10 Best Baby Wipes in Malaysia (2023) From 5 Sen Per Piece

Baby wipes are one of the essential items to have when you’re caring for a baby. Whether you are at home or outside, baby wipes offer a convenient way to keep your baby clean, especially during the many diaper changes.

While most baby wipes offer the same functionality, there are some differences between the different brands and options. Some could be thinner or thicker while others are made with organic ingredients for a safer experience. To help you and your baby choose the right baby wipes, we have shortlisted the best. Here are the best baby wipes you can buy in Malaysia today!

Offspring Baby Wipes

Offspring Baby Wipes feels extremely soft and gentle on your baby’s skin. It is infused with organic aloe vera and chamomile extracts which are often used for their excellent skincare properties. As such, this baby wipe will take great care of your baby’s skin. You can use the Offspring Baby Wipes from head to toe, including his or her mouth and hands.

Although it is soft and gentle, this baby wipes is very durable and stretchy too. When cleaning up your baby’s buttocks during a diaper change, it won’t tear. This makes the cleanup process quick, tidy and hygienic. Additionally, this baby wipe is safe for use because it does not contain any chemicals, fragrances, alcohol, parabens or SLS. So the Offspring Baby Wipes is safe even if your baby has more sensitive skin.

Pigeon Baby Wipes

Pigeon Baby Wipes is one of the most popular baby wipes in Malaysia. Pigeon is a long-standing and well-trusted Japanese brand which has been around since 1957. Their baby wipes contain 99% pure water which means it is safe for your baby’s skin. This wet wipe is free from parabens, fragrances and alcohol.

As you take out a piece of the baby wipes in your hand, you can immediately feel how soft and smooth it is. The fibres are closely weaved together for a smoother finish which makes it more comfortable on your baby’s skin. Furthermore, the weaves are tightly wound together, which enhances the strength and durability of the baby wipe.

If you want a trusted and safe baby wipes with a good track record, we definitely recommend getting the Pigeon Baby Wipes!

Natural Organic Baby Wipes

Best baby wipe for sensitive skin

The Natural Organic Baby Wipes comes in a combo set which gives you 7 different packs of baby wipes in one nice-looking gift package. This package will be a great gift for friends who just had a baby. This is also a great option if you want to have different types and sizes to bring around. For example, some of the packs are travel-sized, which makes them more convenient to bring around. There are packs with 30 sheets, 70 sheets, 80 sheets and 100 sheets.

This Natural Organic Baby Wipes, as its name suggests, is made with organic ingredients. It has been certified as an allergy-free product. You can use it safely on your baby’s skin from his or her body, face, hands and even mouth.

With 76 5-star ratings on Lazada, the Natural Organic Baby Wipes is a popular option that mummies and daddies love. Check it out today!

Wetty Wet Wipes

The Wetty Wet Wipes is a good value-for-money baby wipes. For 24 bags of 80 wipes each, it costs just under RM90. This equates to under 5 sen for each baby wipe which is one of the cheapest around.

There are quite a number of options available for this Wetty Wet Wipes. For your baby, we recommend going for the fragrance-free option as it would be more suitable for baby’s sensitive skin. The wet wipes are moist, so it makes for easier cleaning up of any mess (even baby poop). We also like that there is no sticky aftermath after touching the wet wipes which means you don’t have to wash your hands after. It is also 100% Halal-certified.

Pureen Baby Wipes

With its thick cottony texture, the Pureen Baby Wipes makes sure you’ll never have to face a torn wet wipe ever again. It is durable even when you apply force and friction on it. At the same time, the baby wipes is still soft and smooth, so it will feel great on your baby’s bottom.

This baby wipes are enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E. Both of these ingredients, are well-known for soothing and comforting effect on our skin. Essentially, as you clean your baby’s skin with this wet wipe, you’re moisturizing it too. Also, it is hypoallergenic, alcohol-free and paraben-free, so it is definitely safe for your baby’s skin.

Need an ultra-strong baby wipes? Then check out the Pureen Baby Wipes!

Huggies Baby Wipes Clean Care

Want a baby wipe that removes germs? Then you should definitely get the Huggies Baby Wipes Clean Care. According to tests, it can wipe away 99% of germs. As it doesn’t contain any fragrances, alcohol or parabens, this baby wipe is safe for use on your baby’s body, face and hands.

Made with natural fibres that are gentle on the skin, the woven technique used helps to trap dirt and particles better. As such, the Huggies Baby Wipes Clean Care is up to 4 times cleaner than Spunlace wipes. With just 20 wipes in a pack, the packaging is compact and light so you can bring it along with you effortlessly. Say goodbye to dirt, messes and germs with the Huggies Baby Wipes Clean Care!

Applecrumby Extra Thick Baby Wipes

Weighing at 60 grams per sheet, the Applecrumby Extra Thick Baby Wipes is unlike most other baby wipes. It is extra thick and much larger too, with dimensions measuring 20cm by 17cm. If you’re afraid of getting your hands dirty, or just want a larger surface area, this baby wipes is made for you.

With its added thickness, this Applecrumby Baby Wipes is more absorbent as well. This means you can clean up messes in one single wipe. Although it is thicker, the material is still soft and gentle on your baby’s fragile skin. Furthermore, the baby wipes is infused with aloe vera and manuka honey. These two ingredients can help with moisturizing, healing and reducing irritation on your baby’s behind.

Yes, the Applecrumby Extra Thick Baby Wipes is more expensive than your regular baby wipes. But its extra thickness and quality make it worth the extra price – we think that you and your baby will love it!

Fiffy Baby Wipes

The convenient packaging of the Fiffy Baby Wipes makes it perfect for your home. It comes in a canister which can be easily opened. As you pull out a piece, another piece will automatically be drawn out so you can get multiple pieces out very easily. You also don’t need to buy a new container once it is finished because it can be reused. It comes with 2 refill packs which help you save money in the long run.

The baby wipes are infused with skin-loving ingredients like aloe vera extract and vitamin E. It is also free of any potentially harmful substances like fragrances, alcohol or parabens. The baby wipes have undergone dermatological tests to ensure it is safe for baby’s sensitive skin.

Anakku Baby Wipes Disney

Are you bored of the plain designs of baby wipes? With the Anakku Baby Wipes Disney, you can add a dash of fun to the tedious job of cleaning up. It has cute Mickey Mouse prints. The best part is that it still manages to be very affordable, with an average price of 7.5 sens per sheet.

Besides its cute design, this baby wipes is also great for your baby’s skin. It is soft, gentle and does not leave a sticky feeling. Additionally, it has added moisture which helps keep your baby’s skin smooth and healthy.

MK Baby Wipes

Cheap baby wipes

At 5 sen per piece, the MK Baby Wipes is likely the cheapest baby wipes you can get in Malaysia. Each sheet is thick but has a soft texture with feels like cotton. It also does not contain any alcohol, so it won’t irritate your baby’s skin. Besides using it on your baby, this baby wipes can also be used as a regular wet wipe for removing makeup and general cleaning. Because it is so inexpensive, you can use multiple pieces without feel heartache.