12 Best Gas Stoves in Malaysia (2023) For Your Kitchen

Gas stoves are still the most popular choice for cooker hobs even with the introduction of inductions cookers. Cooking by gas is convenient and also cost-efficient. All you need is a gas line or a gas cylinder, and you’ll be able to whip up all sorts of delicious dishes.

So if you’re thinking of which gas stove to buy, we are here to help. It can get confusing as to which gas stove brand and model to get because there are literally hundreds of choices in the market. We went through every one of them and shortlisted the best. Here are the best gas stoves you can buy in Malaysia today!

ELBA EGH-G8522G Glass Gas Stove

The ELBA EGH-G8522G Gas Stove has a beautiful tempered glass exterior that will add a dash of class to your kitchen. The tempered glass is high-quality and long-lasting, which means it can withstand hits and knocks from pans without a problem.

This gas stove comes with two 5.0kW powered hobs which are an improvement over the previous model which only has 4.8kW. With that extra boost of power, you’ll be able to enjoy higher heats to get the “wok hei” flavour that you can find in “zhi char” stores. This gas stove uses a battery-powered auto-ignition system which makes it convenient when starting up the fire.

Overall, the ELBA EGH-G8522G Glass Gas Stove is one of the best choices if you want a quality 2-burner hob for your kitchen.

Rubine Tempered Glass Gas Hob RGH-VISTA2B-BL

The Rubine Gas Hob RGH-VISTA2B-BL has a unique vortex flame burner that is different from the usual ring burners. It manages to concentrate the heat making it look like a powerful tornado. The result is a stronger and more concentrated flame that gives you more power than its 5.0kW rating suggests.

We also like the spacious design of the gas hob. It has dimensions of 76cm by 44cm by 63cm which allows it to fit 2 large pots or pans so that you can concurrently cook large portions of food. The surface of the stove is made of 6mm thick tempered glass that has excellent resistance against heat.

We also like that there are excellent safety features such as its flame failure device. If your flame goes out or is unstable, the gas supply will be stopped to prevent unsafe gas build-up. You and your family can feel safe when using this top-quality gas hob.

If you want a more powerful gas stove with stronger heat, the Rubine Gas Hob RGH-VISTA2B-BL would be an excellent option.

Rinnai RB-713N-S Gas Stove

Do you need an extra gas hob sometimes? If so, the Rinnai RB-713N-S Gas Stove may be perfect for you. It has 2 full-sized burners with a smaller burner in the centre for a smaller pot. As such, it takes up only a little more space than 2-burner designs but offers you the flexibility of an additional gas stove when you need it. With extra space in the middle, it also makes the gas hob feel more spacious and less cramped even when you have large pans on it.

This gas burner works with a 3.7kW gas input. The flames are double-ringed which helps to provide all-round heat to the entire pan for more even heat distribution so everything cooks at the same speed. The knobs to control the glass are beautifully designed and easy to control with one-hand. The surface of the gas hob is made of stainless steel which is resilient and pretty easy to clean up.

If you want the flexibility of having 3 burners but have space-constraints, this Rinnai RB-713N-S Gas Stove will be a fantastic choice for you.

STROM Gas Stove

The STROM Gas Stove comes with both a dual-flame gas burner & an infrared gas burner. By giving you both options, it offers greater flexibility on which stove you want to cook on. For the gas burner, it is a dual-flame setup that gives you even and strong heating. For the infrared gas burner, it offers fast heating and is very gas-efficient too.

With measurements of 72cm by 37cm by 90cm, the STROM Gas Stove offers you much more space than other 2-burner setups. Your pans won’t accidentally hit each other while your cooking thanks to the space afforded between each burner. The surface of the burner is made with slim and stylish tempered glass. If you accidentally spill something while cooking, you’ll also find it very easy to clean off thanks to the tempered glass surface.

If you’re looking for a balance between gas and infrared stoves, the STROM Gas Stove is a very affordable option which you should check out!

Butterfly Double Burner Gas Stove BGC-848

There is nothing fancy about this Butterfly Double Burner Gas Stove BGC-848. It is a simple 2-burner setup that is cheap and good. Each burner head is 10cm by 10cm and can accommodate most regular to large size pots and pans. For a lightweight setup, this gas stove does have a pretty powerful flame too.

You don’t need any complicated drilling or installation for this Butterfly Burner because it is a standalone unit. All you need is to connect it to either piped gas or a gas cylinder and it is good to go. With stable rubber leg stands, it can fit on any tabletop safely.

The Butterfly Double Burner Gas Stove BGC-848 is a powerful standalone gas burner that will not burn a hole in your pocket – so give it a shot!

