14 Best Bluetooth Speakers in Malaysia (2023) From RM35.90

Got that earworm playing in your head over and over again like a broken record? If you can’t get rid of it, why not join it and bask in all of its glorious catchy tunes. Listen to the music your ears are longing for anywhere and at any point in time without compromising on the quality with Bluetooth speakers! Be it to the beach or just in your kitchen being the home masterchef that you are, Bluetooth speakers got you covered.

If you’re wondering which Bluetooth speakers to get, it really boils down to your budget and expectations. That being said, you may actually be impressed by the sound quality of many mid-priced Bluetooth speakers these days. To help you in your search for the perfect Bluetooth speakers, we have rounded up the best Bluetooth speakers that you can consider based on your ideal price point. Here are the best Bluetooth speakers that you can get in Malaysia today!

JBL Charge 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Charge 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is one speaker that is able to handle tracks that come with heavy basses. The sound it produces glides through the air like a high-quality track without any distortions and augments your entire listening experience. It can play up to 2- hours in a full charge and even doubles up as a portable charger if your phone is dying. You get convenience and a great music companion without having to charge it up constantly!

One feature that JBL has revolutionised is that this Bluetooth speaker is now waterproof! Even if it falls into your pool or should you spill your sangria onto it, you won’t have to worry about damaging it. A fun fact is that the design of this Bluetooth speaker allows it to float even if it gets plunged into the water. However, we definitely recommend that you take it out immediately!

Based on price and quality ratio, we would say that the JBL Charge 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a winner in both categories. It is priced reasonably yet still carries its weight in terms of its sound quality and long battery life! Get the JBL Charge 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker from Lazada today.

JBL Go 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Go 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker features a squarish design that is compact and lightweight. This speaker actually fits right in your pocket and sits snugly on your palm. It does not take up much space when placed on a tabletop or your shelf and makes for a great portable companion for a short getaway to the poolside or the beach! It is waterproofed so that it won’t get damaged even if it comes into contact with water. These features make this speaker stand out in terms of its hardware and design.

In terms of sound quality, it surely does not pale in comparison with its peers. It produces a crystal clear sound that helps it handle even the highest pitches. You can also use it as a speakerphone if your music gets interrupted by a phone call. As for its battery life, even at its modest size, it can handle a 5-hour playback. This makes it more than sufficient for a picnic or a swim.

If you’re looking for a great portable Bluetooth speaker that’s modestly priced, you have to get the JBL Go 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth Speaker

The Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth Speaker is a gamechanger in the portable speaker realm. With its omnidirectional acoustics and 360 degree consistent and uniform sound projection features, it makes the music and sounds come alive as if it’s all happening right before you. Even with its petite conical pint-like build, it manages to produce a sound that is both impactful and immersive. When placed against a wall, you hear the sounds reverberating off the walls for a truly powerful sound experience that will keep you getting drawn closer and closer.

With a battery life that can withstand up to 12 hours of playback, this speaker can keep you company throughout the whole day without needing a recharge. Its exterior is resistant to water and so you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged under the rain. It also has a bumper at its base to cushion the impact to its hardware. It has a sleek handle that you can easily use to carry it around if you need.

For great quality Bluetooth speaker that can elevate the sound to an all-new high level, look no further than the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth Speaker.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4

The Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 is a handsome looking chap that will start people talking just on its appearance. With a full black contemporary assemble with the fabric grill, it will sit well in any modern setting. It could get a bit heavy, but it is definitely still portable. Sturdy legs support this speaker and let its stand upright.

What it makes up for its weight is the powerful sound and great quality that it is able to produce. This speaker punches a pack and definitely can handle big house parties, even when held outdoors! It makes the basses in the song thump deep, and the high notes sound crisp and clear. With a decent battery life that plays up to 8 hours, it also gives you more than enough playback time. The Bluetooth connects easily too and even through walls, so this prevents any disruption to your music.

The Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 will surely be the talk of the party and the one that will keep your guests from coming back for more!

Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB12

The Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB12 is the one for you if you’re looking for a super small and lightweight speaker. It gives great portability and carries easily with the detachable strap that comes with it. You can even opt to hang it on a branch and it plays like an overhead speaker! Talk about elevating portable speakers to a higher level, literally speaking! As this Sony Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and dustproof, it is super hardy and can even be brought on your trekking trips, and it won’t even flinch.

