10 Best Car Seats For Your Baby in Malaysia (2023) From RM80

Car seats for your child have been made mandatory in Malaysia since January 2020. Besides the fact that you might get a summon if your child is caught without a car seat, there are many other reasons why you should get one. Most importantly, car seats help make the car ride safer for your baby or child. In the event of an unfortunate car accident, your child will be better protected from potential injury.

To help you buy a suitable car seat for your baby or child, we have gone through more than 14 hours of research to shortlist the best. Here are the best car seats for your child that you can buy in Malaysia today!

Sweet Heart Paris Drancy Car Seat

The Sweet Heart Paris Drancy Car Seat is one of the most popular car seats for newborns and babies up to 25kg. It can be fitted in a rearward or forward direction, depending on the age and weight of your baby. The inside of the seat has soft padded cushioning and an insert for superior comfort for baby.

Additionally, the seat has many adjustable features such as its headrest and recline. The headrest can be adjusted to 6 different height levels, and its backrest can be reclined to 4 positions. This means that the car seat can be made to fit your baby securely and comfortably as he or she grows. Fitting this car seat is easy as it is compatible with the ISOfix system or just your seatbelt.

With more than 200 positive reviews and ratings on Lazada, the Sweet Heart Paris Drancy Car Seat is a well-loved model. Get it today for your baby!

Quinton Smart 360 Isofix Safety Car Seat

The Quinton Smart 360 Isofix Safety Car Seat is one which can protect your car for more than a decade. It truly grows up together with your child because it can be used from their newborn phase all the way till he or she is 12. Seeing that you can use this seat for 12 years, you’ll understand why this car seat has a higher price. And we think it is definitely a good investment, especially with its premium build.

The inside of the car seat is plush with comfortable cushioning and soft fabric that feels gentle on your child’s skin. It also allows good ventilation flow so your child will stay cool and relaxed even in the hot Malaysian weather. An extra support cushion for infants is also included which you can remove as your child grows bigger in size. What we really like is that the entire seat can be rotated 360-degrees. This makes carrying your child in and out of the seat very convenient as you can angle the seat towards the door.

If you’re looking for a car seat for long-term use, we highly recommend the Quinton Smart 360 Isofix Safety Car Seat! It may be more expensive, but in our opinion, it is worth every cent.

Joie Steadi Convertible Car Seat

The Joie Steadi Convertible Car Seat is a well-built model that’ll elevate the safety of your baby while travelling in the car. Its sides have impact protection that will reduce any force applied so your baby is protected. Inside the car seat is soft yet supportive padding which cradles your baby. The fabric is also removable so that you can easily maintain the cleanliness by washing it.

This car seat is built for newborn babies and can fit your baby as he or she becomes bigger – with a maximum capacity of 18kg. It can also be turned into rearward and forward-facing positions for newborn and older toddlers, respectively. Your baby can also enjoy a total of 4 recline positions so that he or she can rest comfortably during the car ride.

For a sturdy car seat with excellent protection features, check out the Joie Steadi Convertible Car Seat!

Little One Baby Car Seat

The Little One Baby Car Seat is one of the most value-for-money options in Malaysia. When you first take a look at it, you’ll definitely think that it costs way more than its price of under RM250. That is because it has a premium build and design that rivals other models which costs more than twice its price.

This Little One Baby Car Seat is suitable for newborn babies and for toddlers up to 5 years old. It can be orientated in both rearward and forward-facing positions. The side impact protection of this car seat is impressive with its side wings which can absorb a great deal of impact. The interior of the car has good padding for a comfortable ride even for long trips.

If you want a premium car seat with an affordable price tag, the Little One Baby Car Seat is the one for you. Save money and get a comfortable ride for your child – all at the same time!

Evenflo 3-in-1 Combination Seat

The Evenflo 3-in-1 Combination Seat is one which can be transformed into 3 different seats. First, it is a full-fledged car seat with a harness system to keep your child securely in place. As your child gets older, it can be transformed into a high-back booster seat. After that, you can remove the high back and use it purely as a booster seat.

The fabric used for the seat is soft and comfortable. You can also remove the fabric for washing easily. The headrest of the Evenflo Combination Seat is adjustable to 6 height positions, so even if your child is taller, there’ll be a position that’ll fit nicely. At the side, you can fit in the cup holder, which is convenient for storing a water bottle to encourage your child to drink more water.

If your child is between the age of 2 to 12, the Evenflo 3-in-1 Combination Seat’s adaptability makes it a great choice! You can find this car seat on Lazada!

Mamakiddies UKS 360° Isofix Car Seat

The Mamakiddies UKS 360° Isofix Car Seat is another option which you can consider if you want a car seat that can be used for many years. Your child can utilize this car seat from when he or she is a teeny weeny baby till he or she reaches up to 36kg or 12 years old. This car seat is so versatile because you can adapt its structure as your child grows bigger. Converting this car seat each time is simple and only takes about 5 minutes so you can definitely handle it.

This Mamakiddies Car Seat is comfortable enough for your child to fall sleep in. It has plush padding and cushions that support your child’s body. Furthermore, there are a total of 5 reclining positions that will make this car seat as comfortable as a bed. The entire seat is secure thanks to its easy to install Isofix base. Alternatively, if your car isn’t Isofix compatible, you can use the seatbelts to secure the car seat instead.

We give two thumbs up for the excellent Mamakiddies UKS 360° Isofix Car Seat. If you want a value-for-money car seat that will last you for many years, definitely check it out!

