9 Best Bird’s Nest Drinks in Malaysia (2023) For Better Health

Did someone say a more youthful complexion and a boost in your immune system? Sign us up! Yes, bird’s nests are known as a highly nutritious superfood, simply because they are a great source of collagen and proteins. Bird’s nests may be priced at a premium, but they are definitely worth the investment for improved wellbeing and radiant skin. They also make for presentable and sincere gifts for your loved ones to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Bird’s nests are both available in the raw bird’s nest pieces and ready-to-serve bottles so that you won’t have to go through the hassle of soaking and double-boiling them for the latter. If you’re wondering which bird’s nest to get, we have rounded up the best ranges of bird nests for your consideration. Here are the best Bird’s Nests that you can get in Malaysia today!

Eu Yan Sang Niah RTD Birds Nest

The Eu Yan Sang Niah RTD Birds Nest is a ready-made bottled bird nest that can be chilled before serving. The texture of the bird nest strands is thick and firm, so you know that you’re getting a good quality bird nest. Processed with the most stringent hygiene standards, there are no food stabilizer, preservatives, or chemicals added.

This is a great option for women to consume during their pregnancy so as to get a boost of Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), which aid in cellular development. It also replenishes the essential nutrients in the mother during and after pregnancy to recover from childbirth. For a high-quality delicacy made from the original goodness, you have to get the Eu Yan Sang Niah RTD Birds Nest.

Kinohimitsu Birds Nest with Collagen

The Kinohimitsu Birds Nest with Collagen comes ready concocted in bottled form and is a convenient booster. Made with premium bird’s nest, marine collagen, and seaweed, this is an excellent combination for your body and complexion. As it encourages the growth and repair of cartilage tissue, this tonic helps to relieve inflammation and pain in your joints. This makes it suitable for elder folks who suffer from body pain. You can get this drink for your parents.

It is also rich in calcium and proteins, which helps replenish essential nutrients for your body. Your skin cells undergo a quick regeneration so that you get a more youthful complexion too. See and feel the change in your body with the Kinohimitsu Birds Nest with Collagen.

Royal Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar

The Royal Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar is a bottled delicacy that has been simmered with rock sugar added, similar to the Hong Kong style. It is made with 100% superior grade bird’s nest without any additional flavouring or preservatives. The bird’s nest is also processed and cooked with stringent safety and quality control so that it is safe for consumption. This comes halal-certified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia.

You can either consume this while it’s chilled or you can also warm it up. This makes for a fuss-free and convenient consumption. For a convenient means of improving your immunity and skin, look no further than the Royal Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar.

Kinohimitsu Bird's Nest with American Ginseng

The Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng contains an all-natural premium grade bird’s nest. The bird’s nest has been cleaned thoroughly and carefully without any bleaching agent added. As it comes ready-made in the bottles, you can immediately consume it for quick nourishment for your body.

As this has added American Ginseng, it provides an additional energy-boosting benefit and helps keep blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check. This makes it a great tonic not only to boost the immune system but is also suitable for those with diabetes. Check the price of the Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng on Lazada today!

Eu Yan Sang Hua Yan Bird’s Nest

The Eu Yan Sang Hua Yan Bird’s Nest hails from the caves of Sawarak and is only harvested once every year in Spring to ensure the highest quality. The unique tri-colour of the bird’s nest strands is arising from the variety of cave minerals that they contain. The bird’s nest contains an abundance of nutrients that are retained in the most original form. Each strand is cleaned thoroughly before being remoulded back into a whole bird’s nest piece. As the strands are tightly-knit and packed, you get your money’s worth.

Bird’s nest should be consumed on an empty stomach so that your body is able to absorb all its goodness. If you want to control the way you cook the bird’s nest and are looking for a high-quality raw bird’s nest, the Eu Yan Sang Hua Yan Bird’s Nest should definitely be your top pick!

Brand's Bird's Nest Rock Sugar

The Brand’s Bird’s Nest Rock Sugar is a nourishing and delicious-tasting tonic that both young and old will love. It is brewed with 100% pure bird’s nest without any artificial flavouring. Brand’s has used a carefully developed method to brew the bird’s nest so that it retains all the flavour and nutrients. This makes it beneficial to improve the wellbeing of your body and smoothen out your complexion. Bird’s nest is also known to strengthen the lungs and improve the overall respiratory.

