11 Best Baby Monitors in Malaysia (2020) To Keep Your Baby Safe

Taking care of a new-born infant can get really exhausting and mentally draining. It is therefore important to give you and your baby some space, especially during the downtime while your baby naps, so that you get to recharge during that brief respite. A baby monitor enables you to take time away from your child to tidy up the house or for a brief moment of quietude, while still being there for your child.

Having a baby monitor in your home is definitely a small price to pay for peace of mind and sanity. Regardless of whether it’s an audio monitor or a full-fledged video and audio monitor with Wi-Fi enabled for remote viewing, a monitor will help you look out for your baby while she or he sleeps. The type of baby monitor you should get really depends on the layout of your house, the sleeping arrangement of your child and your security level.

We have rounded up the best baby monitors for you to be able to hear and see your child’s every whimper and movements. Here are the best baby monitors that you can get in Malaysia!

Xiaomi Mijia Baby Monitor
  • 1080 high definition picture quality for vivid details
  • Night vision for clarity in the dark
  • 360-degree rotation for better angle and view
  • Two-way audio enabled with inbuilt mic and speaker

The Xiaomi Mijia Baby Monitor provides worthy surveillance and captures every bit of movement and sound made by your child. With an improved high definition of 1080p, you get to see all the details in sharper and brighter contrast and clarity. This monitor can pan and tilt and allows for a total 360-degree rotation for a panorama view. It also has great night vision capabilities such that you get clarity of up to 9m even when the light is weak or at night in the dark.

If you’re away from home, you can even make use of the two-way audio to communicate with your child. This has an inbuilt mic and speaker, so it’s an all-in-one package! It also comes with smart motion detection and will send you an alert when it detects abnormal movements. Put your child in great hands with the Xiaomi Mijia Baby Monitor.

FinSalle Video Baby Monitor
  • Infared night vision for night monitoring
  • Comfort baby remotely with the two-way audio
  • Power-saving mode for longer battery life
  • Enables wireless transmission for better connection

This Video Baby Monitor comes with a 3.2-inch LCD screen that allows you to have a high-quality vision of your child. Even at night or when the room is dark while your baby sleeps, there is infared night vision so that you still get a clear view. As this has two-way audio, it picks up all sounds and noises made by your baby, and in return, you can comfort your baby remotely to soothe him or her.

With a power-saving mode that switches off when it detects a voice in the room, you get a longer battery life of up to 20 hours! To prevent disruption in the transmission of the surveillance footage, this also uses the 2.4GHz for a wider coverage of up to 160 feet indoor and 800 feet outdoor. You won’t have to worry about not being by your child’s side with the Video Baby Monitor.

Night Vision Baby Monitor
  • Inbuilt mic and speaker for two way communication
  • Monitors temperature in room for an optimal environment
  • Comes with 8 lullaby tunes to put baby to sleep
  • Night vision enabled for better sight at night

The Night Vision Baby Monitor is a long-range surveillance device that provides up to 260m coverage. You won’t have to worry about disruption to the transmission if you steer too far away! This also has 8 lullabies programmed into it so that you can play to comfort to put your child to sleep. With a talk-back function and an inbuilt mic and speaker, you can let your child hear your voice too. The night vision enables clear sight even when the curtains are drawn in the room to prevent sunlight from coming in.

With a compact and lightweight handheld monitor, you can easily carry it as you go about doing your chores around the house. It is also easy to control and use with the buttons for each function. For a great baby monitor to check on your child, you should get the Night Vision Baby Monitor.

GOQ Q6 Camera

Cheap baby monitor

  • Wi-Fi enabled for remote viewing
  • Alert when abnormal movements are detected
  • “Spy on Voice” function available to hear conversations
  • High definition transmission for clearer details

The GOQ Q6 Camera is the perfect reliable spy that can capture all sounds and movements in its stealth mode. With the “Spy on Voice” mode, you can clearly listen in onto the conversations taking place without anyone knowing. At the same time, there is motion detection and alarm function that alerts you immediately whenever it senses any moving object in its vision.

Even when you are not at home or rushing in between meetings in your office, you can easily turn on the phone monitor to get access to the footage via Wi-Fi. With a clear 720P HD imaging quality, you are also able to see clearly without any pixelation. Get the GOQ Q6 Camera on Lazada today!

VTech BM2600 Baby Monitor
  • 2.4HGz for secure and stable connection
  • Infrared night vision and zoom mode for clearer view
  • Value for money with both video and audio function

The VTech BM2600 Baby Monitor is a high definition full-colour video and audio baby monitor. As it is inbuilt with the 2.4GHz technology, you get a secure and stable connection even at a distance without any disruption to the footage. The parent unit with the 2” LCD screen is clear and compact, so that you can carry it around easily.

