14 Best Fridges in Malaysia (2023) For All Budgets

Buying a fridge for your kitchen is one of the first things you should get. With a fridge, you can keep your groceries, drinks, frozen food and delicious desserts like ice cream. There are many different types of fridges available. There are top freezer, bottom freezer, French door and side-by-side fridges. Additionally, there are many different brands such as Hitachi, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp and many others. That is not counting that each brand has dozens of different models. The point is there it can be challenging to find the right fridge for your home.

But not to worry, that is why we wrote this article. We did in-depth research into the different brands and models of fridges available in Malaysia. From expensive models to cheap models, we have shortlisted the best of them all. Come read which are the best fridges you can buy in Malaysia today!

Hitachi R-W720P7M French Door Fridge

The Hitachi R-W720P7M Fridge is an excellent option if you’re looking for stylish and affordable French-door fridge. It has a total interior capacity of 540L with 144L dedicated to your freezer. It is a good size for a medium to large-sized family but still slim enough to fit in your kitchen without taking up too much space.

It is equipped with a powerful inverter compressor with dual fans to cool down the entire fridge well. It has an eco thermo-sensor which can sense the interior temperature accurately and control the amount of power used. As such, you’ll get a well-cooled fridge that saves power at the same time. This fridge can keep the interior cool even with high ambient temperatures outside of up to 60-degree celsius. Even in the event for power shortages, this fridge can keep your food fresh for up to 12 hours.

If you like having a refreshing drink of cold water during the hot day, you’ll love how this fridge has an inbuilt water dispenser. It is a tank-based model which means all you have to do is fill up the tank with drinkable water and let the fridge cool it down.

For a French Door fridge, this Hitachi R-W720P7M model is very affordable, especially when you consider its advanced features and specifications. Definitely check it out!

Samsung Fridge RT35K5562SL

The Samsung Fridge RT35K5562SL is a high-quality refrigerator with top quality features that helps keep your food fresher for longer. Firstly, its Twin Cooling Plus system maintains the optimal humidity of 70% which makes your meat and vegetables stay fresh even after a few days. Additionally, it also prevents your food from drying out. This system also cools your freezer and fridge sections separately so that there is no cross-contamination of flavours and smells.

Another cool feature is that you can convert your freezer section into a fridge if you need more space. There’s even the option of switching it off to save electricity if there is nothing you need to store inside. The fridge is equipped with the Digital Inverter Technology that automatically adjusts the temperature of the fridge to remain at the optimal level while saving power at the same time. Also, it emits less noise and is less susceptible to wear and tear so your fridge can last even longer.

For high hygiene levels, there is an anti-bacterial protector and activated carbon filter. Air that passes through these two filters is sterilized and deodorized. The inside of the fridge is illuminated with high-efficiency LED lighting that for good visibility so you can always find the things you want with ease.

The Samsung Fridge RT35K5562SL is one of the best at keeping your fresh and frozen food fresh. Therefore, it will definitely be a top option for your home.

Samsung RS64R5101B4 Fridge

Are you looking for a fridge for a large family but that also looks sleek and cool? If so, you will be very impressed with the Samsung RS64R5101B4/ME Fridge as it fulfils all the conditions that you want.

First and foremost, it has a substantial total interior capacity of 617L which is definitely spacious enough for you and your extended family. Samsung has managed to fit all this capacity in a relatively sleek package thanks to its Spacemax technology. Spacemax helps to keep the walls of the fridge thin with high-efficiency insulation so that more space can be used for storage.

The cooling features and functions also offer top performance. It has excellent all-round cooling that reaches every compartment and corner of the fridge, so everything inside stays fresh and cool. There is also the power cool and power freeze options that speed up the cooling and freezing process when you need things to cool fast. You also don’t have to worry about high electricity bills because the Samsung Digital Inverter Compressor is 50% more energy-efficient than conventional compressors.

If you like to have ice and cool water on demand, you’ll also love this fridge. It has an automatic ice maker that produces ice constantly. With an inbuilt tank water dispenser, you can also enjoy a glass of cold water to refresh yourself in the hot and humid weather. Other notable features include a deodorising filter and a large fruits and vegetable box.

The Samsung RS64R5101B4/ME Fridge is one of the sleekest fridges around. If you have a big family that needs a lot of fridge storage, this is the one to get!

Panasonic Refrigerator NR-BX468XS

Best bottom freezer fridge

The idea of a bottom freezer makes a lot of sense. Cold air sinks and the freezer compartment is usually heavy thanks for a large quantity of frozen food. Therefore, a bottom freezer fridge like the Panasonic Refrigerator NR-BX468XS is a great option, especially when you consider its range of features.

