The Best Cordless Drills in Malaysia (2023) For Your DIY Needs

A cordless drill has a must-have tool for anyone who loves to DIY. You can get a cordless drill for a relatively affordable price compared to corded options. At the same time, a cordless drill is also much easier and safer to handle. Although a cordless drill is not as powerful as a commercial corded drill, it is good enough for most home DIY use. Continue reading to check out the best cordless drills in Malaysia!

Best Cordless Drills Malaysia

Bosch GSR 120-LI Cordless Drill

The Bosch GSR 120-LI Cordless Drill is one of the most popular options in Malaysia and has garnered hundreds of positive reviews one. First of all, Bosch is a very established home appliances brand whose products are of very high quality. This Bosch cordless drill is no exception. In our opinion, this is the best cordless drill you can get especially if you don’t mind spending more for quality.

This cordless drill comes with a two-speed gearbox that powers up to 1300rpm. This means that it is powerful enough to drill through almost anything. With a single sleeve chuck, you can change up accessories conveniently to keep productivity up. For operating in dark spaces, there is a built-in LED light that will illuminate the area in front of the drill.

The build quality and design of the Bosch GSR 120-LI Cordless Drill is excellent and functional. It has a compact head length of just 173mm which fits even in small nooks and crannies. Additionally, this drill is fitted with a soft and ergonomic grip which is comfortable to hold even for longer periods.

If you want the best cordless drill, the Bosch GSR 120-LI Cordless Drill is one which you should definitely consider!

Black and Decker KC4815 Cordless Drill

If you’re looking for a cordless drill primarily to use as a screwdriver, the Black and Decker KC4815 Cordless Drill is a great choice. With a maximum RPM of 200, it can generate fast enough speeds to help you drive in screws or remove them in ultra-quick time. Because it is not as powerful, it feels safer to use even for first-timers.

One downside is the this Black and Decker Cordless Drill is unable to drill through concrete as it is not powerful enough. However, it can drill through wood. For a price of under RM100, this is a good-enough drill for any home from a very reputable brand.

Dewalt DCD776C2A Cordless Hammer Drill

The Dewalt DCD776C2A Cordless Hammer Drill is ergonomically-built for easy control even at maximum torque. Because of its relatively larger base, the drill manages to maintain good stability for perfect drilling accuracy even its maximum speed of 1500RPM. With this torque rating, this hammer drill has a maximum drilling capacity of up to 30mm for wood and 13mm for metal and masonry respectively. Also, it comes with a built-in flashlight for you to work in non-lit areas.

PRODIY Cordless Drill

With thousands of positive ratings on Lazada, the PRODIY Cordless Drill is extremely popular because of its value-for-money factor. It costs approximately between RM70 to RM130 depending on which package or options you choose. There are 4 different cordless drills with voltages from 12V all the way to 36V if you need a more powerful one.

The cordless drill can generate up to 1300RPM with its 2-speed gearbox. This gives it a maximum drilling capacity of 15mm for wood materials and 10mm for metal. If you’re using this cordless drill as a screwdriver, its 380RPM setting is gentle enough that it won’t damage the screw.

4S Professional™ S110 Cordless Screwdriver Drill

The 4S Professional™ S110 Cordless Screwdriver Drill comes in at a very reasonable price which explains why it is very popular. It is a cordless screwdriver that is powered by a long-lasting Japanese motor. With a compact design, this drill is easy to handle. Furthermore, it has an adjustable handle which can fold up, meaning the entire drill can be horizontal. This can be very useful especially when navigating tight spaces.

In terms of power, this screwdriver drill is not designed for heavy drilling. Instead, it excels in screwdriving with a maximum load of 210RPM. This screwdriver drill also comes with a set of 33 drill bits which means you’ll be able to handle all types of screws.