19 Best Hair Tonics in Malaysia (2023) For Hair Loss & Dandruff

Hair tonics provide a boost of nutrients to your scalp. If you’re facing excessive hair loss, dandruff or severely dry and lacklustre hair locks, hair tonics may just work for you. The good news about hair tonics is that they are fuss-free and easy with their application. All you have to do is massage the hair tonic into your scalp gently and leave it there. Just watch the magic happen with consistent use and some patience! We have compiled the best hair tonics for different hair issues that you’re facing. Here are the best hair tonics you can get in Malaysia today!

Schwarzkopf Seborin Anti-Dandruff Hair Tonic

Best hair tonic for dandruff

The Schwarzkopf Seborin Anti-Dandruff Hair Tonic contains the dandruff agent, octopirox (or Piroctone Olamine) to help reduce the formation of dandruff and scalp itch. Octopirox has proven its efficacy as an active agent in treating fungal infection. It has a slight cooling sensation that helps to soothe and calm your scalp whenever it’s applied.

Once your scalp is healthy and free of infections, you’d see a fall in the formation of dandruff. It also has a refreshing and revitalising formula that helps to keep your scalp clean throughout the night while you sleep. All it takes for a healthy scalp is this Schwarzkopf Seborin Anti-Dandruff Hair Tonic – get it today!

Audace Extra Hair Reactive & Hair Fall Control Tonic

Best hair tonic for hair loss

The Audace Extra Hair Reactive & Hair Fall Control Tonic is a double-acting hair tonic that will work like a dear on your scalp. It has slight chemical exfoliating properties that keep your hair follicles clean to decongest your scalp. At the same time, its highly enriching formula containing a blend of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants replenish your scalp.

As you massage the tonic in, other ingredients in this hair tonic also further stimulate blood circulation, which encourages the delivery of nourishment for faster and healthier hair growth! This helps to strengthen your hair and make it look glossier. See your hair grow out in abundance and beautifully with this Audace hair tonic!

Schwarzkopf Seborin Active Hair Tonic

The Schwarzkopf Seborin Active Hair Tonic is a nourishing hair tonic that helps to salvage the driest and dullest looking hair locks. Formulated with Pro-Vitamin B5 and Ginseng, the nutrients penetrate deep within the hair follicles to reinforce each strand. Hair looks less damaged and dry and will take on a healthy and shiny exterior look.

Hair growth is also accelerated with this boost of nutrients. Ginseng is stimulating and helps to revitalise the scalp for faster hair growth. It fortifies hair to be stronger too, which prevents premature breakage. Get a full head of thick locks with the Schwarzkopf Seborin Active Hair Tonic.

Yanagiya Medicated Hair Growth Tonic

The Yanagiya Medicated Hair Growth Tonic is a blend of moisturising ingredients that can help to moisturise your scalp. The nutrients get absorbed easily by the hair roots in your scalp. A dehydrated scalp can result in itchiness and a lack of capability to hold your hair follicles in place. Once it is revitalised, you’d see less hair fall and healthier hair growth.

Yanagiya has been selling its hair tonics over the past 60 years, and its relevance prove that it is an effective hair product. If you would like to have shiny and healthy hair that sprout in abundance, you have to get the Yanagiya Medicated Hair Growth Tonic.

Neo Leaf Hair Tonic

The Neo Leaf Hair Tonic hails from Japan and is a popular bestselling hair tonic product. With a nourishing formula, it reinvigorates your scalps along with your hair roots to supply a boost of nutrients. Your hair grows out looking blacker and feels softer to the touch.

If you’re faced with thinning hair locks and your scalp is starting to get more visible, this tonic can definitely help return the volume to you. If your hairline is beginning to recede from your forehead, you can also massage this hair tonic along your hairline to encourage hair growth. Regain confidence again with the Neo Leaf Hair Tonic.

