13 Best Green Teas in Malaysia (2023) For Taste & Flavour

Green tea is well-liked by many, thanks to it being so easy to drink! Green tea itself is rich in antioxidants and actually has many health benefits, including helping with weight loss, reducing risks of cancer and heart diseases. Green tea is available in convenient packages in Malaysia today. All you have to do is pour some water and it’s ready to drink! There are also ready-made ones that make it even easier to get your green tea fix! Here are the best green teas you can buy in Malaysia today!

Lipton Matcha Green Tea

The Lipton Matcha Green Tea comes as a 3-in-1 tea bag that makes brewing a good cup of matcha latte really easy. This matcha green tea is made with the finest handpicked green tea leaves carefully ground into matcha powder and creamy milk. Just add water, and you get a thick and foamy matcha beverage as if it was handcrafted! Let your senses indulge in the aroma and feel energised with the Lipton Matcha Green Tea 3 in 1.

Lipton Pure Green Tea Bag

The Lipton Pure Green Tea Bag is a non-sugar option that is suitable for anyone looking for a zero-calorie drink. It is made with 100% matcha powder. When infused with water, you get vibrant streaks swirling and becoming a golden-green cup of green tea. The fragrant cup of tea helps to calm your senses and warm your body, especially if you’re in the office or the library. Check the price of the Lipton Pure Green Tea Bag on Lazada today.

OSK Japanese Green Tea

The OSK Japanese Green Tea contains 50 sachets of 2g green tea leaves for the most original and authentic flavour. After letting it steep in warm water for a few minutes, you get a drink that smells amazing and which has a well-developed green tea flavour. As it is affordably priced, it is a popular choice by many too! For good quality green tea drink, you have to get the OSK Japanese Green Tea.

Aik Cheong Matcha Green Tea

The Aik Cheong Matcha Green Tea contains 12 generous sachets of green tea latte premix. Made with a well-proportioned mix of 100% green tea powder, some sugar and creamer, the end result is an aromatic and rich beverage. As each sachet comes with a generous amount of premix, one hack is to split this into two cups to share with someone else! Companionship and a good cup of matcha latte are made possible with the Aik Cheong Matcha Green Tea.

Fuji Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

The Fuji Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder was made from the premium-grade of green tea leaves from Shizuoka, Japan. The leaves went through a strictly rigorous process for the finest powder and best fragrance. There is no added fragrance, colouring or additives. This green tea powder is suitable for making a pure cup of green tea or even for baking! Get creative in your kitchen with all things matcha with this Fuji Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder.

OSK Green Tea with Roasted Rice

The OSK Green Tea with Roasted Rice is also known as Genmaicha tea, which is another popular green-tea variant in Japan. As this is infused with roasted rice, you get a full-bodied flavour with a slightly nutty aftertaste. This makes for a strongly aromatic cup of green tea beverage with additional health benefits. Each sachet comes with 2g of green tea mix, which is sufficient for a good brew. Get the OSK Green Tea with Roasted Rice today.

Ahmad Tea Jasmine Green Tea

The Ahmad Tea Jasmine Green Tea is suitable for when you need a calming of senses or just a reinvigorating of your mind. Infused with the scent from Jasmine flowers, this green tea has a balanced flavour with a clean tea palette that makes it really easy to drink. Each tea bag is tagged so that it is easy to steep, pull and take it out for a perfectly brewed cup of green tea. Recharge your senses daily with the Ahmad Tea Jasmine Green Tea.

Ayataka Japanese Green Tea

The Ayataka Japanese Green Tea has swept households off their feet with its authentic and premium tasting ayataka tea. Even without sugar, you can taste the natural sweet aftertaste of the tea with its distinctive cloudiness, similar to a tea brewed in a teapot. As it comes made in a bottle, this is a super convenient option. If you’re switching your sweetened beverage for a healthier drink, you can do it easily with the Ayataka Japanese Green Tea today.

