15 Best Hair Oils in Malaysia (2023) To Revitalize Your Hair

Hair oils are intensely moisturising and can restore the shine and silkiness almost immediately to your hair. Be it a quick fix or a consistent tender loving care for beautiful hair; hair oils have got your back. There are many different types of hair oil with additional benefits like protective or revitalising ones. This means that you can safely place your damaged or severely dry hair in the great hands of hair oils. Many come with pleasant fragrances to keep your hair smelling great too.

If you’re wondering which hair oil to get, we have gathered the products that we think work wondrously. Here are the best hair oils you can get in Malaysia today!

Select Argan Hair Oil

The Select Argan Hair Oil is a rich in nourishment and instantly calms all unruly and rough tresses. It is very moisturising and has a softening effect on hair so that it falls in place naturally and neatly. If you tend to blow dry your hair or apply heat frequently to your hair, the hair structure gets weakened and more prone to premature breakage. As argan oil can help to restructure your hair to make it healthy again, you’d find that you have less split ends and frizz with continued use. Hair becomes stronger, and there is less breakage when you try to comb through. This makes the Select Argan Hair Oil very effective in restoring hair to become beautiful again quickly and easily.

LOreal Paris Elseve Extraordinary Oil Gold

The LOreal Paris Elseve Extraordinary Oil Gold is made with oil extracted from 6 hair-benefitting flowers like Lotus, Tiare, Rose, Flax, Chamomile and Sunflower. This allows it to replenish nutrients and moisture back deep within each hair strand. Your hair undergoes a transformative treatment to become smoother and softer. At the same time, the lustre and shine are also restored so that your hair catches the sunrays ever slightly with every turn of your head. What is great about this hair oil is its lightweight formula and the non-greasy feel after application. There is totally no weigh down at all! Check the price of the LOreal Paris Elseve Extraordinary Oil Gold on Lazada today!

LOreal Paris Elseve Extraordinary Oil Pink

The LOreal Paris Elseve Extraordinary Oil Pink contains all the same nourishing and moisturising benefits as the Gold range, except that it contains additional rose fragrance that is extracted fresh from the real rose flowers. This rose scent stays on your hair long after its application.

There are many usages for the hair oil. You can apply on your wet hair before using the hair dryer to blow it dry so that hair gets protected from the heat. Alternatively, you can apply this before you head out so that your hair looks shiny and smells great. It has a non-greasy formula, so your hair still feels light and bouncy. For a versatile hair oil, you’ve got to try the LOreal Paris Elseve Extraordinary Oil Pink.

Mise En Scene Perfect Hair Serum

The Mise En Scene Damage Care Hair Oil is made from a blend of royal jelly, argan oil and rose-infused water. This powerful combination enables it to penetrate deep within each hair strand to repair its structure and hair barrier. What happens next is that rough textured hair becomes smoother and gets tangled less.

As it is also infused with rose fragrance, your hair stays smelling fabulous throughout the day! As this hair oil is very viscous, it is easy to apply onto hair and to make sure each hair gets coated evenly. It is also lightweight so you won’t feel overly oily or uncomfortable with its application. All you need for healthy and restored hair is the Mise En Scene Damage Care Hair Oil.

Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Oil

The Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Oil is a double-acting hair oil that helps relieve itchiness in your scalp and transforms your hair into healthy tresses. With ingredients like Thistles and Indian Gooseberry, your hair follicles in the scalp receive the essential nutrients to become stronger and healthier to support faster hair growth. Other ingredients like Neem and Bael also help to alleviate itchiness in scalp. If you’re wondering what helps hair look healthy and shiny, the key ingredient is Fenugreek. Solve your hair fall and rough tresses issues with the Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Oil.

LUCIDO-L Hair Treatment Oil Cherry Blossom

The LUCIDO-L Hair Treatment Oil Cherry Blossom is formulated with Argan Oil, which has been coined as Liquid Gold for its efficacy for conditioning hair. As Argan Oil is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, it helps restore hair elasticity and bounce. Hair feels lighter, yet each strand looks healthy and fuller. As its barrier gets repaired, hair takes on a shinier and glossy look that makes it look revitalised. This has added fragrance reminiscent of cherry blossoms, which will help you feel like you’re walking through a flower garden. Take care of your hair and give it what it needs with the LUCIDO-L Hair Treatment Oil Cherry Blossom.

