15 Best Dog Foods in Malaysia (2020) For Nutrition & Good Health

Are you looking for dog food that provides a balanced and nutritional diet for your canine? Or are you looking for supplements to help with the health of your dog’s skin and coat? The good news is that there are dog foods available in the market that are curated to provide the best meal plans for dogs. Pawrents won’t even see the need to prepare raw food themselves! If you’re wondering which are the best food available for your beloved dog, we have shortlisted the best to help you choose from. Here are the best dog foods you can buy in Malaysia today!

ProBalance Lamb Dry Dog Food
  • High protein for building muscles
  • Simplified with single protein meat source
  • Dental care for healthy set of gums

The ProBalance Lamb Dry Dog Food offers 23% protein from lamb that helps your dog with the building of muscles and to grow strong. It only contains a single source of protein so that to simplify the ingredient list and to minimise potential allergies. There is also green tea powder added. As green tea is rich in antioxidants, it helps to enhance your dog’s immune system and also cares for your dog’s mouth and gums. Watch your dog grow up healthily and happily with the ProBalance Lamb Dry Dog Food.

Alpo Chicken Flavour Dry Dog Food
  • Wholesome and balanced diet
  • Different flavours to choose from
  • Provides sufficient energy for dogs

The Alpo Chicken Flavour Dry Dog Food is a dry food that still packs a punch of meaty flavours for your dog to enjoy. It is a wholesome and nutritional diet featuring mostly proteins and supplemented with ingredients that are rich in antioxidants, calcium and the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. This ensures that your dog gets enough energy to run around and play. The nutritional meal also allows your dog to continue to build muscles, have a strong immune system and to grow healthy skin and coat. For a great dry food option, you have to get the Alpo Chicken Flavour Dry Dog Food.

Iskhan Sensitive Salmon & Potato Dog Food
  • Grain-free for better absorption and digestion
  • Rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids
  • Helps with shine of fur coat and healthy skin

The Iskhan Sensitive Salmon & Potato Dog Food is suitable for dogs with allergies or are not compatible with grain added to their food. Being a grain-free option, your dog is better able to ingest and digest the food without any allergic reactions. This uses fresh salmon fish and is free of any preservative, colourings or artificial flavour. It is also rich in vitamins and fatty acids so as to supplement and be a holistic meal plan for your dog. Check the price of the Iskhan Sensitive Salmon & Potato Dog Food on Lazada today!

Alps Natural Pureness Dog Wet Food Lamb
  • High nutritional value and tasty
  • Enriched with omega fatty acids for skin and coat
  • Contains prebiotic for better digestion

The Alps Natural Pureness Dog Wet Food Lamb uses the high nutritional protein from Lamb to provide the energy that your dog needs for a healthy and active life. With up to 60% of meat and fish content, your canine gets the require vitamins, minerals and proteins. The remaining 40% are easily digestible cereals for a balanced diet. There is also the prebiotic, Fructo Oligo Sachharide, that helps with a better digestive system. It has a delicious aroma and flavours, and your canine will fall in love with the taste of the Alps Natural Pureness Dog Wet Food Lamb.

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition
  • Recipe tailored for different dog sizes
  • Kibble sizes adapted to portion required
  • Balanced composition for best health

The Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition is designed to give the best nutritional proportions based on the different sizes of dogs. Available in different compositions for very small and small dogs to large and very large dogs, you are surely able to find the most suitable one for your dog. The kibbles are also adapted and cut into sizes that are more compatible with your dog’s mouth size. If you have a small puppy, you won’t have to worry about the food not fitting into its tiny mouth. Place your dog’s health in great hands with the Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition.

Pedigree Dry Dog Food Chicken & Vegetables
  • Supply of balanced and functional nutrition
  • No artificial flavours but tasty to dogs
  • Guaranteed signs of good health

The Pedigree Dry Dog Food Chicken & Vegetables comes in the form of dry kibbles. Made with careful proportions of calcium, omega-6 fatty acids and with a beneficial blend of vitamins, this dry food provides balanced and functional nutrition for the health of adult canines. As Pedigree uses a special blend of fibres that are easily digestible, your canine will absolutely love it as it goes through their system comfortably. It also gives the dogs a delicious tasting meal. The signs of good health like a shiny coat, healthy skin, good digestions are also kept in check with this Pedigree Dry Food!

Blackwood Lamb Meal And Brown Rice
  • Easily digestible with added probiotics
  • Suitable for canines with sensitive skin and stomach issues
  • Wholesome meal plan for optimal health

The Blackwood Lamb Meal And Brown Rice is curated to cater to canines who have issues with digestion and sensitive skin or allergies. With absolutely no corn, wheat, soy and peas, this makes the kibbles easily digestible. Blackwood prepares these meals in small batches and cooked slowly for maximum retention of nutrients. There is also added probiotics to help with the digestion so that this further reduces the probability of your dog getting a tummy upset. Your dog will surely taste the sincerity of the Blackwood Lamb Meal And Brown Rice.

