9 Best Engine Oils in Malaysia (2023) For A Smooth Ride

A good-quality engine oil is a must-have to keep your cars and vehicles running in tip-top shape. With the right engine oil for your car, your engine and its mechanical components are kept lubricated so that they are run smoothly and require less maintenance. There are 3 main types of engine oils available – conventional, fully synthetic and synthetic blend. Within each option, there are a wide variety of brands you can choose from.

We have gone through the dozens of popular engine oils in Malaysia and shortlisted the best of them for you. Continue reading to find out which are the best engine oils for your cars in Malaysia today!

Shell Helix HX5 15W40 Engine Oil

Best for Toyota

Shell is a well-trusted brand and their Shell Helix HX5 Engine Oil is one of the best in the market. It is a premium-grade engine oil which is 23% more effective in removing sludge from your engine compared to regular mineral oil. At the same time, it also coats your engine and gives it a layer of protection that reduces daily wear and tear.

This engine oil has a low viscosity which can help to improve your fuel economy too. Also, you might notice that there are less vibration and noise coming from your engine once you change to this Shell Helix Engine Oil.

The Helix HX5 is suitable for cars between the ages of 5 to 13 years old. It is also good for both city and highway driving. It is compatible with petrol, diesel and gas engines. With more than 100 positive reviews on Lazada alone, you know that you’re making the right choice when buying the Shell Helix HX5 Engine Oil.

Mizu Semi-Synthetic Lubricant SN 10W-40 Car Engine Oil

We are not exaggerating when we say that the Mizu Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil is probably the most popular engine oil in Malaysia. On the Mizu Official Store on Lazada, there are more than 3000 reviews and ratings that praise the effectiveness and reasonable price of this engine oil.

Yes, it is one of the cheapest and most value-for-money engine oils you can find. It uses a semi-synthetic formulation that combines the benefits of synthetic oils with the cost-effectiveness of mineral oil. That way, your car can enjoy the benefits without burning a hole in your pocket. Some of the key benefits include a cleaner engine with longer engine life.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and proven engine oil for your car, the Mizu Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil will not disappoint you.

Petronas Syntium Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

Excessively hot engines are the number one reason for engine breakdowns. That is why you need the CoolTech technology of the Petronas Syntium Engine Oil to keep your engine from overheating. Whenever you start and stop your engine, accelerate or carry heavy loads, your engine is put under stress which causes heat build-up.

This engine oil is also formulated to be extremely stables even in the face of extreme heat or air changes. That allows it to continually offer a layer of protection to your engine and parts without missing a moment. When you start up the car, the engine oil will automatically lubricant your engine to reduce friction and minimize any friction damage.

The scorching hot weather in Malaysia doesn’t help in keeping our car engines cool. But that is not a problem if you use this cooling and lubricating Petronas Syntium Engine Oil.

Car Doctor Fully-Synthetic Lubricant 5W-40 Engine Oil

With a high-quality fully synthetic formula, the Car Doctor 5W-40 Engine Oil is the one you need to get your engine in tip-top shape. It uses its unique M.T.F formula that is made of Mental Treatment, Additive and Synthetic. Mental Treatment allows the engine oil to create a friction protection barrier that can withstand 5 times more heat and friction than other engine oils.

With a better layer of protection for your engine, it allows you to maximize the potential of your engine power. Concurrently, the barrier coats your engine and its part to help prevent rusts, wear and tear and corrosion. By reducing friction, it helps your engine run more smoothly which makes it more fuel-efficient.

The Car Doctor 5W-40 Engine Oil truly lives up to its name. It’ll treat your car engine with the care and concern of a doctor to improve its health and performance. Even with a fully synthetic formula, this engine oil is unbelievably cheap!

Honda Fully Synthetic Ultra Green SN 0W-20 Engine Oil

Best engine oil for Honda cars

If you are driving a Honda car or vehicle, we would highly recommend that you use the Honda Ultra Green SN 0W-20 Engine Oil. Currently, all the Honda engines are designed specially to work perfectly with this engine oil. Therefore, you’ll be able to enjoy 100% compatibility and also reap all the benefits of this Honda engine oil.

The Honda Ultra Green Engine Oil has a very low viscosity which helps to increase the fuel efficiency of your car. It is a fully synthetic engine oil which is excellent at providing all-round protection for your engine. Whether you are starting up your car, stopping or cruising on the highway, your engine will run as smooth as butter.

For Honda owners, there is no better choice than the Honda Ultra Green SN 0W-20 Engine Oil – so get it now!

Morrison Performance 5W-40 Engine Oil

Best engine oil for BMW

If you like powerful cars and engines, the Morrison Performance 5W-40 SN/CF Engine Oil is perfect. It is an engine oil that will maximize the horsepower and performance of your car so that you can go faster and further on less fuel. As such, it is a very good engine oil if speed and power is your thing.

Furthermore, it cares for your engine. This engine oil efficiently smoothens the movements of your pistons and cylinders so that there are fewer vibrations and friction. With smoother movement, there is also less noise so you can enjoy a quieter ride.

If you have a high horsepower car which you want to care for, get the Morrison Performance 5W-40 SN/CF Engine Oil!

Perodua Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil SAE 5W-30

Best engine oil for Myvi

Again, we always recommend getting the engine oil which your car manufacturer produces because they usually know what’s best. That is why if you’re driving a Perodua car like the Myvi, go for the Perodua Engine Oil SAE 5W-30. It is a semi-synthetic formula that is made with your Perodua in mind to let you get the best performance out of your engine.

This engine oil offers all-round protection against things that could damage your engine. It protects your engine from friction during startup, overheating and engine sludging. By removing these factors, you can maximize the power of your engine and also enjoy an extended engine lifespan.

Perodua owners take note, the Perodua Engine Oil SAE 5W-30 is the one you should definitely go with.

VTAG Fully Synthetic SAE 5W40 Engine Oil

Best for diesel cars

The VTAG Fully Synthetic SAE 5W40 Engine Oil is one of the cheapest fully synthetic options in the market. Usually, you will only find semi-synthetic engine oils in this price range. Therefore if you want to enjoy the benefits of a fully-synthetic engine oil without spending too much, you should try this VTAG Engine Oil out.

Despite its affordable price, this engine oil uses very high-quality ingredients such as 100% virgin base oil. Therefore, it is a very smooth lubricant for your engine and also serves as a thick layer of protection. With its quality, you can enjoy a very long service interval of 10,000km which is twice as long as some other engine oils.

Whether you’re driving a diesel or petrol car, this VTAG Fully Synthetic SAE 5W40 Engine Oil would be a good option to consider.

Liqui Moly MOS2 Leichtlauf 10W40 Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

The Liqui Moly Engine Oil is probably the most expensive option on our list. But it is a very high-quality engine oil that is manufactured in Germany which explains why it is more expensive.

If you want your engine to run smoothly for a long time, then you should definitely try this Liqui Moly Engine Oil. It is exceptional at coating every part of your engine and its components with its smooth solution. With every part covered with a layer of oil protection, friction is greatly reduced, so there is much less wear and tear. Also, it protects your engine during a cold start.

The Liqui Moly Engine Oil may be expensive, but its quality means it is worth the extra cost.

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