This speaker is named “extra bass” due to its loud and enhanced bass capabilities that will keep your heart thumping to the beats and your body grooving all day long! The audio quality is assured, and there won’t be any complaint about its performance. It also has an impressive battery life of up to 16 hours so you can even go on days without recharging it at all.

At its price point, this Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB12 is a steal with such fuss-free and convenient features and great sound quality.

Anker A3109 SoundCore Speaker

The Anker A3109 SoundCore Speaker drops big sounds with premium quality and guarantees an immersive sound experience. With 12W of stereo and a powerful bass radiator, the music produces by it is pleasing to the ears. The volume can be turned up without losing any of the quality and without any distortion. This is an easy to use Bluetooth speaker that connects quickly without issues!

The sleek rectangular design makes it compact, and it is also very lightweight. You can easily carry this around without feeling its weight or presence at all. A great plus point is that this has been waterproofed and thoughtfully designed to conceal all the port connections away so as to prevent water damage. It also only takes 3 hours of charging time to power this Anker speaker for up to 12 hours of playback time. This gives you a fuss-free listening experience with a peace of mind.

For a super affordable Bluetooth speaker with unrivalled features, you should get the Anker A3109 SoundCore Speaker.

Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker

The Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker is a steal at its price point when you consider all its features and functions. It produces kickass audio and manages to handle the high notes with an accentuated bass, without skimping on the mid-tones. Even at its maximum volume output, the sound comes out without getting distorted. It also has a built-in mic that enables the speaking function. The Bluetooth function supports up to a 66 feet distance to reduce any potential disruption to the connection.

Designed to be a sleek bullet, this speaker is curved around its edges and exudes a matte exterior finish. It is also very handy and portable, which allows you to carry around in your backpack easily. It is also relatively light, which makes for a great on-the-go device. In addition, it has a playback time of up to 24 hours. This is one of the longest playback time we’ve seen for portable speakers and definitely its edge over its peers.

You won’t even feel the pinch when purchasing the Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker, but you will surely be satisfied with it!

Xiaomi Xiaoai Bluetooth Speaker

The Xiaomi Xiaoai Bluetooth Speaker has got to be one of the smallest Bluetooth speaker that still gives out decent audio and bass output. There is no compromise whatsoever. Even when it’s turned on to its maximum volume output, it manages to preserve the sound quality without causing it to be distorted. It is only slightly bigger than an egg and weighs approximately 52g, which makes it super compact and sleek to carry around. You can literally put it in your pocket without a bulge.

This speaker is also waterproof so you can bring it into the bathroom while you soak in the bathtub. You can easily control the speaker with your voice as this has AI inbuilt into it and can be voice-controlled. This convenience and accessibility is really the game-changer that Xiaomi has come up with for many of its products. You might think that it surely won’t be able to operate for a long time, but its playback time is actually comparable to its larger-built peers, with up to 4 hours of continuous playback time!

If budget is your main constraint, you probably would not hesitate to get the Xiaomi Xiaoai Bluetooth Speaker. It has both your wallet and ears covered with its affordable price tag and great speaker functionality!

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is like a sturdy ball that has been designed to be indestructible, even surviving a drop from up to 5 feet! You can carry it around freely, being hooked onto your backpack or bicycle and the hardware absolutely won’t be damaged! It is also waterproof and can float if it gets into the water. This means that this speaker is almost durable for life if we care to exaggerate. It is compact and lightweight too, which makes it super easy to carry on and bring it anywhere that you need it.

With a great playback time of 10 hours for every full charge, you also get almost endless streaming time without worrying about running out of battery. The sound quality is rich, and it handles a strong and powerful bass for immersive sound output. It is compatible with all smartphones, tablets and any devices with Bluetooth enabled. The Bluetooth range is up to 100 feet, which is one of the farthest range we have seen in the Bluetooth speakers.

As it comes in many different colour combination, you can also get the one that suits your personality the most! For the bespoke Bluetooth speaker that ticks all the boxes, you have to get the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom.

