10 Best Car Air Purifiers in Malaysia (2023) For Clean Air

Are you looking to improve the level of air quality inside your car? If so, you need to get a car air purifier. An air purifier will be able to remove pollutants, dust, allergens, odours and even bacteria from the recirculated air in your car. You should get a car air purifier, especially if you drive for many hours a day or you have kids in your car.

If you don’t know which air purifier to get for your car, we are here to help. We have scoured through all the different car air purifiers and shortlisted the best. Here are the best car air purifiers you can buy in Malaysia today!

Sharp Car Air Purifier IGGC2L

The Sharp Car Air Purifier IGGC2L is an effective air purifier that will protect you and the occupants in the car. It provides an extensive coverage of 3.6m² that covers the entire vehicle from front to back.

So what exactly does this Sharp Air Purifier protect you from? It can effectively eliminate viruses that are present in the air. Additionally, as it cleans the air, it also removes odours, allergens and dust mites. If you have allergies, this air purifier will be very helpful to alleviate your symptoms. Given that the air is often recycled inside your air, it is crucial that any harmful particles are removed.

If you want the most effective car air purifier, definitely get the Sharp Car Air Purifier IGGC2L on Lazada today!

Acson Car Air Purifier ACP10A2

Utilizing the Plusmalon technology, the Acson Car Air Purifier ACP10A2 is another excellent option for keeping the air in your car clean. Air that filters through goes through a thorough 4-stage filtration system. As such, this air purifier can filter away PM2.5 particles, gases, bacteria, hair, odours and even smoke or hazy smells.

With a dual motor design and 360° air inlets, this car air purifier has enough power to deliver clean air to all corners of your car. The compact design also gives you the flexibility of placing it anywhere in the car. When you buy this air purifier, it also comes with a convenient car charging adapter and an anti-skid pad to keep it in place.

If you want to make sure that everyone in your car enjoys clean air, get the powerful Acson Car Air Purifier ACP10A2 today!

Hyundai Car Air Purifier

The Hyundai Car Air Purifier is one of the few models which has a True HEPA filter. HEPA filters have high effectiveness and can remove up to 99% of allergens in the air. As such, it is effective against gases, smoke, bacteria, odours, dust, pollen and even very small particles.

With this car air purifier, it automatically starts its operation once your car engine starts so you won’t forget to turn it on. You can choose between its low or high-speed settings. Even on high, this air purifier is quiet, which means it won’t cause any disturbance to you even as it cleans the air. Also, it has a compact and space-saving design so you can place it almost anywhere in the car and it won’t take up too much space.

If you’re looking for a True HEPA car air purifier, get the Hyundai Car Air Purifier. It is surprisingly affordable – so check it out while stocks last!

Philips GoPure GP3211 Car Air Purifier

The Philips GoPure GP3211 Car Air Purifier has a high CADR of 15m³ per hour when measured against tiny PM2.5 particles. Additionally, the Philips SelectFilter technology absorbs and oxidates any toxic gases, fumes or odours inside the car. For this, it has a CADR of 7m³. Once it is turned on, it effectively cleans the air in a matter of minutes.

Operating this Philips Car Air Purifier is hassle-free. Once it senses that your engine is on, it’ll start its operation. Similarly, when your engine is off, it’ll turn off. You also get a good amount of flexibility for installation as it comes with a long 2m cable which means you are not limited to fitting it in the front. In the box, mounting accessories are included to make the installation quick and easy.

The Philips GoPure GP3211 is a reliable and effective car air purifier that you can mount anywhere you want. We think it’ll be a great addition to your vehicle!

Honeywell Car Air Purifier HAPC15

The Honeywell Car Air Purifier HAPC15 has a beautifully sleek and stylish design that you will love. Its body is made of polycarbonate which is extremely durable so it can withstand all the bumps and humps when driving.

