18 Best Baby Milk Powders in Malaysia (2023) For Healthy Growth

When it comes to providing the best nutrition for your baby, it is very important to choose a good baby milk powder. For newborns, the best nutrition is through breastfeeding. However, not all of us are able to breastfeed due to various reasons. So the next best way is to get a milk powder that contains all the essential nutrients for the healthy growth of your baby.

There are many different brands for baby milk formulas in Malaysia. We have gone through all of them and shortlisted the best for you. Here are the best baby milk powders you can buy in Malaysia today!

Enfalac A+ Step 1 Formula Milk Powder

Best milk powder for newborns

If you’re searching for a baby milk powder for your newborn, one of the top choices in Malaysia is the Enfalac A+ Step 1. It is specially formulated for babies between the ages of 0 to 12 months old and contains all the essential nutritional needs that your baby requires.

In each serving, there is 17mg of DHA and 34mg of ARA. DHA and ARA will help in the healthy development of your baby’s eyes. Choline is also included which improves memory and brain development. Your baby’s digestive health is cared for with the inclusion of prebiotics such as GOS and PDX.

With more than 700 positive ratings and reviews on Lazada, there is no doubt that the Enfalac A+ Step 1 is an excellent choice for your baby. This milk powder is also sold by the Enfagrow which is the official distributor of Enfalac in Malaysia. As such, this milk powder is protected under Lazada’s guarantee of 100% authenticity. You know you are giving your newborn baby the best with this Enfalac Milk Powder!

Enfalac A+ Gentlease S1

The Enfalac A+ Gentlease S1is an improved formula made with hydrolysed proteins that are already broken down so that it is gentler on your baby’s digestive system. With a lower level of lactose, this reduces potential digestive irritations like flatulence and diarrhoea. You might find that it is easier to feed your baby on this formula and there may be less crying and whining. This formula also ensures that your child absorbs as much nutrients from the milk formula as possible for his or her growth and brain development.

With a formula that is rich in Iron and Zinc, it is highly replenishing and aid in the formation of red blood cells. If you find that your child tends to have a sensitive stomach and can get rather fussy with the milk formula, you might just get lucky with the Enfalac A+ Gentlease S1.

Frisolac 1

The Frisolac 1 is a high-quality and premium milk powder imported from Holland. Frisolac has over 19,000 farms in Holland on which they rear the cows which produce this milk. Their cows are fed very well with natural ingredients such as ryegrass and maize, which helps them to provide more nutritious milk.

Frisolac 1 contains all the essential nutrients and vitamins that your newborn needs – from DHA, AA, Iron, Zinc to Vitamins B6 and C. All these nutrients are kept in their optimum form with their LocNutri technology which uses mild heat instead of high heat. As a result, this technology also helps make the nutrients in the milk easier to digest so that your baby can get the full benefits.

The Frisolac 1 is also protected under the Lazada guarantee of authenticity. If you want a high-quality milk powder for your infant baby, this is the one to get!

Similac Gold Gain Plus Step 3

Best baby milk powder for brain development

When your baby reaches 1 year old, it is time to switch to a Step 3 baby formula like the Similac Gold Gain Plus Step 3. Between the ages of 1 to 3, it is when your baby starts rapid development of his or her mental and physical prowess. Therefore, it is essential to get a milk powder which contains all the nutrients needed to support this development.

This milk powder has DHA, Lutein, Vitamin E, Nucleotides, FOS, Inulin and 10 other essential nutrients. Similac combines DHA, Lutein and Vitamin E in the perfect proportions to support healthy brain and eye health. With Zinc, Calcium and Vitamin D, your baby’s bone health will also be strengthened so he or she will grow up tall and strong.

For healthy physical and mental growth, the Similac Gold Gain Plus Step 3 is our top recommendation for toddlers from ages 1 to 3.

Anmum Infacare Step 1

The Anmum Infacare Step 1 is an extremely popular milk formula in Malaysia. On Lazada, you’ll see more than 1200 ratings and reviews which talks about how much their babies enjoy this milk powder. At the same time, it is also priced very affordably so that everyone can feed their baby with a good quality milk formula.

This Anmum Milk Powder provides your newborn baby which what he or she needs from head to toe. For healthy brain development, you’ll find DHA. For healthy bone development, it has Calcium, Zinc and Iron. Additionally, it also has probiotics like the Bifidobacterium lactis, which ensures a healthy digestive system.

