10 Best Diffusers in Malaysia (2023) From RM11.90

Want a good long night of sleep? Or just want a simple cure for that perpetual stuffed nose? Be it improving your mental well-being or just being able to breathe more comfortably, diffusers are a godsent invention. As diffusers come in different shapes and sizes, you’d be able to find the perfect one that fits just right at your bedside table or even at your working desk! If you’re wondering which diffuser to get, we have shortlisted the best ones for your consideration below. Here are the best diffusers you can buy in Malaysia today!

Young Living Dewdrop Diffuser

The Young Living Dewdrop Diffuser comes with a premium built design that is suitable for your bedroom or at your working space. As it has a compact build with a sleek design, it fits well just anywhere even when space is scarce. It comes lit with a warm glow that is pleasing to the eyes and can easily be turned off at night.

As an ultrasonic diffuser, its diffusing powers work amazing and has a continuous fine mist production for up to 4 hours per session. It works well with just a few drops of essential oil and can help to spread the aroma evenly in the atmosphere. Say goodbye to a stuffed nose and feeling a sense of calm today with the Young Living Dewdrop Diffuser.

Muji Style Air Diffuser

The Muji Style Air Diffuser is designed to last longer with a bigger tank capacity but yet maintaining its sleek and compact look. You won’t have to keep refilling the water tank to keep it going. It has a cylindrical shape that takes up less space, which allows it to fit just about anywhere! The ambient light is soothing and can be controlled via 2 different settings to suit the mood.

With vibration produced by the ultrasonic hardware, this diffuser evenly distributes the dry mist into the atmosphere and can carry the aroma for longer distances with just a few drops of essential oil. Create the perfect ambient set up with the Muji Style Air Diffuser.

Deerma F300 Aroma Diffuser

The Deerma F300 Aroma Diffuser offers a super silent operation and minimal vibration with its thoughtful design. This means that you can have a good night of sleep without any disruption or discomfort! It has a 360-degree rotating diffuser that can be adjusted, depending on where you want the mist to be dispensed.

As you can easily just pour water from the top into the tank, there is less potential spillage or mess. It can also be easily wiped down to keep the diffuser clean. This diffuser can keep going for up to 8 hours, so you get powerful mist production for a long time. Check the price of the Deerma F300 Aroma Diffuser on Lazada today.

doTERRA Petal Diffuser

The doTERRA Petal Diffuser is easily assembled with just 3-pieces and offers a convenient means of setting up a perfect aromatherapy session. It comes with two different mist settings, so you can alternate between having a continuous or intermittent mist diffuser. There is also a time setting where you can select either a 2 hour and 6 hours continuously or a 12-hour intermittent operation.

Even with its compact build, you’d be amazed at how powerful it is as a diffuser. It can distribute ultra-fine mist up to 33 sqm, which is a decent-sized bedroom! This doTERRA Petal Diffuser works well with essential oils too so you get your daily dose of scent booster, any time, anywhere.

Zensuous Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser

The Zensuous Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser comes in a perfectly-sized 100ml bottles and a pack of reed sticks. All you need to do is place a few sticks (depending on the space you’re placing it at) into the bottle of essential oil, and let your senses indulge in the aroma. The essential oil comes in different scents, and all are carefully sourced from France. You can choose from 9 different fragrances based on your needs.

There is absolutely no alcohol in this so you won’t have to worry about it being flammable. One bottle lasts a long time even if you leave it open all the time every day. For a high quality and senses-indulging essential oil, you have to get the Zensuous Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser.

Homgeek Portable Diffuser

The Homgeek Portable Diffuser is the cheapest diffuser in Malaysia. It is USB-port friendly and this makes it suitable for use at your work desk or just anywhere besides your laptop. With a well-designed build, it is sleek and compact and doesn’t take up much space. Even with its petite size, it comes with a load of customisable settings which allows you to get your perfect set up. It has a continuous or intermittent mist function, and you can choose to turn on or off the inner light.

Using the atomisation technology, you get up to 35ml per hour of fine mist for up to 12 hours of diffusing time. This portable diffuser also comes in many different light colours. For a portable diffuser that works well, you can consider getting the Homgeek Portable Diffuser.

Wood Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

The Wood Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser comes with a wooden exterior with two different finishing, which makes it one of the more elegantly designed diffusers in the market. It comes with a complimentary measuring cup for easy filling of the water tank. In addition to this, you get a highly customisable diffuser that can help create the perfect environment for you.

It has 4 timer settings so you won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to turn it off. You can also choose between a strong or weak and continuous or intermittent mist setting! As there is a ream of ambient light, you can also choose the desired colour to suit your mood. Feel in control with the Wood Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser today!

Snowball Oil Diffuser

The Snowball Oil Diffuser is about 11cm tall with a 12.5cm base and is a compact diffuser. This makes it suitable for just anywhere, even when there is space constraint! It still manages to be a powerful diffuser that can disperse the fine mist and aroma of your preferred essential oil throughout the room. With 3 different light films to choose from, it is suitable across all ages. There is also different light colour settings so that you can create the perfect mood.

Its turbine motor operates quietly, so you use this diffuser at night even if you’re a light sleeper. It will automatically shut off when there is no more water left in the tank. Get the Snowball Oil Diffuser from Lazada today!

Double Sprout Diffuser

The Double Sprout Diffuser can instantly improve the humidity in the atmosphere and this is thanks to its double spray outlets and large water tank. With double the mist production, the moisture in the atmosphere gets replenished faster. With silent operating hardware, you won’t get disturbed, be it during your reading session or sleep.

At the same time, the 3L water tank ensures that there is always sufficient water to get the diffuser going for long periods of time! This also makes this diffuser really suitable for bigger rooms, like your living room, as it has the capability to disperse the fine mist. For better health and skin, you have to get this Double Sprout Diffuser today.

Car USB Diffuser

This Car USB Diffuser is designed to be entirely leak-proof so that there is no water spillage no matter how you handle it. This prevents any parts of your car getting damaged by water. It also is powered by USB-plug and is suitable for use in the car. Charge it up anytime either with a power bank or your internal car charger.

With a compact body, it almost fits in your palm and will definitely be able to fit in the cup holder in your car. You get a powerful mist for up to 8 hours, which makes it suitable even for a long drive or a road trip. Take care of your skin and health even when you’re driving with this Car USB Diffuser.