Hairdepot Jojoba Oil

The Hairdepot Jojoba Oil works miracles on very dry and frizzy or severely damaged hair, as it is very moisturising. Jojoba oil also has scalp-benefitting abilities. When you apply it onto your scalp, it helps to eliminate flakiness and dandruff without stripping your scalp of moisture. A clean scalp will ensure that the natural balance of oil and moisture is maintained for its continued health. Check out the price of the Hairdepot Jojoba Oil on Lazada today!

Heritage Store Pure Castor Oil

The Heritage Store Pure Castor Oil can be applied directly onto your scalp to help fight against scalp inflammation and excessive hair loss. Its antibacterial properties help cure scalp of infections and inflammation and restore it to full health. The 100% natural castor oil is cold-pressed to preserve its quality and to extract all its goodness in its most natural form. It is organic and free of Hexane. For a natural remedy that has helped with hair loss, you have to get the Heritage Store Pure Castor Oil.

LUCIDO-L Hair Vitamin Oil

The LUCIDO-L Hair Vitamin Oil has moisturising ingredients like Avocado Oil and Vitamins A, C and E! Avocado oil is known to be able to penetrate deep within your hair to moisturise it from deep within. It is rich in Oleic acid that helps to strengthen the shaft of your hair and prevents it from breaking prematurely or when you’re combing through. The vitamins help to supplement hair growth so that you get a head of healthy-looking and shiny hair. The lightly floral scent also gives it a nice finishing touch. Say goodbye to dry and malnourished looking hair with the LUCIDO-L Hair Vitamin Oil.

OGX Renewing Argan Oil

The OGX Renewing Argan Oil is a lightweight hair treatment oil that features the power hair ingredient, Moroccan Argan Oil. As it is rich in nutrients, antioxidants and fatty acids, this Argan hair oil has a high efficacy to restore the hair shaft and structure. It also helps restore your hair barrier and enhances its resilience so that it is less prone to environmental stresses and sun damage.

When left on, it is lightweight and doesn’t feel uncomfortable or heavy on your hair. This means that you can either leave it on to go to bed at night or even out in the day. Get your hands on a bottle of the OGX Renewing Argan Oil, and you won’t regret it!

EcoHerbs Pomegranate Virgin Coconut Oil

The EcoHerbs Pomegranate Virgin Coconut Oil has a cream-like consistency and contains extra virgin coconut oil and pomegranate. Pomegranate is packed with loads of Vitamin E, and this helps to nurture your hair strands and scalp. This is reinforced by Coconut oil, which is highly moisturising and restores lustre and shine to each hair strand. As both ingredients strengthen your hair, you’d find that there are way less split ends. Even when you comb through your wet hair, it breaks less. For thick and shiny hair, you have to get the EcoHerbs Pomegranate Virgin Coconut Oil.

Zam Zam Hair Oil

The Zam Zam Hair Oil is an old remedy that is suitable for use to eliminate bald spots in your scalp or to stimulate hair growth for a fuller set of beard or eyebrows. Made from 100% coconut oil, all you have to do is massage a small amount onto your scalp or preferred hair growth area and leave it to work its powers overnight. There is a reason why this product is still relevant and available in the market after all these years. With its affordable price point, there is no excuse not to get the Zam Zam Hair Oil!

Parachute Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil

The Parachute Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil comes in a travel-friendly sized packaging and this allows you to carry along with you on your trips. Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil are both intensely moisturising ingredients and help restore nutrients into your hair strands. You get baby soft feeling hair that captures the sunrays at every turn. This Parachute hair oil is also comfortable to use thanks to its lightweight formula!

Franch Herbal Hair Oil Aloe Vera

The Franch Herbal Hair Oil Aloe Vera contains nourishing ingredients like Vetiver grass, Henna and Castor Oil. The nutrients from this blend of power ingredients penetrate each hair strand to reinforce its structure and set out to repair them. The result is that your hair looks more voluminous and healthy. As the hair oil is also rich in proteins, your scalp absorbs them and delivers it to your hair so that each strand looks fuller with an enhanced exterior barrier. Turn back the clock for fuller hair with the Franch Herbal Hair Oil Aloe Vera.

Ginger Germinal Hair Oil

The Ginger Germinal Hair Oil is a hair growth stimulant that helps to supply nutrients to your scalp and hair follicles. With this essential nourishment, your scalp is better able to hold the hair follicles and the hair strands grow faster and looking healthy. You will experience less premature hair fall and this helps to address hair-thinning problems. As its consistency is not sticky, there is no unpleasant oily and slick aftermath. Check out the price of the Ginger Germinal Hair Oil on Lazada today!

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