7 Best Microwave Ovens in Malaysia (2020) From RM188

A microwave oven is an essential appliance in a modern kitchen. It brings about a whole range of convenient features from heating, cooking or defrosting your food items. With a microwave, you can even cook an entire meal thanks to the many innovative recipes that you can find online. There are quite a number of microwave models and brands available in Malaysia. To help you find the right microwave oven for your home, we have shortlisted the best of them for you. Here are the best microwave ovens you can buy in Malaysia today!

Samsung Solo Microwave Oven MS23K3513AK
  • Quick automatic defrost function
  • Durable ceramic interior with bacteria protection
  • Deodorization to remove food odours

The Samsung Solo Microwave Oven MS23K3513AK has more advanced features and specifications than your regular microwave. It has a very convenient Quick Defrost function that automatically calculates the time need for defrosting. If you find yourself using your microwave regularly for defrosting, this function will be very helpful.

You’ll also find that this Samsung Microwave is more powerful. It has a total power rating of 1150W in a 23L capacity. This lets you cook and defrost your food by about 20% faster. For a busy household, this time-saving of a few minutes every day will add up to many hours over a year.

There are two other standout features that we want to highlight. Firstly, it has a very durable ceramic interior. It is scratch-free and easy to clean with just a simple wipe. Additionally, this ceramic material has bacteria protection of up to 99.9%, which helps keep your food safe. Secondly, it has a deodorization setting that expels the air inside the microwave out. This helps to get rids of any remaining food odours after you’re done cooking. By keeping the air inside the microwave fresh, your food will taste and smell better.

For all its wonderful and high-tech features, the Samsung Solo Microwave Oven MS23K3513AK is priced very affordably. In fact, it has the same price as many other microwaves with much fewer features. We think that it is an excellent deal for an excellent microwave. Check it out today!

Panasonic Solo Microwave Oven NN-ST34HMMPQ
  • 25L interior capacity
  • 9 automatic menus for convenience
  • Very easy to learn & use

The Panasonic Solo Microwave Oven NN-ST34HMMPQ is one of the most popular models in Malaysia. Why is that so? Firstly, it has a good size capacity of 25L, which makes it large enough for most households. At the same time, it is still compact enough to not take up too much countertop space. It offers a good balance between capacity and saving space.

If you are a first-time user of microwave ovens, this Panasonic model is extremely beginner-friendly thanks to its 9 automatic menus. With just a single press of a button, it’ll automatically set the time and power settings for you. The 9 menus are porridge, instant noodle, vegetables, potatoes, rice, steam fish and chicken. With these 9 settings, you can cook almost anything. If you need additional time, there is also an Add Time function that allows you to customize the extra time you need for the perfect dish.

If you want a reliable and user-friendly microwave, our top recommendation would definitely be the Panasonic Solo Microwave Oven!

Sharp Microwave R607EK

Best microwave grill

  • 900W power with 25L capacity
  • 3 auto menus, grill and pizza mode
  • Sleek mirror glass door

The Sharp Microwave R607EK is a multi-functional microwave which can replace the need for a traditional oven. Besides microwaving, it is also equipped with an infrared grill which deep-flavoured grilled foods which regular microwaves cannot achieve. If you’re a pizza lover, you will be impressed with its pizza mode which can deliver a piping hot pizza right in your kitchen.

This Sharp Microwave is powerful with a rating of 900W. This means that it can heat and cook your food faster than other microwaves. With a 25L capacity, you can fit large dishes in it with ease. It is also perfect for the modern kitchen thanks to its sleek looks. One thing that stands out to us is its sleek mirror glass door that adds a touch of sophistication.

The Sharp Microwave R607EK is the best microwave and grill combination. If you want the features of both a microwave and oven, this is the one that you should get!

Sharp R213CST Microwave Oven
  • 20L capacity
  • 5 power levels with maximum 35mins setting
  • Stylish all silver design

With its unique, all silver design, the Sharp R213CST Microwave Oven differentiates itself from the boring all-black design of most other microwaves. It has a 20L capacity which makes it good for smaller households of 1 to 4 people.

The rest of the microwave is functional and easy-to-use. There are two mechanical knobs from which you can control the power levels and cooking time. If you need to defrost a frozen ingredient, there is a weight guide which you can follow which will tell you the time and power required.

Overall, we would recommend this stylish and functional Sharp R213CST Microwave Oven to anyone looking for a more compact model.

Electrolux Microwave Oven EMM2021MW

Cheapest microwave in Malaysia

  • 20L capacity & 700W
  • 3 automatic cooking function
  • Auto defrost functionality

If you’re looking for the cheapest microwave, then you have found it with the Electrolux Microwave Oven EMM2021MW. When we last checked, this microwave was priced at RM188 which is more than RM100 cheaper than most other options. With close to 300 ratings and reviews on Lazada, this microwave is a cheap but highly trusted option.