Overall, the Anmum Infacare Step 1 is an excellent value-for-money milk powder for newborns. On Lazada, this milk powder is sold by the official Annum store which means you are getting the real deal for a great price!

S-26 Progress Milk Powder

The S-26 Progress Milk Powder has a new and improved formula that offers even more nutrients to support the healthy growth of your young toddler. The amounts of AA and DHA have been increased to 15.5mg and 10.6mg per 100g of milk powder. With a high concentration of AA, DHA and Choline, it’ll provide better support for cognitive development.

For healthy physical growth, this milk powder provides the necessary Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Whey Protein and Vitamin D required. To improve your toddler’s digestive system, there is also the addition of Oligo-Fructose.

With this new and improved formula, the S-26 Progress Milk Powder has emerged as a top contender for the best milk powder for babies ages 1 to 3. You should definitely check it out!

Frisolac Comfort Baby Formula

Best baby milk powder for digestion

Does your newborn baby suffer from vomiting, colic or constipation? If so, this might mean that he or she has some digestive issues. The solution to this may be to change the milk powder to one which has digestive benefits such as the Frisolac Comfort Baby Formula.

Besides the usual nutrients found in milk powders for infants, this Frisolac Comfort contains a fibre called Carob Bean Gum which helps improve digestive issues as those 3 stated above. Seeing your baby healthy and free from digestion problems is a wonderful feeling, especially when he or she smiles instead of crying after drinking.

For effective relief of your baby’s digestion issues, you have to try the Frisolac Comfort Baby Formula!

Pediasure Optiheight Milk Formula

The Pediasure Optiheight Milk Formula is a nutritional supplement that helps your child grow taller through the development of stronger and longer bones. It is an additional supplement to your child’s usual milk formula and is suitable for the ages of 1 till 10 years old.

If you’re worried about your child not growing as fast as projected, this Pediasure Optiheight might be the boost that he or she needs. With a unique formulation of Calcium, Arginine, Vitamin K2 and 25 other key nutrients, it has everything your child needs to maximize his or her growth potential. With a delicious vanilla flavour, your child will also enjoy its taste and look forward to drinking it!

Boost your child’s physical growth with this effective and delicious Pediasure Optiheight Milk Formula!

Isomil Plus Soy Milk Powder

Best milk powder for lactose intolerance

Don’t worry if your child suffers from lactose intolerance because he or she can still get the essential nutrients needed with the Isomil Plus Soy Milk Powder! With more than 1000 positive ratings on Lazada alone, Isomil is the best-selling soy milk powder in Malaysia. It is suitable for kids between the ages of 1 to 10 years old.

It has key ingredients such as DHA, AA, Taurine and Choline which you’ll often find in regular milk powders as well. Additionally, it also has more than 26 other vitamin and minerals in its formula. Your child will be well taken care of with this nutritious soy milk powder!

Nankid Optipro HA 3

The Nankid Optipro HA 3 is formulated with Nestle’s most advanced proteins that are easier to digest. They are also gentler on your baby’s digestive system and this ensures no discomfort during and after feeding. There is less spit ups and less distress while feeding. The result is a happier baby who is more keen and willing to drink the milk during each feeding session.

With a boost of DHA and ARA, combined with the blend of beneficial nutrients and minerals like Iron and Zinc, your baby’s growth spurts are covered and well supported. There is also Bifidus BL probiotics, which cultivates a good gut system for better digestion and bowel movements. Get quality protein for your child with the Nankid Optipro HA 3 because he or she deserves no less!

Dugro Soy

Cheap soy milk powder

If you find that the Isomil Plus is a little too expensive, then the Dugro Soy would be an excellent alternative. For 400g, it costs only RM21.90, which makes it one of the cheapest soy milk powders in Malaysia.

This soy milk powder is formulated for the healthy growth of your child between the ages of 1 to 6 years old. It provides him or her with DHA, ALA, LA, FOS and many other vitamins and minerals for mental and physical development. Because it is made of soy, it is perfect for your child if he or she is lactose intolerant.

The Dugro Soy will help you save money but also provide your child with what he or she needs. If you’re on a budget, this Dugro Soy Milk Powder is a fantastic buy!

