15 Best Collagen Drinks in Malaysia (2023) For Beautiful Skin

Collagen drinks and supplements have become increasingly popular in Malaysia thanks to the wide range of health and beauty benefits it provides. Some tangible benefits include younger skin, healthier hair and even better joint health. If you want to regain your youth, you have to try out a collagen drink.

Since the rise in its popularity, there have been dozens of different brands and variations that you can find. We have done thorough research on each of them to shortlist the best. Here are the best collagen drinks you can buy in Malaysia today!

Kinohimitsu 5300 Collagen Diamond Drink

If you want to know which is the most popular collagen drink in Malaysia, the answer is clear – Kinohimitsu 5300 Collagen Diamond Drink. With more than 200 reviews and ratings, this Kinohumitsu product is the top favourite because of its powerful effects.

Users have reported that they see visible improvements in their skin in less than a week of drinking this collagen supplement. Some of the skin improvements you will experience is firmer skin with tighter pores. Additionally, your wrinkles, scars and fine lines will gradually fade. If you want to look younger than your age, this collagen drink is the secret to attaining that.

So why is this collagen drink so effective? Kinohimitsu uses high-grade Japanese marine collagen to make this drink. Each bottle has 5300mg of collagen, which provides a strong boost for faster and more effective results. Besides collagen, this drink also contains beneficial ingredients like perilla seed, silk protein and soy isoflavone. These ingredients help in cell repair, increasing hydration in your skin and also reduce blemishes.

Another huge plus point of this Kinohimitsu Collagen Drink is how good it tastes. It contains a mixture of apple, lemon and lychee juice which gives it a delicious and refreshing taste. You’ll enjoy every single drop of this amazing collagen drink!

Kinohimitsu Collagen Men Drink

Best collagen drink for men

If you’re a guy searching for a collagen drink, then you’ll be very happy to know that there is one which is made especially for you – Kinohimitsu Collagen Men Drink. Similar to the previous Kinohimitsu drink, it contains 5300mg of collagen peptides in every bottle for a substantial boost of collagen for your body.

However, Kinohimitsu has changed its formula in some ways to suit the needs of men better. It still retains a 100% natural ingredient list with no additives, preservatives or artificial colouring. The main difference in ingredients is the inclusion of aloe vera, rice bran ceramide, caramel and cactus extract.

Within just a few days of drinking this collagen drink, you will see a difference in your skin condition. Your skin will be less oily but more hydrated. Your blackheads, whiteheads, acne and scars will start to lighten. It’ll be like you just went for an intense facial package!

Guys, you can now treat your skin well with this Kinohimitsu Collagen Men Drink. With its tailored formula for your skin, you’ll see results also immediately!

NH Colla Plus Advance

In Malaysia where we are near the equator, the sun’s UV rays are exceptionally strong. When our skin is exposed to these UV rays, it causes increased melanin production which results in blemishes and dark spots. The NH Colla Plus Advance helps to combat that with its antioxidant properties. It stops the overproduction of melanin which means you won’t see those dark spots appear as a result of sun exposure anymore.

Each bottle contains 6000mg of collagen peptides which are extracted from deep-sea fishes. With such a high concentration of collagen, it sufficiently provides your skin with the collagen it needs to look its best. In a study done, more than 50% of participants observed an improvement in their skin condition. After 3 months of use, 98% of them felt that they saw visible improvement. This shows how effective this collagen drink is!

Sometimes, collagen drinks can taste a little fishy because the collagen is extracted from fishes. However, you won’t taste any fishiness in the NH Colla Plus Advance because of the inclusion of passionfruit juice.

If you think that the Kinohimitsu is a little too pricey, you’ll love that the NH Colla Plus Advance is about 30% cheaper! So definitely go and check it out!

Blackmores Collagen Drink

Blackmores is an Australian brand which is very well-known for its health supplements. It is, therefore, no surprise that the Blackmores Collagen Drink is one of the best in the market. What stands out at first glance is how much collagen peptides are actually included in one single bottle. Each bottle contains 10000mg of collagen. Comparatively, other brands usually only have between 5000 to 6000mg. With a higher concentration of collagen, you’ll start to see the positive effects on your skin quicker.

Besides collagen, other ingredients include grape seed extract and vitamin E. All these ingredients work together to help you achieve healthier and younger-looking skin. It also helps to stimulate and accelerate the growth of new skin cells.

If you think that your skin needs a big boost of collagen, the Blackmores Collagen Drink is the obvious choice with its powerful 10000mg collagen formulation.

