20 Best Mattresses in Malaysia (2023) For The Best Sleep

A good mattress is essential if you want to sleep well. Since we spent about one-third of our lives sleeping, it makes sense to invest in a good mattress. When it comes to buying a mattress, it can get stressful because there are thousands of different choices out there. Mattresses are made of different materials, and there are also many brands you can choose from.

To help make your journey of buying a mattress easier, we have searched through the entire Internet to find which are the most popular mattresses in Malaysia. We have also included a mattress buying guide which aims to give you the knowledge to choose the right mattress for your needs. To start off, here are the best mattresses you can buy in Malaysia today!

SpinaRez Spinal 1 Mattress

Best cheap mattress

If you want to know which is the most popular budget mattress in Malaysia, the answer is the SpinaRez Spinal 1 Mattress. On Lazada, it has more than 1600 reviews and ratings with an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Reviewers love the high-quality mattress, low price and also fast delivery service. According to their experience, most get their new mattress within 1 to 3 days. So if you need your mattress quickly, you’ll love their ultra-efficient delivery.

In terms of its build quality, we have to say it performs well above its price tag. It uses Bonnell springs which offers good support for your entire body from head to toe. On top of the springs is a 2-inch foam top padding which is soft and comfortable. Overall, the mattress is rated as a 6 in terms of firmness which is comfortable for most. The entire mattress uses a 4D mesh fabric. This mesh fabric allows for excellent airflow circulation which makes the mattress feel cool to touch. Additionally, better air circulation also helps in maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the mattress.

The SpinaRez Spinal 1 Mattress is available in Single, Super Single, Queen and King sizes. For the King-sized mattress, it costs less than RM550. If you want an affordable and well-reviewed mattress, you should definitely buy this!

King Koil SpinalCare Pedic Mattress

King Koil is one of the top mattress brands in the world. It has more than 120 years of history and is available in more than 80 countries. The King Koil SpinalCare Pedic Mattress is a very high-quality mattress which guarantees you a relaxing sleep every time you lay on it.

Every King Koil mattress is chiropractor tested and trusted. That means it is good for your back, spine and neck. If you feel that your current mattress does not provide the right support, you should definitely get this King Koil mattress. With excellent support, it ensures the long-term health of your spine.

This King Koil Mattress utilizes pocketed coil technology. The key advantage of this is that it ensures zero motion transfer even if your partner moves around on his or her side of the bed. This is an essential feature which is perfect for light sleepers. We also like that this mattress has a thickness of 13-inches. Included is a pillow plus top that makes lying down on the bed an extremely luxurious experience.

For all its impressive quality, this King Koil SpinalCare Pedic Mattress is surprisingly affordable. If you want to invest in a good mattress at an attractive price, this is one of the best options out there.

Goodnite SpinaHealth Spine Pro I Posture Spring Mattress

The Goodnite SpinaHealth Mattress has more than 300 positive ratings on Lazada. So why do users love it so much? First of all, it is priced very affordably with a single bed going for under RM360. If you’re getting a queen-sized mattress, the price is below RM500. Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic deal?

So what are you getting for this amazingly low price? You will get a quality 11-inch mattress that provides excellent back support. With its medium firmness, this mattress feels very comfortable for everyone. To add extra comfort, the mattress is fitted with a plush top that relieves pressure so you will wake up ache-free every day.

The mattress is also good for long-term use. It is protected by a 10-year official warranty by Goodnite. Additionally, it has anti-dust-mite, anti-bacteria and anti-fungus properties which significantly helps if you have allergies.

If you want a quality mattress that doesn’t break the bank, this Goodnite SpinaHealth Mattress is our top recommendation for you!

Vono SpinePro 800 Mattress

The Vono SpinePro 800 Mattress is positioned as a “hotel-quality” mattress. From its design to its feel, we totally agree. It gives you the same sense of luxury and comfort when you jump onto the bed at a 5-star hotel. The best part is that its price is more within the 3-star range which means you’ll be getting amazing value for your money.

The Vono SpinePro 800 Mattress uses the high-tech Intalok Springing System. It is made up of steel wires which can withstand huge amounts of pressure. This means that it is highly durable and can last through many years of wear and tear. Additionally, the springs are arranged linearly, which also gives it more stability even when there is movement.

The mattress is also fitted with a 3.5mm steel wireframe which gives you additional lumbar support. The fabric of the mattress is protected with Silverguard which reduces bacteria by up to 99%. This treatment is gentle on your skin and will not harm it. By keeping your bed clean and bacteria-free, you can get a restful and healthy sleep every night.

