18 Best Fans in Malaysia (2023) That Are Super Windy

In Malaysia’s hot weather, you definitely need a fan. There are many different types of fans available – standing fan, tower fan, wall fan, table fan. We have done in-depth research into the best fan brands and models. In this article, we will recommend the best which are effective for Malaysia’s humid conditions. Here are the best fans that you can get in Malaysia!

Panasonic Stand Fan F-MX405

Best stand fan in Malaysia

The Panasonic Stand Fan F-MX405 is one of the most popular standing fans in Malaysia. The reason for this is simple – it is excellent at what it does. The fan can generate strong winds on any of its three-speed options.

In addition, it has a 5-star rated energy efficient, which means you will see a lower electricity bill. What’s more, it has a pretty affordable price tag combined with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Overall, we highly recommend this reliable Panasonic Standing Fan!

Panasonic Wall Fan F-MU408

Best wall fan

The Panasonic Wall Fan F-MU408 is very well-designed. Every part of it is made with the end-consumer in mind. Firstly, its blades are designed with aerodynamics in mind so that every spin generates more wind flow.

Next, its oscillation and rotation are steady and wide so that more of the room can be reached. You’ll find that there is better ventilation once you install this wall fan. Like the thousands of satisfied customers in Malaysia – we are sure you will fall in love with this Panasonic Wall Fan!

Panasonic Table Fan F-MN304

You may think that a table fan is not that powerful. Well, you’ll realize the opposite when you see the Panasonic Table Fan F-MN304 in action. Despite its lightweight and compact design, it is very cooling and powerful.

Being small means it can fit almost anywhere, on the table or the floor. It doesn’t take up much space at all. If you are looking for a compact yet powerful fan, this Panasonic Table Fan would fit the bill.

Mind 16 Stand Fan

Check online for the Mind Stand Fan and you’ll find thousands of positive reviews on the various e-commerce websites. It is a quality fan that comes in a very value-for-money bundle deal (Two Stand Fans + One Table Fan). Essentially, you’ll be getting a free table fan that is really good as well.

The standout feature of the Mind Stand Fan is its 5-blade design. With 5 blades instead of the usual 3, it is able to create cooler airflow. With a copper fan motor, this fan is a durable one that is sure to last for years. If you like good deals, you need to check this fan out now!

KDK Stand Fan KX405

If you want a reliable and quality fan, the KDK Stand Fan KX405 should be your first choice. KDK is world-renown for being one of the best fan manufacturers whose quality standards are sky-high. That is why their fans are very long-lasting.

We like how adjustable this standing fan is. Its height can be adjusted up and down 26 cm with the highest height of 133cm. You’ll definitely be able to find a height that is perfect for your room. KDK fans aren’t the cheapest, but a quality build is worth paying a slight premium for.

KDK Table Fan KB304

Best table fan

The KDK Table Fan KB304 has everything you want in a table fan. It is small and lightweight so you can move it around easily. At the same time, its build is solid enough to survive many years of use.

For a small fan, it is extraordinarily powerful. When moving and spinning, this KDK fan is very quiet, so it will be perfect for the bedroom as it will not disturb your sleep. We love this fan, and we are sure you will too!

Hiraki Stand Fan FS40-A520

Cheapest standing fan in Malaysia

Wow! We were very surprised to see the price for the Hiraki Stand Fan FS40-A520. It is so value-for-money and is likely the cheapest standing fan you can find in the entire Malaysia.

And its performance is comparable to more expensive models, so you are getting a fantastic deal for sure. Definitely grab this deal before it runs out!

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

Best bladeless fan

Dyson is at the forefront of innovation. The Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan has a unique bladeless design that makes it look cool and also safe for a home with children. Its futuristic design makes it a perfect complement for a modern home.

It is not the usual fan with 3 speed settings. Instead, there are 10 different precise airflow settings that you can choose from. Without blades, it also means that it is very quiet when operating. It is the perfect fan – if you don’t mind its premium pricing.

Khind Stand Fan SF-1688E

The Khind Stand Fan SF-1688E may not look at different from any other standing fan. But inside, it is made of quality parts that give it its powerful performance. Even on the first-speed setting, you can immediately feel the power of this fan.