Lennox FirmUp+ Bright Collagen Drink

Best collagen drink for whitening

Do you wish to have milky white skin like your favourite K-pop idols? If so, you should definitely try out the Lennox FirmUp+ Bright Collagen Drink! It comes in the form of a bottle along with a packet of brightening essence for each bottle. With this package, you get all the benefits of a collagen drink along with the added benefit of whitening.

Lennox uses water-soluble marine collagen which makes it easier for our body to digest and absorb. This means your body and skin can enjoy the full benefits of this collagen drink rather than letting it go to waste. Furthermore, it has UV protection for your skin as well, which is useful for the sunny Malaysian weather.

If you want youthful and white skin, this Lennox FirmUp+ Bright Collagen Drink is the one you should get!

BEAUXLIM Collagen Mix with Pomegranate

Best collagen powder

It is a genius move to mix a collagen supplement with pomegranate. You can enjoy both the benefits of collagen and also pomegranate in one convenient drink with the BEAUXLIM Collagen Mix with Pomegranate.

So why is it smart to mix both of them? Both pomegranate and collagen have excellent benefits for your skin with encompasses all you need for healthier and beautiful skin. Pomegranate has antioxidant properties and is especially effective in protecting your skin against sun damage from UV rays. While pomegranate protects your skin from further damage, the collagen can work its magic of rejuvenating your skin. Another side benefit is that this collagen drink is fruity and delicious with the natural taste of the pomegranate extract. Yum!

Total Image Collagen Drink

Best collagen drink for anti-aging

The Total Image Collagen Drink combines both the supplements of the new and old together for the best anti-aging effects. Besides collagen peptides, this drink includes natural herbal ingredients too. Some of the herbal ingredients used are wolfberry, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, poria cocos and sunflower seed. These ingredients have been used for many years as a natural source for anti-aging properties and also skin nourishment.

After drinking this collagen drink, you’ll start to see improvements to your skin. Some reported improvements are firmer and less saggy skin. If you have eye bags, this drink can also help to make them disappear. Additionally, this drink has wolfberries which can help you sleep better at night, so your eye bags will go away faster.

You can get to enjoy the best of both worlds and see the maximum impact on your skin with this Total Image Collagen Drink. Get it now for immediate skin and sleep benefits!

Kinohimitsu Collagen Nite

Best collagen drink for sleep

Sleep is the most critical time for our skin to recover and regenerate itself. The Kinohimitsu Collagen Nite not only brings you the benefits of collagen but also has ingredients which help to improve your sleep quality. With the combination of a collagen boost with better sleep, the results for your skin will be even more impressive.

This collagen drink has 5300mg of collagen peptides. Additionally, it contains brown rice which is known for its relaxing properties. Manuka honey with UMF of 15+ is also added for its anti-inflammatory properties. Many reviewers say that they see an almost immediate improvement in their skin condition with an increase in firmness and hydration.

If you aren’t getting quality sleep, this Kinohimitsu Collagen Nite will help you solve that problem and set you on the path of healthier skin!

Kinohimitsu Beauty Drink

The Kinohimitsu Beauty Drink does not just work wonders for the skin on your face. It also improves the skin on your neck and body thanks to its effective formulation. An effect you can notice right away is an improvement in how your skin retains moisture for longer. This beauty drink can help your skin cells to stay hydrated for more than 20 hours. With better hydration, your skin will look healthier and be less susceptible to aging.

This collagen beauty drink also has brightening effects for your skin. It contains malic acids and also vitamin C which can lighten your skin and even any blemishes. If you have any old scars, the collagen in this drink can also help it to heal and fade away.

Out of all the Kinohimitsu products, this Kinohimitsu Beauty Drink is priced more affordably. As such, it is an excellent starter for your collagen drink experience. If you’re looking for your first collagen drink, this is a great product to start with!

Meiji Amino Collagen

The Meiji Amino Collagen offers a very convenient way to add collagen into your current diet. It comes in a powder form which you can add to almost any beverage. You can add a spoon of it to your coffee, tea, juice, yoghurt and even soup. Because the collagen powder has no discernable taste, it won’t change the flavour profile of your drink.

With each spoonful, you will enjoy 5000mg of collagen peptides. Also, it has 450mg of amino acid, 60mg of glucosamine and 50mg of vitamin C. This formula is designed to provide your skin with the necessary nutrients it needs.