Jazz up your sleeping experience with the hotel-grade Vono SpinePro 800 Mattress! A single bed costs less than RM950 which is an excellent deal for a high-quality mattress.

Dreamland Sanctuary Pocket Spring Mattress

If you prefer a softer mattress, definitely check out the Dreamland Sanctuary Pocket Spring Mattress. We would rate it at a 4 to 5 out of 10 in terms of firmness. Soft mattresses are recommended if you have existing back pain as it will help take away pressure from your back when you lie down.

Besides, this mattress provides excellent spinal support. It has 50% more coils in the centre of the mattress which adds to the support provided. On top of the coils is exceptionally comfortable latex foam. This foam and spring combination helps to spread your entire body weight across the mattress and relieves pressure from your back and spine.

The Dreamland Sanctuary Pocket Spring Mattress is the perfect choice for you if you prefer a softer feel mattress that still gives you excellent support.

Dr.Alstone Lovelle Mattress

If you’re a budget-conscious consumer, you’re in luck because we found another value-for-money option for you. The Dr.Alstone Lovelle Mattress costs around RM320 for a Single bed. It measures 10-inches thick and has a 3-inch plush top which makes it the most comfortable budget mattress, in our opinion. Usually, you’ll only find thicker plush tops on mattresses that cost more than RM1000. So it is a terrific deal if comfort is your priority.

This fabric of this mattress is designed with cooling technology that allows air to pass through it with ease. This is perfect for hot and humid weather in Malaysia. This mattress is also anti-dustmite, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic with makes it suitable for people with allergies.

The Dr.Alstone Lovelle Mattress gives you a luxurious and thick plush top at less than half the price of its competitors. For maximum comfort and price savings, this should be your top choice!

Slumberland TempSmart Mattress

Unfortunately, the weather in Malaysia is hot and humid most of the time. This affects our sleep because it makes our mattress warm and uncomfortable, even in an air-conditioned room. The Slumberland TempSmart Mattress solves this problem by designing a smart fabric with the TempSmart feature. TempSmart senses when any part of the mattress become warmer. It’ll activate its evaporation mode which can reduce humidity and keep the temperature cool on every part of the mattress.

This bed is also suitable for couples because it uses a pocketed spring system. There is no motion transfer even when your partner rolls around in bed. On top of the springs is a gel-infused memory foam layer. In essence, this is a hybrid mattress that combines the plus points of pocketed springs with memory foam.

Say goodbye to hot and sleepless nights with this Slumberland TempSmart Mattress that uses technology to solve the problem. It is a premium mattress that has a premium price tag, but it is worth it to pay for top-quality.

Getha Compass Luxury Mattress

Getha is very well-known in Malaysia for their 100% natural latex mattresses. They have a long history of more than 50 years and is a proudly home-grown Malaysia brand. In fact, the natural latex used for their mattresses is all sourced within Malaysia. The Getha Compass Luxury Mattress is their mid-range model which in our opinion, is one of the best latex mattresses you can get.

A unique feature of the Compass Luxury Mattress is its Biocare Electro-magnetic Field protection. In our electronics-driven world, we are often exposed to static electricity which can be detrimental for our sleep quality This mattress has anti-static properties that improve your sleep quality.

Because this mattress is made of natural latex, you’ll find that it is incredibly comfortable to sleep on. At the same time, it offers good and consistent support for both back and side sleepers. Natural latex is also better than synthetic latex because there are no chemical smells associated with it.

The Getha Compass Luxury Mattress is not exactly cheap. But its premium features and 100% natural latex build justifies the higher price tag. If you want a luxurious mattress, going with a Getha is always a right decision.

Goodnite SpinaHealth Foldable Mattress

Best foldable mattress

The Goodnite SpinaHealth Foldable Mattress has three qualities that you want in a good foldable mattress. Firstly, it is portable and weighs just 4.5kg. Compared to normal mattresses, that is very light as some full-sized mattresses can weigh 10 to 20kg easily. Next, it offers good support and comfort with its Reborn foam material. Last but not least, it is priced very affordably, just slightly over RM100 when we last checked. Since most of us don’t want to spend a fortune on a foldable mattress, this price point is perfect.

If you need a foldable mattress that is cheap, comfortable and portable, our top recommendation is this Goodnite SpinaHealth Foldable Mattress. You won’t regret buying it!

