10 Best Mini Fridges in Malaysia (2023) From RM289

A mini fridge is a space-saving alternative to a full-sized fridge. You can store drinks, snacks and even food inside without taking up a massive space in your room. It is the perfect choice for small apartments, rooms, office pantries or even student hostels. There are quite a number of brands and models of mini fridges available. To help you choose the best one, we have shortlisted the most popular and well-reviewed options. Here are the best mini fridges you can buy in Malaysia today!

Hisense Mini Fridge RR60D4AGN

The Hisense Mini Fridge RR60D4AGN is the most popular mini fridge in Malaysia based on sales. On Lazada, it has more than 2500 ratings and reviews of which are overwhelmingly positive. This mini fridge is priced very affordably and has all the essential features you need in a compact design.

Firstly, it has a total capacity of 60L which is around the mid-size for mini fridges. The fridge has effective cooling thanks to its Multi Air Flow System. Cold air is distributed evenly to all parts of the fridge so that everything in it is kept cool with no hot spots. Although it is cold, it is equipped with the No Frost Technology which stops the formation of ice crystals.

The air in the fridge is also kept fresh with its built-in deodorizer. If you plan to keep fruits and vegetables in your mini fridge, the Hisense Mini Fridge RR60D4AGN has a crisper compartment which will keep them fresh.

If you’re looking for a reliable and value-for-money mini fridge, the Hisense Mini Fridge RR60D4AGN would be our top recommendation! Get it now before stocks run out!

Haier Mini Fridge HR-135H

If you want a slighter larger mini fridge, go for the Haier Mini Fridge HR-135H. It has a total capacity of 115L which is close to twice more than the Hisense model. Out of this 115L, 100L is dedicated to the fridge compartment while 15L is the freezer and ice-making area. This freezer compartment is useful if you want to keep deserts like ice cream or want to make some ice.

Even with a freezer compartment, this Haier Mini Fridge is still very energy-efficient. So you won’t have to worry about high electricity bills with it. This fridge is covered by a 2-year general warranty while its compressor has a 5-year warranty.

The Haier Mini Fridge HR-135H is an excellent choice for you if you need a larger mini fridge which has a freezer compartment as well. It is also a very popular model with hundreds of units sold every month. So check it out now!

Haier Mini Fridge HR60H

Cheap mini fridge

The Haier Mini Fridge HR60H is one of the most compact options out there. It has dimensions measuring 562mm by 538mm by 1187mm. This mini fridge definitely does not take up much space and is a perfect choice if you have very limited space. Although it has a compact exterior, its interior is still pretty spacious such that you can fit close to a dozen cans of drinks along with 1.5L bottle.

Conveniently, it also comes with an ice-maker compartment. With a 5-star energy class rating, this mini fridge does not just save you space but is energy-saving at the same time. Overall, if you want a compact fridge for storing drinks, the Haier Mini Fridge HR60H is the one for you!

Sharp SJM60MK Mini Fridge

Want a mini fridge that looks good? Then definitely check out the Sharp SJM60MK Mini Fridge. With its sleek all-black design, it fits perfectly into a modern home or kitchen. Because of its black design, it also looks more slim and compact.

Inside the Sharp SJM60MK Mini Fridge is a 60L capacity which is maximized to its full potential. In the main compartment, there is a wired shelf which splits it into two levels. This shelf can also be removed if you would like to store larger and taller items. The door rack is well-designed so that you can fit bottles of varying sizes without any issues. Customers who have bought this product from this seller have complimented the fast delivery and response to any issues encountered.

The Sharp SJM60MK Mini Fridge is a sleek model which in our opinion is the best-looking mini fridge we have seen thus far. It is much more modern-looking than the typical grey or white colour options. Check out this beautiful mini fridge today!

Sharp Fridge SJD226MSL

The Sharp Fridge SJD226MSL offers the perfect balance between a mini fridge and a full-sized fridge. It gives you everything that a full-sized refrigerator offers but in a much more space-saving form. With a 205L capacity, it is about 3 to 4 times larger than your standard size mini fridges.

One big advantage that this Sharp fridge has over the standard mini fridges is that it has a much larger freezer compartment. If you plan to keep some frozen food, this freezer compartment is absolutely essential. In the main compartment, there is also much more space with it spilt into 4 different levels.

If you find mini fridges too small and full-size refrigerators too big, then get the Sharp Fridge SJD226MSL!

Morgan Mini Fridge MMB-NB62LSL

The Morgan Mini Fridge MMB-NB62LSL has a sleek and compact design epitomized by its polished silver finishing. It gives off a modern look that gives it an edge in the design component compared to other mini fridges. Inside, it has a 50L capacity which may seem small but is spacious enough thanks to its efficient design. To control the temperature accurately, it has an adjustable thermostat that is very easy to use. Price-wise, it is also one of the more affordable options at under RM300. If you want a cheap and sleek-looking mini fridge, check out the Morgan Mini Fridge MMB-NB62LSL!

Midea Refrigerator MS-196

The Midea Refrigerator MS-196 does not have a freezer compartment. Instead, its entire 151L is fully dedicated to cooling which means you have a tremendous amount of space. There are a total of 6 different levels within the fridge, including a dedicated chiller section which is a good space to store your meats. The fridge door also offers a good amount of space for large bottles, eggs and odd-shaped items. With a 2-star rating, this fridge is also relatively energy-efficient.

If you often find yourself not requiring the freezer function and always need more fridge space, the Midea Refrigerator MS-196 is the best mini fridge for you!

Midea Mini Bar Fridge MS-50

If you’re planning to put your mini fridge in your bedroom, you should get one that operates quietly. The Midea Mini Bar Fridge MS-50 is very quiet even if you put it at the lowest temperature. The sound is insulated well so that it won’t disturb the peace and quiet in your home. Capacity-wise, it has a total of 50L storage space which includes a separate crisper compartment as well.

Pensonic PMF-660 Mini Fridge

The Pensonic PMF-660 Mini Fridge is a no-frills option with a simple design. It is one of the most compact mini fridges because it only has a total capacity of 46L. Comparatively, the smallest mini fridges so far are around 50L to 60L. Although 4L may not seem like a lot, in a practical sense, it certainly does make a difference if you don’t have much space. Other key points include its low energy consumption, high-quality interior and exterior finishings and also ice tray compartment.

Panasonic NR-AE51SH Mini Bar Fridge

In terms of price, the Panasonic NR-AE51SH Mini Bar Fridge is one of the more expensive 50L variants in our list of recommendation. However, Panasonic does have a top-notch reputation when it comes to building a high-quality fridge. In terms of build quality, this Panasonic fridge is a cut above the rest, which justifies its higher price tag.

It uses the direct cooling method, which helps cool down the items inside the fridge in a rapid manner. Furthermore, this method is energy-efficient and will help you save on your electricity bills in the long run.

If you don’t mind paying a slight premium for better quality, the Panasonic NR-AE51SH Mini Bar Fridge would be a fantastic option to consider.