9 Best Massage Chairs in Malaysia (2023) From RM399

Having a massage chair in your home is the ultimate luxury. With it, you can get a massage anytime you want without having to travel out. At the same time, you’ll be able to save money in the long run especially if you love regular massages. With technological improvements, massage chairs are now as good as human masseuse. There are dozen of massage techniques to choose from with a wide range of customization options.

In Malaysia, there are quite several well-known massage chair brands, along with some value-for-money alternatives. We have tried many of them and also done hours of research to shortlist which are the best for the price. Here are the best massage chairs you can buy in Malaysia today!

OGAWA iCuddle Modern Massage Swivel Chair

The first thing that stands about the OGAWA iCuddle Massage Chair is its design. At first look, it just looks like a stylish and modern swivel chair. It is unlike other massage chairs which have a bulky design. Instead, the OGAWA iCuddle is sleek and compact which makes it easy to fit in any room or space.

The massage functions are outstanding. As you sit on the chair, it almost feels like you’re being massaged by real human hands. The rollers can knead, thump and press out any knots from your back and body to give you the ultimate relaxation. The chair is also ergonomically designed with an L-shaped track which follows the curvature of our back and spine. As such, even just sitting on the chair feels exceptionally comfortable.

For an OGAWA massage chair, the iCuddle is surprisingly affordable as well. It costs much less than their our other massage chairs which makes it an excellent value-for-money buy!

OGAWA Mobile Seat XE Duo Portable Massage Cushion

Want a massage chair but don’t want to pay thousands for one? Here’s a secret hack to get a massage chair experience at a fraction of the price – the OGAWA XE Duo Portable Massage Cushion! It can convert almost any chair or sofa you have into a massage chair. That means you can use it for your sofa in your living room or even your office chair in your study room.

This portable massage cushion comes with the ability to perform a full-back shiatsu massage. There are a total of 8 kneading balls which will reach every muscle group in your back. You also have the option of turning on the heat if you need some relief for aches and pains. The massage zone also reaches to your lower back and waist.

When we last check, this portable OGAWA massage cushion was under RM400. That is so much cheaper than a full-sized massage chair which easily costs RM2000 and more. This is our top recommendation for a close-enough alternative to a massage chair.

OGAWA iSwing Ultimate Rocking Massage Chair

What if you add massage functions to a rocking chair? That totally sounds like the best combination you could get. Now, that is a reality with the OGAWA iSwing Ultimate Rocking Massage Chair. It will wash away the stresses of the day and get you fully relaxed for the best sleep you have ever had.

There are 3 main massage functions for this OGAWA Rocking Massage Chair. It can tap, knead and also vibrate. Each gives you a different relaxing sensation. Within each massage function, you can also select the strength you want, so it caters to your preferences. This massage chair also comes with a portable massage pillow. It can give you an excellent head or neck massage with its rotating balls. It can even be detached to be used as a standalone massage pillow.

Another point we like about this rocking massage chair is that its covers are removable and washable. By making it convenient to clean, you can keep the massage chair clean very easily so that sitting in it is always a comfortable experience.

If you like the idea of a rocking chair, considering upgrading it with massage function and get the OGAWA iSwing Ultimate Rocking Massage Chair!

GINTELL G-Pro Advance Massage Chair

Every one of us has a different body length and shape. That means not all our massage points will be the same. With the GINTELL G-Pro Advance Massage Chair, it has an intelligent sensor which senses where your massage and reflexology points are. It will then adjust the massage devices into the right position for your body. That means everyone’s experience is specially tailored for them, and it makes the massage so much better.

The GINTELL G-Pro Advance Massage Chair provides you with a full body massage from your head to toes. It is equipped with 16 reflexology points and 32 airbags that contracts and expand to exert soothing pressure. This massage chair is also fully-reclinable which is excellent if you want to take a short nap while being massaged.

This model we are recommending is also available as a showroom unit. As such, its price has been slashed by more than 50% so you can get it for a huge discount!

GINTELL DéSpace Sun Massage Chair

The GINTELL DéSpace Sun Massage Chair gives you the functions of a premium massage chair at a mid-range price point. It has the much sought-after zero-gravity mode which elevates the massage experience. It’ll feel like you’re floating on the clouds while your muscles get soothed by its 3D airbags.

