14 Best Hair Serums in Malaysia (2023) For Healthy Hair

Hair serums pack a punch of goodness and are the secret to maintaining beautiful and silky hair. Your hair could be put through distress, not just from the heat from your daily styling tools but also through exposure to sun or air conditioning. It is important to give your hair that extra protection to prevent it from getting damaged and turning coarse and dry. If you don’t want your hair to end up looking like a broom, you should start caring for your hair today with hair serums! To help you choose the right one for your hair needs, we have listed the best hair serums for good hair every day. Here are the best hair serums you can get in Malaysia today!

Mise En Scene Perfect Hair Serum

Best hair serum for dry hair

The Mise En Scene Perfect Serum has won many accolades due to its efficacy for transforming hair into silky strands. Made with the synergetic blend of 7 different oils, it provides nutrients for your hair to repair itself to be brand new again. The serum has a lightweight consistency and instantly penetrates each hair strand so that there is no weigh down or greasy aftermath! With prolonged usage of this, you’d find that your hair texture undergoes a remarkable improvement. Say goodbye to frizzy and dry looking hair with the Mise En Scene Perfect Serum.

Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Rose

The Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Rose has the same consistency as the original serum, but with an added floral scent! This means you get a light perfumy scent for your hair in addition to ensuring that it gets all the nutrients it needs. If you have damaged hair due to over bleaching or intense subject to heat, this highly concentrated serum will set out immediately to start repairing each hair strand. Your hair absorbs the serum-like a thirsty hippo, and this allows the rejuvenation of hair keratin. Smell good and feel good with the Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Rose.

Kerastase Discipline Oleo Relax Serum

The Kerastase Discipline Oleo Relax Serum is like the master of untangling the most stubborn hair knots. What it does well is smooth out each hair strand and tame the frizzy texture so that you can comb through without any resistance. This serum contains nourishing and moisturising goodness for your hair so as to nurse it back to its optimal condition. It feels non-greasy and lightweight and gets easily absorbed by your hair. If your hair is acting like a rebellious teenager, all you need is the Kerastase Discipline Oleo Relax Serum for it to start listening to you!

Kerastase Resistance Serum Therapiste

The Kerastase Resistance Serum Therapiste rehydrates hair with nourishing nutrients so that your hair gets conditioned back to its full health. It works on refining your hair texture through a resurfacing treatment so that you get smoother and stronger hair. Each hair strand is also thickened with an enhanced barrier, which prevents it from snapping prematurely. All you got to do is use this towards the ends of your hair. This means that one bottle will surely last you a long time! Get healthy-looking hair quickly with the Kerastase Resistance Serum Therapiste.

Sailajah Hairfall Serum

Best hair serum for hair loss

The Sailajah Hairfall Serum is an amazing product that helps to control premature hair fall. It helps to refresh your scalp and supplies nutrients to strengthen it and nurse it back to full health. This ensures that your scalp can hold onto the hair follicles well and this reduces premature hair fall. Formulated also to repair your hair structure, you’d find that your hair strands become smoother and softer. There are also fewer tangles so that you can easily care for your hair without subjecting it to too much stress. The Sailajah Hairfall Serum is definitely worth a shot for gorgeous hair.

Select Argan Oil Hair Serum

The Select Argan Oil Hair Serum contains one of the most hair-loving oil – lo and behold the Argan Oil! Argan oil is full of antioxidants, fatty acids and Vitamin E, which provides your hair with the essential sustenance for it to transform. Hair feels stronger and bouncier. At the same time, your hair also looks more radiant and emits a healthy shine. As this serum is rich in vitamins and nutrients, your hair grows out more healthily as each follicle thickens. The result is fuller tresses that look amazing. Give your hair what it needs with the Select Argan Oil Hair Serum.