In addition, bird’s nest is generally a cooling remedy, which makes it great to reduce heatiness in your body. You know you can trust Brand’s with their product, especially since they’ve been refining the art of brewing bird’s nest since 1982. Get the Brand’s Bird’s Nest Rock Sugar today!

Kinohimitsu Snow Lotus Bird's Nest

The Kinohimitsu Snow Lotus Bird’s Nest has many health benefits. The combined synergy of Snow Lotus, a herb that’s rare but often used in traditional Chinese medicine, with the bird’s nest helps to strengthen the wrist and joints and also reduce swelling and pain in them. It can also help to relieve rheumatoid arthritis that’s commonly faced by the elderly when the immune system stops working properly. It also improves the digestive system for better daily comfort.

Kinohimitsu has put in place careful preparations to ensure that all the nutrients are retained even after the brewing process. Ensure that your loved ones are aging well and healthily with the Kinohimitsu Snow Lotus Bird’s Nest.

Kinohimitsu Floral Bird's Nest

The Kinohimitsu Floral Bird’s Nest contains a selection of bird’s nest infused with the goodness of three different flowers. First up is the butterfly pea flower that is rich in antioxidants and is known to relieve fatigue in the eyes. Second, comes the Jasmine flower that enhances the immune system and is great for the heart. The third is the Chrysanthemum, which combats heat in the body and can lower blood pressure.

These boosters, in addition to the benefits of bird’s nest make the concoction extremely effective to nourish and re-balance your body. The Kinohimitsu Floral Bird’s Nest is suitable for everyone, including kids and the elderly and makes for a great thoughtful gift!

Nano Japan Bird Nest Collagen

The Nano Japan Bird Nest Collagen is a premium concentrated tonic that is a drinkable beauty booster. It contains 7 essential active ingredients, including the bird’s nest extracts, Marine DNA, and RNA, to encourage faster skin regeneration and cell turnover. This means that not only would your skin look more youth, but even the texture of your hair and nails will also improve. Your skin will also look more plump and firm as it receives adequate hydration and nutrients.

This is a great addition to your usual skincare regime, as it will complement the effectiveness of your beauty products. Turn back the clock and look gorgeous with the Nano Japan Bird Nest Collagen.

Bird's nest benefits

There’s a reason why bird’s nest has been consumed in the past 400 years or so and has maintained its relevance and usage in traditional Chinese medicine. While it is a delicious delicacy when it is sweetened and chilled, the fundamental benefits to the body are multi-fold. Bird’s nest is recommended for consumption by women during and after their pregnancy, kids who are growing and need the essential nutrients and also the elderly whose immunity are weakened due to old age. 

At a glance, these are the benefits of consuming bird’s nest:

1. Nourishes spleen respiratory system and body wellbeing

Bird’s nest is known to nourish your lungs by restoring the yin energy in the respiratory system. This helps to support better breathing and comfort for you. As it also moistens the lungs, it reduces the production of phlegm and dry coughs. During periods where the haze is bad, it is important to equip your lungs and body with the necessary nourishment for better health.

Not only is bird’s nest rich in amino acids and proteins, they also provide a great source of calcium, iron and vitamins. This contributes to overall better body wellbeing and can even substitute as a daily multi-vitamin boost. It also benefits your spleen.

2. Restores energy to relieve fatigue and for better concentration

Bird’s nest is rich in glycoproteins, which helps to restore energy for your body as it is easily absorbed by the blood stream. This gives your brain the essential nutrients and helps you better focus and concentrate, especially for important events like exams, interviews, or a critical presentation. You will feel more energetic and positive when your body receives adequate proteins and nutrients.

3. Improves skin complexion with enviable radiance

Bird’s nest is a treasure trove of Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), which is the key ingredient that encourages the growth of new cells and proliferation. What this means is a faster cell turnover and tissue repair, which ensures that your skin looks more youthful and firm. As bird’s nest is also very hydrating, it restores the moisture back into your skin to make it look plump and radiant. This anti-aging benefit is a great complement to the external skincare regime, as this works from the inside. 

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