10 Best Hair Dryers in Malaysia (2023) For Perfect Hair

Hair dryers are the secret to achieving a good hair day. The difference between a good and bad hair dryer is huge. With a top-quality hair dryer, you can achieve salon-level perfection right in your very own home. Now you might be wondering, are good hair dryers very expensive. The answer to that is yes, some are. However, there are also good value hair dryers which perform above their pay grade.

To help you find the right hair dryer for you, we went through hundreds of different options. When we could, we went down to stores to try them out (because we can’t afford to buy 100 different hair dryers). With all that research, we have managed to shortlist the best of them all. Here are the best hair dryers you can buy in Malaysia today!

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Unless you have been living in a cave, you must have heard wonderful stories and reviews about the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. It has revolutionized the hair dryer product category with its unique design and top-notch capabilities. Simply put, it is the best hair dryer available in the market right now.

Firstly, it has one of the most powerful motors, which is the Dyson Digital V9 motor. It spins up to 110,000 revolutions in a single minute which means it generates a huge amount of airflow. Additionally, there is a microprocessor inside that intelligently controls the heat to ensure it is always at the optimum level. This helps to keep your hair healthy and prevent it from getting damaged from intense heat, unlike some other powerful hair dryers.

All these features combine with the Dyson Air Multiplier technology to help you dry your hair super fast like never before. Furthermore, this hair dryer comes with 4 different attachments to add a good range of versatility. In the package, you get the styling concentrator, smoothing nozzle, diffuser and gentle air attachment. All these attachments are magnetically connected to the hair dryer, which makes it very easy and convenient to change from one to another.

It is true that the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is pricey. But it is genuinely the Ferrari in the hair dryer category. If you don’t mind paying more for the best, this is the hair dryer you want to get.

Philips Thermo Protect Ionic Hair Dryer HP8233

The Philips Thermo Protect Ionic Hair Dryer HP8233 is an excellent option if you want a high-quality hair dryer at a price at won’t burn too big a hole in your pocket. It has features that you will find in more expensive hair dryers, but Philips still manages to retain a budget-friendly price.

Firstly it is powered by 2200W that guarantees a strong airflow for quicker drying. At the same time, its temperature is controlled by ThermoProtect, which keeps the heat from exceeding the levels which could damage your hair. This Philips Hair Dryer also has ionic conditioning that helps to reduce frizziness and increase your hair’s natural shine.

You can adjust the speed and temperature settings to 6 different levels giving you precise control for optimal results. There is also a turbo boost option for even quicker drying and a cool shot option to set your hair. If you desire more volume in your hair, you can attach the massaging volume diffuser which is included.

As you can see, this Philips Ionic Hair Dryer HP8233 has virtually everything that you see in a premium model. The difference is that you can get these premium features at a very affordable price!

Panasonic Ionity Hair Dryer EH-NE65

We really like the compact and foldable design of the Panasonic Ionity Hair Dryer EH-NE65. It makes it easy to hold, keep and even bring it around. Don’t mistake its size for weakness, but it will literally blow you away. While it has a 2000W energy rating, it can actually generate 2300W of drying power thanks to its efficient design which is meant to maximize airflow.

There are 3 different airflow settings for you to adjust so that you’ll find the right speed for your needs. This hair dryer also has ion conditioning that helps to retain the moisture in your hair so it never gets frizzy but has a healthy shine. We also like that this hair dryer doesn’t blow overly hot air so your scalp and hair won’t be burnt.

If you want a compact but powerful hair dryer, this Panasonic Ionity Hair Dryer EH-NE65 should definitely be your top choice!

Philips Thermo Protect Hairdryer HP8230

The Philips Thermo Protect Hairdryer HP8230 is another excellent value-for-money hair dryer option from the ever-reliable Philips. It costs below RM100 which is very affordable for a quality hair dryer with some professional features.

It has a high-speed motor will can reach up to 2100W, comparable to those professional hair dryers used at hair salons. It helps make the process of drying and styling your hair quicker. It comes with a slim styling nozzle that helps in efficient styling especially useful for busy mornings. There are 6 speed and temperature settings which gives a good amount of flexibility for your use. After styling, you can utilize its Cool Shot function to set your hairstyle so it lasts longer.

This Philips Hair Dryer also comes with Philips’ signature ThermoProtect that maintains the optimal drying temperature for your hair. Your hair will be well-cared for to be the healthiest it has ever been.

You won’t regret getting this incredible Philips Thermo Protect HP8230 Hair Dryer, especially with its very reasonable price.

Deliya Hair Dryer DLY-8033

Cheap hair dryer Malaysia

Don’t want to spend a ton of money on a hair dryer? Then you are going to love the Deliya Hair Dryer DLY-8033. In our hours of research, we did not find a single hair dryer with similar features and specifications that is priced so cheaply. And you know that you are getting a quality hair dryer because there are more than 1600 ratings for it on Lazada, with a huge majority of it being positive feedback.