Ripple Mattress

Best mattress for bedsore prevention

Do you have a loved one who is bedridden? If so, you need to get the Ripple Mattress for them. When one is bedridden, it is very easy for bedsores to form because of the lack of air circulation and constant pressure on the skin. This Ripple Mattress help improve airflow and reduce pressure with its 130 bubble cells which inflate and deflate continuously.

The good thing about this Ripple Mattress is that the entire process is automated. You can also fix it on any mattress or hospital bed. All it needs is an electric plug to keep it powered on, and it can work all day and night long.

Prevent bedsores effectively with this automated Ripple Mattress. It is a fantastic invention that helps you care for your loved ones.

Dunlopillo Orthorest Mattress

Dunlopillo can be credited with the invention of latex mattresses. It is no wonder that the Dunlopillo Orthorest Mattress is one of the best latex models you can get. It combines both the Alpha Spring System with the comfort of a latex cushion layer. As a result, you enjoy both comfort and support.

This mattress is 12-inches thick and comes with a pillowtop layer that adds another layer of comfort to the entire experience. The bed is also anti-bacterial and anti-dustmite, which is a plus for long-term hygiene.

MyLatex Vienna Natural Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses have garnered a reputation for being soft. However, a super soft mattress may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you want a firmer latex mattress, the MyLatex Vienna Natural Latex Mattress is here for you. With an 8 out of 10 firmness rating, this mattress is perfect for anyone will prefer a more supportive mattress.

It is a proudly local-made mattress that is exported all around the world thanks to its high-quality. This mattress is also made from 100% Malaysian natural latex. This latex has millions of air pockets which help to keep the mattress cool and well-ventilated. This is also useful for the humid weather as it prevents the formation of mildew.

The MyLatex Vienna Natural Latex Mattress will be the perfect buy for anyone who is looking for a high-quality firm latex mattress.

Seahorse Foldable Foam Mattress

The Seahorse Foldable Foam Mattress is a good alternative to the Goodnite Foldable Mattress mentioned previously. It is thicker at 3-inches and has a slighter softer texture. As such, it is suitable for anyone who prefers a more plush and soft feel. Similarly, it can also be folded into a very compact size for easy storage. This Seahorse Mattress is anti-dustmite, anti-bacteria and anti-fungus which is vital for hygiene purposes. In terms of price, it is about twice as expensive as the Goodnite model but still is very affordable for a quality foam mattress.

Aussie Sleep Italia Sunno Mattress

If you’re looking for a thick and comfortable mattress, you’ll like the Aussie Sleep Italia Sunno Mattress. It measures a total of 13-inch thick which includes a soft pillow top. When you lie on it, it almost feels like you are sleeping on the clouds. We estimate that it has a firmness rating of 5 to 6, which will feel very comfortable for you.

There is a 5-zone pocket spring underneath which helps to provide excellent back support. The mattress is also designed to allow 360° airflow for proper ventilation and to ensure it feels cool throughout the day and night. We also like the modern look of the mattress which is accentuated by black and grey layers.

The Aussie Sleep Italia Sunno Mattress is available in Queen and King sizes and starts at RM1138, which is a pretty good price for all its features.

Fibre Star Coconut Fibre Mattress

The Fibre Star Coconut Fibre Mattress is the solution to warm and humid nights. This mattress is made with 100% natural coconut fibre which allows air to flow through it freely. As such, we feel that it is the most cooling mattress and is awesome if you don’t have the luxury of air condition. If you like a firm mattress, you will love this Fibre Star Mattress. We would say that it has a rating of 9 out of 10 for firmness. As such, you’ll find that this mattress provides excellent support for your back.

Sonno Queen Mattress

The Sonno Queen Mattress is a “bed-in-a-box” concept that is gaining traction in Malaysia. In the Western world, these mattresses are extremely popular. So what is the selling point of this mattress? Firstly, it does not use springs. Instead, it utilizes a combination of natural latex, memory foam and support foam. You get the comfort and cooling nature of latex and the stability of memory foam. This allows the weight of your body to be spread out evenly across the entire mattress. If you have previously suffered from muscle and shoulder aches from sleeping, this mattress is the solution.

On top of the 3 layers is a fabric cover made with the Outlast technology. This fabric cover is super soft and comfortable. Furthermore, it can help to regulate temperature to ensure that the mattress always feels cool.

Slumberland Eco Plush Mattress

The Slumberland Eco Plush Mattress is designed to give you the best sleep that you can get. Made with pure lambswool, you will find that the mattress can stay cool and dry even in the hottest and most humid nights. This also comes with quadroflex hybrid springs that give your spine great support. With a medium hardness, the memory foam mattress does not rebound and keeps to its indentation to ensure an even weight distribution so that no one spot of your body suffers from any pressure.