Mensive Hair Tonic

The Mensive Hair Tonic is approved by the Ministry of Health and is suitable for use by both men and women. Its formula is water-based, and this helps to ensure that your scalp takes in all of the goodness easily and faster. Using a herbal remedy of Ginseng, Apple stemcell, Jojoba and Coconut oils and more, this hair tonic immediately sets out to strengthen your hair roots and revitalise your scalp. The end result is less hair fall and faster hair growth. You also get softer and shinier looking hair strands that many would envy. Getting gorgeous looking hair is as simple as using the Mensive Hair Tonic.

Select Anti Aging Hair Growth Tonic

The Select Anti Aging Hair Growth Tonic is formulated with the anti-DHT agent, Copper Peptides, that help to inhibit the effects of hormones on hair loss. What this does is to encourage the formulation of new capillaries and hair so that you don’t suffer from excessive hair loss. With this volumising effect, your entire scalp is better covered by hair and will look fuller and blacker.

Not only does it encourage hair growth, it also contains omega-6 that replenishes your hair with essential nutrients for it to look more shiny and soft. Your hair looks and feels healthy with consistent use of this Select hair growth tonic!

Atomy Herbal Hair Tonic

The Atomy Herbal Hair Tonic is an oriental formulation which takes a leaf out the books of traditional medicine. Its ingredients are handpicked to be the finest herbal nourishment that provides deep moisturisation and nutrients for lustrous hair growth.

This is a medicated tonic that provides a gentle exfoliating of the scalp to decongest your hair follicles. There is a slight cooling sensation as it gives your pores with a refreshing session each time it is massaged into your scalp. Say goodbye to hair loss problems with the Atomy Herbal Hair Tonic.

Growell Hair & Beard Tonic Oil

The Growell Hair & Beard Tonic Oil helps to encourage hair growth, especially in areas where hair growth tend to be more sparse. If you’re attempting to grow out a beard or sideburn and this is proving to take a very long time, chances are you need to give your hair follicles a nudge to stimulate hair growth.

If you’re also facing hair loss issues in your hair scalp, this moisturising tonic oil can help to supplement the nourishment required to address them. One bottle goes a long way and even with daily application can last you for quite a while. For an effective hair tonic oil that works, the Growell Hair & Beard Tonic Oil is undoubtedly one of the top contenders.

Apple Stem Cell Tonic

The Apple Stem Cell Tonic is made from a deeply nourishing blend of ingredients like Apple Stem Cell, Peppermint Oil, Biotin, Lecithin, Laminaria Digitata. What it does is to provide a purifying of your scalp and also soothe it to prevent scalp itchiness. It feels slightly cooling and minty on the scalp. At the same time, it supplies a boost of nutrients which help hair grow faster and healthier.

If you have sensitive scalp and skin, this will be a suitable hair tonic for you. It is free of silicone, mineral oil, paraben and has no artificial colouring at all. All you’ve got to do is spray some of this hair tonic and massage this Apple Stem Cell Tonic into your scalp and viola – wake up to perfect looking hair each time!

Aily Hair Tonic

Cheap hair tonic

The Aily Hair Tonic is an affordable product that is formulated specially to address dandruff and scalp itchiness issues. It contains D-Panthenol that gently cleanses your scalp, and this reduces the flakiness of scalp that results in dandruff. You’d also find that your scalp feels less itchy and less frequently, as it keeps any fungal infection at bay. As this hair tonic contains vitamins, it is nutritious for your scalp and hair.

A healthy and reinforced scalp can hold your hair follicles in place better. A moisturized and deeply nourished hair strand grows out faster and stronger with a natural shine and vitality. All you need is the Aily Hair Tonic, and you can get enviable hair too!

Hao Hair Tonic

The Hao Hair Tonic is made from all-natural herbs and this herbal formulation ensures that your hair grows out stronger and thicker. The notable ingredients include White cedar leaf extract, Ginseng leaf extract, Tuber fleece flower root extract and white mulberry fruit extract. There are no preservatives added, so it is a gentle and clean hair tonic that is suitable even if you have a sensitive scalp.