Equipped with the i-Sensing system, it can accurately measure and pinpoint your body and leg length to move its massage rollers and airbags to the optimal position. This massage chair comes with 6 different automatic massage modes. The modes are Neck & Shoulder, Spinal Care, Waist Spa, 4D Reflex Spa, Spa & Stretch and Health & Relax. Each mode is different in its own aspects which gives you unique sensations and relaxation every time.

Stretching is often a neglected part of a good massage. Gintell has incorporated stretching into its massage with the Muay Thai Stretch. It’ll curve your body slowly to release all the tension and stress. We recommend doing it at the end of your massage session after your joints and muscles are loosened.

Overall, the GINTELL DéSpace Sun Massage Chair has many premium features which more than justifies its higher price. You definitely won’t regret getting it!

GINTELL DéSpace Moon Massage Chair

Best zero-gravity massage chair

If you want the latest in massage technology, get the GINTELL DéSpace Moon Massage Chair. It uses the newly researched “Moon Hand” technology to design a completely unique and healthcare-focused massage experience for you.

The first unique factor is its Moon Hand Grasp. The massage rollers have a better grip and pressure which makes it 20% more effective than traditional rollers. You can immediately feel the difference from the first kneading as your muscles and aches fade away. It also has a longer V-Track which ranges to 135cm. This allows the massage chair to cover more of your body so that no part is neglected.

There is also a chiropractic stretch named the Moon Stretch. It gently stretches your body out to a 210-degree angle which tones and firms your muscles. Also, it is a very relaxing experience for your mind. With regards to massage programs, there are a total of 8 specially-designed programs for selection. You can choose from Rocking Spa, Healthcare, Moon Butterfly, Moon Stretch, Sports Care, Lumbar Care, Sweet Dream and Spinal Care. These programs provide a very comprehensive massage experience that rivals even the best spas.

The GINTELL DéSpace Moon Massage Chair is the most expensive model within the GINTELL range. However, we think it is still worth the price because of its high-tech features and top-quality massage experience.

OSIM uDivine Mini Massage Sofa

The OSIM uDivine Mini Massage Sofa is an entry-level model from the OSIM line of massage chairs. For an OSIM-branded product, it has a pretty affordable price tag. What you get is a stylish and compact massage sofa that provides you with a good range of massage functions.

It comes with 5 professionally-designed massage programs. The 5 programs are Neck & Shoulders, Lumbar, Butt & Thigh, Relax and Energize. From relaxing to soothing a muscle ache, this compact massage sofa can do it all. With a recline function, you can even take a long nap on the chair when enjoying your daily massage.

If you get this OSIM Massage Sofa, we guarantee you that you’ll be looking forward to going home every day – to decompress and relax in it.

SNOWFIT Fantasia 4D Smart Massage Chair

Budget zero-gravity massage chair

You’ll be shocked when you see the price tag of the SNOWFIT Fantasia 4D Smart Massage Chair. It is so cheap and affordable when compared to other full-fledged massage chairs. Best of all, it even comes with the zero-gravity recline function, which is usually only found in massage chairs that cost RM4000 and up.

So how does its massage functions compare? According to reviewers online, they are very impressed with how good it is. Its massage area covers your entire body and feet. The kneading functionality is exceptionally good for its price as it replicates the touch of a human very closely.

If you like listening to music while getting a massage, you’ll be happy to know that there are Bluetooth enabled speakers in this massage chair. There is also a heating mode if you prefer to have a soothing warm massage to ease any aches. For a zero-gravity massage chair, it is also well-designed to be compact and space-saving.

For quality features like zero-gravity at a steal, the SNOWFIT Fantasia 4D Smart Massage Chair is the best choice you can get.

SNOWFIT SettleBack Massage Cushion Chair

Cheap massage cushion

For a price that is below RM300, the SNOWFIT SettleBack Massage Cushion Chair relieves you from the financial pain of getting a massage chair that costs thousands of dollars. It doesn’t have leg and foot massage functions, but if you’re primarily looking for upper body massages, it will be a terrific buy.

There are a total of 22 massage heads in this massage cushion. The massage heads are also fitted with heat therapy technology. You can rotate the kneading patterns from clockwise to anti-clockwise and vice versa to maximize the effect. For your hips, there is a high-frequency vibration massage mode which will loosen your muscles. The entire massage cushion is also highly adjustable in terms of angle and height. That means you can adjust it to fit your body shape and length to get the best experience possible.

If you want a cheaper alternative to the OGAWA Massage Cushion, this value-for-money SNOWFIT SettleBack Massage Cushion Chair will work great.

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