8 Best Induction Cookers in Malaysia (2020) For Easy Cooking

The convenience of induction cookers has made them increasingly popular among homeowners. Induction cookers are either portable or built-in hob models. In Malaysia, the portable induction cooker is more popular because of its affordable cost and the flexibility it gives.

There are quite many induction cooker brands out there. You can find household names like Philips, Midea and Electrolux. Additionally, there are some other less well-known brands which offer excellent value-for-money. We have gone through all the different brands of induction cookers and shortlisted the best for you. Here are the best induction cookers and hobs you can buy in Malaysia today!

Philips Induction Cooker HD4902
  • 30% faster than gas cooking
  • 5 different power settings
  • Solid & durable glass panel

The Philips Induction Cooker HD4902 is one of the most popular induction cookers in the whole of Malaysia. With this induction cooker, you’ll be able to enjoy faster cooking of up to 30% faster than conventional gas cooking. This will save you many hours over the years of you owning it.

There are 5 different power levels which you can select while cooking. This gives you sufficient control over the temperature settings so that you can achieve the cooking results that you want. The glass panel is made with A-grade glass which is exceptionally durable and long-lasting. With a cool-to-touch surface, it also makes cooking a much safer process.

It is no wonder that the Philips Induction Cooker HD4902 is so popular. Do check it out and get it before stocks run out!

Midea Induction Cooker C16-SKY1613
  • 6 preset cooking settings
  • Precise temperature control from 60 to 240C
  • Automatic safety shut-off function

If it is your first time using an induction cooker, you may be unfamiliar with what the correct temperature settings are. Thank goodness the Midea Induction Cooker C16-SKY1613 has preset cooking settings which eliminate that hassle. There are 6 cooking settings from soup, fry, deep fry, braise, porridge and hot pot which automatically puts the desired temperature for each cooking task.

After you get familiar with induction cooking, you can use its manual temperature settings option. From its Soft Touch Control Panel, you can select temperatures ranging from 60 degrees celsius to 240 degrees celsius.

Whether you are a beginner or veteran at induction cooking, this intuitive Midea Induction Cooker C16-SKY1613 will serve you well.

Haier Induction Cooker C21-H2108
  • Fast heat-up time
  • Energy-efficient & safe cooking
  • Lightweight & portable design

The Haier Induction Cooker C21-H2108 has one of the quickest heat-up time we have seen in a portable model. In fact, if you are new to using it, you might be surprised at how fast your meal starts cooking or boiling. For the first few times, we recommend that you keep an eye on it to get used to its quick heating. After that, you’ll be thankful as it allows you to whip up your meals quickly without the hassle of waiting.

The electro-magnetic cooking system used is highly efficient and safe compared to traditional gas cooking. It uses approximately only half the energy. Additionally, it does not emit dangerous gases and by-products such as soot. With its lightweight and portable design, you can move it around from place to place very conveniently.

If you want a powerful and portable induction cooker, the fast-cooking Haier Induction Cooker C21-H2108 is perfect for you.

PerySmith Induction Cooker PS2310
  • High powered at 2500W rating
  • 8 preset power settings
  • A+ scratch-resistant black crystal glass panel

With 8 preset power options based on cooking styles, using the PerySmith Induction Cooker PS2310 is a breeze. You can choose from Soup, Braise, Boil, Milk, Barbecue, Hot Pot, Steam and Fry. With these 8 settings along, you can cook up hundreds of delicious recipes. If you want more precise control, you can also opt to use its manual temperature control settings which can go up to 2500W.

The surface of this induction cooker is covered by A+ black crystal glass which is very durable and also scratch-resistant. Because it uses electromagnetic induction heating, the surface of the cooktop remains cool even when cooking. There is also an efficient fan cooling system which helps prevent the induction cooker from overheating. With a weight of 2.5kg, it is also a very portable stove.

There are more than 500 positive reviews of this PerySmith Induction Cooker PS2310 on Lazada. With its top-quality features and affordable pricing, no wonder it is so popular!

Philips Viva Collection Induction Cooker HD4931

Best portable induction cooker

  • Powerful 2100W heating
  • 24-hour preset & up to 120mins timer
  • Responsive touch sensor control panel

The Philips Viva Collection Induction Cooker HD4931 is one of the newest models by Philips. As such it has newer features and specifications than the other slightly older model. The two things we found very useful is the 24-hour preset function and also the longer cooking timer that lets you set it from 1 to 120 minutes.