For such a cheap hair dryer, you might expected a low-powered one. But that is definitely not that case with this Deliya Hair Dryer. In fact, it is rated at 2200W for power and rivals even big brand names that cost up to 10 times more. There are 2 speed settings and 3 different temperatures from cold, warm and hot to select from. Additionally, it also comes with a total of 5 accessories – nozzle, comb nozzle, diffuser, rat tail comb and wide-tooth comb.

If you want a hair dryer that is cheap and good, we think that the Deliya Hair Dryer DLY-8033 is the one you should 100% get.

Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer EH-NA98

The Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer EH-NA98 is more than your typical hair dryer which simply dries your hair before you go to sleep. It actually takes good care of your hair, scalp and even skin thanks to the unique Panasonic Nanoe technology.

So what is this Nanoe? It is a water ion that is generated from moisture in the air. As you can tell, its key advantage is that it helps to hydrate. Other hair dryers are often too hot and in the long-term, can cause heat damage to your hair. When you use the Panasonic Hair Dryer, your hair and scalp are kept moisturized throughout the entire process. There is also the addition of Double Mineral that creates a layer of protection for your hair against UV rays – a good feature to have in sunny Malaysia!

Besides your hair and scalp, you can also use this hair dryer to moisturize the skin on your face. Accordingly to Panasonic’s research, after just 4 weeks of use, there was a 5% increase in skin moisture level. With this Panasonic Hair Dryer, your hair, scalp and skin will be kept moisturized and healthy.

If you have dry hair and skin, the Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer EH-NA98 may just be the answer that you are searching for. Two thumbs up for this amazing product!

Xiaomi Mijia Hair Dryer

If you’re a fan of minimalist designs, you’ll love the Xiaomi Mijia Hair Dryer. It is beautiful in all-white with simple and sleek curves. To be honest, it looks pretty similar to a Dyson Supersonic in terms of its shape and design. In terms of functionality, its key differentiating factor is its Water Ion Technology.

Like the Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer, this Xiaomi Mijia model has the unique function to add moisture to your hair while drying it. With water ions, it will give your hair a natural gloss and also reduce frizziness. And did we mention that you’re getting this amazing feature at a very budget-friendly price? Yes, like all Xiaomi products, it has a low price tag while offering a good number of features and functionality.

So does this hair dryer dry your hair fast? Yes, it does, thanks to its powerful motor which spins its 6 airfoil blades at up to 20000 revolutions per minute. It generates a steady wind flow that enables you to quickly dry your hair at a lower heat temperature.

The Xiaomi Mijia Hair Dryer often run out of stock because of how much demand there is for the product. So if you do find available stocks of it on Lazada, snap it up ASAP!

Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer EH-ND11

If you just need a simple and compact hair dryer, the Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer EH-ND11 would be an excellent choice for you. It weighs only 458grams and has a compact and space-saving design. Its functions are simple, once you plug it in, you only have to choose between the 2 preset drying settings. There is no need to fumble with multiple buttons to get what you want.

With a 1.8m long cord, it affords you more than enough reach to any power plug. There is also a built-in storage hook that lets you hang this hair dryer up when you’re done drying your hair. Personally, we like the white colour option, but if you prefer more colourful designs, there is also a pink and blue one.

The Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer EH-ND11 is a no-fuss and easy-to-use hair dryer that is available that less than RM40. Simple and affordable!

Philips Essential Care Compact Hair Dryer BHC010

If you prefer a compact hair dryer from Philips, then check out the Philips Essential Care Hair Dryer BHC010. It has a foldable handle that reduces its size by about 50% when folded. It is a great option especially if you want to bring your own hair dryer when travelling.

At 1200W, it may not be as powerful as large hair dryers which have 2000W. However, it is a tradeoff for portability. In real-world use, it’ll probably take you an extra few minutes at most. This hair dryer is also equipped with the ThermoProtect technology that will protect your hair from extreme heat.

Despite its smaller size, it has a decent number of features and functions. There are 3 speed and heat settings along with a Cool Shot function for setting your hair style. Its concentrator also helps to direct airflow for maximum effect, giving your hair a natural and healthy shine.

Looking for a compact hair dryer that you can bring along on your travels? Then the Philips Essential Care Hair Dryer BHC010 ticks all the right boxes for what you need.

Sokano Wind Hair Dryer HD001

On our list of hair dryers, the Sokano Wind Hair Dryer HD001 comes in as a close second as the cheapest and most value-for-money hair dryer option. Sometimes during sale periods, its price might even drop to become the cheapest.

So how does it do on the performance front? Even when we don’t consider its price, we would say that it does very well. It has a 1500W power that gives you powerful drying power especially when directed through its slim nozzle. For temperature settings, there are 3 different options with 2 options for speed. For this hair dryer, we recommend that you get the set with more accessories. After all, it is only a few ringgit more expensive, which makes the set worth it.

If you’re looking for a cheap hair dryer, the Sokano Wind Hair Dryer HD001 is another excellent choice available, especially when there is a sale.

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