With adjustment modes such as the vertical angle pan and zoom, you get a clearer view of your child as you prefer. This baby monitor has infrared night vision too, so that you can view any slight movements that your child makes even when it’s dark in the room. For a great value for money option, you have to get the VTech BM2600 Baby Monitor.

Lollipop Smart Baby Camera
  • Comes with 4x digital zoom and infrared night vision
  • High-quality lens from Japan
  • Easy to set up and position for perfect view
  • Immediate detection and alert for baby’s cries

The Lollipop Smart Baby Camera looks exactly like a lollipop, except that the stick part is bendable so that you can affix it to the baby cot or even place it on the table. It is easy to set up and position it perfectly so that you can capture the perfect angle to look at your child.

There is a 4x digital zoom and infrared night vision to augment the monitoring and to give you a clearer footage. The lens hail from Japan to ensure quality of the material. This also has smart capabilities by being able to detect if your baby is crying and will immediately send you an alert in case you miss out on the sounds. The Lollipop Smart Baby Camera is equipped with the best functions to keep tabs on your child for his or her ultimate safety.

Motorola MBP160 Audio Baby Monitor
  • Designed for heightened sensitivity to pick up sounds
  • Good distance range of up to 990 feet
  • Easy to set up and use

The Motorola MBP160 Audio Baby Monitor is a straightforward and easy to use audio baby monitor. It has been designed to be very sensitive to sounds in the room and can pick up even the slightest whisper. You won’t have to worry about missing out on any movements with this audio monitor. With an impressive distance range of up to 990 feet, you can move about in your home without worrying about getting disconnected. Both the parent and baby units are easy to set up. For a fuss-free audio monitor, you have to get the Motorola MBP160 Audio Baby Monitor.

Motorola MBP36XL Video Baby Monitor
  • Wi-Fi enabled for remote viewing
  • Adjustments can be controlled remotely
  • Two-way audio for speaking to your child

The Motorola MBP36XL Video Baby Monitor is a great monitor if you are looking for one that has many remote-operating functions. The parent unit comes with a relatively large-sized 5-inch LCD screen that is vivid and clear so that you can see exactly what your child is up to. It also has Wi-Fi enabled so that you can tap into the footage at any time. You can also control the pan, tilt and zoom functions remotely to get the perfect angle of your child. This has two-way audio too so that your child can hear your voice at any point in time, even when you’re not at home. Being there with your child all the time is made possible with the Motorola MBP36XL Video Baby Monitor.

Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor
  • Picks up slightest sound and whisper
  • Yields a crystal clear transmission of sound
  • Comes with energy-saving mode to conserve electricity
  • Rechargeable batteries that operate up to 18 hours

The Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor is an audio monitor that is able to pick up on the slightest giggle or sound that your child makes while he or she sleeps. This makes it as if you’re right beside the crib. The transmitter yields a crystal clear sound so that you won’t miss out on any details at all. With a smart sensor, it switches to an energy-saving mode to minimise the transmission power. This helps to lengthen the operational time for the battery and allows it to operate up to 18 hours on a full charge. Check the price of the Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor on Lazada today!

VTech BM2000 Audio Baby Monitor
  • DCET technology for undisrupted and clear transmission
  • Allows for two-way communication to soothe your child
  • Comes with 5 lullabies and ambient light

The VTech BM2000 Audio Baby Monitor offers a secure and undisrupted means to hear all the sounds that your child makes, be it while he or she is napping or when he or she starts stirring up awake. With a speaker and microphone inbuilt into both parent and child unit, you’re able to talk to your child to sooth him. There is also 5 different lullaby tunes and ambient light that can be switched on to accompany your child. To know exactly what’s going on on your child’s end, all you need is the VTech BM2000 Audio Baby Monitor.

Ohsem Wireless Baby Monitor
  • Wireless for a hassle-free monitoring
  • Sharp and high quality visuals, with night vision
  • Allows for 360 degree rotation for better view
  • Easy to set up and able to mount on wall

The Ohsem Wireless Baby Monitor comes in the form of an astronaut and accompanies your child like a guardian of the galaxy. It is totally wire-free and operates on rechargeable batteries. This gives you hassle-free monitoring and makes for an easy set up. You can even mount it on the wall. It also has night vision and has a high definition 960p so that you get visual clarity. With a 360 degree rotation for a panoramic view, it also allows you to keep your child in sight at any point in time. For a professional baby monitor that is totally wireless, look no further than the Ohsem Wireless Baby Monitor.