9 Best Fish Oils in Malaysia (2023) For Omega-3

Fish oil provides you with Omega-3 fatty acids which are an essential part of a healthy diet. Some of the benefits of fish oil are that it may improve your heart and eye health, reduce inflammation and even keep your skin healthy. The most common source of Omega-3 fatty acids is from fatty fishes like cod and salmon. If your diet does not consist of enough fish, adding a fish oil capsule to your diet will be beneficial for your health.

Now, the next question is which fish oil to get. We have researched into more than 30 different fish oils and shortlisted the ones we think are the best for you. Here are the best fish oils you can buy in Malaysia today!

Blackmores Fish Oil

Blackmores Fish Oil is an extremely popular choice in Malaysia. On Lazada, there are more than 200 positive reviews with buyers loving the quality and value-for-money pricing of this trusted Blackmores branded supplement.

The fish oil is extracted from 100% wild-caught fish which contains more natural goodness compared to fishes which are reared. As such, the fish oil is of high-quality. Blackmores has oversight of the entire supply chain process and also does rigorous testing for mercy, dioxins and PCBs. This helps to ensure that the fish oil is safe to eat.

If this is your first time trying out a fish oil supplement, our top recommendation would definitely be this Blackmores Fish Oil.

StemLabs Omega 3 Fish Oil

If you’re looking for more affordable fish oil, then the StemLabs Omega 3 Fish Oil would be a good choice. In one bottle, it consists of 200 capsules each with 1000mg of fish oil. After dividing, one capsule would only cost RM0.15. This makes it a very economical option for the entire family.

You’ll also be happy to know that their fish oil is sourced from smaller-size fishes like sardines, mackerel and anchovies. The benefit of using smaller fishes is that they contain less harmful chemicals like mercury which can be bad for our body in large doses. Imported directly from New Zealand, this is a very high-quality fish oil that you should definitely try!

Swisse Odourless High Strength Wild Fish Oil

If you have been avoiding fish oil capsules because you’re afraid of their fishy taste or smell, then you have got to try the Swisse Odourless High Strength Wild Fish Oil. It’ll provide you with all the benefits of fish oil without any of the fishy odour or taste. You won’t associate it with a fish oil capsule at all.

At the same time, you enjoy 50% more fish oils than a regular fish oil capsule. For this Swisse Fish Oil, each capsule has 1500mg of fish oil compared to the usual 1000mg dose. If you do not like having fish in your diet, this high-strength fish oil capsule will provide you with the EPA & DHA you need. Also, this fish oil is sourced from free-range fish in the Pacific Ocean, which are sustainable.

Say goodbye to fishy odours and hello to better health with this Swisse Odourless High Strength Wild Fish Oil!

Forever Living Arctic Sea Natural Fish Oil

Forever Living Arctic Sea Natural Fish Oil combines both fish oil and olive oil in one convenient capsule. With this one capsule, you can get your daily dose of Omega-3 and Omega-9. You’ll get a dose of 225mg of EPA, 150mg of DHA and 150mg of oleic acid, which are all essential for good health.

It can improve your blood cholesterol levels, lower the risk of heart attack, relieves sore joints and improve the health of your eyes. This Forever Living Fish Oil is also a top-rated product in Malaysia. You’ll find hundreds of positive ratings online, so you know that you’re getting a trusted product.

If you want the best of both fish and olive oils, then the Forever Living Arctic Sea Natural Fish Oil is the right choice for you.

Total Health Concept Pristin Omega 3 Fish Oil

The Total Health Concept Pristin Omega 3 Fish Oil offers you one of the highest concentration of EPA & DHA, which gives you the core health benefits you need. In each 1200mg capsule, you get 660mg of EPA and DHA. Compared to some other fish oils, this is 20% to 30% higher.

This fish oil is also tested to be 100% toxin-free. This is achieved thanks to an advanced molecular distillation process (OMATECH) which separates any toxins away from the concentrated fish oil. You’ll also like the fact that there is no artificial preservatives or GMO products included in this fish oil. According to Nielsen Company, this fish oil has been named the top-selling fish oil brand in Malaysia for a total of 6 years.