Dugro 3 Original

The Dugro 3 Original is specially made with ingredients sourced from Australia and New Zealand, which ensures the optimum quality and safety for your child’s consumption. With a good proportion of brain-nourishing ingredients like DHA, ARA, Taurine and Choline, you’re getting the best for the cognitive developments of your child. This is supplemented with essential vitamins and minerals like Calcium, Iron and Zinc so that your child grows up to be a tall and strong toddler.

It is also important to cultivate a good digestive system for your child from a young age. This formula has prebiotics which encourages the growth of the Bifidus bacteria essential. Not only does this enhance the absorption of nutrients, but also reduces bowel irregularity and bloating! Get the best for your baby with the Dugro 3 Original.

Lactogrow 3

When you read the ingredient list of the Lactogrow 3 Milk Powder, you’ll find that it will have everything your toddler needs. It has DHA for brain development, calcium for healthy bone growth along with 15 other vitamins and minerals for general well-being and development. Additionally, it also has the probiotic L.reuteri, which improves gut health. This probiotic also helps your child to absorb the nutrients in the milk powder more effectively.

Dupro 2

At less than RM25 for a huge 900g pack, the Dupro 2 is one of the most affordable milk powders in Malaysia. At the same time, it also contains the key nutrients and ingredients that your baby requires so your baby doesn’t miss out on anything. It has DHA, Vitamin A, Calcium and Protein which all aids in the healthy growth of your baby into a toddler who runs about with loads of energy. This Dupro 2 is also protected under Lazada’s guarantee of authenticity so you know you are getting the genuine product at a super affordable price.

Mamex Cherish Step 1

For babies between 0 to 12 months old, Mamex Cherish Step 1 is one of the best milk formulas for them. It has all the vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals your baby needs for this crucial stage of growth and development. Your baby can benefit from its special formula which contains DHA, AA, Calcium, Zinc, Iron and Vitamins A, C, D and E. Furthermore, GOS and IcFOS probiotics are added for good intestinal health.

Dutch Baby Milk Formula

Between 6 to 12 months, that is the critical age whereby your baby grows and develops his cognitive and motor skills. The Dutch Baby Milk Formula is developed especially to support this growth by providing the right proportions of nutrients. Inside this Dutch Baby Milk Formula, you’ll find DHA, AA, Protein, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, FOS and Vitamin D. You can be sure that your baby has everything he or she needs in this crucial stage of development thanks to the well-formulated Dutch Baby Milk Formula!

Dutch Baby Milk Formula

The Dutch Baby Milk Formula is made with a wide repertoire of nutritional ingredients that are tailored to each growth stage of your infant. At less than 6 months, your child needs a healthy dose of DHA, calcium, vitamin D and proteins that can help to support the developmental strides that he or she is making.

If you notice that your child is crying and fussing more than normal, this Dutch Baby Milk Formula might just help to reduce the symptoms. It is made with whey protein that is partly broken down for easier digestion and less discomfort after the feeding session. This is also halal. Get the Dutch Baby Milk Formula today!

Anmum Materna Mum Milk Formula Powder

The Anmum Materna Mum Milk Formula Powder ensures that expecting mothers get a replenishment of nutrients while supporting the growth of the foetus in the womb. Regular consumption of this milk formula helps the body gain back Iron which helps combat tiredness and fatigue. This is important for the well-being of the mother and child. While it is normal to gain weight, this milk formula has no added sugar and is low fat such that it won’t add unnecessarily to your body’s weight gain.

This is a convenient and effective way of ensuring that your body gets all that it needs to support your own well-being and the development of your unborn child. All it takes is two glasses of the Anmum Materna Mum Milk Formula Powder a day, and you’re helping your body cope with the pregnancy.

Breast milk vs milk formula

The popularity of feeding your baby with breast milk has been on the rise in recent years. Breast milk contains natural antibodies that have been proven to protect your baby and increase his or her resilience against viruses and falling sick. As breast milk is easier to digest, there is less discomfort during and after the feeding sessions. Babies who are breastfed end up crying and whining less. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that babies should be exclusively breastfed for their first 6 months.

However, new mothers may initially have a lower supply of breast milk. There may not be enough quantities produced to cope with the child’s need. This may cause unnecessary stress and anxiety on the new mother. Milk formulas exist to fill that gap. The formulas have gone through so many iterations that they are proving to be as close as the components of breast milk. Typically made with hydrolysed proteins and also with added minerals, vitamins, pro- and prebiotics, milk formula is easier to digest by your child. The essential nutrients are in optimal proportions too, which supports your child’s developmental strides and brain growth.