The organic cotton fabric covers the interior mattress and keeps it in pristine condition so that it can be used for a long time. It is also designed to give decent ventilation. Have a good night’s sleep without fail with the Slumberland Eco Plush Mattress.

ECOlux Zucca Mattress

The ECOlux Zucca Mattress focuses on providing unbeatable support for both your body and spine. With a Bonnel spring system, the reinforced coil sets out to ease the pressure of your body weight and disperse it evenly through to ensure your entire well-being. There is also support for spine alignment so that you won’t wake up feeling aching in any parts of your body. The fabric casing is designed thoughtfully to ensure that it is breathable and disperses body heat, and this ensures that your body always rests on a dry and fresh surface.

This 10-inch spring mattress feels more spacious and offers a comfortable sleep with a peace of mind. It is no wonder why it is the top pick for homestays. Go to sleep comfortably with the ECOlux Zucca Mattress.

Sleeper Basic Synthetic Rubber Foam Mattress

The Sleeper Basic Synthetic Rubber Foam Mattress is a firm mattress that is anti-bacterial, anti-dustmite and hypoallergenic. This is a great option if your skin tends to suffer easily from allergic reactions or is generally sensitive. One great point about this mattress is that it is turnable and can be used on both sides for the ultimate utilization!

Made with synthetic rubber foam, it gives excellent body support and helps ease the pressure points on any one part of your body. This ensures a comfortable sleeping position for your body. It is reinforced so that it continuously props your body up without any sagging of the mattress. You might even find yourself tossing and turning around less throughout the night! Get the Sleeper Basic Synthetic Rubber Foam Mattress today.

NeckPro Peony Mattress

The NeckPro Peony Mattress comes with a Bonnell Spring system, and this yields superior support for your whole body as you sleep. What it does is disperse the pressure points evenly across your body and neck and supports the weight unchangingly throughout the night. This helps to ease the chronic pains that you may experience in your back and neck.

The mattress is encased in a quilt fabric that is well designed to ensure air circulation. Its breathability ensures that the moisture and heat are well dispersed for a cooling and relaxing night of sleep. This mattress is made of high quality materials and ensures that you won’t have to change to a new one for a long time. If you’re looking for both uncompromising body support and longevity, look no further than the NeckPro Peony Mattress.

When to replace your mattress?

There are a few signs you should look out for when deciding whether to change your old mattress for a new one. The first thing you should consider is the age of your mattress. If your mattress is nearing the 7th or 8th-year mark, there is a good chance that it is the perfect time for a change.

However, age may not be the clearest factor because higher-quality mattresses can often last much longer than lower-quality mattresses. Therefore, there are other physical factors which you should also take note of.

If your mattress is starting to sag and lose its firmness, it means that its internal structure has been weakened. With sagginess and less-than-optimal firmness, the mattress may not be providing the right support for a night of good sleep. Another clear sign of this is if you start waking up with backaches and soreness which were apparent before.

If you are using a spring mattress, look out for squeaking sounds. Squeaking is a sign that your springs are out of place or worn out. If there is a squeak with every move you make while on the mattress, you should definitely consider changing that mattress.

If you are starting to get allergies or breathing problems after sleeping on the mattress, your mattress could be causing those problems. As your mattress gets older, it accumulates more dust, dust mites, and allergens even if you keep it clean. It is worth it to change your mattress if it can solve your allergy problems.

Types of mattresses

1. Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are one of the most popular types of mattresses not just in Malaysia but also all over the world. The key selling point of a memory foam mattress is that it adjusts its shape to cradle you as you lie on it. Essentially, the foam contours to your exact body shape which feels very comfortable. Because of this, it can effectively relieve pressures on your spine while you sleep as your body weight is evenly distributed along the memory foam. Memory foam mattresses are also excellent for couples because you can’t feel it even if your partner rolls around on his side of the bed. Additionally, because there are no springs, there is little to no noise even if you move around

On the other hand, there is one downside to memory foam mattresses. A common complaint is that they feel much hotter than other mattresses because of the memory foam material. However, as memory foam technology becomes more advanced, this has become less of a problem. There are memory foam mattresses with cooling gels which make it even more cooling than other mattresses.

2. Latex mattress

There are two main types of latex mattresses. They are usually made of natural latex or synthetic latex. Natural latex comes from rubber trees and is typically a more premium option compared to synthetic latex mattresses. In recent years, there has also been a growing number of hybrid latex mattresses which contain a mix of both natural and synthetic latex.

