14 Best Air Purifiers in Malaysia (2023) For Haze

Breathing in fresh and clean air is a basic human right. Unfortunately, the air quality in Malaysia is not great sometimes. Thankfully, it can be solved easily by getting an air purifier for your home or office. There are many different brands available to choose from. We have done in-depth research on each of them. Here are the best air purifiers that you can buy in Malaysia today!

Panasonic Air Purifier PSN-FPXJ30AHM

The Panasonic Air Purifier PSN-FPXJ30AHM is probably the most popular air purifier in Malaysia – and for very good reasons. From the first moment that you turn it on, you’ll find an immediate difference for the air quality in your home. 

It uses the unique nanoe technology to effectively to remove airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens in the air. Many reviewers have said that their allergies have improved within days of using the air purifier. 

Additionally, it is also amazing at removing bad odours so your home smells nice all the time. When the haze comes, your family will be protected with this powerful air purifier. If you want the best, then go for this Panasonic Air Purifier!

We love Xiaomi products because of how value-for-money they are. As expected, Xiaomi air purifiers are a great choice. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Purifier 2S offers top-of-the-line functionality at a pretty affordable price. 

It has a HEPA filter that can efficiently remove even the smallest PM2.5 particles in the air. Because of its 360 degrees orientation, it purifies the air faster. Also, you can easily control and monitor the air purifier through the MiJia app on your phone or tablet. 

It is pretty amazing what a great deal you are getting. If you want the best bang for your buck, hop aboard the Xiaomi train!

Deerma F525 Air Purifier​

The Deerma F525 Air Purifier is a multi-functional product that has 3 different capabilities. It can work as an air purifier, a humidifier and an aroma diffuser all at the same time. With a large 5-litre water tank, it can run for up to 12 hours without a need for a refill. 

When operating, it is very quiet at only 36dB of sound. You can use it in your bedroom without it affecting your sleep quality. Also, it is very easy to use. All you have to do is to fill it up with water and turn it on. No need to meddle with hundreds of different control options! If you want a cheap multi-functional air purifier, get this Deerma one!

Compact yet powerful, the Sharp Air Purifier FPJ30LA would be a perfect fit in any room. With a decent effective area of 23m2, it is good enough for a typical size living room or bedroom. 

A unique point about this Sharp Air Purifier is its Haze Mode. When it is activated, it effectively sucks and collect the particles and also odours in the air. If you want an air purifier that works great for the haze, you’ll love this one!

The Philips AC1215 Air Purifier is perfect for a large space or room. That is because it can effectively purify an area of up to 63m2 with ease. This is 2 to 3 times more powerful than the usual air purifier. 

Also, it has the auto-purification mode that adjusts its speed accordingly to the situation. If it detects a high PM2.5 level, it’ll automatically increase its speed and power. This ease of use is why it is it is an excellent choice even for first-time users. You should definitely get the Philips AC1215 Air Purifier if you want a powerful air purifier for your home. 

When you combined the best fan with the best air purifier – you get the Dyson Pure Cool Tower Fan TP03. With effectiveness of 99.95% against particles that are as small as 0.1 microns, you can be sure that the air in your home is clean as can be. You can even monitor the air quality through the Dyson link app. 

We also love it as a bladeless tower fan. It is very cooling, even in the hottest days. With its bladeless design, it is super easy to maintain and clean. The only downside is that Dyson products are not cheap. But if you don’t mind paying a premium for better quality, it is an excellent option for the modern home. 

Coway Personal & Car Air Purifier AP0111LI​

The Coway AP0111LI Air Purifier works well as a tabletop or car air purifier. Its small and compact size means that it can fit in any small space. Furthermore, it can also be powered by your car adaptor. 

In terms of effectiveness, it can remove 90% of smelly odours and allergens in the air. While that is not as good as a large air purifier, it is good enough for normal daily use. If you are searching for a small air purifier, this Coway model would work great. 

