14 Best Gaming Chairs in Malaysia (2023) For Gamers

A gaming chair will bring your gaming experience to the next level. They are designed for comfort and support as you chase your dreams of being the next professional gamer. A gaming chair provides excellent support for your back, neck and spine even as you sit on it for long hours. Another huge plus point is that gaming chairs look really good. A battlestation is not complete without a cool-looking gaming chair.

Gaming chairs have become more easily available in Malaysia these days. There are many choices that you can choose from, such as brands like Secretlab, Tesoro and even OEM models. To help you choose the right gaming chair for you, we have shortlisted the best of them all. Here are the best gaming chairs you can buy in Malaysia today!

Secretlab Omega 2020

Best ergonomic gaming chair

Secretlab is one of the most popular gaming chair brands in the world. Their chairs are used by professional gamers from teams such as Cloud9, Team Secret and Astralis. Additionally, Secretlab chairs are also used by huge gaming tournaments such as the LCS, The International and Starladder. The Secretlab Omega 2020 is yet another great product in their line up.

The Secretlab Omega is designed for users who are between 160cm to 180cm. This chair is well-designed in both ergonomics, comfort and also looks. The padding of the chair offers a good balance between support and comfort as it is neither too soft nor too hard. We also like that the backrest and armrests are highly adjustable to fit our favoured positions at different time.

If you want the absolute best gaming chair and don’t mind spending on it, the Secretlab Omega 2020 will not disappoint you.

TTRacing Duo V3 Gaming Chair

If you have a bigger or taller frame, the TTRacing Duo V3 Gaming Chair would be the perfect chair for you. It has an extremely sturdy and stable base which supports a maximum weight of up to 130kg. Its base is made of nylon which is both lightweight and sturdy. That means although the chair can support heavier loads, it is still relatively portable especially with its smooth PU castor wheels.

Another feature which makes this chair a good choice for larger frames is its wider seat. You won’t feel too cramped when sitting in this chair because it provides ample space for you to move around comfortably. We also like that the chair has a layer of Italian elastic cloth which provides extra breathability and airflow. This allows it to dissipate heat very effective, so the seat always remains cool.

Available in red, grey or black, the solid build of the TTRacing Duo V3 Gaming Chair makes it the best budget option for anyone who weighs above 80kg.

TTRacing Surge Gaming Chair

The TTRacing Surge Gaming Chair is an all-black stylish beast-like chair that gives you an edge with its dominance exterior. The quality faux leather comes with meticulously woven threading enveloping the cold cure form that will eliminate any uneven cushioning or creases. The curved back design encases your upper body, which supports your torso while you’re sitting upright.

It is also able to do a 180-degree full recline for when you need to take a break. With lumbar and head pillows, you get additional support for your neck and waist. The wheel base is made with sturdy and high duty chrome aluminum so that it can take more weight. Get the TTRacing Surge Gaming Chair today!

Secretlab Throne 2020

If you’re of a larger build, then go for the Secretlab Titan 2020. It is designed for users who are between the heights of 175cm to 200cm. With a more spacious design, you’ll feel more supported because the backrest and headrest are in the right height for you. This gaming chair also has dense padding, which adds further to the support it offers.

Its exterior is covered by the new Secretlab Prime 2.0 PU Leather which is measured to be 4 times more durable than the regular PU leather used in other gaming chairs. This helps it to hold its shape, colour and texture for longer so your chair looks new even after years of use. With a maximum 5-year warranty, you can tell that Secretlab has complete trust in the quality of their gaming chairs.

For a more comfortable fit for taller and larger-built gamers, the Secretlab Titan 2020 is the best premium gaming chair for you.

GTGAMEZ Gaming Chair

Cheap gaming chair

It is no exaggeration to say that the GTGAMEZ Gaming Chair is the most popular gaming chair in Malaysia – at least in terms of online sales. It is one of the best-reviewed gaming chairs on Lazada with more than 500 positive reviews and ratings. Looking at its features and price point, we can totally understand why it is so popular.

Firstly, it is extremely affordable with a price point at was around RM219 when we checked. With that low price, it still offers you all the features that you want and need in a good gaming chair. It is extremely comfortable to sit on with its excellent all-round padding. Even after hours of sitting in the chair, you won’t feel aches or discomfort.

This gaming chair also provides good support with the addition of lumbar and neck pillows. The chair is reclinable from a 90-degree angle all the way to 150-degrees. The entire build of the chair is excellent, especially when you take into account its value-for-money price.

If you want the best bang for your buck, the GTGAMEZ Gaming Chair would be our top recommendation. Join the thousands of satisfied users who love this gaming chair!

Sokano OC04 Gaming Chair

Do you need a relaxing massage during an intense gaming session? Well, with the Sokano OC04 Gaming Chair, you can enjoy a massage while you’re gaming. It comes with a lumbar pillow which has a massage function. All you need to do is to connect it to a USB power source, for example, your PC or power bank. Once connected, it’ll vibrate and knead your muscles from a tense state into a relaxed state in a matter of minutes. You will fall in love with it!

The exterior of this gaming chair is covered by premium PVC leather. It gives you the classy look of leather while keeping the price very affordable. Furthermore, the cooling nature of the PVC leather feels very good on your skin. To maintain the leather, you can wipe it once in a while to keep its glossy look.

Including a massage function in a gaming chair is such a genius idea. The best part about the Sokano OC04 Gaming Chair is that although it has this unique massage feature, its price is still kept low. So definitely check it out while stocks last!