Other features include an adjustable height and a finger-proof fan guard which makes it safe. With a safety thermal fuse, this fan is protected in the unlikely event of an overheat. If you get this Khind Stand Fan, you’ll be impressed for sure.

Khind Yotoki Table Fan YT617C

After spending 30 minutes researching on the Khind Yotoki Table Fan YT617C, we found that everyone only had good things to say about it. The first thing that is always pointed out is how powerful the fan is for its size. We think its powerful airflow comes from its high-quality motor.

Compared to other table fans, it is still one of the most portable options. If you want a powerful table fan, you won’t regret getting this Khind Yotoki model!

Khind WF1602 Wall Fan

A powerful 1220RPM motor gives the Khind WF1602 Wall Fan the ability to really spin out strong winds. You’ll appreciate its powerful motor in the hot weather. With its 16-inch aerodynamic blades, it can cool down an entire room in less than 5 minutes.

Even with its extreme power, it is quite quiet at only 60dB, pretty similar to other quiet fans. Another reason why we like it is because of its super long warranty. Other brands only give 1-year, but this Khind Wall Fan is covered for 3. That shows how much trust Khind has in this fan.

Mistral MFD440R Tower Fan

With its sleek black design, the Mistral MFD440R Tower Fan is one of the best-looking fans we have ever reviewed. It is perfect if you have space constraints because it takes up almost no space.

Besides being a very good fan that provides good airflow, it is also an ionizer. It can purify the air in the room – which means you’ll get to breathe in clean and cool air. This Mistral Tower Fan is a sleek and functional appliance that will impress you.

Deka WF38 Wall Fan

With large 16-inch blades, the Deka WF38 Wall Fan can generate a huge amount of airflow that circulates fast. It is fully controllable by its remote control, which means you won’t have to get up from your comfy sofa to change the settings. With a timer, you can set it so you won’t forget to turn it off. It is definitely within the top 3 of wall fans in Malaysia!

Pensonic Standing Fan PSF-4504BG

The Pensonic Standing Fan PSF-4504BG can cool down your room with its strong airflow delivery of 50m3/min. Within a few minutes of turning it on, you will feel a drastic change in the temperature of your room.

At 50W of power consumption, it is relatively energy-saving. A large round base also means the standing fan is very stable even if you accidentally hit it. The best part is that it is half the price of some of its other competitors!

Midea MF16FS10N Stand Fan

For a very reasonable price, you get a really good standing fan in the Midea MF16FS10N. Its 55W motor places it amongst the most powerful 16-inch standing fans in Malaysia. With that, it is not a surprise that it is very windy. Included in its design are two fuse protections, so operating it is always safe. At less than RM100, it is an option that you must consider.

Midea MF-16FT15NB Table Fan

The Midea MF-16FT15NB Table Fan feels smaller than its 16-inch size. And we mean that in the best way possible because it is perfect as a portable table fan. Even with its compactness, you’ll still love how powerful it is. When you use the oscillating mode, you’ll find that it can effectively circulate air in a small to medium-sized room easily. It is definitely more powerful than it looks.

Midea Wall Fan MF-16FW6H

The Midea Wall Fan MF-16FW6H is one of the top-selling wall fans in Malaysia. Honestly, in terms of looks, it looks just like any other wall fan. But what stands out is how its motor and blades work together to create the winds we desire on a hot day.

Like most other wall fans, this Midea fan is easy to operate. You can adjust the oscillation and speeds with its remote control or its two cords. Within one or two tries, you’ll master it. Overall, it is an excellent wall fan when you see and feel how cooling it can be.

Selamat Tower Fan

Best tower fan

The first thing that strikes you when you see the Selamat Tower Fan is how sleek and cool it looks. It has a curved design that accentuates its black and modern look. Besides looking good, it also excels as a tower fan.

It has a very wide oscillation angle which lets it push its airflow towards even the furthest ends of the space. Combined with its efficient motor, your room is guaranteed to feel cool.

Another plus point is that comes with a silent mode option. If you are planning to use this tower fan in the bedroom, you’ll love the silent mode as it makes the fan so quiet. You are sure to have a cooling and restful night with this very impressive Selamat Tower Fan.