15 Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia (2023) That Are Powerful and Windy

Installing a ceiling fan in your home will help you stay cool in the hot and humid weather of Malaysia. They are much cheaper and energy-efficient than air conditioners. Compared to standing fans, they take up less space because they don’t need any floor space. 

The question is which ceiling fan should you get, since there are so many different brands and models out there. We have gone through more than 20 different models and shortlisted the best for you. Here are the best ceiling fans that you can get in Malaysia today!

Panasonic Ceiling Fan F-M14D5​

With tens of thousands of units sold, the Panasonic Ceiling Fan F-M14D5 is probably the most popular ceiling fan in Malaysia. So why is it so popular? First of all, it does its primary job of cooling down your room or home very well. 

With its 5-blade design, it can generate much more airflow from each turn of the blades. You can feel the difference from the first moment that you turn it on. Secondly, controlling the fan is easy because of the remote. 

On the remote, there are 3 speed settings you can select. Additionally, there is also a 1, 3 or 6-hour timer and a sleep mode. With 3 different colours to choose from, one of them will definitely fit perfectly to your room’s design. Many people love this fan, and if you get it, we guarantee that you will love it too.

Deka fans get better and better every year. The Deka F6 Ceiling Fan is an improvement of the older F5P model, and you can feel the difference. It has 20% stronger airflow, which means more cooling and ventilation prowess. 

It comes with a remote control which allows you to control it within 4 speed settings. This fan is protected by a 3-year-long warranty, which shows how much trust Deka has in their ceiling fans. It is no wonder that it is so well-reviewed on all the different e-commerce platforms. Highly recommended!

Panasonic Ceiling Fan F-M15A0​

The Panasonic Ceiling Fan F-M15A0 is an excellent budget option which offers much more than it is priced at. The first thing that impressed us is that you can choose from 5 different speed options rather than just the usual 3. With that, you can select the speed just right for you. 

The second point we like is that it is very quiet even when you blast it on full speed. We hate noisy ceiling fans, especially at night because it disturbs our sleep. Thankfully, this Panasonic model is the direct opposite – sometimes it is so quiet that you won’t even realize that it is on. If you want to save money but still get a great ceiling fan, this Panasonic F-M15A0 is going to be your top choice. 

Alpha Cosa Ceiling Fan​

The Alpha Cosa Ceiling Fan is a great looking fan. With a sleek black and minimalistic design, it will fit nicely in your home. Its blades have anti-rust properties which means it will not spoil in the humidity of the Malaysian weather. 

With a 5-blade design combined with a powerful motor, it is able to generate steady wind flow at each of its 3 speed levels. It also comes with a remote control so you can control it from anywhere in the room. Support a local brand that creates quality products by getting this Alpha Ceiling Fan!

Most ceiling fans are large with blades of more than 50 inches. It can be difficult to find one that fits in a slightly smaller space, especially if you have false ceilings. Thankfully, there is the Elmark Baby Ceiling Fan which has 42-inch blades that both compact and powerful. 

Some people may doubt how strong it is. But make no mistake, it is like a chilli padi – it packs a big punch in its small size. With its powerful high-speed motor, it generates very strong airflow that will keep your room cool and ventilated. Overall, it is simply the perfect choice if you need a ceiling fan for a small space. 

Best ceiling fan with light

If you are looking for a ceiling fan with a light source, check out the NSB Ceiling Fan. Having an LED light on your ceiling fan is very convenient. It also means you won’t need to install an additional lamp in your room. 

With its 18W LED light, it is bright enough for an entire room without being too glaring for your eyes. The LED light even has three colours you can toggle with. And don’t worry, it is an excellent ceiling fan too. With a 230RPM powerful motor together with its 5-blade design, it is very windy. You won’t regret buying this fantastic ceiling fan and light combo. 

The unique point of the Rubine Centro Ceiling Fan is that its blades can move in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. During the hotter days, it should be set to run in a counter-clockwise direction. In the rainy and cold months, clockwise would work better to generate ventilation without being too cold. 

Another point we like about the Rubine Ceiling Fan is its design. It does not look like the regular plain ceiling fan. It has an industrial look with its brushed nickel colour that is getting more popular. Additionally, in this beautiful design, they managed to fit in an LED light. Beautiful and functional, it has all you want in a ceiling fan.