With the 24-hour preset, you get the ability to time the cooking to start whenever you need it to, without you being there. With the cooking timer, you can essentially cook hands-off as the induction cooker will automatically stop when the timer finishes counting down. The digital display on this Philips Induction Cooker provides you with all the information you need. The touch sensor control panels are also quick to respond to your actions.

Overall, if you want a more hands-off and automated cooking experience, get the newly released Philips Viva Collection Induction Cooker HD4931!

Midea MC-IHD361 Built-in Induction & Ceramic Hob

Best built-in induction hob

  • Induction & ceramic cooking
  • 9 varying power levels
  • Sleek and beautiful tempered glass

If you want a built-in induction cooker hob, the Midea MC-IHD361 Hob is an affordable model that also offers you excellent flexibility. It has dual zones, one of which is an induction hob while the other is a ceramic hob. The good thing about having a ceramic hob is that it can work with all different types of cookware. With this Midea Hob, you can use your existing cookware on it rather than changing the entire set.

Each of the hobs can go up to 1800W in power. You can select from 9 different power levels which give you precise control over the temperature levels. You can access all the controls through its well-designed touch control panel. This Midea Induction Hob is also equipped with a safety switch off which automatically engages when it detects unstable power surges or overheating. We are also impressed with its beautiful and sleek tempered glass surface which is covered by a lifetime warranty.

We think that combining induction with a ceramic hob is a very smart choice. If you want a flexible stove, the Midea MC-IHD361 will be an excellent buy!

Electrolux ETD42SKA Portable Induction Cooker
  • 8 power settings & 6 preset functions
  • High-quality ceramic glass top
  • 3 essential safety features

The Electrolux ETD42SKA Portable Induction Cooker is a high-quality appliance that has the best features you need in an induction cooker. Firstly, it is very powerful. When measured, it can quickly boil 1 litre of water within 3 minutes, which is much faster than gas stoves. For its power control, you can either select from its 8 power settings or 6 preset functions.

There are 3 safety features which make using this Electrolux Induction Cooker a very safe process every time. It has an automatic pot detection sensor which makes it start heating up only when a pot is put on the right spot. There is also an automatic cut-off function when it detects unsafe situations. If you have kids, you’ll be happy to know that there is a child lock feature too. It comes with a 2-metre long power cord which means you can set up this induction cooker far away from a power point if you need to.

The Electrolux ETD42SKA Portable Induction Cooker may be slighter more expensive than a standard model. But its high-quality build and safety features make it stand out. It is definitely worth spending a little more on a quality product like this.

Rubine Ceramic Induction Cooker RIH-ENSO-BL
  • Unique circular space-saving design
  • 10 power settings from 60 to 240C
  • Power of up to 2000W

Unlike the boring old rectangular design of most induction cookers, the Rubine Ceramic Induction Cooker RIH-ENSO-BL has a unique circular design. For one, we find it more compact and space-saving than other induction cookers. Its control panel also does not take up extra space as it is situated at the vertical front of the induction cooker. It has a maximum power rating of 2000W which allows you to go from 60 to 240 degrees celsius. Its power settings can be set as low as 60 degrees celsius.

The Rubine Ceramic Induction Cooker RIH-ENSO-BL is the one for you if you’re seeking a unique twist to the usual design. At the same time, it is priced very competitively as well so you aren’t going to be paying more for its cool design. Definitely check it out!

How to use an induction cooker

If it is your first time using an induction cooker, don’t worry as it is very user-friendly and safe. Here are the general steps you should take when using an induction cooker.

  • Find the correct pans which are compatible with an induction cooker (We have listed them down below)
  • Turn on the power source for the induction cooker
  • Place your pan on the induction cooker and use the circular marking as a guide
  • Press the power or ON/OFF button and set the temperature or power settings that you want
  • Monitor the heating and cooking process if it is your first time using an induction cooker

What pans can I use on an induction cooker

Not every pan can be used on an induction cooker. The pan or cookware that you use should be magnetic and have a flat bottom. You should look out for pans that are made from stainless steel or cast iron. Some examples of pans which cannot be used on an induction cooker include glass, copper and aluminium.

Are induction cookers energy-efficient

Yes, induction cooking is very energy-efficient. Depending on your induction cooker, the energy-efficiency ranges from 70% to 90%. This is much more energy-efficient than gas stoves which have an efficiency of only around 50%.

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