Mytools Baby Carrier Car Seat

Cheap car seat

Are you looking for the absolute cheapest baby car seat? We found the Mytools Baby Carrier Car Seat which is not just the cheapest but is also designed to be multifunctional. For under RM80, you can use this car seat as a baby carrier or rocker too. This car seat is for babies between the ages of 0 months old to 2 years old as it is rearward facing.

It comes with a secure safety belt, a sun canopy and a carrying handle for you to easily transport your baby around when you are using it as a baby carrier. This car seat is light and as such, will not be straining to carry, even for long periods. You can choose between its purple, red or blue design.

With more than 200 excellent ratings on Lazada, the cheap Mytools Baby Carrier Car Seat is a very well-received model among parents. If you’re on a budget, this may just be the right car seat for your baby and you!

Maxi Cosi Cabriofix Infant Car Seat

The Maxi Cosi Cabriofix Infant Car Seat is a high-quality and well-built car seat for newborns up till 13kg. It is a car seat that is compatible with buggies such as those by Maxi Cosi, Valco, Baby Jogger and Bungaoo, among others. On your car, you can install this car seat on with your existing seatbelt or with the Maxi-Cosi Base. Once you open the packaging, the entire car seat is conveniently assembled so your baby can use it right away.

The curvature of the seat provides the right support for the fragile body of a newborn baby. The seats are also well-cushioned so that your baby will feel right at home when resting in this car seat. The sides are equipped with side impact protection that dissipates forces exerted on it so that your baby is safe if a collision does happen. This car seat has met the high European safety standard of ECE R44/04.

If you want a quality infant car seat and carrier, the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix Infant Car Seat should certainly be one of your top choices!

Halford Zeus XT Isofix Car Seat

The Halford Zeus XT Isofix Car Seat is another car seat which can be used for the entire duration of your kid’s childhood. It is suitable for children from when they are a newborn baby until 12 years old. The seat is easily convertible to different positions and settings for optimal use.

The car has a sturdy built along with sides and back, which provide a good amount of impact protection. When your child sits in the car seat, he or she is secured by a 5-point safety harness. The backrest of this seat can be adjusted to 4 different reclining positions for additional comfort.

For under RM400, the Halford Zeus XT Isofix Car Seat is an excellent option to consider, especially since it can potentially last for 12 years. Check it out on Lazada today!

Britax Römer Child Car Seat

The Britax Römer Child Car Seat is a high-quality option that is manufactured in Germany. It is a car seat that has undergone numerous stringent testings in crash test scenarios. The entire product development for this car seat is done by Britax which ensures the quality and consistency of every product.

This car seat is for kids weighing between 9 to 36kg, in terms of age that would be babies from 9 months old to children as old as 12 years. The safety features of this car are a level above other competitors. The V-shaped headrest, adjustable side protection and SecureGuard provide all-round protection in case of any accidents. When you place your child in this Britax Römer Car Seat, you know for sure that you are giving your child the best protection.

The Britax Römer Child Car Seat is expensive. When we last checked, it costs around RM2199 which is a big price to pay. However, with its quality and safety records, the high price is justified. So check it out if you want the best safety for your child!

Are car seats compulsory in Malaysia?

Yes, as of 1 January 2020, car seats are compulsory in Malaysia for babies and children below the height of 135cm. However, the Transport Ministry has exempted large families from installing car seats because their cars might not be able to fit a car seat for every child. Also, in the first 6 months of the car seat law, there will not be any penalties during this adaptation period.

Why do you need a car seat?

Car seats are meant to protect and safeguard your child in the event of a car accident. Car seats work like seatbelts for children. The normal seatbelts in a car are not fitted for children under 135cm. It is uncomfortable for children to wear those seatbelts, and it may even cause injury to them. If you want to protect your baby or child while travelling in a vehicle, you have to get a car seat for them. 

Cheap vs expensive car seats

When searching for a car seat for your child or baby, you’ll likely see a rather wide range of prices. So one of the key questions that parents often ask is whether they should get a more expensive car seat or would a cheap one suffice?

In general, car seats that are more expensive are made of higher quality and come with more safety features. With their premium build and extensive testing, it is likely that an expensive car seat will be safer than a shoddily built car seat. However, there are also cheaper or more value-for-money car seats that you can get in Malaysia. They are usually OEM models which are not under big-name brands. If you want the best bang for your buck, go for these non-branded car seats. If you want the absolute best, an expensive car seat would still be the best choice in terms of safety and comfort.

How much do car seats cost in Malaysia?

Car seats in Malaysia can cost anywhere from RM199 to RM1999. On average, a car seat would cost around RM300 to RM600. Car seats from more established brands like Graco, Joie, Chicco and Britax are moe expensive and start at RM399 and up. If you’re looking for a cheap car seat that costs below RM300, you’ll likely have to get one from less established brands or OEM models.

Rear vs front-facing car seats

When browsing for car seats, you’ll find that some of them are rearward-facing while others are front-facing. There are also some models which can be converted from rearward to forward-facing. So what is the difference between rear and front-facing seats?

Basically, rear-facing car seats are for newborns and babies under the age of 12 months old or up to 10kg. By facing rearwards, the seat is able to better protect the fragile head, neck and spine of a newborn baby. Once your baby is about 1 year old, he or she should use a forward-facing car seat till about the age of 4 years old.

What are booster seats?

Booster seats are a variation of car seats and are meant for older children above the age of 4 years old. They help to raise the height of your child to a more comfortable level for him or her to use the car seat belt safely. Booster seats usually come with a high back which should be used for kids from 4 to 6 years old. After that, you can remove the high back and use the booster seat purely as a way to increase the sitting height of your child. This should range from 6 to 12 years old.