If you are looking for a portable air cooler, definitely check out the Arctic Air USB Air Cooler. With the need for a power plug, you can bring it around anywhere you go. All you need is a power bank, and you can cool down from the weather immediately. 

It weighs only 0.8kg so you can even carry it around in your bag if you want. A 500ml water tank can keep it going for up to 10 hours if you keep it on low speed. With its efficient water mist spraying technique, the Artic Air Cooler is truly the best portable option. 

The Samsung Air Purifier AX40K3020UW has everything that you need and want in an air purifier. Firstly, it cleans that air very well. With a PM2.5 filter, it can remove up to 99.9% of dust particles in the air.

Secondly, it has the S Plasma Ionizer that can remove viruses and bacteria. This ensures that the air in your home is clean and also healthy. With an active coverage area of 39m2, it is definitely a competent air purifier that will fit nicely into your home. 

Khind Desktop Air Purifier HAP06​

The Khind Desktop Air Purifier HAP06 is a sleek-looking device that will be the centrepiece on your table. It can be powered by connecting it to a power bank or any USB-power source. Its light and compact design mean it doesn’t take up too much space and is easy to move around. 

It is a decent air purifier although it can’t be compared to the much larger models. It is a good option for your office or room desk. So if you want a portable air purifier, you should definitely consider this Khind model. 

Philips Air Purifier 800 Series AC0820

The Philips Air Purifier 800 Series effectively cleans the air for you so that you get a conducive and safe environment at home. It can get rid of up to 99.5% of nano-sized air pollutants that have the potential to give you respiratory irritation. In a 20 sqm sized room, it gets the air purified within 16 minutes! With the intelligent auto purification mode, it senses even the smallest changes in air quality and will quickly act to purify the air. You can tell through the real-time sensor which is indicated by a 4-step colour scale.

As this operates quietly, under 35dB, it won’t hinder your night sleep routine. This also makes it suitable to place in your young child or toddler’s room. Worry about bad indoor air pollutants no more with the Philips Air Purifier 800 Series.

Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier FPF40LW

The Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier is easy to use and features a sleek and compact design perfect for any house. You can easily control the speeds with the top panel. It has relatively lower power consumption, and this helps to keep the operation costs low. It also operates really quietly at around 25dB. Even if you’re a light-sleeper, this would unlikely hinder your sleep quality!

Using the high density plasmacluster ion purification technology, this purifier removes all kinds of airborne microbes and odours too. This means reduced viruses, cigarette smells, tree pollen and mould in the air at home. If you or your family members tend to fall sick easily, or have irritable respiratory issues, this is a must have.

Sharp Plasmacluster Car Air Purifier

The Sharp Plasmacluster Car Air Purifier looks just like a portable mug and makes it a great design to place sturdily in your car cupholder. The sleek design is compact and highly portable for a great option for use in your car. It can be charged using the USB car connection and also comes with a 2-port adaptor so that you can still use the other port to charge your smartphone.

Using a twin-air suction model and with the PM10 dust filters on each side, it effectively deodorises and purifies the air. If there is cigarette or food smells in the car, this effectively removes the odour particles from the air. The Sharp Plasmacluster Car Air Purifier also helps keep your safe from airborne viruses. This is important if you’re in the car for a prolonged period to prevent you from falling sick.

Midea MAP-20BD Air Purifier

The Midea MAP-20BD Air Purifier keeps the air free of harmful pollutants and freshens the air quality using ions. It is powered strong enough to sieve through 200m3 of air in one hour. You get the optimal air quality in fast time with the three-step filter, which consists of a first filter, HEPA filter and active carbon filter. This means that virus particles and even the finest dust particles and most pungent odours can be filtered and removed by this Midea air purifier.

With a slim built, this air purifier fits snugly in any corner of the room without taking up too much space. It is also easy to use, with timer and quiet sleep modes depending on the time of operation with just one press of the buttons. Get the Midea MAP-20BD Air Purifier today!

