12 Best Non-Stick Pans in Malaysia (2023) For Your Kitchen

Never had the satisfaction of a perfect egg flip without dousing the pan with oil? Well, you can achieve it easily with non-stick pans! Not only does a non-stick pan help you attain impressive pan flipping abilities, but it also helps you stay healthier because you can use less oil. It also saves a whole lot of time spent on cleaning. Nothing sticks to the pan, and you get to wash it immediately without going for a long soak.

With the bulk of the pans in the market claiming to be non-stick, it may be daunting to pick one. We have helped you make your purchase process a little easier by shortlisting the non-stick pans that are noteworthy and worth every ringgit. Here are the best non-stick pans that you can get in Malaysia today!

Tefal Classic Non-Stick Wokpan A70698

The Tefal Classic Non-Stick Wokpan A70698 is a 32-cm pan that works well with frying up a stack full of pancakes or just about any of your homemade dishes. It has the Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator in the middle to let you know when the pan is adequately hot for you to throw in your vegetables. The non-stick coating is long-lasting and allows you to safely whip up a whole feast daily for a long time. It can withstand the scratching of the ladle as you fry up whatever’s in the pan. Once you’re done, you can also easily wash the pan without any scrubbing or soaking required. This saves you time and effort so that you can focus all your energy on cooking. The Tefal Classic Non-Stick Wokpan A70698 will prove to be your best assistant in the kitchen.

Tefal Natura Frypan

The Tefal Natura Frypan is a 24-cm non-stick pan. Its coating is reinforced with durable mineral particles, and this allows the non-stick layer to be unaffected by any scrapping or intense heat. It can also last for a longer time so that you can cook with this safely without worrying about the non-stick layer chipping off. This pan also comes with Tefal’s signature heat indicator that helps you get that perfect char on your meat and yet retain its juiciness and natural flavours. The base of the pan diffuses and distributes the heat well. The Tefal Natura Frypan is the key to getting that perfect sear and whipping the most delicious tasting meal every time.

Tefal Delight Cookware Set

The Tefal Delight Cookware Set is a 5-piece set that contains a medium and large non-stick pan and three also similarly non-stick pots with glass lids. All 5 pieces come with an ergonomic handle that allows you to handle the weight adeptly with less effort. This matching set comes with a black aluminium body, which provides for an excellent and even transfer of heat and coated with stainless steel rims. The materials are durable and high quality and can last you for a long time. This cookware set is also safe to put in your dishwasher, which cuts down on the washing up part. All pieces work with both gas and electric stoves. Get classy in the kitchen with the Tefal Delight Cookware Set today.

Diamond Non-Stick Frying Pan

The Diamond Non-Stick Frying Pan has a superb functional design with a wide and flat surface. With a diameter of 28cm, this pan allows you to heat up your pitas, parathas or even make pancakes. With great heat conductivity and diffusion across the wide surface, you get an even browning that is surely a sight to behold! As it has a non-stick coating, you get to use less oil or ghee, and this helps you stay healthy in the long run. In addition, the non-stick coating is protected with Teflon and makes it resistant against scratches from your metal cookware. Impress your guest with your culinary skills with the Diamond Non-Stick Frying Pan.

Mizona Non-Stick Cookware Set

The Mizona Non-Stick Cookware Set is a 6-piece set that comes with a small, medium and a large non-stick pan, a soup wok and two vented glass lids. This ensemble allows you to whip up a feast on your stove at the same time so that you can cut down on the cooking time. The non-stick layer is made of good quality coating and can withstand heat and abrasion well. IT also quickly heats up and distributes the heat outwards so that the entire base is heated optimally. This makes for easy cooking and quick washing up so that you won’t feel like your entire kitchen is in a mess. Be better than cooking mama in real life with this Mizona Non-Stick Cookware Set.