Hairdepot Silk & Smooth Hair Serum

The Hairdepot Silk & Smooth Hair Serum is made with Jojoba oil, which is also a super-oil for beautiful and silky hair. As it contains many good vitamins and nutrients, this hair serum helps to moisturise the scalp and can help reduce flaking of your scalp. It is also known to thicken each hair follicle and repair its structure so that you get a fuller head of hair! It also coats and forms a protective layer for each hair strand so that it can better withstand the prolonged application of heat or exposure to harsh chemicals. Be amazed at the before and after differences with this Hairdepot serum!

Dove Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Serum

The Dove Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Serum is an easy-to-use serum that employs the micro moisture treatment to restore your hair back to becoming softer and smoother. As it helps to reduce friction between each hair strands, there are fewer tangles. It is also easier to comb through without any pain and tugging, which may weaken the hair roots or cause hair to break prematurely. This helps to stem excessive hair loss so that you can retain a full head of hair. It also has a pleasant scent that stays on for a while. Rescue your hair with the Dove Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Serum.

Hana Hair Serum

The Hana Hair Serum is a water-based serum that encourages better absorption by your hair strands. Formulated with green tea and vitamin C, essential nutrients penetrate your hair and helps to reinforce your hair, which ensures that each strand is strong and resilient. As it also softens your hair and makes it silky smooth, it is easier to manage. There is less frizz in general, and this ensures a good hair day every morning when you wake up! You might even reorder this Hana Hair Serum because it is that good!

Hair Dr. Follicle Serum

The Hair Dr. Follicle Serum is the solution to bald patches and thinning hair crowns. If you find that your hair whorl is thinning and your scalp is getting more visible, this serum can help to stimulate hair growth at the area. Employing Nano Technology which supplies the nutrients straight into your scalp, it has rejuvenating and revitalising benefits so that your hair follicles are activated. This is also fuss-free and super easy to apply just on the areas that are required. See baby hair sprouting with the Hair Dr. Follicle Serum.

Faith Fleur Hair Serum

The Faith Fleur Hair Serum is formulated with the two key hair oils, Grapeseed and Castor oil. Grapeseed oil is intensely moisturising and nourishing. This provides a boost of nutrients and essential fatty acids for hair to become more silky and smooth! Shine is also restored so that your hair becomes the envy of your friends. Castor oil has anti-inflammatory benefits that help to fend off scalp discomfort. It also helps to reduce dandruff from forming so you get clear shoulders all the time. Get the Faith Fleur Hair Serum today, and you won’t regret it!

Loreal Serioxyl Denser Hair Serum

The Loreal Serioxyl Denser Hair Serum contains the active Stemoxydine ingredient that is patented by Loreal to help regrow hair. This results in a volumizing and densifying of hair on your head so that you get a full on ponytail. If you’re suffering from balding patches at the top of your head or receding hairline, you could also give this serum a shot to see if it helps stimulate hair growth at those areas. As it is lightweight and does not leave a sticky aftermath, it feels totally comfortable on your scalp. It is also non-drying. Hesitate no longer – get the Loreal Serioxyl Denser Hair Serum today!

Good Virtues Co Multiple Repair Hair Serum

The Good Virtues Co Multiple Repair Hair Serum turns hair into a soft and smooth package and we guarantee that you’d fall back into love with your hair all over again. Formulated with Black Seed Oil and Vitamin E, you get an intensely nourishing serum that penetrates your hair. This helps to tame all kinds of unruly hair and rough hair texture so that it looks gorgeous again. Shine and lustre are restored, and you can see your hair glow radiantly! This serum is free from parabens, artificial colouring, mineral oil and is not tested on animals! Get this Good Virtues Co hair serum today.

Lumiere Professional Vitamin E Moisture Serum

The Lumiere Professional Moisture Serum contains Vitamin E that ensures that your hair gets the adequate nutrients to maintain healthy hair growth. As Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants, your hair becomes more resilient and this helps your hair follicle cells to be stronger. Your hair gets the adequate rehydration after getting all fried up from your chemical or heat treatments like perming or colouring. Maintain healthy hair and a good hair growth rate with this Lumiere Moisture Serum!

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