There are 3 main points which we like about this cheap Electrolux microwave. As it has a 20L capacity, it is relatively small and takes up very little space. For defrosting, it has an automatic defrost function that’ll do the job for you perfectly each time. For cooking, there are 3 automatic cook functions which can serve as a guide for most of your cooking needs.

With the Electrolux Microwave Oven EMM2021MW, you can get a highly functional microwave and saving more than RM100 at the same time!

Pensonic Chef's Like Microwave PMW-2004
  • 20L capacity
  • 6 power settings
  • User-friendly manual interface

Pensonic products are known in Malaysia for being very value-for-money. Similarly, the Pensonic Chef’s Like Microwave PMW-2004 is a budget-friendly option and is the second cheapest microwave on our list.

Honestly, there are no standout features for this Pensonic model. But that is not a bad thing. It has all the essential features you need in a microwave. Inside is a decent 20L capacity that can fit most dishware in. It has a total of 6 power settings and a cooking timer of up to 30 minutes. Included in the power settings is a defrost function too.

Overall, the Pensonic Chef’s Like Microwave PMW-2004 is a solid option for anyone who wants a no-frills and affordable microwave!

Elba Built-in Microwave Oven EMO-2306BI

Best built-in microwave

  • Microwave and oven combination
  • 23L capacity
  • 6 power levels & 8 cooking options

A built-in microwave is an excellent alternative, especially if you want to keep your countertop less crowded. The Elba Microwave Oven EMO-2306BI offers you the best of both worlds as it even includes the functionality of an electric oven. With this appliance, you get maximum functionality without sacrificing additional space.

The interior of this microwave oven is 23L. It is not very big but is the perfect size for a household that has 1 to 5 family members. With this microwave, you can grill, defrost or microwave with a press of a button. There are a total of 8 cooking options which are one-click functions. Additionally, there are 6 different power settings and also a digital timer which you can adjust up to 100 minutes. The microwave has a power rating of 1400W while the grill is rated at 1000W.

If you’re looking for a built-in microwave, this Microwave Oven EMO-2306BI should be in your top consideration!

Why are microwave ovens useful for your home?

Microwave cooking is extremely fast and convenient. To heat up frozen or cold food, it only takes a push of a button and just a few minutes. It is much faster than stovetop or oven cooking.

Microwaves are great for defrosting frozen ingredients. Defrosting your food is a pain in the ass, especially if you need it for last-minute cooking. It can take hours to defrost a frozen chicken. In a microwave, its efficient heating process allows you to defreeze any food with ease. To thaw chicken breasts, it takes just 2 minutes in a microwave oven.

Microwaves are very easy to clean and maintain. After using it, all it needs to keep clean is a simple wipe down with a cloth. You don’t need to scrub any stains out usually. As such, microwaves don’t just save you cooking time, but also the cleanup time which is a huge time drain with other cooking methods.

Microwaves are extremely safe to use. As microwaves do not use open fires, it is safe for anyone to operate, even children. It is also effortless to operate thanks to its uncomplicated settings of time and power. Some microwaves also have auto-cooking functions which require just a press of a button.

Things to consider when buying a microwave oven

Power & wattage

Power is important because the higher the wattage, the faster your food gets cooked. As such, a microwave oven with a higher wattage is more preferred to than one with low wattage. Because microwaves are meant to help you save time, it makes sense to get a microwave which can help you to cook your food more speedily.

Built-in or countertop

Another key consideration when buying a microwave is whether to get a countertop or built-in model. Countertop microwaves are more popular in Malaysia because they are cheaper and more flexible. On average, countertop microwaves cost about half the price of built-in microwaves. On the contrary, built-in microwave ovens are great for saving precious countertop space.


Most microwaves come with a capacity of between 20 to 25L. Of course, there are larger ones, but often a larger microwave is more expensive. For a majority of families, a 25L capacity microwave would definitely be large enough. If you want a compact option, go for a 20L microwave oven.

Range of features

Different microwaves come with different features. Some of the features we think are necessary are an automatic defrost function and automatic cooking functions. Automatic defrosting helps take the guesswork out of how long and how much power you need to set the microwave at. For beginners, having automatic cooking functions as a default teaches you the basics of how to use a microwave.

How much do microwaves cost in Malaysia?

Prices for microwave ovens in Malaysia range from RM188 to RM400 for countertop models. For built-in microwaves, prices are higher and start from RM600 onwards. On average, a typical microwave would cost around RM299 for brands like Samsung and Sharp. The cheapest microwave we found was priced at RM188 which we think is a very worthwhile deal because its features were comparable to more expensive models. Overall, microwave ovens in Malaysia are very affordable and you should definitely get one for your home or pantry.

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