The first reason why you should get a latex mattress is that it is often touted as one of the most comfortable mattresses. Latex contours around your body while also providing a good degree of firmness and support so you don’t feel like you’re entirely sinking into the mattress. Whether you are a side or back sleeper, you will find a latex mattress very comfortable.

Another plus point of latex mattresses is that they often last longer than regular spring mattresses. In general, they can last for up to 12 years while keeping a good level of support and comfort. Other mattresses may lose their support and firmness after just 5 to 7 years. So although you might spend more on a latex mattress, it’ll is still very value-for-money because you can sleep on it for a very long time. Similar to memory foam, latex also offers motion isolation which means it is good for couples.

Like any other mattress materials, there are some potential downsides, especially if you buy a cheap latex mattress. Firstly, some people find latex mattresses to be firmer than what they like. However, these complaints tend to happen within the first few weeks. As you sleep more on the latex mattress, it usually gets seasoned and less firm in about 30 to 60 days. The second complain is that latex mattresses retain heat like their memory foam counterparts. We find that this heat issue is non-existent if you sleep in a well-ventilated or air-conditioned room.

3. Innerspring mattress

Innerspring mattresses have been available on the market for a long time. The key advantage of getting an innerspring mattress is the lower cost. There are many different brands and even OEM models available, which means that you can always find a cheap innerspring mattress both online and offline. Innerspring mattresses are also good for the hot and humid weather of Malaysia. Between the springs are hollow spaces which allow airflow through the mattress. As such, there is little heat retention and the mattress feels cool throughout the night.

There are two main cons to an innerspring mattress. An innerspring mattress does not have movement separation. This means that if your partner rolls around in bed, you’ll feel most of the movement too. This is why we do not recommend innerspring mattresses for couples, especially if both of you are light sleepers. Innerspring mattresses also need to be flip over about twice a year. Because they are made of heavy metal springs, the mattress is very heavy and it does take a lot of effort to flip it. If you don’t flip it, you may find that your mattress may sag.

4. Pocketed coil mattress

The pocketed coil is an upgrade over innerspring. Instead of an entire bed of interconnected springs, pocketed coil mattresses have individual springs. The main advantage of a pocketed coil mattress over an innerspring mattress is that it has motion separation similar to latex and memory foam mattresses. With individual springs, these mattresses also provide a better level of support and comfort while having excellent airflow. They are also more durable than innerspring mattresses.

As expected, pocketed coil mattresses cost more than innerspring mattresses. Usually, they are much more expensive because it takes much more labour and expertise to construct a bed made of individual springs. However, we think pocketed coil mattresses are worth the extra cost because they offer you a much-improved version of an innerspring model.

5. Hybrid mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are getting more common and also popular. A hybrid mattress is made up of different components. For example, it could include pocketed spring and also memory foam or latex along with a pillowtop. By combining different elements, you can enjoy the distinct advantages of each in one mattress.

Generally, hybrid mattresses do cost more than non-hybrid mattresses. This is simply because it takes more effort to construct and manufacture a hybrid mattress, especially with so many different elements.

6. Pillowtop mattress

Pillowtop mattresses are usually an upgrade of your spring mattresses. Simply put, there is an addition of plush pillowtop padding over the mattress. The main reason why people love pillowtop mattresses is that it offers extremely comfortable cushioning. If you want to add a pillowtop to your existing mattress, you can also do so with a pillowtop pad.

A common complaint about pillowtop mattresses is that the pillowtop wears out over time. As you sleep on the pillowtop, it gets thinner due to the pressure exerted on it. Usually, this happens over a couple of years which is expected. If you buy a pillowtop mattress, do note that the pillowtop portion is likely to become thinner over time. Our advice is to get a thicker pillowtop so it lasts longer.

7. Waterbed

Waterbeds are more of a novelty item rather than a bed which you use daily. The pros of a waterbed are that it feels like you are sleeping on a bed of water or in the ocean. The bed conforms to your body so you feel like you are floating. It is an extremely relaxing and unique experience.

The reason we feel waterbeds are more of a novelty item is that they offer little support for your back, spine and neck when you’re sleeping on it. If you sleep on it for many nights in a row, your back may feel strain and sore. A waterbed also requires regular maintenance to keep its interior clean. If you do decide to buy a waterbed, we encourage you to do more in-depth research into whether it is for you.

