11 Best Baby Strollers in Malaysia (2023) For Maximum Comfort

A baby stroller makes going out with your baby very conveniently. A good baby stroller should be comfortable for your baby and also easy to handle for the person pushing. Baby strollers can be subdivided into different categories such as full-sized, travel, jogging and double strollers. Within each category, there are dozens of brands you can choose from.

With these many choices, it can be pretty hard to choose the right stroller for your baby. To help to make the right decision, we examined, tried out and read up on all the different strollers to shortlist the best for you. Here are the best baby strollers you can buy in Malaysia today!

Baby Throne Advance Stroller

Best stroller for newborn baby

The Baby Throne Advance Stroller is the best value-for-money baby stroller that you can get your newborn. Given that newborn babies sleep for around 16 to 17 hours a day, it is important to have a stroller that allows them to have a comfortable lying down position. This Baby Throne Advance Stroller has an almost flat angle of 175° which mimics the comfort of a bed. As such, your baby can have a comfortable rest while you bring him or her around.

In the bright sunlight, the sunroof of this baby stroller comes into handy. It has a UV protection rating of 30+ which ensures your baby is well-protected even under the sun. Additionally, the sunroof is water-resistant, so you won’t need to worry if it rains.

Importantly, the Baby Throne Advance Stroller is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. It weighs only 5.8kg and can be folded into an ultra-compact form to fit in your car boot. It is also equipped with the Soft Drive system which makes pushing the stroller around very effortless. The front wheel of the stroller has suspension and anti-shock. It reduces the impact of bumps so that your baby won’t be disturbed. With maximum weight support of 25kg, this stroller can keep pace with your baby’s growth so you don’t have to spend on larger strollers in the future.

Overall, the Baby Throne Advance Stroller ticks all the right boxes thanks to its well-designed features and specifications. With close to 300 positive ratings on Lazada, there is no doubt that this is a fantastic stroller to get!

Sweet Heart Paris Compact Stroller Savannah

Best travel stroller

Planning to take a trip overseas with your baby? Then you should definitely consider the Sweet Heart Paris Compact Stroller. It has a compact size which fits within cabin-size storage which means you can bring it aboard an aeroplane. In just under 3 seconds, you can transform the stroller into its foldable form which makes it convenient especially in crowded areas like airports and airplanes.

The stroller is extremely comfortable as it can be adjusted to 3 different positions. For sitting upright, it can be put at the 95° angle. For resting, there is the 135° angle. And for sleeping, you can lay it down almost flat at 175°. The backrest also offers excellent spinal support which adheres to the natural curve of your baby’s spine. When your baby is inside, he or she is well-protected by the 5-point harness system which provides a tight but comfortable hold on your baby. With its wide seating area of 35cm, this stroller is suitable for babies from 0 to 36 months old.

The roof and seat of the stroller are made with highly breathable materials which allow airflow to pass through easily. As such, your baby will be kept cool while resting inside the stroller. The top of the roof has a peek-a-boo window which gives you a small opening for you to keep an eye on your child. This is especially useful if you’re a new parent as this would give you peace of mind.

The Sweet Heart Paris Compact Stroller Savannah is another very popular option among parents. You can check it out on Lazada where it has received glowing reviews for its design, safety and also fast delivery.

Baby Throne Premium Stroller

The Baby Throne Premium Stroller is the slightly more expensive version of the Baby Throne Advance. It costs approximately RM50 more but has a few improved features which may appeal to you. First and foremost, its sitting area is slighter wider at 38cm, which provides more space for your baby. This extra space also means the stroller can be used for longer till your baby is 4 years old.

The Baby Throne Premium Stroller is also 0.7kg heavier, weighing at 6.5kg. As such, we feel that it is slightly more sturdy when pushing. Although it is heavier, it can be pulled along like a piece of luggage when it is folded up. As such, you won’t really feel the extra weight because of this feature.

This stroller seat can be adjusted into multiple positions from 100 to 180-degree. This allows your baby to sit, rest or sleep comfortably inside. With larger wheels, this stroller also gives you an extra bit of stability and can handle anything from smooth pavements to roads with small potholes.

If you don’t mind paying a little more, you should definitely consider the Baby Throne Premium Stroller. That being said, both the Baby Throne Stroller are excellent options, and you won’t go wrong choosing either.

Louis Le Petit Lightweight Stroller

The Louis Le Petit Lightweight Stroller is one of the most affordable strollers you can get in Malaysia. Besides its cheap price, it has many other well-designed features which make it an extremely popular choice among parents.

Firstly, it is super lightweight and compact. The entire stroller weighs just 4.8kg. When folded up, it measures just 59cm by 20cm by 47cm which should fit seamlessly into any car boot or plane cabin. While it is light, it is still sturdy and durable because it is made with aviation-grade aluminium alloy. It can support weights of up to 15kg and is suitable for children between 0 months old to 3 years old.

What we also like about this Louis Le Petit Lightweight Stroller is that it is washable. The entire seat area can be detached from the stroller base so that you can wash it. This helps to keep good hygiene levels within the stroller so your baby can enjoy a clean and safe environment.

When we last checked, this Louis Le Petit Lightweight Stroller cost under RM170 which is a fantastic deal. It is about 30% cheaper than other strollers which is why it is a best-seller on many ecommerce platforms. Check it out today while stocks last!

