10 Best Juicers in Malaysia (2023) From Only RM151

A good juicer enables you to extract the maximum nutrients possible from fresh produce and get your daily vitamin intake – to get that satisfaction of squeezing the pulp to as dry as it can be and knowing that you got the most out of the natural-made goodness!

There are many slow (also known as masticating) and centrifugal juicers in the market, and you might wonder if one is better than the other. Well, it all boils down to choosing a suitable one based on your lifestyle needs and budget. Here are the best juicers you can buy in Malaysia today!

Breville JE95 Juicer

The Breville JE95 Juicer is suitable for those looking for a quick solution to juicing fruits and vegetables. With a wide and large feed chute, there is no need to cut the fresh produce into smaller pieces. All you have to do is drop the entire fruit in and push it in. The stainless steel micro-mesh filter and powerful motor ensure the swift separation of juice from the pulp and seeds.

This Breville juicer also works with harder produce, such as carrots or celery. You can also easily squeeze up a bulk of juice for your family and friends with it. With a vertical design, the entire juicer is compact enough for easy storage. It is also easy to set up and to take apart for washing. The first step to leading a healthy lifestyle yet nailing it effortlessly is with the Breville JE95 Juicer.

Philips Slow Juicer HR1889

The Philips Slow Juicer HR1889 is designed especially for softer and leafier produce, such as berries or spinach. With a masticating system, you get a high yield even from the least outwardly juicy produce and with less froth! With a power button and a reverse anti-clogging setting, this slow juicer is straightforward to use and operate. As it has an automatic 90-second self-rinse option, you can clean up quickly after each juicing session too.

If you’re craving for some juice in the middle of the night and don’t want to wake up the entire family, this Philips juicer will be suitable for you as it operates quietly with minimum vibration. You’d be surprised at the quality of the extracted juice and the efficiency with the Philips Slow Juicer HR1889.

Panasonic Slow Juicer MJ-L500

The Panasonic Slow Juicer MJ-L500 is able to work with both frozen and fresh produce. This versatility allows you to opt for either a freshly squeezed juice or a frozen sorbet or cocktail, depending on your preference. This makes this Panasonic juicer suitable for families with kids across all ages and even for adults!

As it adopts the slow or masticating juicing technique, the lower speed of the motor ensures maximum yield and less separation and froth in the extracted juice. If you worry that you have too many kitchen appliances and not enough space, rest assured that this tall and sleek Panasonic Slow Juicer MJ-L500 won’t take up much additional space.

Panasonic Juicer MJ-70M

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The Panasonic Juicer MJ-70M is an affordable entry-level juicer, especially if you’re only just jumping on the bandwagon of getting a juicer. As it comes with a jug that has a 600ml capacity, the centrifugal juicer is suitable if you’re juicing for the whole family and want to make it a weekly affair.

Made with good quality stainless steel, this Panasonic juicer’s mesh filter stays sharp for a long period of time and can rotate at high speed to extract the maximum juice possible from your fruits. The thoughtful design of the mesh filter also ensures that there is minimal clogging of the pulp! It is easy to clean and you can use the brush that comes with this juicer to clear the mesh filter.

Primada Whole Slow Juicer PSJ5

The Primada Whole Slow Juicer PSJ5 is like a magician that seemingly is able to deliver whatever grinding or juicing needs that you can think of. This multifunctionality is thanks to its various attachments that you can switch up depending on your kitchen needs.

It can squeeze juice from pandan leaves or celery stalks. It can also grind coffee beans or crush peanuts to smaller bits. It can even make minced meat if you fancy! Also, if you’re craving for something icy or want to make Frappuccino, this slow juicer can even work with frozen produce! It also has a wide chute that allows you to fit an entire apple! Get your cooking and juicing needs sorted out with the Primada Whole Slow Juicer PSJ5.

Khind Slow Juicer JE150S

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The Khind Slow Juicer JE150S prides itself as a slow speed extractor that ensures the best quality and maximum yield possible from your fresh produce. The juice extracted is in its more natural and original form containing all the nutrients and vitamins.

This Khind juicer also operates very quietly so you can use this at night without causing any ruckus. It can also work to extract juice continuously for up to 30 minutes! Khind also provides a cleaning brush with this juicer so that it is easy and quick to clean up. Get your daily intake of fresh goodness even late at night with the Khind Slow Juicer JE150S.

SKG A8 Slow Juicer

The SKG A8 Slow Juicer comes with probably one of the widest feeding chutes that we have seen from a slow juicer. It can fit a whole orange or apple easily with space to spare! You can even fit 2 whole pieces in at one go and it queues up to get its juice extracted. It comes with a huge capacity of juicing container which allows you to juice in bulk without the mess of replacing the container in between juice extraction.

With only a few parts, it takes only 1 or 2 minutes to assemble this SKG A8 Slow Juicer. This makes cleaning easier too as the juicer is easily taken apart. Subsequent storage can also be seamless!

Aicook AMR526 Juicer

The Aicook AMR526 Juicer is like a reliable and safe assistant in the kitchen and is super family-friendly. With safety protection in-built in this machine, the juicer will not start operating until its cover is properly fitted. At the same time, if the machine senses that the juice is overloaded, it will also automatically shut down!

With 3 different speeds, you can work hard produce or even leafy vegetables with this juicer. This Aicook juicer is also suitable if you have more family members in your household. You can also make the freshest juice for your family to enjoy with the Aicook AMR526 Juicer.

Russell Taylors Slow Juicer SJ-35

The Russell Taylors Slow Juicer SJ-35 allows you to kick back and easily make your daily morning juices to start the day on a good note. It is easy to set up and makes juicing a breeze with its extra-wide feeding chute. This eliminates the need for you to chop up your produce. As it has a powerful motor, this Russell Taylors slow juicer actually operates more efficiently and faster than the average slow juicers.

You know you’re in safe hands when the juicer is able to extract the maximum nutrients and vitamins in the form of juice from fruits and vegetables. It doesn’t take much to start leading a healthy and balanced diet with the Russell Taylors Slow Juicer SJ-35.

Hurom HU600WN Slow Juicer

The Hurom HU600WN Slow Juicer hails from the market leader of slow juicers, and you instantly know that you’re getting all the bang for your buck with its juicer. The HU600WN is a relatively new model that is very popular as it is reliable and efficient in extracting juices from fresh produce. As it has two outlets dispensing waste and juice, it is easy to clean up after as the unwanted pulp already gets sorted out.

This Hurom juicer also operates with low noise and minimal vibration. For a quiet yet diligent juicer that guarantees the freshest and best quality juice, you have to get the Hurom HU600WN Slow Juicer.

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