Cheapest ceiling fan in Malaysia

Are you on the lookout for a cheap and good ceiling fan? Then you’ll find that the Khind Ceiling Fan CF611 fits all the conditions. With a 5-speed control, you can use it effectively to cool down a room fast when you use the maximum speed. 

While it is cheap, it is a pretty good quality ceiling fan. Its blades are made of corrosion-resistant material, and its motor is reliable. Furthermore, it is built to be very energy efficient so you will be saving money on daily electricity too. Don’t miss out on this cheap ceiling fan as it does run out of stock pretty frequently!

The Milux Ceiling Fan is a great choice if you want a powerful fan that has a built-in light kit. It has three different lamps which you can fit a readily available E27 light bulb in. With 3 light sources, your room will definitely be brightly lit. 

Besides its awesome light kit, its cooling prowess as a fan is also very good. With a 188RPM motor, it turns the aerodynamic blades to creates powerful gusts of winds with each spin. It is slightly more expensive than the other fans, but is definitely worth the small premium. 

KDK K12V0 Ceiling Fan

KDK is the most trusted brand in Malaysia when it comes to any type of fans. Their fans are reliable and extremely powerful as can be seen from the KDK K12V0 Ceiling Fan. It has 48-inch blades which can fit in a standard-size room with a problem. 

It is very cooling even on a hot day. Once you turn it to high, you can really feel the gust of winds blowing everything that isn’t nailed down. Although it is powerful, it is energy-efficient at the same time with it being rated 5 out of 5 stars. The best part is that this amazing ceiling fan is available for a really affordable price – so don’t miss out on it!

We were surprised when we saw the price tag of the KDK K15V0 Ceiling Fan – in a good way. For such a powerful ceiling fan, we did not expect it to be priced so low. That is why we highly recommend it because of the excellent value-for-money. 

With its wide 60-inch 3-blade design, it can generate powerful winds even at low setting. It can cool down a medium-size room very comfortably. For safety purposes, the fan blades are fitted with a safety blade so it won’t cut even if you accidentally touch it. A very important feature to have especially when you have hyperactive kids at home. Overall, this KDK ceiling fan is a fantastic deal in both price and performance. 

Deka Kronos F5P Ceiling Fan

The Deka Kronos F5P Ceiling Fan measures 56” in diameter and is a perfectly sized fan for larger bedrooms. There are 5 blades in total. With a powerful motor, the blades swivel to produce strong winds and disperse it throughout the entire room. The result is an increase in airflow and circulation in your room. Even at the highest speed, it manages to stay relatively quiet, and you can enjoy the breeze in peace. There are 3 different speeds, so you can choose the lower speed level on a cooler day to save electricity. It also comes with a remote control so that you can toggle around with the settings from the comfort of your bed or sofa. To stay cool all day long, even in this humid Malaysia weather, you have to get the Deka Kronos F5P Ceiling Fan.

Rezo Venzo Ceiling Fan

The Rezo Venzo Ceiling Fan comes with 5 blades made from ABS polymer and has been designed to create better air circulation for your room. With a powerful DC motor that also gives energy savings, this is a value-for-money and wise purchase for the long term. Not only is this a fan, but it doubles up as lighting too. There is also a sleep timer so that you can program it to switch off after 1, 2 or 4 hours.

You may change the speed of the fan and switch on and off the lights with the remote control right from your couch. It has an aesthetically pleasing design, and you can choose between a dark wood grain or matt black finishing. Get an improved air circulation and powerful breezes even on a hot day with the Rezo Venzo Ceiling Fan.

Midea MFC-150A15 Ceiling Fan

The Midea MFC-150A15 Ceiling Fan comes in a minimalist white design that is sure to fit in any living room. The modern finishing is modern and pleasing to the eyes. With one of the larger diameters of 60 “, it is suitable for bigger rooms like your living room. The blades have been designed to create a wider sweeping motion. When you combine this with the powerful motor, you get strong breezes circulating the entire room at the highest speed level. Once it gets cooler at night, you can decrease the speed of the fan from 5 different speed levels depending on your preference. If you’re looking for a powerful and bigger sized fan, look no further than the Midea MFC-150A15 Ceiling Fan.

Eurowind Ceiling Fan FC8-56IN

The Eurowind Ceiling Fan FC8-56IN comes with 5 variable speed selections for its 3-blade assemble. Contrary to belief, a fan with more blades does not necessarily have better air circulation results. What matters is the strength and power of the motor powering the blades. This Eurowind fan comes with a powerful motor that can yield effective breezy air circulation around your room. It is also easy and straightforward to use so you can lounge in your living room in comfort. Get the Eurowind Ceiling Fan FC8-56IN today!