Happy Dog NaturCroq Salmon and Rice
  • Improves the health of skin and coat
  • Rich in protein and a good source of digestible carbs
  • No added sugar to keep weight in control

The Happy Dog NaturCroq Salmon and Rice provides a decent amount of energy with its balanced and nutritional composition of ingredients. This includes a mixture of Salmon, other sea fishes and lamb. There is no added sugar or taste enhancer, so you won’t have to worry about your dog consuming too many calories. This is also a great option if you’re looking to help keep your dog’s weight in check and to give it better health. Let your dog eat healthily with the Happy Dog NaturCroq Salmon and Rice.

SmartHeart PowerPack Puppy Dog Food
  • Provide high energy for your puppy’s healthy growth
  • Well-composed nutritional meal
  • Encourages good digestion of food

The SmartHeart PowerPack Puppy Dog Food is made especially for puppies from the weaning stage up to 1 year old. It is formulated to give high energy for your puppy to grow up fast and healthily. See your puppy develop great performing levels each succeeding month. The well-composed proportion of calcium, proteins and fatty acids ensures strong muscle development and good skeletal growth. Get your puppy eating the right food from the start with the SmartHeart PowerPack Puppy Dog Food.

Cesar Lamb Dog Food
  • Rich and great tasting food
  • Convenient single-meal packs
  • Rich in proteins and nutrients

The Cesar Lamb Dog Food is a great-tasting wet food created to be a delicious meal for your dog. It is described as a classic lamb meatloaf in sauce and offers a complete nutritional meal for your dog. As it comes in individual single-serving meal trays, all you have to do is peel the seal away to serve the food fresh to your canine. It is also rich in proteins and vitamins so that your canine stays healthy and happy. Check the price of the Cesar Lamb Dog Food on Lazada today!

Zignature Trout & Salmon Dog Food
  • Cares for your canine’s heart
  • Good source of protein and omega fatty acids
  • Limited ingredient and suitable for dogs with food allergies

The Zignature Trout & Salmon Dog Food features the main proteins Trout and Salmon, which is good for your dog’s heart. This is in addition to being a balanced meal with essential fats, vitamins and minerals. Your dog gets the essential proteins and omega fatty acids for good health, skin and shiny coat! This is also a limited ingredient recipe to make it a Physiologically tuned and hypoallergenic meal plan. Give your canine only the best with the Zignature Trout & Salmon Dog Food.

Vital Plus Lamb Recipe
  • High energy for optimal performance
  • Easily digestible carbs to prevent indigestion

The Vital Plus Lamb Recipe is made with real lamb and with 100% natural ingredients to ensure that your canine gets the best quality meal. Lamb provides high energy, and this helps to ensure optimal performance of your dog. In addition, all the recipes are formulated for the well-being of your canine and help with its digestive system and stool quality. Your dog will surely look forward to every meal with the Vital Plus Lamb Recipe.

Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Dog Food
  • Grain-free option for better digestion
  • High-protein and nutritional composition

The Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Dog Food is the alternative fish-based solution to providing a high-protein and grain-free meal for your canine. With a balanced recipe containing Herring fish, Salmon and Pacific Whiting and including vegetables and fruits, it is full of proteins, vitamins and antioxidants. Your dog gets a thoughtfully and carefully prepared meal, and this will show in terms of how comfortable it sits in its tummy. Look no further than the Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Dog Food for your dog today!

Monge Fresh Pate Chunkies Wet Dog Food
  • Comes with chunks for great texture
  • Convenient single tray pack
  • Suitable for small dogs

The Monge Fresh Pate Chunkies Wet Dog Food is a pate that is steamed with added oven-cooked chunks to give a great texture. It comes packed in a single-serving tray for easy feeding and portioning. While the serving is tailored for smaller dogs, you can also give this to your larger dogs as a treat! This is made with premium ingredients without preservatives, colourings and presents itself as a low-sugar meal plan. Get the Monge Fresh Pate Chunkies Wet Dog Food to give your dog a delicious yet healthy meal today.

Orijen Original Dog Food
  • Freeze-dried for convenient feeding
  • Well-balanced curation for optimal health
  • Provides varied ingredients to mimic the natural wild diet

The Orijen Original Dog Food is a Biologically Appropriate freeze-dried dog food that provides the same amount of proteins and nutrients as the raw food type. This provides convenience and allows for easy feeding without the mess! With a varied ingredient list including chicken, turkey, herring and flounder fishes, it’s as if your dog is out in the wild hunting for food and this is beneficial to their healthy development and growth. Let your dog feel in tip-top condition all the time with the Orijen Original Dog Food.

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