Butterfly Infrared Single Gas Stove BGC-10

The Butterfly Infrared Single Gas Stove is easily portable and can be moved to your dining table or living room if you need it. This makes for an easy army stew, mookata or steamboat session. It is lightweight and makes it easy to take out and store. As it is made of stainless steel and comes with an enamel round trivet, it makes for a hardy and durable single gas stove that can last you for a long time. Even if there are grease spills or gravy on this stove, you can easily wipe it off the body as the trivet is detachable, and also wash the trivet with warm water. All the convenience and functionality are in one package of this Butterfly Infrared Single Gas Stove.

Milux MSS-81221R Infrared Gas Cooker

If you know about the benefits of infrared gas cooker and want to switch to a cheap and reliable model, check out the Milux MSS-81221R Infrared Gas Cooker. It is a 2-burner setup of which both the burners are infrared.

So what are the benefits of infrared gas cooking? Firstly, infrared cooking is more energy-efficient. Compared to pure gas flame cooking, it can save you up to 30% in gas consumption and cost. Secondly, infrared heat is very strong, usually much stronger than normal gas stoves. It also offers precise control for the temperature. Lastly, infrared cooking is smoke-free and carbon monoxide-free which means it is a healthier option.

For a powerful and efficient infrared cooker, the Milux MSS-81221R Infrared Gas Cooker is priced very competitively which makes it a terrific deal!

Faber FS5550 Infrared Gas Cooker

If you cook with large pans or pots, this Faber FS5550 Infrared Gas Cooker would fit just right for you. It has 2 large burner heads of wide dimensions of 15cm by 15cm. As such, large pans would balance comfortably on it. With a larger infrared surface, it also means more even distribution of heat. The ignition function has been rigorously tested and has passed the test for more than 20,000 ignitions. Additionally, this Faber Gas Cooker is covered by an official 1-year warranty provided by Faber Malaysia.

With the Faber FS5550 Infrared Gas Cooker, you’ll be getting a quality infrared gas stove that will improve your current cooking experience by leaps and bounds!

Khind Hot Lava Infrared Gas Stove IGS1515

Best infrared gas stove

The Khind Hot Lava Infrared Gas Stove IGS1515 certainly lives up to its name. It is a powerful gas infrared stove that beats all its competition flat. It can heat up fast abut also offers precise temperature control so that you won’t overcook your food.

Furthermore, you get to enjoy all the benefits of infrared cooking such as it being wind-resistant, smoke-free and also toxic-free. It’ll make cooking feel like a breeze with how easy it is to use. It also has a large burner head size of 15cm by 15cm which gives you quite a bit of leeway when choosing how large you want your pots to be.

The Khind Hot Lava Infrared Gas Stove IGS1515 may be pricey than other infrared cookers, but its top-notch heating performance makes it worth the price.


Cheapest gas stove in Malaysia

Need a solid gas stove that is super cheap? Then you will love the PENSONIC PGC26N Gas Stove. During our research, we could not find any other gas stove which was cheaper than this. So what was its price when we last checked? It was just RM57! That is crazily cheap right, especially for a 2-burner gas stove. But prices may have changed, so click the check price link to get the latest price.

In terms of functionality and design, it performs way better than its low price. In fact, it is comparable to some other much more expensive models. It is a double beehive burner with a 10cm by 10cm burner. It has a polished epoxy body that gives it a sleek look. Also, it is equipped with auto-ignition for easy startup.

It is crazy how cheap and good the PENSONIC PGC26N Gas Stove is. If you want to grab this deal, get it before stocks run out!

Cornell CGS-G155GIR Infrared Glass Top Gas Stove

The Cornell CGS-G155GIR Infrared Glass Top Gas Stove comes with two stoves and is easily compatible with installation in a smaller kitchen. The dimension for each stove is 155mm by 155mm. Made with a tempered glass top, it is meant to provide additional safety for use and durability. The design is straightforward and functional, with the control switches intuitively placed for each stove. This two stove system allows you for concurrent cooking, which saves time in the kitchen. All in all, this Cornell Infrared Glass Top Gas Stove is a high quality designed stove and is a worthy purchase.

Homelux Portable Butane Gas Stove

The Homelux Portable Butane Gas Stove is lightweight and highly portable. This makes it easy to bring along for use anywhere – be it at a picnic or at your friend’s house for a potluck session. The fire gets started by ignition, and it is easy to control how big the heat gets with the dial switch. The safety lock and unlock feature ensures that the ignition won’t be possible if the cover and butane gas are not in position. The base comes with rubber feet and sits stably. This guarantees a comfortable and relaxing meal for you and your loved ones. Get the Homelux Portable Butane Gas Stove today!

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