Its freezer section is divided into 3 different compartments so that you can separate your meats, fish and frozen treats like ice cream. That way, the smells and odours of each do not mix, so you get to enjoy them in their original taste. Besides the usual freezer section, this Panasonic fridge also has PrimeFresh freezing which freezes your food to a temperature of -3 degrees celsius. This soft freezing prevents your food from being hard frozen, keeps it fresher and also easier to defrost.

This Panasonic fridge also has the ECONAVI technology which adapts your usage patterns. It can monitor the lighting and temperature levels in the room and even how often you open fridge doors. With that information and the knowledge of the changes in the internal temperature of the fridge, it adjusts the power that is required to keep the fridge cool. This helps to save energy and also ensures your food is always kept at optimal temperatures.

If you like the idea of a bottom freezer, get the best and go for the Panasonic Refrigerator NR-BX468XS!

Sharp SJ189MS Refrigerator

The Sharp SJ189MS Refridgerator is a pretty simple fridge that comes at a very affordable price. It is very compact and has a total capacity of 150L of which 115L is the refrigerator with the remaining 35L to the freezer. While it is small, it still provides more than enough space for a family of 4 to 5 comfortably.

In terms of its specifications and features, there are two standout elements – its inverter and its deodorizer. It uses Sharp’s J-Tech Inverter technology that is energy-efficient and also produces less vibration so that it is less noisy. With the AG+ nano deodorizer, unpleasant odours are removed so your fridge and food smell good.

As you can see, this Sharp SJ189MS Fridge is pretty simple. But if you want a cheap and functional fridge, it won’t disappoint you.

Sharp J-Tech Inverter Fridge SJE538MK

The Sharp J-Tech Inverter Fridge is a two-door single fridge designed to be an energy-efficient cooling refrigerator to keep your food items crisp and fresh for a long period of time. With the J-Tech Inverter technology that adopts a 36-step cooling, there is always reduced energy wasted and less noise generated.

With a hybrid cooling system that keeps the moisture and temperature fluctuations in check, your food doesn’t get over dry, which allows it to keep chilled and fresh even after a few days. This means that your vegetables and fruits can last longer if you can’t finish it within the day. The freezer compartment is also optimized to give you more space. Fit more items in your fridge and watch it stay fresh with the Sharp J-Tech Inverter Fridge SJE538MK.

Toshiba GR-A28MS Refrigerator

If you want a cheap fridge with a larger capacity, then you should consider the Toshiba GR-A28MS Refrigerator. It has a net capacity of 172L for the fridge compartment and 61L for the freezer. It is about 30% larger than the Sharp SJ189MS Fridge, which means it would be good if you cook regularly and need more space for your daily groceries.

Another thing you’ll like is the adjustable door pockets of this fridge. It can be removed and moved from different hinges so that you can fit longer or irregularly shaped items in it. Essentially, you can customize the door pockets to your own preferences which give you more flexibility. This Toshiba fridge also has the AG+ bio deodorizer which can help to remove unpleasant odours and bacteria to ensure your food items stay fresh.

The Toshiba GR-A28MS Refrigerator is yet another excellent and affordable option that offers a decent amount of space for a mid-size family.

Mitsubishi MR-18GA-OB Refrigerator

The Mitsubishi MR-18GA-OB Refrigerator is a fuss-free single door fridge that is very budget-friendly. When we last checked, it costs less than RM700, which is an excellent deal for a full-fledged fridge.

Even though this Mitsubishi fridge only has one door, it still has a good amount of storage space inside with a total of 180L capacity. The fridge is divided into 6 main compartments which help you separate your food and ingredients out. On the door are side compartments which are spacious and allow you to store things like bottles, jar and eggs. To be honest, we are surprised at how spacious the interior of this fridge is, considering it looks pretty small on the outside.

If you want a cheap, compact and surprisingly spacious fridge, check out the Mitsubishi MR-18GA-OB Refrigerator!

Electrolux ETB2302H 2 Door Refrigerator

The Electrolux ETB2302H Fridge is one of the most popular compact fridges in Malaysia. When we looked at it on Lazada, it had more than 100 positive ratings and comments from satisfied customers. Looking at its features, no wonder it is so well-received as it has everything you need in a modern and affordable fridge.

Equipped with the Nutrifresh Inverter, this fridge can maintain consistent temperatures and thus ensure 100% freshness of everything inside. It also has Tasteguard which eliminates 99.8% of all bacteria. With fewer bacteria, your food will taste and smell fresh for longer. It also has effective 360-degree cooling which ensures every part of the fridge is cooled evenly.

With a total capacity of 230L, this Electrolux fridge gives you enough space even if you plan to cook every day. Additionally, its storage is well-designed like its flexible door bin which lets you move it around to maximize space.

If you want to go for a well-known and well-loved mid-sized fridge, the Electrolux ETB2302H Fridge is the best choice.