You’ll also find that the Meiji Amino Collagen is more affordable than most other collagen drinks. Because it is in powder form, you get to save money on the individual packaging like bottles. As such, you’ll pay around RM3 for each serving which is about half the price of a typical collagen drink.

If you want an affordable collagen supplement to add to your daily diet, the best-selling Meiji Amino Collagen should definitely be in your consideration.

Kinohimitsu StemCell Drink

As we get older, it is inevitable that our skin looks older. That is mainly due to the decrease in collagen production which means slower skin rejuvenation. The Kinohimitsu StemCell Drink promises to reverse the wheels of time with its unique formulation. Besides collagen with is harvested from salmon, it also contains the stem cells of snow lotus which has been used for centuries for its anti-aging properties.

This drink is exceptionally effective in restoring your skin to a more youthful state. It can help you with wrinkles, dullness and sagging skin. Additionally, it also boosts your metabolism also increases your energy levels so you can look and also feel younger.

The Kinohimitsu StemCell Drink is perfect for anyone aged 35 and above. It is the secret to aging gracefully!

Kinohimitsu MarineGem

The Kinohimitsu MarineGem contains a hefty dose of Marine Collagen Peptides (5000mg), Vitamin C and Green Caviar. When consumed, the synergy of these ingredients works from within to strengthen your organs, joints and bones. It has firming effects on your skin which enhances the elasticity and suppleness of your skin appearance. It also protects your skin from early aging signs like fine lines and dullness in skin. This has anti-glycation properties that also combat damage to skin, which helps to protect your skin cells in its natural form.

This is a cholesterol and fat-free option so you can consume it without worrying about causing a spike in your cholesterol level. See your skin undergo a total revitalisation and uplift with the Kinohimitsu MarineGem.

Total Image Collagen

The Total Image Collagen is designed to give your body a boost of pure and hydrolysed collagen. As the collagen is in a semi-broken-down stage, your body readily absorbs all of the collagen molecules for maximum benefits, and this allows the nutrients to penetrate all the way through the layers of your skin. The result is a firmer and supple skin complexion. It also reduces skin dryness as it is highly moisturising and hydrating for your skin. This gives you a radiant glow and improved skin texture.

As it is in tablets form, all you need is to drink it down with some water. This is certified Halal and can be safely consumed by Muslims. If you’re looking for a convenient way of taking good care of your body, even when on the go, look no further than the Total Image Collagen.

Kordels La Beaute French Collagen 8000

The Kordels La Beaute French Collagen 8000 is an effective way of restoring the skin-loving collagen for flawless skin complexion. It is rich in Marine Collagen (8000mg) and also contains Rose Petal extracts and Royal Jelly. The combined effect is a refined skin texture that looks smoother and firmer, when consumed regularly. If you have deep acne scars and larger pores, this can help to reduce the visibility of these imperfections, as collagen encourages regeneration of new skin cells.

As this is in a bottled drink form, it is easy to consume. The blend of juices from fruits also provide essential vitamins and minerals and contribute to making the drink tasty. This guarantees that each time you drink a bottle of the Kordels La Beaute French Collagen 8000 feels like a treat for your body and taste buds!

Natures Way Beauty Collagen Gummies

The Natures Way Beauty Collagen Gummies is made with Type 1 and Type 3 Collagen, which contains bioactive collagen peptides that allow your body to reap the full nutrients when ingested. It is highly nourishing and helps to inhibit skin aging. This means less fine lines, saggy skin, crow feet and dull complexion! With a constant supply of moisture for skin, your skin also becomes more firm and supple and will exude a radiant exterior.

Each bottle contains 40 berry-flavoured gummies that are 99.8% sugar-free. Consume without any guilt and enjoy it like just any other gummy with the Natures Way Beauty Collagen Gummies.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein which is found in almost every part of our body. Collagen is a key component in our skin, bone, tendon, cartilage and cells. It is made up of amino acids which combine together in a triple helix structure. In simple terms, you can think of collagen as a “glue” which holds our body together and allows it to function optimally.

There are 16 different types of collagen. Out of these 16, there are 4 main types which are extremely important for our body’s health. Type I collagen is the most plentiful and consists of around 90% of our body’s total collagen. This Type I collagen is dense and can be found in our skin, bones, tissues and teeth.

Benefits of collagen drink

The benefits that a collagen drink or supplement brings is closely linked to the benefits of collagen in general. The main benefits of a collagen drink are related to health and beauty aspects.