Sokano 1309 Stroller

Compared to the earlier strollers in the list, the Sokano 1309 Stroller feels much larger and also weighs about 2.5 times more. It is a full-sized stroller that is meant for day-to-day use rather than for travelling. The entire stroller feels very extremely sturdy and weighs in at about 12.2kg.

One very useful feature on the Sokano 1309 Stroller is its bassinet. It is removable and also reversible. The reversible function means that you can choose either to let your baby face towards you or to the front. This feature is helpful when you want to calm your baby down by letting him or her look at your familiar face rather than unfamiliar surroundings in front. The stroller can also double up as a high chair.

You’ll also find that the wheels are much larger than those found on travel strollers. The back wheels are 30cm wide in diameter and can absorb shocks effectively. The wheels are easily lockable with a mechanical brake too.

If you’re looking for a full-sized stroller, the Sokano 1309 Stroller should definitely be one of your top choices. Its solid build, functional design and value-for-money pricing make it one that’s worth buying.

GB Pockit+ Plus Stroller

Best compact stroller

If you want the best quality baby stroller, the GB Pockit+ Plus Stroller would be the prime candidate. This stroller owns the world record as the smallest folded stroller. When folded up it is super compact and measures just 20cm by 34cm by 42cm. This is the perfect stroller for you if you have limited space in your car boot. Its compact size also makes it a great stroller for travelling as it fits with every airline’s cabin size restrictions.

One thing to note is that this stroller is not for newborn babies. It is meant for babies from 6 months old all the way to 4 years old with a maximum weight limit of 17kg. The double wheel set up on the GB Pockit+ Plus Stroller makes it perfect for navigating rough or bumpy surfaces. The well-designed sun canopy provides the perfect amount of coverage for your baby along with UPF50+ protection.

The GB Pockit+ Plus Stroller is the highest-quality but also most expensive stroller on our list of recommendations. If you have a larger budget, this quality stroller is what you want to get!

The U-Baby Pro ST Y1 Compact Stroller offers a good balance between affordability and quality. It still has a very affordable price but offers a higher quality of materials and workmanship than models within its price range.

At the same time, it also offers a nice balance between sturdiness and compactness. This stroller weighs in at 6.5kg but has dimensions which can fit in most cabin areas. Additionally, when it is folded, it can be wheeled rather than carried around which eases the effort required.

Another feature is its quick folding mechanism that gets the job done in 1 second. It also has features like a reclinable backrest, absorber wheels, removable armrest, mosquito net and removable bottom basket.

Chicco London Stroller

While most strollers folded into a squarish or rectangular shape, the Chicco London Stroller’s folded form is in the shape of an umbrella. The umbrella shape helps it to achieve a thinner and sleeker width which actually takes up less space. Furthermore, you can still use the front set of wheels to push the folded stroller along.

In Malaysia, it can be sunny one moment and rainy the very next moment. Therefore, the sunroof and also rain cover of this stroller will come in handy to protect your baby from the weather, no matter rain or shine. The seat is extremely comfortable, especially since it can be adjusted to 4 different reclining positions.

BBH Baby Twin Stroller

Best double stroller

Do you have twins or two babies who still need a stroller to rest in? If so, you will love the BBH Baby Twin Stroller! It has two large and comfortable compartments for your babies. The best part about this stroller is that it costs much less than buying 2 separate strollers – so you get to enjoy convenience and savings in one package.

Bringing two babies around is hard work. You have to carry loads of things from milk bottles to diapers to wet wipes. With a large bottom compartment, you can store all these items in a safe and secure space which means you don’t have to carry your diaper backpack on you. The BBH Baby Twin Stroller is also relatively compact although it can carry two babies. It is slim enough to fit within tight spaces like ticket gantry at the train station. When folded up, it can also be stored in your car boot in a space-saving fashion.

If you need to bring two toddlers around, the BBH Baby Twin Stroller would be the best buy ever!

Graco Modes Single Stroller

If you’re using a Graco car seat with Click Connect, then you should definitely consider the Graco Modes Single Stroller. They are highly compatible and allows for the smooth transfer of your baby from the stroller to the car seat. However, even if you do not use a Graco car seat, this stroller should still be in your consideration because of its quality build.

The quality build is evident from every aspect of this stroller. It is sturdy and can fit weights of up to 23kg, which is much more than most other strollers. The seat is reversible which means your baby can either face front or face towards you. The seat is also fully reclinable which makes this stroller suitable for young infants as well.

Any Graco baby product is always of high-quality. The Graco Modes Single Stroller proves it once again. If you want a high-quality stroller with a solid build, this is the one for you.

Joie Pact Stroller

The Joie Pact Stroller is an excellent option for a portable and convenient travel baby stroller. It comes in a package which includes a carrying strap and also bag. Folding the stroller when you want to pack it up is so effortless that you can complete the entire task with just one.

This stroller is suitable for both newborns and toddlers that weigh less than 15kg. The backrest can be laid flat or adjusted for a more upright sitting position. Furthermore, the leg rest can also move in tandem to achieve a comfortable position no matter sitting or laying down.

Among travel strollers, the Joie Pact Stroller is a more premium option that is about twice the price of budget options. If you want a trusted brand name stroller, Joie is one of those you want.