If you want a highly-concentrated fish oil that gives you more of the beneficial stuff, the Total Health Concept Pristin Omega 3 Fish Oil is the one for you.

Usana Biomega Omega-3 Fish Oil

If you don’t like the taste of fish or are afraid of fishiness, then we think you’ll love the lemon flavoured Usana Biomega Omega-3 Fish Oil. Usana has added lemon oil into the capsule which effectively masks the taste and also smells of the fish oil. Instead of being overwhelming by fishiness, now you’ll have a burst of refreshment from the lemon.

This fish oil is sourced from deep-sea cold-water fish. The fish oil is purified twice using high vacuum molecular distillation. This effectively removes any harmful substances like pesticides, mercury and contaminants from the fish oil. What you get is highly purified fish oil with a high concentration of EPA and DHA. Additionally, there is also 100IU of vitamin D in each capsule.

If you don’t like the taste of fish, you will love the lemony flavour of the Usana Biomega Omega-3 Fish Oil. It’ll help you get the essential Omega-3 into your diet without killing your tastebuds with fishiness.

Naturalle Fish Oil

The Naturalle Fish Oil contains a good amount of EPA and DHA in every capsule. 30% of the 1000mg fish oil is made up of these 2 elements. Each capsule is tightly sealed to preserve the freshness and effectiveness of the fish oil. This product has also been Halal-certified so our Muslim friends can safely consume this fish oil. Another plus point is that reviewers say the delivery of this fish oil is quick so you can get it fast.

GNC Fish Body Oil Double Strength Lemon

Compared to other fish oils, GNC Fish Body Oil Double Strength has more than twice the amount of DHA and EPA in each capsule. It has 380mg of EPA and 254mg of DHA. DHA & EPA are known for improving joint, heart and eye health. With a stronger concentration, you’ll get to enjoy more of those benefits.

Similar to the Usana, this GNC Fish Oil is lemon flavoured which effectively cuts away any fishiness. Even if you don’t like fish, you’ll never know that you’re taking a fish oil capsule thanks to the zingy lemon flavour.

Honestly, this GNC Fish Oil is one of the most expensive ones on this list. However, with its extra concentration of key elements like DHA and EPA, it does make the price worth it. Additionally, GNC is a highly-trusted brand too so you are in safe hands!

SCOTT's DHA Chewable Gummies Fish Oil

Best fish oil for children

A large majority of fish oils in the market are unsuitable for children because they require swallowing. The SCOTT’s DHA Chewable Gummies Fish Oil is an excellent alternative because it is chewable and also comes in the delicious strawberry flavour to entice your kids.

The gummies come packed with DHA and vitamin D. These help to nurture your child’s healthy development of his brain, eyes and also immunity system. The huge benefit to this chewable gummies is that there is absolutely no fishy taste or smell, so it is very easy to convince your child to take it daily.

If you want the benefits of fish oil for your kid, the SCOTT’s DHA Chewable Gummies Fish Oil would be your number one choice.

What are the benefits of taking fish oil?​

The main benefits of fish oil are better heart and cardiovascular health, eye health and stronger immunity. It also has the possibility of reducing inflammation in your joints. These benefits are derived from omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA).

How much fish oil should you take a day?

According to instructions on most fish oil packagings, they recommend around 1 to 2 capsules a day. Most of the time, each capsule has 1000mg of fish oil which would generally equate to about 100 to 200 EPA & DHA.

When is the best time to take fish oil?

The best time to take a fish oil capsule is before a meal. However, there is no wrong time to a fish oil supplement as it doesn’t require any particular timing or instruction. We recommend taking it together with a meal because some people might get nauseous taking fish oil on an empty stomach.

What are the side effects of taking fish oil?

There are little to no side effects from taking fish oil if you keep within the recommended dosages. However, if you have an allergy to fish, taking fish oil is not recommended as it can trigger your allergies. Similarly, some people may dislike the smell and taste of fish oil which could cause nauseousness.

As with any supplements, if you feel uncomfortable or sick after consuming it, stop immediately and seek advice from a medical professional.

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