19 Best Condoms in Malaysia (2023) For Safe & Great Sex

For safe sex, condoms are essential. Condoms lower the chances of pregnancies by up to 98%. Additionally, condoms also prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, Herpes, Chlamydia, Syphilis and others. Besides these two practical benefits, condoms nowadays are also specially designed to increase your enjoyment during sexual intercourse. For example, there are condoms which have ribbed surfaces which increases stimulation. If buying a condom at the shop feels embarrassed, the good news is that you can easily buy them online too. Here are the best condoms in Malaysia which you can get today!

Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive

The Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive is a natural rubber latex condom which is one of the thinnest in the market. So what is the benefit of a thinner condom? Firstly, a thinner condom helps to improve the sensitivity and makes it feel almost like you’re not using a condom. Essentially, it seeks to protect you with the protection without the feel of it. With a thinner condom like this, you feel closer to your partner and thus enjoy it more.

Additionally, this condom is lubricated which helps achieve smoother penetration. With lubrication, it helps to reduce friction and lets you go on for longer periods. This Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive also conducts heat faster than other condoms. The feeling of heat helps your partner to feel the touch and warmth of your skin against his or hers. Another plus point of this condom is there is no rubber smell thanks to the Durex Zeus Technology.

If you want to feel closer to your partner, try out the amazing Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive. If you buy it online, it’ll be packed in an unmarked package which gives you privacy so no one else knows what you’re buying.

Durex Pleasuremax

Looking to spice up your sex life? Then you and your partner have got to try the Durex Pleasuremax. Besides all the usual protections, this condom has a unique texture of ribbing and dotting which dramatically increases stimulation and enjoyment.

On each condom’s outer wall, there is a total of 432 raised dots and 29 ribs. With each thrust, your partner gets to enjoy the extra stimulation from rubbing against this unique texture. At the same time, the condom is sufficiently lubricated to ensure that the amount of friction does not hurt. You also will find that this condom is very easy to put on thanks to its profiled flat shape. No more awkward fumbling just to get the condom on!

Durex Close Fit

If you prefer a tighter feel, the Durex Close Fit is the condom we recommend. It has a girth measurement of 49mm compared to the average measurement of 52mm for other Durex condoms. As such, it feels more secure and almost like a second skin. Compared to other condoms, it is also less likely to slip off, which means more reliable protection. Like most Durex condoms, it has a straight wall and flat design which makes putting it on very easy, even for the less-experienced.

Banana Project Condom

With a thickness of 0.02mm, the Banana Project Condom is an ultra-thin option which is also known for making you last longer. Each box comes with a package of lubricant and even two delay wipes. The delay wipes provide a numbing effect on your sensitive areas so that you can last much longer. Each box comes in a pack of 10 condoms. Interesting, this Banana Project Condom has a refreshing banana scent too. If you want to last longer, this is the condom which you should definitely try!

Sagami Original Condom

The Sagami Original Condom is made of high-grade polyurethane material. It is a great option for those who might be allergic to natural rubber. This condom is ultra-thin with a 0.02 thickness. The material of the condom also allows for fast conduction of heat. The natural warmth of your skin warms the condom, which then comes into contact with your partner. This improves the sensation and makes it feel like skin-on-skin although you’re wearing a condom. Another plus point of this polyurethane material is that it does not have the rubber scent which some people who not like.

Durex Fetherlite Ultima

The Durex Fetherlite Ultima is another great option for those looking for an ultra-thin condom. It is one of the thinnest within the Durex range. It is made with natural rubber latex and has been tested to be dermatologically-safe. This condom is so thin that it almost looks invisible.

With a girth width of 52mm, it offers the right balance between comfort and a snug fit. It’ll feel secure but also not too tight. With lubrication both inside and outside the condom, it feels great for you and your partner all the time. The condom also smells fantastic with a fresh scent that makes you feel relaxed and in the mood.

Okamoto Crown Condom

The Okamoto Crown Condom is not just super thin, but it feels much softer than regular condoms too. Its soft texture mimics the feel of skin so that both you and your partner feel as though you’re not using a condom. The width of this condom is 52mm and has a length of 177mm. Because the condom is very stretchable, it’ll feel comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. Okamoto has also managed to eliminate all traces of rubber scent from this condom. If you want the feeling of skin-to-skin action, try out the Okamoto Crown Condom, and you won’t be disappointed!

One Condom Super Studs

Want to feel like a stud? The One Condom Super Studs will make you feel like one. The contours of the condom are designed with hundreds of large studs. These studs create an additional point of contact for stimulation which will give your partner bursts of pleasure. The condom is also covered with a premium lubricant that reduces friction which works well with the studs.