A collagen drink can help to improve your skin. Collagen is extremely important in maintaining both the health and look of our skin. Usually, the aging of our skin is partly due to the reduced production of collagen as we age. By drinking a collagen drink, you can provide your skin with the collagen it needs to look young. You may see better moisturization, fewer wrinkles and better skin elasticity. Additionally, some studies also show that by adding collagen supplements, it may stimulate the natural production of collagen in your body.

You may also benefit from healthier hair and nails. Similar to our skin, collagen protein is extremely important in keeping our hair and nails in optimal condition. Collagen supplements may help make your hair look livelier and healthier. Some products also claim to help with hair growth. For nails, collagen can reduce brittleness and make your nails stronger so that they do not break easily.

Collagen drinks may help to improve our joint health. Collagen is an essential constituent of our cartilage which connects our joints. As we age, our cartilage undergoes a lot of wear and tear with constant movement and exercise. With a boost in collagen, our cartilage will be healthier and also more elastic to support the better movement of our joints. If you are currently suffering from joint pain, a collagen supplement may be the solution.

A collagen drink can help to improve our bone health. Collagen makes up a good proportion of our bones. As we grow older, our natural collagen production decreases which also leads to weaker bone health. By supplementing our natural collagen with a collagen supplement, it provides the collagen needed to keep our bones strong and healthy.

Collagen can help to increase our muscle mass. Collagen makes up anything from 1 to 10% of our muscle tissues. With collagen supplements, it can provide your muscles with the extra collagen it needs to stay healthy and also grow. However, this effect is usually only seen with the combination of exercise.

Collagen may improve heart health and cholesterol. Our heart pumps blood through our arteries. The structural health of our arteries is dependent on collagen. With more collagen, it could mean healthier arteries and also better blood flow. Additionally, a study has shown links between collagen supplements and an increase in HDL cholesterol (which is the good one).

Collagen supplements may improve your gut health. The walls of our intestines also contain collagen. As such, a collagen supplement can help maintain the health and integrity of our intestinal walls. Some people have also reported that their leaky gut issues have improved after taking a collagen supplement.

Side effects of collagen

In general, most people do not suffer from any side effects after taking a collagen supplement or drink. Even if you do suffer from side effects, they are mild and usually go away very quickly. Some possible side effects which are reported are stomach discomfort, skin rash, headaches, insomnia or nausea. However, as mentioned, all these are rare and collagen is very safe when taken as a supplement. If you do encounter any discomfort or unease after taking a supplement, do consult a medical practitioner for advice.

How often should you drink collagen?

There is actually no right or wrong answer for this. Different collagen drinks have different dosages and concentration of collagen. Therefore, there is no one-fit-all answer. However, most of them do come with instructions on how many bottles to drink. Usually, it is one bottle per day or every alternate day. In our own experience, we drank one bottle every day for about a week before switching to alternate days.

When is the best time to consume your collagen drink?

There is no best time to consume your collagen drink. That is because any time is the best time. If the most convenient time for you is early in the morning, then it is the best time. If you prefer drinking it at night, its a great time too! Honestly, there are many different schools of thoughts on when is the best time. Some say it is best to take it on an empty stomach like at the start of the day as your stomach acids at its strongest which helps to break down the collagen. Others say nighttime is the best because it provides your body with the collagen boost right as your skin repairs itself. Personally, we take our collagen supplements at the start of the day because it is simply the most convenient time for our schedule. In conclusion, the best time is any time you have – just remember to take it!

Is collagen fattening?

No, collagen is not fattening. If you keep within the recommended dosage for collagen drinks, it will not lead to any weight gain. In fact, there are some studies which show that collagen can actually lead to weight loss. Collagen is a protein form which can help keep you full. As such, you may not feel hungry as often, which would mean lesser calorie intake. 

Can you drink collagen when pregnant?

Yes, you can consume collagen drinks even when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Collagen is simply a form of protein which your body produces naturally. A collagen drink serves to supplement your natural collagen for additional health benefits. Before taking a collagen drink, you can double-check the label and ingredient list to make sure it is safe. For further clarification, you can also consult your doctor to get a peace of mind. 

How to store a collagen drink?

You can either keep your collagen drink in a cool, dry place or you can choose to refrigerate it if you prefer to drink it cold. Generally, collagen drink can be stored anywhere as long as it isn’t too hot and there is no direct sunlight that shines onto it. Personally, we prefer the fridge as we feel an ice-cold collagen drink is tastier. 

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