Alpha Vannus Luna 5B Ceiling Fan

The Alpha Vannus Luna 5B Ceiling Fan comes in-built with the LED light that can be controlled from the remote control. The DC motor powers the relatively long blades and creates the perfect wind circulation for your room. You get energy-savings too with a DC motor, as it requires less power to rotate the blades. With timer mode, you can set it to switch off without lifting a finger or waking up in the middle of the night. There is also 6-level speed settings function, and it can trigger your last selected setting with the memory mode. For a semi-smart ceiling fan that is well equipped to value add to your lifestyle, you have to choose the Alpha Vannus Luna 5B Ceiling Fan.

Benefits of a ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are excellent at providing ventilation

Even in the hot weather of Malaysia with high humidity, a ceiling fan can very effectively cool down a room. With 3 or 5 blades options, these can create very strong winds, especially when combined with a fast motor. Even if you use the air conditioner, a ceiling fan can provide additional ventilation and help to cool down the room faster. You will never feel hot and stuffy if you install a good ceiling fan in your room. 

Ceiling fans are cheaper than air conditioners

Ceiling fans are a cost-effective option in both the short and long term. The price of a ceiling fan is usually very affordable. You can find deals for even below RM100, although prices are usually closer to RM150 to RM200. Compared to air conditioners, that is just a fraction of the price as they usually cost more than RM3000. 

Additionally, it is very cheap to keep a ceiling fan running all day long. Most ceiling fans are certified to be very energy efficient with some being awarded 5-stars. It uses up much less electricity than air conditioners so you will save a lot on your electricity bill. 

Ceiling fans are space-efficient

Because ceiling fans are installed on the ceiling, it does not take up any space on the floor. If you have a high ceiling, a ceiling fan is also very safe because you can’t reach it even if you jump. On the contrary, a standing fan would take up quite a bit of floor space. 

It can enhance the design and look of your room

Ceiling fans nowadays look very good. There are many different designs and colours to choose from, so you can definitely find one that fits nicely in the theme of your home. A well-designed ceiling fan can be the centrepiece and conversation starter of your room. If you are not sure what design to get, we would recommend a minimalist one as it will not clash with any of your existing design themes. 

Ceiling fan with light as a lighting source

Because of space it takes up on the ceiling, you may wonder how can you fit your lamp and ceiling fan together. Not to worry, many ceiling fans are available with a light source or lighting kit. So you can actually combine the ceiling fan and lamp together into one device. Usually, they use LED lights which are bright and energy efficient at the same time.  

Ceiling fan vs standing and tower fan

A ceiling fan offers better reach and ventilation than a stand fan. Because of its wider blades, a ceiling fan can create stronger and faster gusts of winds. Additionally, it will push these winds to every part of the room. On the other hand, a standing fan is more limited as it cannot reach the entire room at once. Usually, it is targeted at an area. 

A tower fan is usually cheaper than a ceiling fan. If you want the cheapest type of fan, a tower or standing fan would be cheaper than a ceiling fan. You can find tower fans for less than RM100 or less quite easily. For ceiling fans, the average price is around RM150 to RM200. And that is not inclusive of installation. 

Ceiling fan installation in Malaysia

After you buy your ceiling fan, the next step is to install it. Actually, when you buy it online, many online shops do offer a handyman service if you request it. Alternatively, they may recommend a handyman that they trust to you. But even if this service is not available, don’t worry as finding an installer is very easy in Malaysia. 

A simple Google search for “ceiling fan installation” + “city name” will find you many options. For example, if you are living in KL, simply search for “KL ceiling fan installation” and you’ll find handyman easily. Do check out their reviews if possible before hiring them to make sure they are good and trusted.  

Ceiling fan installation in Malaysia

After doing hours of research, we find that the best place to buy a ceiling fan in Malaysia is online. Many retailers have started to offer their fans online either through an official shop or through resellers. Our favourite online e-commerce platforms are Lazada and Shopee.

There are literally hundreds of sellers. Because of the intense competition, you can often find very good deals that you will not be able to find in a physical store. With cheap delivery costs, the total price that you pay is usually 10 to 20% cheaper. All the ceiling fans we have recommended are available online, and we have included the links to buy them. So save your money and enjoy the fantastic ceiling fan deals online!