Once massaged into your scalp, the hair tonic helps to encourage blood circulation, which leads to more nutrients being supplied to your hair follicles. As it is rich in antioxidants, your scalp is also fiercely reinforced with the ability to protect itself. The result is a healthy head of hair that looks blacker. Turn back the clock for your hair with the Hao Hair Tonic.

Cavilla Hair Tonic

The Cavilla Hair Tonic helps with the speedy regeneration of new hair cells so that your bald spot reduces and your receding hairline starts to fill up. As it contains many beneficial ingredients that can activate the growth of new hair follicles and promote the circulation of blood in your scalp, you will quickly see the results taking place. Your hair also undergoes a refining process such that it becomes smoother and less dry. Each hair strand looks healthy, and this helps to create more lustrous hair locks. Check the price of the Cavilla Hair Tonic on Lazada today!

Mise En Scene Perfect Serum

The Mise En Scene Perfect Serum is one of the best selling miracle hair solutions that instantly transforms your hair from rough and coarse to a smooth and silky exterior. It is lightweight and gets absorbed by your hair tresses quickly. This allows the nutrients and moisturizing ingredients to penetrate your hair strands for the maximum benefit! It is also intensely replenishing so that your hair grows healthily and is less prone to premature breakage. Your hair needs this Mise En Scene Perfect Serum to be at its best!

Shiseido The Hair Care Adenovital Scalp Tonic

The Shiseido Adenovital Scalp Tonic is a replenishing formula that sets out to condition your scalp back to its full health. This helps to reduce the flaking of your scalp and the formation of dandruff. In addition, there will be less scalp itchiness too. Once your scalp and hair roots receive adequate nutrients, it undergoes a revitalizing transformation. You’d also notice that your hair thickens and grows more voluminous so that you get those enviable tresses. See the difference with this Adenovital Scalp Tonic from Shiseido today.

Craft Scalp Clinic Hair Tonic

The Craft Scalp Clinic Hair Tonic is formulated to help provide relief from inflammation and itch in your scalp. This also works to stem scalp irritation, which in turn reduces the formation of dandruff. As this tonic is rich in nutrients, your hair receives a boost to grow faster and takes on a silky and smooth appearance. There is also less premature hair fall and hair loss, and you’d get to don on a full head of tresses. Get the Craft Scalp Clinic Hair Tonic for the solution to your hair loss and scalp woes.

Toyokami Vitalmint Essence

The Toyokami Vitalmint Essence contains peppermint oil that is effective at eliminating excess sebum in your scalp. It also works as a stimulant to improve blood circulation in your scalp so that vital nutrients get delivered to your hair roots for faster and more hair growth. You’d also feel a cooling sensation that is both refreshing and long-lasting. As it does not contain any added fragrance, you won’t have to worry about scalp irritation and can be used frequently daily. Say goodbye to an oily scalp with the Toyokami Vitalmint Essence.

Sailajah Hair Tonic

The Sailajah Hair Tonic features ginseng extract as its key component. This revitalising ingredient not only strengthens the hair roots but also encourages hair growth. The end result is less hair fall and a more voluminous hair. As this intensely nourishing formula seeps into your scalp, it reduces the flaking of the scalp. It also protects your scalp from fungal growth. Give your hair 360-degree protection with the Sailajah Hair Tonic.

Grigio Toretoman Garlic E-Hair Tonic

The Grigio Toretoman Garlic E-Hair Tonic is made with iodized garlic extract of a supreme grade. This allows the tonic to possess the essential nutrients to nurse your scalp back to health and, in turn, reduces the formation of dandruff and itch in your scalp. As it enters your hair roots, it also stimulates hair growth so that your hair grows out thick and long. If you face thinning hair issues, the Grigio Toretoman Garlic E-Hair Tonic is made just for you.

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