Mattress sizes for Malaysia

There are 4 main mattress sizes in Malaysia which you should be familiar with. They are the King, Queen, Super Single and Single. In terms of similarities, Malaysia shares the same bed dimensions with its neighbour, Singapore. The height of the bed is always 191cm or 75inch, while the width of the bed is the one which differs.

1. King-sized bed

A King-sized bed in Malaysia has dimensions of 183cm by 191cm or 72inch by 75inch. If you have space in your bedroom, we highly recommend a King-sized bed. The amount of space to roll around is amazing. On a King-sized bed, you and your partner will never need to fight for extra space because there is so much.

2. Queen-sized bed

A Queen-sized bed in Malaysia measures 152cm by 191cm or 60inch by 75inch. This is the most common option for couples because it offers sufficient room for two but also does not take up as much space as a King-sized bed. A queen-sized bed should be able to fit into most rooms regardless of whether you live in an apartment or landed home.

3. Super single bed

A super-single bed in Malaysia has dimensions of 107cm by 191cm or 42inch by 75inch. It is 16cm wider than a single bed. While 16cm may not sound like much, it makes a huge difference because you’ll feel more comfortable with that extra space to roll around. If you have the extra space in your room, we would definitely recommend that you get a super single bed instead of a single bed.

4. Single bed

A single bed in Malaysia measures 91cm by 191cm or 36inches by 75inches. A single bed is a good size for petite adults, teenagers or young children. It can fit an adult, but we feel that a super single size would be a more comfortable fit.

Should I get a firm or soft mattress?

It depends. Everybody has a different preference when it comes to choosing a firm or soft mattress. The most popular level of firmness is between the range of 5 to 7 out of 10. This firmness level of 5 to 7 is termed as the “universal comfort level”. Around 80% of people would choose a mattress that is rated between 5 to 7 in terms of firmness — as such, going for a mattress with these firmness levels would be a very safe choice.

Firm mattresses rated between 6 to 10 are suitable for both back and stomach sleepers. With a firm mattress, your muscles will be more relaxed which means you won’t wake up feeling sore. Additionally, it also allows for better blood circulation. A firm mattress also helps to spread the weight of your body more evenly. However, a firm mattress may not be the best option if you suffer from back problems or pain.

Soft mattresses are rated from 1 to 4 and are more suitable for side and stomach sleepers. If you suffer from back pain or problems, a soft mattress is generally the better choice as it does not force more pressure on your spine. However, a soft mattress may not be suitable for people with heavier weights. They may sink too much into the mattress and not enjoy sufficient support while they sleep. Also, soft mattresses are more likely to become even softer over time which may make it feel too soft.

How thick should my mattress be?

Is a thicker mattress better than a thinner mattress? Generally, yes. However, once the thickness measures 10inches, the marginal utility falls. If you are getting a new mattress for long-term use, we recommend going for a mattress which is at least 8inches thick. However, there is no need to go for 12 or even 16inches high mattresses because there is almost no additional benefit for such a thick mattress.

The reason why a thicker mattress is preferred to a thinner mattress (below 6inches) is because of a few reasons. Firstly, a mattress will likely become thinner as you use it. If your mattress is already thin, it may not be as comfortable and supportive as it becomes thinner. Secondly, a thicker mattress is typically higher quality than a thinner mattress. Inside, there are more layers, longer springs and a thicker pillowtop. These factors mean that a thicker mattress will likely be more comfortable.

However, as always, the most important aspect of buying a mattress is your personal preference. If your preference leans towards a thinner mattress, then it is the right choice for you. If you don’t have a preference, we would recommend a mattress that has a thickness of at least 8inches.

How much do mattresses cost in Malaysia?

Mattresses in Malaysia range from as low as RM300 all the way to RM30000. It all depends on the brand, type of mattress and also where you buy the mattress from. For high-end mattress brands like Sealy, Serta, Simmons and Tempur, prices usually start from RM5000 and up.

For mid-end brands, you can find mattresses from RM800 for a queen-sized bed. However, the prices are very dependent on the type of mattresses you choose. For example, a memory foam mattress would be much more expensive than a spring mattress even if it is from the same brand.

For low-end brands and OEM models, you can even find really cheap mattresses for less than RM100. However, when it comes to a mattress, we won’t recommend that you select purely based on price. There is a positive correlation between price and quality, especially within the price range of RM100 to RM2000. If you are really on a budget, we recommend that you choose one of the mattresses we have recommended. All our recommendations have been reviewed by real-life users which will greatly help you make the right decision.

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