Cooler is truly the best portable option. 

Are air coolers good for the Malaysia weather

Yes. Air coolers are great for cooling down your room or home even in the hot and humid Malaysian weather. You can easily bring down the temperature of your room by 2 to 5 degrees celsius especially if you add some ice to your air cooler. 

Some people do say that air coolers are not that effective in humid climates. That is true. It is definitely less effective compared to places with lower humidity. However, it is still good enough as an alternative to the fan and air conditioner. 

Is an air cooler energy efficient

Yes, an air cooler is much more energy-efficient than an air conditioner. For example, an air conditioner requires an average of 2500 watts in energy consumption. Comparatively, an air cooler only needs between 65 to 250 watts of energy. That means it will use less than one-tenth the electricity of an air conditioner. 

Price of air coolers in Malaysia

Air coolers in Malaysia are relatively cheap. You can get one for less than 300RM quite easily – especially if you buy it online where it is usually cheaper. Even more expensive models are less than 500RM. If you are on a budget, you can also find ones that cost less than 200RM. 

Tips on how to use an air cooler

Make sure your room is well ventilated before turning on the air cooler. Good ventilation will allow your air cooler to work more effectively in cooling down the room. It will also help control humidity levels. 

Add in ice water or ice cubes for an extra boost of cooling air. If you use room temperature water, the air cooler might not be cool enough, especially if it is a very hot day. Adding ice to your air cooler will make it feel like you have an air conditioner cooling your room. 

Keep your air cooler in tip-top condition by cleaning its filters and cooling pads once every month or two. It will work better. Additionally, the air that it produces will be cleaner and better for you and your family’s health.