10 Best Garment Steamers in Malaysia (2023) For Crease-Free Clothes

A good garment steamer is a great alternative for a steam iron. Although there are some outcomes a garment steamer can’t pull off exactly as well, they do very well on softer fabrics. Garment steamers are also fast and fuss-free to use! That added time and effort savings may be the reason why they’re getting more and more popular in homes.

Want to find out which one to get? Here are the best garment steamers you can buy in Malaysia!

Philips Easy Touch Garment Steamer GC507

With a decent sized water tank, sturdy base and adjustable pole to position your clothes for ironing, this Philips Easy Touch Garment Steamer GC507 is a life saviour at home. You can iron a whole basket of clothes of different fabric types in one setting without having to keep refilling the water tank. It also takes less effort as the steam is decently powerful and its continuous mode helps to remove the most stubborn creases.

As this Philips garment steam is equipped with a wider steam plate, it is also more efficient in covering the fabric surface. This will surely cut down the time needed for each of your clothes. For an all-in-one solution to ironing, you need to get the Philips Easy Touch Garment Steamer GC507.

Philips Steam&Go Handheld Garment Steamer GC362

The Philips Steam&Go Handheld Garment Steamer GC362 is one of the best handheld garment steam options in the market. It has a beautiful black and rose gold finish and is designed to be light and compact. The handle has an ergonomic grip, which makes it comfortable and easy to use.

This garment steam has both vertical and horizontal steaming controls, which you can switch to choose depending on the fabric type. Its steaming power is decent so that the creases in softer fabrics are quickly steamed and smoothened. Choose the Philips Steam&Go Handheld Garment Steamer GC362 for a great on-the-go option.

Electrolux Garment Steamer EGS2103

The Electrolux Garment Steamer EGS2103 is suitable if you like to cramp your ironing of clothes in one afternoon. With an extra-large capacity of 2.1L, the water tank ensures that you’d have enough water to steam through your clothes. It is also removable, so you can easily refill it when it runs low.

This Electrolux garment steam has 9 large steam holes which are evenly distributed across the plate. This makes for faster and effective steaming of the surfaces of your clothes. You can also choose between 3 steam settings for more delicate fabrics like silk to thicker ones like Linen. Make garment steaming a breeze with the Electrolux Garment Steamer EGS2103.

Morgan Garment Steamer MSI-GB206

The Morgan Garment Steamer MSI-GB206 is a multi-talented garment steamer, all thanks to its wide array of accessories. This garment steam comes with a fabric brush, collar aid and pleat maker attachments. You can switch them up to achieve optimal results – a clothes brush removes all dust and fur, a collar aid ensures the stiffest and most upright collar and the pleat maker ensures that it looks neat and flows nicely.

At the same time, this Morgan Garment Steamer MSI-GB206 is a dear as it is easily adjustable depending on the length of your clothes. You can also easily rotate it so that you won’t have to strain your wrist or move around too much! For a multifaceted and effective assistant, you have to get the Morgan Garment Steamer MSI-GB206.

Tefal Garment Steamer Expert IT3420

The Tefal Garment Steamer Expert IT3420 is designed to be an expert in its field. With 3 steam control settings, it is safe for use on the most delicate fabrics, and it won’t destroy or steam through them. This garment steamer has one of the most sturdy bases and we guarantee that you’d get absolute steaming stability and peace of mind.

With a 1700W steam power, it has the efficacy to remove all types of creases quickly. It comes with a large steam surface with a pointed tip so that it can deliver the steam effectively and precisely to your fabrics. Achieve perfect garment steaming with the Tefal Garment Steamer Expert IT3420!

Faber Garment Steamer FGS1916

The Faber Garment Steamer FGS1916 is very portable and designed for easy set-up and storage. It has wheels attached to the water tank at the bottom and an adjustable pole height with a clip-on holder for the steam head. This makes it really compact and it can be wheeled around to use and store.

Designed by the Italians for ultimate steaming comfort, this garment steamer also has powerful and continuous steam to remove creases. You won’t have to worry about leakage as it has a secure anti-drip system in place. Get the Faber Garment Steamer FGS1916 for a reliable and safe garment steaming experience.

Panasonic Garment Steamer NI-GSE040

The Panasonic Garment Steamer NI-GSE040 boasts of a powerful steam capability yet it takes little time to start up and even less effort to maintain. With a super large water tank capacity, it will last you through a whole basket full of laundry. It also has a simplistic design so that you can clean it easily to prevent clogged steam holes.

If you have many thick clothes made of cotton or linen, you’d be pleasantly surprised at how effectively this Panasonic garment steam can remove creases. This is thanks to its powerful and continuous steam. The Panasonic Garment Steamer NI-GSE040 is like none other.

Salav GS29-BJ Garment Steamer

The Salav GS29-BJ Garment Steamer has 4 different steam controls which enable it to remove creases from the most delicate to the thickest fabrics. If your wardrobe professes to be a litany of all sorts of different clothes, ranging from silk, cashmere, linen to wool, this is going to be the best purchase you ever made.

As this garment steamer comes with many different accessories, you can easily create that crisp finish on your pants with the pants press attachment, remove dust and fur from your fabrics with the pants press attachment. There is also a rack for you to hang your clothes for easy steaming. Never have to send your laundry to drycleaners again with the Salav GS29-BJ Garment Steamer.

Midea GS-120D Garment Steamer

The Midea GS-120D Garment Steamer is designed for the ultimate comfort and efficacy for garment steaming. With an innovative dual rack which is also adjustable, you can easily position your clothes for faster garment steaming. The process is also accelerated with the relatively wide steaming head and powerful and continuous steaming.

If you have a few clothes of delicate fabric in your wardrobe, this Midea GS-120D Garment Steamer has dual temperature protection so that it won’t damage them. It is gentle like a big friendly giant and you can have a total peace of mind! Get the job done perfectly with the Midea GS-120D Garment Steamer.

ITATA Garment Steamer Machine

Cheapest garment steamer in Malaysia

The ITATA Garment Steamer Machine is definitely the show stealer with its affordable price point and features! With an impressive 11 different steam controls, you can afford to customise the steam output perfectly for each fabric type. This means that you can use this garment steamer on silk or wool and even on your bedsheets! You can also opt for a more powerful steamer mode.

As its metal steaming head is made of stainless steel, it is relatively durable and can last for longer use time. You might take a slightly longer time to set up the ensemble, but it is worth the hassle at this price point for the quality. For a tried and tested, value for money option, this ITATA Garment Steamer Machine is a top contender.