Hisense RR195D4AGN Fridge

The Hisense RR195D4AGN Fridge is a simple single door model fridge that doesn’t take up much space. Even with its compact exterior, it still has a pretty decent capacity of 170L. Inside there will definitely be sufficient space for a family of 3 to 4, especially if you don’t cook every day.

It has an excellent cooling system that is made better with its Multi Air Flow which effectively cools down the whole fridge quickly. It also has an automatic deodorization system which keeps odours from staying inside the fridge. Its fruit and vegetable crisper keeps the right moisture levels, so everything stays fresh and crisp. Its freezer compartment has the Total NO Frost technology which prevents the buildup of ice and frost. It lessens the time you need to defreeze any foodstuff and is great if you don’t plan to freeze your food for years.

There are many features offered by the Hisense RR195D4AGN Fridge which makes it feel like a premium fridge. However, it still maintains a very reasonable price tag and therefore makes it an excellent choice for smaller families.

Hisense Mini Fridge RR60D4AGN

The Hisense Mini Fridge is a compact-sized fridge that you can easily place in your room for your minibar needs. It manages to be spacious inside and manages to fit a 1.5L bottle. There is also a freezer section, which means that you can make ice with this. To consume less energy, you can also set your preferred temperature adjustment depending on what you need chilling.

With a less than 45dB of noise generated at all times, you’d hardly even notice that the fridge with there. Its interior is also illuminated with lighting when the door opens so that you won’t have to worry about getting what you need in the dark. Reimagine your life with a minibar within your arm’s reach with the Hisense Mini Fridge RR60D4AGN.

Midea Fridge MS196

Cheapest fridge in Malaysia

If you want the cheapest fridge you can get, then the Midea Fridge MS196 is for you. It has a decent capacity of 151L, which is pretty good for a small family. The one downside is that this fridge does not have a freezer compartment but only a fridge and chiller section. So if you need a freezer, this may not be for you.

However, if you need a fridge to store drinks and fresh groceries, we highly doubt that you can find one that is as cheap as this. It does not have any fancy features and functions but has all the basic stuff that makes it a good functional option. Even though it is very cheap, its compressor is still covered by a 5-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about its quality.

The Midea Fridge MS196 has an extremely cheap price tag and is a good buy for budget hunters who don’t need a freezer.

Midea Refrigerator MD-232V

The Midea Refrigerator MD-232V looks like a pretty regular fridge on the outside, and for the most part, it is – except for 3 features that make it very good value for its price. Firstly, its cooling prowess is impressive especially with how evenly it can cool the entire fridge from corner to corner. It is thanks to its Multi Air Flow system which directs cool air effectively throughout.

It also has excellent humidity control which helps keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp even after a few long days. Its freezer is frost-free which ensures frost crystals do not form on your frozen food. This is very important in maintaining its taste and freshness.

With 130 positive feedback on just Lazada alone, there is no doubt that you will be satisfied if you buy the Midea Refrigerator MD-232V.

Haier Refrigerator HRF-238H

The Haier Refrigerator is suitable for a small-sized family or a smaller kitchen as it is a single fridge with two doors. The handle-less design allows it to exude a minimalistic exterior and helps save space too. With an eco-friendly and low energy consumption, you save on electricity costs in the longer time.

Its no-frost feature ensures that there is no icing formed even if you’ve placed your meat in the freezer section for a long time. This also ensures that the vegetables do not dry out easily and can be stored as fresh and crisp for a longer period. As it has interior LED lighting, it is easy to see at one glance what needs replenishing. Get the Haier Refrigerator HRF-238H today for your chilling and freezing needs!

Types of fridges in Malaysia

While fridges may look alike with its sleek metallic furnishing and rectangular shape, there exist slight variations in the arrangement of the compartments. There is also the more obvious differences in size and internal storage capacity to suit different household’s needs.

Top freezer fridge

The top freezer fridge is typically hardy and durable and can last long up to 14 to 17 years. These are also cheaper to operate than their counterparts, as the freezer unit is located further from the compressor, which generates heat to work, and this results in it using less energy to operate. Top freezer fridges are most commonly found in standard households and also more popular because of this.

Bottom freezer fridge

The bottom freezer fridge is designed to make for an easier reach, removal and storage of heavier items like a turkey or 5kg of chicken breast or thigh. If you foresee that you’re likely to store heavier items in your freezer, a bottom freezer may be more suited to your needs. Bottom freezer fridges typically come with a larger freezer compartment too, which makes more room for larger-sized frozen items too.

Side-by-side fridge

The side-by-side fridge is a double fridge that is slightly wider than a single fridge. This gives you more room and space for chilling and freezing. It also makes for more effortless organization and easy reach, so that you get a more intuitively arranged and neat fridge. As the doors have a smaller swing, it might also make for narrow kitchens. This type of fridge also typically features the water and ice dispenser unit, which provides additional convenience and ease for you and your family.

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