Happy Call Double Sided Pan

The Happy Call Double Sided Pan has taken all housewives by a storm with its perfect searing capabilities without causing any mess in your kitchen. As this is a double side pan that can be closed and flipped, you get even searing on both sides. The best thing is that your floor doesn’t get oily no matter how much the oil is splattering within! This is a multifunctional pan that allows you to pan-fry, grill and steam! You get to get creative and experiment with all sorts of cuisine, and the essence of the food gets enhanced and retained. There is a reason why the Happy Call Double Sided Pan is so popular – get yours today!

Tecpac Diamond Non-Stock Frypan

The Tecpac Diamond Non-Stock Frypan is a 32-cm pan that comes with a glass lid so as to reduce the oil splatter and smoke in your kitchen! With an aluminium body with a magnetised base, this pan quickly and efficiently heats up and distributes the heat across the base so that you get an even cooking result. The non-stick coating makes cooking a healthier one and washing up an even faster process! There is also less sticking onto the pan so that you won’t have to eat overly charred food. Even with its high-quality materials, this pan has managed to stay lightweight so that it won’t be so straining for your wrist. Toss free and like a pro with the Tecpac Diamond Non-Stock Frypan.

Sara Omelette Non-Stick Pan

The Sara Omelette Non-Stick Pan allows you to safely perfect that tamagoyaki that you’ve tasted in Japan without overusing oil for each layer. This is also a versatile pan which you can use to make omelettes, pancakes or sandwiches with its perfect square shape. The base is slightly sloped so that it is easier for you to flip. With an ergonomic handle, you can also adeptly manage the folding of your omelette every time! The non-stick layer is durable and can last you for a long time with repeated usage. Feel like a master chef with the Sara Omelette Non-Stick Pan.

NaVa Frying Pan Set

The NaVa Frying Pan Set is a 5-piece set that comes with a smaller pan for stir-frying, a bigger wok and a soup pot, along with two glass lids. All cookware are designed with wide and insulated handles for easy handling. You feel assured with the stability and ease of handling. The base is made of a thick iron material that conducts heat well and spreads it across the entire base evenly. All are coated with the non-stick layer so that it is easy to flip and fast to clean up. In addition, you can use all the cookware on open fire, induction or gas stoves. One of this NaVa Frying Pan Set is enough for you to whip up a good meal for your family!

Seoko Maifan Wokpan

The Seoko Maifan Wokpan is made of quality material and is absolutely a steal at this price point. With a tempered glass lid with a sleek lid, it is easy to lift it up and place it on the tabletop without scalding your hands. Its non-stick coating layer feels superbly smooth, which allows you to cook with ease and flip like a pro every single time without splattering and causing a mess. At 32cm, you can easily fry a big batch of vegetable without over spilling and causing a mess. This pan is compatible with induction cookers so if you’re looking for a value for money pan that also doubles up as a wok, you have to get the Seoko Maifan Wokpan.

Inspirasi Non Stick Aluminium Wok

The Inspirasi Non Stick Aluminium Wok offers a great means to give that wok-hei taste, as the non-stick layer is able to withstand higher heat and remain stable. This makes it a safe and easy option for you so you can cook for your entire family with a peace of mind. As the body is made of aluminium, it has good thermal conductivity. It heats up fast and pretty well so that you won’t have to wait for too long before you start cooking. This is also a cheap yet durable wok so you get to have the cake and eat it too. Get the Inspirasi Non Stick Aluminium Wok today!

Ecoramic Frying Pan

The Ecoramic Frying Pan is made of 6-layered curling stone with a non-stick coating with added granite for extended durability and safety. This allows the pan to go onto higher heat and withstand it stably. You can safely use this pan for a long time. The coating is also antibiotic so that it prevents germs from breeding and gives you optimal cleanliness each time. This is important for protecting your family. In addition, the aluminium material has been die cast, so it is resistant to abrasions. Reduce the time spent on cooking with the Ecoramic Frying Pan.

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