It uses an activated carbon filter is HEPA certified and can last for up to 360 hours of use. If you’re in the car for 4 hours a day, this filter only needs to be changed once every 3 months. The air purifier has a notification for when the filter should be changed, so you don’t need to keep track of the hours manually. Operating this car air purifier is effortless with the simple one-button operation that turns it on or off and adjusting the fan speed. It comes with an ultra-long 4 metres cable that can easily run from the front of your car to the back. This is great if you want to place the purifier at the back.

Looking for a modern and stylish air purifier, then you have to check out the sleek Honeywell Car Air Purifier!

Neo Tec XJ-600 Car Air Purifier

If you like a quiet car journey, the Neo Tec XJ-600 Car Air Purifier is one which you should consider. It has a motorless design which means it emits much less noise than other car air purifiers. It is also one of the smallest options with dimensions of 14cm by 7.4cm by 3.8cm and weighs only 180 grams.

The Neo Tec XJ-600 Car Air Purifier is equipped with the Plasma Breeze technology which uses negative ions to cleanse the air. It can remove air pollutants and bacteria in your car. With newly refreshed air, you might find yourself feeling less tired as your lungs get to enjoy clean air.

The Neo Tec XJ-600 Car Air Purifier is so compact that you might not even notice it there. But you’ll definitely notice the cleaner air in your car once you turn it on. So check it out on Lazada today!

OGAWA Aura Mate Car Air Purifier

Cheap car air purifier

At under RM50, the OGAWA Aura Mate Car Air Purifier is the cheapest car air purifier in Malaysia. It is also one of the cutest with a unique apple-shaped design. It truly embodies the popular saying of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” because it cleans the air you breathe in.

This OGAWA product is not just an air purifier; you can also use it as an ionizer or aroma diffuser. It can generate negative ions, absorb harmful gases and odours. Additionally, you can add a few drops of essential oils in to make your car smell great. Because it comes with both a USB and car adaptor plug, you can use it for both your car and home.

The OGAWA Aura Mate Car Air Purifier is cute, cheap and multifunctional. If you’re interested, you can check it out on Lazada!

Baseus ACJHQ-0S Car Purifier

The Baseus ACJHQ-0S Car Purifier is super effective in reducing formaldehyde. What is formaldehyde? It is an odourless gas which can causes irritation to our respiratory system and can have serious effects in the long-term. According to tests, this air purifier removed 99.7% of formaldehyde after just 3 hours. This result is much better than most other car air purifiers in the market. It also works well in removing any unpleasant odours. Besides removing these odours, this purifier also emits a natural fragrance which is light and refreshing.

Say goodbye to formaldehyde and hello to clean air with the Baseus ACJHQ-0S Car Purifier!

Mini Car Air Purifier

The Mini Car Air Purifier is the perfect size for a car or a small room. Although it has a petite size, it has very impressive air purification statistics. With its True HEPA filter, activated carbon filter and ionizer, it can remove 99% of PM2.5 particles, 93% of formaldehyde and 98% of TVOC.

When it is in operation, it emits less than 25dB of noise which is almost as quiet as a library. If you have young kids, this air purifier won’t disturb them from taking their beauty rest in the car. If you like aromatherapy, you can also add your fragrances to its perfume box located at the bottom.

If you want effective air purification in a small package, get the Mini Car Air Purifier!

AUGIENB Car Air Purifier

Are you curious as to what the air quality in your car is like? The AUGIENB Car Air Purifier comes with a sensor which can detect the real-time air quality. Its indicator will change from red, yellow and blue to signal poor, normal and good air quality respectively. This gives you peace of mind as to whether the air is actually clean or not.

In this air purifier, there is a 4-layer filter of PM2.5, activated carbon, HEPA and antibacterial layers. Essentially, the air that passes through the filter is cleaned of PM2.5 particles, TVOC, dust, bacteria and odours. The clean air is then distributed from the top in a 360-degree fashion, so every part of the car enjoys it.

With the AUGIENB Car Air Purifier, you will truly know when the air is clean. It is no longer guesswork. Check it out on Lazada today!