12 Best Food Processors in Malaysia (2023) For Convenience

Having a food processor in your kitchen allows you with your food prep effortlessly and cut down on time required. It also eliminates a whole load of potential mess and splatter on your chopping board. If you cook regularly, you definitely need to get one to make your life easier. Trust us; once you get a food processor, you can’t imagine a life without one!

So if you’re wondering which food processor is powerful or versatile enough for your cooking needs, continue reading – Here are the best food processors that you can get in Malaysia today!

Philips Daily Collection Compact Food Processor HR7320

The Philips Daily Collection Compact Food Processor was designed with smaller kitchen tabletops in mind but still packs a punch with its food processing capabilities. With a 700W motor and a 2-in-1 disc, this petite Philips food processor sets out to dice, slice and even shreds the hardest ingredients like vegetables or chocolates! It can also knead dough so you can even enjoy homemade bread effortlessly! Do yourself a favour in the kitchen and get yourself the Philips Daily Collection Compact Food Processor today!

Philips Mini Food Processor HR7605

The Philips Mini Food Processor HR7605 prides itself to be space-saving food processor that does not sting on its functionality. With a thoughtful design where all its 5 accessories can fit into the bowl container, you get space savings and can easily store it in the most cramp cupboard! As with all Philips products, you know you get great quality at a good price. The Philips Mini Food Processor HR7605 is a durable food processor that can last you a long time!

Kenwood FDP301SI Food Processor

The Kenwood FDP301SI Food Processor is inbuilt with one of the strongest motors at 800W. This gives it great speed and power to process even the hardest vegetables! With an array of attachments, you can prepare the dough for your bread or even squeeze fresh juices from orange! You get to achieve diced-up onions or even the finest grinding of coffee with this food processor.

This Kenwood food processor comes with both the processing bowl and a blender, which both fits the same base so that you won’t need to get two different motors! You only need the Kenwood FDP301SI Food Processor in your kitchen!

Kenwood Mini FP120 Food Processor

The Kenwood Mini FP120 Food Processor is a decent choice if you have space constraint and do not need to prepare food in bulk. With this mini Kenwood food processor, you can even grate cheese, chop vegetables or onions! The material of the knife blade is made of non-degradable stainless steel, which allows you to use for a long time without it going blunt or get rusty. Take the mess out of food prep with the Kenwood Mini FP120 Food Processor.

Autumnz Baby Food Processor

Best baby food processor

If you’ve got an infant at home, chances are you’d be preparing and cooking all 3 meals at home. The Autumnz Baby Food Processor is a two-in-one food processor that can steam and blend in just one appliance. You can steam vegetables, meat or even fish with this food processor.

With a one dial control, you just have to turn it to activate the duration for the steaming or to choose the blending function accordingly. Rest assured that this is a super stable food processor as it has a rubber base that fits snugly on the tabletop. You can easily whip up nutritious meals for your child every day and not be late for work with the Autumnz Baby Food Processor.

Panasonic Food Processor MK-5087M

The Panasonic Food Processor MK-5087M is a great entry-level food processing machine that comes with 5 interchangeable blades. This allows the food processor to chop, mix, grind, shred, slice and even whip! In addition, there is also a citrus press that allows you to extract juice from oranges! You won’t have to worry about creating when using this processor as it comes with a leak-proof bowl. There is also a safety lock device that secures the cover snugly to the bowl. If you’re just getting acquainted with food processors, a good starting point is the Panasonic Food Processor MK-5087M.

KitchenAid Food Chopper 5KFC3516BWH

The KitchenAid Food Chopper 5KFC3516BWH comes in a fuss-free package. All you need to do to set it up is to fit the bowl onto the base, twist to secure it and you’re good to go. This makes it really simple to use. Even with this simplified setup, this KitchenAid food processor still comes with two different speeds and a pulsing mode, so you can always control how fine or how coarse you want your mixture to be. Preparing big batches of sauces or mincing garlic or onions no longer have to be a tedious chore with the KitchenAid Food Chopper 5KFC3516BWH.

Little Bean Freely Easy Food Processor

The Little Bean Freely Easy Food Processor enables the working mom or the dad who can’t cook to prepare baby food easily! The thoughtful design also makes cleaning up after a breeze. To start steaming, all you have to do is pour water into the compartment and switch the steaming button on. Once done, you can simply transfer it into the blender to puree it up. if you prepared too much for one meal, you can freeze the food puree and then defreeze it in the same container. It is possible to prepare healthy food for your child safely and effortlessly with the Little Bean Freely Easy Food Processor.

Khind Food Processor Chopper FPC500

The Khind Food Processor Chopper FPC500 comes with 4 different metal discs, which allows you to grate, strip, chop and dice, and you can prepare a range of food items from Rosti to a big batch of onion rings! With 2 speed settings and a pulsing mode and the different disc attachments, you can easily whip up all sorts of recipes with minimal food prepping! All accessories are compatible with the dishwasher. This Khind Food Processor Chopper FPC500 is compact and can be stored easily and assembled quickly.

MILUX All-In-One Food Processor MFP-3322

The MILUX All-In-One Food Processor MFP-3322 comes with so many different functions and attachments that you only just need one machine in your kitchen. The double whisk attachment allows you to whip up cream and egg whites, the 4 stainless steel discs enable you to shred, slice and julienne. The speed dial allows you to increase the speed gradually and gives you control over how fine you want your ingredients to be. There is also the pulsing mode that allows you to combine the ingredients uniformly. The MILUX All-In-One Food Processor MFP-3322 also has non-slip feet so that it stands securely on the tabletop at the highest speed setting.

Primada Intelligent Processor PS620s

The Primada Intelligent Processor PS620s makes food prep possible with just one button, all thanks to its preset programs that set out to accomplish just what you need. With a powerful motor with up to 35,000 rotations per minute and an 8-blade mechanism, you can even get the finest texture. This Primada food processor can also blend up fruits so that you get your daily vitamin intake easily and fuss-free! You won’t have to worry about spillage or creating a mess as it comes with a safety cover. For a good quality food processor, you have to get the Primada Intelligent Processor PS620s.

Pensonic Multifunctional Food Processor PB-5001

The Pensonic Multifunctional Food Processor PB-5001 is a great addition to the kitchen, especially if you often have to prepare meals for a big family. You can do it in one shot with the powerful motor and the big capacity of the jug and bowl that comes in one set! This Pensonic food processor also has multiple functions like blending, chopping or slicing, grating, and even juicing. Not only can you dice or chop up vegetables, but you can also make sauces or even make smoothies! Make your life easier today with the Pensonic Multifunctional Food Processor PB-5001.

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