9 Best Baby Diapers in Malaysia (2023) From RM0.37 Per Piece

On average, your newborn baby needs around 10 to 15 diapers a day. As such, getting a good diaper your baby is very important because they are wearing the diaper all day long. A diaper should have good absorbent qualities; otherwise your baby may suffer from diaper rash.

Because of the high number of diapers used each day, the cost can be very high as well. To help you choose the right diaper for your baby in terms of functionality and price, we have shortlisted the best for you. Here are the best baby diapers you can buy in Malaysia today!

Huggies Dry Diapers

Cheap & affordable baby diaper

Huggies Dry Diapers is probably the most popular diapers for babies in Malaysia. Their S-size diapers are specially designed for newborns with an ultra-soft cotton feel. Because newborn babies have delicate skin, this soft texture is soothing enough to keep your baby comfortable all day and night long.

This diaper has 1000 microholes throughout which allows for good airflow and breathability. This effectively helps to prevent diaper rash from forming. Additionally, this diaper is also leak-proof thanks to its Runny Poo Pocket. This pocket collects any potential leakage so everything is kept within the diaper.

The best thing is that Huggies Dry Diapers is priced very affordably. When we last checked, it costs under RM100 for 252 pieces for its S-size diapers. So if you’re looking for a value-for-money diaper, check this one out!

MamyPoko AirFit Tape Diapers

With the Speed AirWave technology, the MamyPoko AirFit Tape Diapers provides superior absorbency that for up to 12 hours. The absorbent pad is malleable can will adapt its shape to fit the exact dimensions of your baby’s buttocks. The dry cover offers good airflow and breathability so that inside of the diaper is well-ventilated. The inside of the diaper is silky smooth which is perfect for the soft and delicate baby skin. With a wetness indicator, you can now know when exactly to change your baby’s diapers. There is no need for you to smell, touch, or open up the diaper just to check anymore.

This diaper truly has everything you and your baby needs. Get the MamyPoko AirFit Tape Diapers today!

Huggies Dry Diapers

Best diapers for newborn baby

The Pampers Baby Dry Tape Diapers is a high-quality, made in Japan diapers for newborn babies. In our opinion, this is one of the best in terms of quality. It is equipped with the newly improved Magical Pods which provides a high level of absorbency. Furthermore, these pods help to spread out any liquid which is absorbed. This means there is less chance of an overly wet spot. As a result, this diaper is top-notch at preventing the formation of diaper rashes.

This new generation of diapers is improved from the older Pampers. It is thinner, softer and more breathable. When your baby wears these diapers, it will feel as comfortable as a second skin. Although this diaper is slightly more expensive, you’ll find that because of its excellent absorption, your baby will need fewer diaper changes. Overall, it’ll save you money and also time.

Every parent wants the best for their baby. For the best newborn diaper, get the Pampers Baby Dry Tape Diapers!

Drypers Wee Wee Dry Diapers

The Drypers Wee Wee Dry Diapers is one of the most comfortable baby diapers. It has a stretchable waistband which offers the right balance between a comfortable fit and leakage control. Additionally, the Flexi-Tape ensures that this diaper will fit perfectly as it can be adjusted to the best position for your baby.

To keep your baby’s buttocks dry and clean, there are a total of 6 absorbent layers within this diaper. The newly added Lilac layer is very efficient in sucking up all the liquid so the surface is kept dry. This diaper is not just for newborns; it is available in 5 different sizes, for toddlers as heavy as 15kg.

With more than 5000 positive reviews and ratings on Lazada, this Drypers Wee Wee Dry Diapers is a favourite with parents in Malaysia. Get this diaper for your baby today!

Huggies Ultra Natural Soft Diapers

The Huggies Ultra Natural Soft Diapers is clinically proven to be effective in preventing diaper rash. Inside the diaper is a cotton absorbent pad which instantly soaks and locks up any liquid. There is also a liner which directs the pee and poo away from your baby’s skin. In total, this diapers provides up to 12 hours of night-time dryness which means you don’t have to wake up during the night for a diaper change.

Conveniently, it also has a wetness indicator which turns from blue from yellow when it senses liquid. With this feature, you know when there is a diaper change needed which saves you to the trouble of manually checking. Your baby will also love this diaper thanks to its ultra-soft interior which makes it super comfortable.

With excellent absorbency and the very convenient wetness indicator, the Huggies Ultra Natural Soft Diapers is one of the top choices for your baby!

Merries Super Premium Tape Diapers

Did you know that your baby’s skin is super delicate? It is only about half as thick as an adult’s skin. The Merries Super Premium Tape Diapers is one which cares for the sensitive skin of your baby with its great design. The top sheet of the diaper is soft and does not stick to your baby’s skin. This helps to allow better airflow so that your baby does not develop diaper rash.

The interior of the diaper is highly absorbent so that the surface of the diaper is always kept dry. With a recessed design, the liquid and soft poo can be captured effectively and kept away from your baby’s skin. This diaper is also great for an active baby. It is snug to ensure no leaks and effortlessly accommodates the movements of your baby.

Care for your baby’s delicate skin with the Merries Super Premium Tape Diapers. Your baby’s skin will thank you!

Applecrumby Chlorine Free Diapers

The Applecrumby Chlorine Free Diapers is perfect for the sensitive and delicate skin of a baby. It does not contain any chlorine and is made from natural plant ingredients which are gentle and kind on the skin. Also, it does not contain latex, fragrances or potentially toxic ingredients.

In terms of absorbency, it does very well too. The inside of the diaper has a unique beehive pattern which captures any liquid effectively. This leaves the surface of the diaper dry so that your baby’s skin will be kept clean. To make this diaper leak-proof, Applecrumby has included a triple leak guard so no liquids can escape even if your baby is very active.

If you prefer a natural and safe diaper, the Applecrumby Chlorine Free Diapers is the best choice for your baby.

Genki! Tape Mega Diapers

Genki! Tape Mega Diapers is possibly the softest and most comfortable baby diapers right now. It almost feels like your baby’s buttocks is floating on a fluffy cloud because of how cushiony and soft the diaper is. The diaper has a breathable outer cover that allows excellent airflow in throughout. This means that the inside of the diaper is kept cool which is vitally important in the hot Malaysia weather.

To help keep the inside of the diaper dry, there is the ultra-absorption core and the super absorption polymer. These two work together to quickly absorb any liquids and keep it locks in a separate area, away from your baby’s tender skin.

Let your baby experience the feeling of luxurious comfort with the Genki! Tape Mega Diapers!

PetPet Baby Diapers

The navel on a newborn baby is in the healing process once he or she is birthed. The PetPet Baby Diapers is specially designed with a contour around the navel area so the diaper doesn’t touch it. By avoiding the navel region, it helps with the healing process. It is this small attention to details that make this diaper amazing.

The absorption prowess of this diaper is top-notch. It can absorb up to 7 cups of waste which equates to about 10 years of dryness. This is helped by its 360° AirThru Comfort System that allows air to circulate freely in and out of the diaper.

The PetPet Baby Diapers has close to 1000 ratings on Lazada. You know that it is definitely a good buy with these many satisfied users.