Logitech X50 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

The Logitech X50 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker is probably the next smallest portable speaker (besides the Xiaomi Xiaoai Bluetooth Speaker) that we are recommending. It fits snugly in your palm and looks like a slightly oversized stopwatch and boasts of a very lightweight of 140g! It charges up easily with a micro USB cable. With only three buttons, it is also straightforward and easy to control. Its fanciful contrasting and quirky colour combinations also brings out its personality, so it becomes a masterpiece on its own!

Even at its size, it is able to playback continuously up to 5 hours. This makes for a decent raving for when you feel like letting your hair loose or even to play music for a productive studying session for an ultimate focus. Its sound quality is decent and can get extremely loud at its maximum volume. This ensures that it definitely packs a punch when you’re playing your favourite kind of music.

Fall in love with this super-compact Logitech X50 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker today!

Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker

The Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker has that old school vintage look with its analogue control buttons and the frontal wire mesh fabric. It features the same squarish jukebox-ish body but in a more compact and portable build. The off-gold buttons and furnishings also further enhances its throwback vibes, along with Marshall’s brand name in that gold-plated italic font. Everyone will surely recognise this Marshall speaker, even from afar!

What stands out for this Bluetooth speaker is that you get to adjust the levels for the bass, treble and volume for the perfect sound balance to your liking! The adjustments are dynamic and you get amazing crisp audio and clear sound quality with this speaker. It has both wireless and wired connectivity via the Bluetooth and RCA input, respectively.

Get ready to rock’n’roll with this Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker and reminisce on those good old times!

Vinnfier FlipGear Tango Bluetooth Speaker

The Vinnfier FlipGear Tango Bluetooth Speaker looks almost like a hardware box that looks like it’s made for heavy duty capabilities. With analogue turn buttons to control the volume, it almost also looks like a throwback design for a speaker. Comes with a built-in battery, you can simply play this anywhere without plugging in and recharge it to get it going after each session.

This also comes with a free microphone mic, which you can use to sing your favourite karaoke songs, any time you want! It also has FM Radio functions, so when you just feel like listening to the radio instead of your own songs, you can switch it up. What makes this Bluetooth speaker different is that it comes with a 7-colour pulsating LED light in front so that you literally can rave your hearts out with it.

Get the Vinnfier FlipGear Tango Bluetooth Speaker today for a well-built speaker that comes with many functions to cover you for all occasions!

Huawei Mini Bluetooth Speaker

The Huawei Mini Bluetooth Speaker has one of the smallest footprint and most compact build. This makes it the top contender for portability if you’re in search for the perfect compact Bluetooth speaker. It weighs just about 100g, and its dimensions are 50mm by 56 mm. Simply carry it around with the braided lanyard that comes with it, and you’re good to go! It has a minimalistic design with only one button and a light indicator to indicate its battery life. This makes it super easy to use without having to scrutinise the instructions manual at all!

Despite its small size, it produces a relatively loud and big sound and nails the basses without any jarring side-effects. You can even pair up to 2 of the same speakers for an all-surround and immersive sound that literally encompasses the whole of you. This is also water and sweat resistant, so it is very hardy! Go for a hike without worrying about the weather hampering you and your music with the Huawei Mini Bluetooth Speaker.

Samsung Wireless Speaker Scoop

The Samsung Wireless Speaker Scoop is almost like a circular metal tin but with a more sleek get-up. With a white matte body, a circular mesh at the top with a leather strap affixed at the side to boot, you get a really sleek looking device. It also only weighs about 150g, which makes it very light to carry around. The leather strap allows you to hook it onto your bag to bring around simply. When the speaker is on, you can even hang it on the rack for an elevated sound projection!

A plus point is that this speaker is also resistant to water splashes. If the ground is wet or the rain is coming in from the window, you won’t have to worry about it getting water-logged or damaged. It is also easy to use with the buttons designed into the rim.

Even with its petite size, this speaker works very well in outdoor settings and is capable of producing a loud volume without compromising on the audio output. It also has an inbuilt mic which means that you can use it like a speakerphone and converse via it whenever you’ve got incoming calls. This is a convenient means, especially if you tend to get interrupted with phone calls! You won’t regret getting the Samsung Wireless Speaker Scoop if you’re looking for a super-compact Bluetooth speaker!