Anda Seat Dark Knight Gaming Chair

The Anda Seat Dark Knight Gaming Chair provides the best luxurious and comfortable experience from the moment you sit down. Its plush cushioning covers the entire chair from the backrest, seat and even armrests. The chair is made of high-density foam which conforms to the unique shape and size of your body. As such, the chair is able to provide precise support for your entire body.

This chair also comes with lumbar and neck pillows which are made of high-quality memory foam. This further increases the plush feel you get when you lean back on this chair. It is truly one of the most comfortable gaming chairs you can get. Additionally, the armrest of this chair is adjustable in terms of height, depth and angle. You can definitely find the perfect armrest position for maximum comfort.

If comfort is your first priority, then you should definitely consider the ultra-plush Anda Seat Dark Knight Gaming Chair!

TTRacing Swift X Gaming Chair

With well-designed ergonomics, the TTRacing Swift X Gaming Chair will fit your body like a glove. It has curves which follow the natural curvature of our spines and back to provide the right support. This gaming chair is also less bulky than most other options. As such, this is a good option for you if you’re 170cm and below in height.

Another cool thing about this gaming chair is that it is fully reclinable to 180-degrees flat. You can literally use this chair to take a short nap to recharge, mid-way through your gaming session. The reclining and height adjustment capabilities of this chair are excellent thanks to its heavy-duty hydraulics system.

If you enjoy a close fit similar to a racing chair, the TTRacing Swift X Gaming Chair is the one you want to get!

Nava Gaming Chair

If you have broad shoulders, you’ll appreciate the wide backrest that the Nava Gaming Chair has. It has a much wider back which makes it comfortable to rest on whether sitting upright or in a reclined position. Also, it comes with a removable neck pillow which you can adjust to fit where your neck is. Leaning back and relaxing in this chair just feels so damn good.

As with most gaming chairs you buy online, especially cheaper ones, you’ll need to self-assemble it yourself. Thankfully, the Nava Gaming Chair comes with clear instructions, and there is even a QR code which you can scan which will forward you to a video tutorial. Within 10 to 15 minutes, this gaming chair should be up and running and ready for you to enjoy.

Wide, comfortable along with easy assembly, makes the Nava Gaming Chair an excellent budget option. Priced at below RM250, it is a truly terrific bargain!

Cassa Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The Cassa Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair lets you lounge and relax with its reclinable design and retractable footrest. You can choose to lean back in any angles from 90-degrees to 145-degrees. With this footrest, you can rest your legs in a comfortable position as you lean back.

Made with high-quality synthetic leather, this chair is made to last. The leather is thick and durable enough to endure scratches from a sharp object. Under it are layers of high-density cold cure foam which provides comfort and also breathability. If you don’t need a leg rest you can also consider the version without it which will save you around RM65.

Either way, the Cassa Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair is a very affordable option which should be in your consideration if you want to spend less than RM300 on your gaming chair.

Tesoro F700 Gaming Chair

Don’t like the bulky nature of most gaming chairs? The slim and compact Tesoro F700 Gaming Chair may be your cup of tea. Compared to other gaming chairs, the Tesoro F700 is slimmer and therefore takes up much less space. If your room doesn’t have much free space for a bulky chair, then definitely consider this Tesoro chair.

Although it has a slimmer design, this gaming chair is still spacious enough for anyone with an average build. It also has an ergonomically-designed high back which is also good for taller folks. In terms of customization, you can recline the chair to an angle of 120-degrees and also adjust the entire chair’s tilt angle to 19-degrees.

The Tesoro F700 Gaming Chair is a mid-priced option that offers brand name recognition and a quality build. It is a global brand which is sold all around the world. If you want a branded gaming chair at a reasonable price, the Tesoro F700 is one to consider!

Vertagear PL4500 Gaming Chair

The Vertagear PL4500 Gaming Chair features a unique coffee fiber padding that gives the chain anti-odour and fast drying characteristics. This allows you to achieve additional hygiene while staying comfortable at all times, even if you’re on the chair for a long period. The cushioning of this gaming chair ensures that your body weight is evenly distributed so that you won’t feel ache at any part of your lower body.

The height of the seat is easily adjustable, which allows you to achieve the optimum setup and optimum angle. This reduces the impact on your spine and also keeps you in an optimal sitting position. You can up your gaming performance with the Vertagear PL4500 Gaming Chair today!

Maxgear Pro Performance Gaming Chair

The Maxgear Pro Performance Gaming Chair feels luxurious with an eye-catching design. It is priced reasonably for its functions and quality. With an ergonomically crafted backrest and high-density cushion base, the chair ensures maximum contact of your body with the chair. This ensures excellent support for your entire torso the whole time that you’re sitting on it.

As it has adjustable height and armrest functions, you can also tweak the chair to suit you best. Once you get the settings right and you get an optimum angle and customised setup, this eliminates any potential strain and pain in your neck and back. For a value for money purchase that gives you great performance, look no further than the Maxgear Pro Performance Gaming Chair.

LR Gaming Chair

The LR Gaming Chair is priced at a more affordable price point, and this makes it an attractive purchase if budget is your main constraint. It has a high-density cold foam padding that gives your body the support it needs to sit for a long time. Encased with a high-quality synthetic leather, it is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally durable. The armrest is adjustable to support your wrist. The height is also easily raised and lowered with the side handle. This customisable setup mitigates the strain on your torso, neck and spine. Buy the LR Gaming Chair now and embark on your gaming quest to be the best!