This condom is made with Sensatex latex which feels good on your skin. The condom is has a contoured shape which is supposed to enhance pleasure. If you want to please your partner, you have to try out the One Condom Super Studs!

Playboy Condom

Playboy is an iconic brand that symbolizes sexuality. It is no surprise that the Playboy condom is a trendy option, especially in the United States. Now, you can even get the Playboy Condom right here in Malaysia! This condom is made with premium latex which is safe for your skin. It is also very thin and creates the illusion of invisibility. The entire condom is lubricated for more pleasure. One thing that really stands out is the sleek packaging of this Playboy Condom. It truly oozes sexuality. Try out the famous Playboy branded condom especially perfect for a special occasion!

Durex Together Condom

The Durex Together Condom is a no-frills condom which is suitable for all. It has a flexible and elastic design which makes it a comfortable and secure fit for everyone. The condom has undergone intense testing to ensure it is 100% safe and free of toxic ingredients. It is also one of the most affordable Durex condoms. When we last checked, it was priced at just RM7.50 for 12 condoms which is excellent value-for-money. The condom is packed in an unmarked parcel which provides you with privacy such that no one knows you’re buying a condom. Get the Durex Together Condom before stocks run out! You’re getting a terrific deal!

Durex Performa

Having performance issues? Dealing with premature ejaculation? The Durex Performa may be the answer to all these issues. It is made to help you last longer by delaying your ejaculation. So how does it work? The tip of the condom has Benzocaine which helps to reduce sensitivity. Benzocaine is a safe ingredient which is widely used in medicine. This reduction in sensitivity allows you to last much longer and solves issues such as premature ejaculation. The Durex Performa is a true game-changer. Even if you have no issues, this condom can still help you achieve superhuman performance in bed!

Okamoto 003 Real Fit

If you were ever worried that your condom might slip out, then get the Okamoto 003 Real Fit. With this condom, you’ll never have this worry because it is designed to fit the natural shape of your male sexual organ. As such, it fits very snugly and does not shift out of place even during intercourse. With this condom, there will never be accidental slip offs ever again!

One Condom ZeroThin

If you thought One Condoms were already thin enough, well check out the One Condom ZeroThin. Somehow, One Condom has managed to reduce the thinness of this condom down by 25%. This reduction in thinness really does improve the sensations you feel. Using their unique blend of latex, Sensatex, this condom feels soft and smooth on your skin too.

Okamoto 003 Hyaluronic Acid

The Okamoto 003 Hyaluronic Acid is the perfect condom for reducing friction. Besides lubricant, there is also Hyaluronic acid included. This ingredient is used frequently in skincare products and is known for its powerful moisturizing effects. If your partner suffers from dryness, this condom would be the perfect solution.

Durex Love Condom

The Durex Love Condom is a natural rubber latex condom which offers excellent lubrication. Both the interior and exterior of the condom is well-lubricated to provide less friction and more pleasure. The condom has the signature Durex Easy-on design, which makes it very easy to put on. At the same time, it is secure enough to stay in position even with vigorous movements.

Durex Air

When putting on the Durex Air, it is so thin and light that it almost feels like air – which explains its name. This air-like condom has a natural skin texture that enhances the experience. Made with premium latex, the Durex Air is ultra-thin which makes for better sensitivity and feeling.

Okamoto Condom Orchid

The Okamoto Condom Orchid is made with Sheerlon which is an exclusive latex compound only for Okamoto condoms. The advantages of Sheerlon is that it creates a more natural feel along with a silky smooth finish. This along with its well-lubricated surface, reduces friction and increases pleasure. As with most of Okamoto condoms, this Okamoto Condom Orchid is also ultra-thin for a closer feel.

Okamoto 003 Aloe Condom

With the Okamoto 003 Aloe Condom, your skin in your sensitive areas is well-taken care of. The condom has natural Aloe essence which is known for its excellent moisturization and also skin benefits. Given the amount of friction during intercourse, the addition of Aloe is really smart. This condom is also lubricated with a water-based lubricant which is easy to clean or wash off. As with all the Okamoto 003 Condoms, it also has no off-putting rubber smell. This is the condom to get if your skin sometimes gets irritated from too intense sex sessions.

Crystal Condom

The Crystal Condom is unlikely your regular condom. Firstly, it has bumps that stick out much more prominently. These bumps are meant to stimulate your partner in ways she has never felt before. Additionally, this condom is reusable if it is clean and sanitized properly after use. The shape of the condom is also expandable so it can fit any size. One thing to note is that we recommend using this Crystal Condom only with your regular partner. If you want a different experience, the Crystal Condom is definitely worth trying – after all, it costs less than RM1!

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