Pokka Jasmine Green Tea

The Pokka Jasmine Green Tea is enjoyed by many regardless of age. Made with premium leaves that are carefully selected and freshly brewed before being packaged, it tastes really smooth and clean. As it is scented with Jasmine flowers, there is an additional depth to this Jasmine Green tea. Based on Nielsen Market, Poka has been the number one brand in Singapore for over the past 10 years. You know you’re getting a quality drink with the Pokka Jasmine Green Tea.

Cha Tra Mue Thai Green Tea

The Cha Tra Mue Thai Green Tea is a common household brand in Thailand. The green tea is grown and harvested from Thailand’s mountainous regions, and this gives it its uniquely elegant green tea flavours. As this comes in finely-pounded powder, you can make your own beverages or just add water for a good cup of green tea. You can also have it hot or cold, totally up to your preferences! Get a taste of Thailand back home with the Cha Tra Mue Thai Green Tea.

Avalon Slimming Green Tea

The Avalon Slimming Green Tea is a safe option if you need some help to shed some weight. This green tea drink helps to flush away body fats and improves your digestive system for a more sustainable weight loss outcome. As it contains all-natural ingredients, with no known side effects, it is safe to consume on a long-term basis. It is also a great cup of green tea, so it is easy to drink after your meals! Reach for a helping hand through the Avalon Slimming Green Tea.

Heaven and Earth Jasmine Green Tea

The Heaven and Earth Jasmine Green Tea is a balanced tasting green tea base that is infused with the fragrance of Jasmine flowers. It has an aromatic flavour and when it is chilled, it is a refreshing drink that helps to quench your thirst! This is a cleanly-tasting beverage that is comforting to the senses and just what you need after something spicy or greasy. Grab your fix of Heaven and Earth Jasmine Green Tea from Lazada today.

Eastern Vital Lemon Green Tea

The Eastern Vital Lemon Green Tea comes with a twist to Green Tea drinks. Infused with lemon, you get a citrusy aroma that is both calming and revitalising. Lemon also has many health benefits and also aid in the absorption of the antioxidants found in green tea. With 25 bags of 2g tea bag sachets, you get a decently-flavoured cup of lemon green tea that is perfect for after a meal. Recharge with the Eastern Vital Lemon Green Tea today.

Benefits of green tea

Green tea is a widely used ingredient across all kinds of products due to its health benefits. Packed with lots of antioxidants and nutrients, green tea is like a superfood that can radically improve your body and health. We break down the benefits of green tea below:

1. Helps with weight loss

Green tea contains catechin, an antioxidant, which can break down your fat tissues. It also helps in increasing your metabolism rate as it makes your body exhaust more energy for normal activities. If you have unsightly and stubborn belly fat and want a slight push from behind to reduce it, green tea can really help. They say slow and steady wins the race to losing weight and you get that additional support from green tea!

2. Combats heart-related diseases

Green tea helps to flush away fat deposits after a greasy meal. It also helps to lower your bad cholesterol levels, which is one of the main factors for heart diseases and stroke. Green Tea contains an antioxidant named EGCG, which helps prevent the deposit of plaque in your arteries.

3. Detoxifies the body and enhances immunity

Green tea helps your body detox through flushing out the harmful toxins in your body. This cleansing is beneficial for your health, both physically and mentally. It also helps to boost your immune system as it has antibacterial properties! If you regularly drink, your liver may get strained and green tea also helps to mitigate the damage. You can put your body in safe hands with green tea.

When to drink green tea

Green tea can be enjoyed just any time in the day whenever you need a perk-me-up or a cleansing. There are so many irresistible health benefits that green tea can bring. That being said, there are some guidelines as to when the consumption of green tea is best for your body. Drinking a cup in the morning or in between meals can help boost your body’s absorption of nutrients and iron. You can also drink up to 5 cups of green tea a day in alternating sequences with your meal or snack times.

You should also avoid drinking green tea when you have not eaten anything yet, as green tea is slightly acidic. This may cause you to feel a stomachache, nauseous or burning sensation. In general, as long as you have eaten something, drinking green tea regularly will definitely help to improve your well-being and health.

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