Why do you need an air purifier in Malaysia

An air purifier will protect you from the haze

Haze sucks. Thankfully, you and your family can be protected from it with an air purifier. With a HEPA filter air purifier, it can remove the unhealthy particles and bad smell from the haze. Some air purifiers even come with a special mode specifically to combat the haze.

Air purifiers give you cleaner air at home

The truth is that the air we are breathing in is not exactly clean. It is filled with dust, dust mites and dirty. With an air purifier, these particles will be filtered out so that you and your family with only be breathing in the cleanest and highest quality air. 

Air purifiers can prevent potential illnesses

High-quality HEPA air purifiers can filter and kill germs in the air. If you find that you and your family have been suffering from minor illnesses like colds regularly, the culprit might be the air you’re breathing in. If an air purifier could help you fall sick less often, it would be the best purchase ever. 

Air purifiers are good for allergy sufferers

Allergens are the major triggers for allergies. Air purifiers can remove these allergens from the air so that you won’t breathe it in. That way, you’ll find yourself having fewer symptoms related to your allergies. You’ll wake up feeling fresher and healthier every day. 

Your home will smell good with an air purifier

An air purifier not only cleans the air of dust but also of smell. For example, it can also remove smoke smells from haze periods. Sometimes, your house could be filled with food smells after cooking. If you turn on your air purifier, you’ll find that the smells will slowly dissipate.

Difference between an air purifier and humidifier

An air purifier cleans and purifies the air. On the other hand, a humidifier adds humidity to the air but does not clean it. You should not use a humidifier as an air purifier. However, some air purifiers do come with the functionality of a humidifier. If you want to get both the benefits of an air purifier and humidifier, we would recommend that you get a multi-functional air purifier. 

How to choose the right air purifier for your home

Size of the room

The size of the space or room is critical in terms of choosing the correct air purifier. If the space is too big, you may need a more powerful air purifier. Most manufacturers provide the information on the area that their air purifier is effective for.

You should compare the area of your room against the effective area for the air purifier before buying it. Usually, an air purifier should be powerful enough for an average-sized room or living room. 

True HEPA vs HEPA type filter

There are generally two types of filters that air purifiers use – True HEPA or HEPA type. In layman terms, a True HEPA filter is better than a HEPA type filter. If you are buying an air purifier, we would recommend going for one with a True HEPA filter. 

Generally, you would expect a True HEPA air purifier to be pricey than a HEPA type one. However, the difference is usually not that large so it makes more sense to splurge a little more to get better air purification for your home. 

So why is True HEPA filters better? They are standardized and must meet the strict criteria of being 99.9% efficient against 0.3uM particle size. Conversely, HEPA type filters do not follow a standardized guideline so you can’t be sure of how effective each one is. That is why we recommend choosing an air purifier with a True HEPA filter. 

Is it energy efficient

Getting an air purifier that is energy efficient is very important, especially if you plan to keep it on for many hours a day. A good way to save energy is to look for an air purifier with sleep mode. Usually, when sleep mode is activated, it uses up less energy. Another method is to take a look at the energy consumption of the air purifier. You can choose one that uses less wattage. Also, you can choose a less powerful air purifier if you are only using it for a small room. 

How quiet or noisy is it

You should choose an air purifier that is quiet when operating. If an air purifier is too noisy, it will disturb your sleep. It is now pretty standard for manufacturers to state the decibel or noise level of the air purifier. 

As a guideline, you should select an air purifier that emits less than 60dB in nose when operating. Ideally, we would recommend one that runs at 20 to 40dB, so you won’t even notice that it is there. For reference, 20dB is equivalent to the soft rustling of leaves and 40dB is the ambient sound in a quiet library.

How much is the annual running cost

When buying an air purifier, you need to realize that it does have some running costs. The two main costs are electricity and filter replacement. For electricity, if you choose an energy-efficient model, it should be manageable. 

For filters, some brands do charge quite a significant sum for a replacement. In general, HEPA filters should be replaced around once a year. However, it depends on the air quality in your home and how dirty the filter is. On average the cost is around 100RM.