10 Best Office Chairs in Malaysia (2023) For Comfort & Support

An ergonomic and comfortable office chair is a must-have in your office. We sit in our office chairs for up to 12 hours a day. If you don’t have the right office chair that provides good support, it could cause problems like back pains and aches. In the long term, this could lead to chronic health problems.

So how do you choose the right office chair for you? We have done the work for you. We have tried, reviewed and researched on dozens of office chairs to shortlist the best for you. Here are the best office chairs that you can buy in Malaysia today!

Cassa Monza Executive Office Chair

Best ergonomic office chair

If you want an office chair that will fit your body like a glove, the Cassa Monza Executive Office Chair is what you want to get. It is highly adjustable from its height to its armrest. Additionally, it can even be reclined from a 90-degree angle all the way to a 180-degree angle if you need to lie down to rest.

The fabric of the chair feels smooth and comfortable. Under the fabric is cold cure foam. The advantage that cold cure foam has is that it has air pockets within which helps to keep its shape for longer. This ensures that the chair remains comfortable for you to sit on even after years of use.

This chair comes in either black or grey. You can also choose to get the option with the leg rest. If you plan to recline your seat to 180-degrees for a quick nap or two, we recommend getting the option with the leg rest. It also comes with a lumbar and neck pillow which enhances comfort and support. Lastly, we really like the minimalist design of this chair which allows it to fit in seamlessly into any office.

The Cassa Monza Executive Office Chair should be your top choice thanks to its well-design ergonomic features. It’ll give you the support and comfort you need to work longer in a healthier manner.

Homez Mesh Office Chair

Best budget office chair

The Homez Mesh Office Chair is a top-seller on Lazada Malaysia with more than 600 positive reviews and ratings for it. So what makes it so popular? First and foremost, it is a super affordable option with a price point of below RM80. Secondly, its features have been recently upgraded to make it even more value-for-money.

The seat cushion is made with high-density sponge which is both comfortable and durable. This sponge gives you sufficient cushioning even after long hours of sitting on it. The chair is also designed with excellent ergonomics. It comes with built-in lumbar support which some other office chairs ignore.

The depth and width of this seat are also wide so it is suitable for people of all sizes. Its strong chrome steel legs allow it to support heavy weights too. If you like to roll around in the office on your chair, you’ll love the seamless movement of its silent castor wheels.

Overall, the Homez Mesh Office Chair offers excellent value for its price point. No wonder, it is such a popular choice in Malaysia. You definitely will not regret getting it!

Sokano Office Chair JS0317

Best office chair for heavier people

If you’re looking for an office chair that can support heavier weights, you’ll be pleased to find the Sokano Office Chair JS0317. With its solid steel base and pneumatic pump, it can hold loads of up to 113kg with ease. You won’t feel the chair sink in because of its sturdiness.

This office chair is also great for the humid weather of Malaysia. It has a mesh back that allows airflow to pass through it freely. Additionally, its seat cushion is highly breathable. As such, you’re less likely to sweat when sitting in this chair, even on a hot day. The back is curved to fit the shape of your spine for better support. The height of the headrest can also be adjusted, so it lands perfectly where your head is.

The Sokano Office Chair JS0317 provides the support you need no matter how heavy you are. It is also the perfect chair to combat the hotness and humidity of Malaysia. We highly recommend this chair if you weigh 80kg or more.

GTE Massage Office Chair

Ever had a stressful day at work and wished you could get a massage? With the GTE Massage Office Chair, you can get a relaxing massage without leaving your chair. It offers a full-back massage which soothes your aches and stresses in an instant. The GTE Massage Office Chair is also very convenient to use. You don’t need an electrical plug as all it needs is a USB connection such as your computer.

Besides its fantastic massage function, it is a comfortable and plush chair. The entire chair is covered with thick padding which provides cushioning to every part of your upper body. With a curved high back, this chair is also suitable for taller people. With a 5-wheel base, this chair is extremely sturdy.

If you often get stressed at work, you definitely need the GTE Massage Office Chair! It can’t solve your work problems for you, but it can soothe your work stresses.

Patriarca Curve Office Chair

The Patriarca Curve Office Chair has a modern design that stands out from the usual all-black chairs. Instead, it is available in 8 different colours from black, blue, green, orange, purple and red. If you like to jazz up the style quotient in your office, definitely go for the more striking colours rather than black.

The curved mesh back has two benefits. Firstly, its curved design is meant to fit the natural curve of our back. Secondly, the mesh material is highly breathable and cooling which allow for excellent ventilation. On the underside of the chair is a hidden leg rest which you can prop up. The chair can also be adjusted to a maximum angle of 155 degrees. Together with the leg rest, it can transform into a pseudo-bed for you to take power naps on.

If you want a more exciting office chair, you’ll appreciate the extensive colour selections for the Patriarca Curve Office Chair. Its unique design and comfort are what garnered it more than 300 positive ratings on Lazada. Check it out today!

GTGAMEZ Gaming Chair

While the GTGAMEZ Gaming Chair is not your usual office chair, it is an exciting alternative. Gaming or racing chairs have become increasingly popular in the past 2 years because of their excellent design and comfortable fit. This gaming chair simulates the feel of a seat in a racing chair. When you sit on it, you’ll feel the chair hugging you to provide you with comfort and support. If you’re going to be sitting in your chair for long hours, the GTGAMEZ Gaming Chair is the one for you.

Made with cooling PVC leather, the GTGAMEZ Gaming Chair feels very comfortable on your skin. The chair is also reclinable from 90-degrees to 155-degrees so you can switch from work to rest mode in an instant. With a high back of 82cm, this chair is best suited for anyone between 160cm to 190cm.

Cassa Eames Chair

If you don’t need a rolling office chair, you could consider the beautiful Cassa Eames Chair. It has a sleek minimalist look accentuated by its simple design and wooden legs. The smaller size of this chair also means it takes up much less space which is great if your office space is limited.

At the same time, the ergonomically-curved backrest provides good support to your lower to upper back. The seat depth is also deep enough for you to sit comfortably. Importantly, its wooden legs are fitted with floor protectors which prevent scratches when you shift the chair around.

Priced at under RM40, the Cassa Eames Chair is an affordable and stylish alternative to the traditional office chair. Give it a look, and you may fall in love with its design.

Director High Back Office Chair

If you’re working in an office, the Director High Back Office Chair may look familiar to you. It looks like the typical office chair, except that it has a higher back which will feel more comfortable if you’re taller.

One plus point of ordering this Director High Back Office Chair is the quick delivery time. Many of the reviewers state that they receive the chair within 2 to 3 working days. Also, they found the assembly of the chair to be quick and easy.

Overall, the Director High Back Office Chair is a solid option. It is priced affordably and offers you the comfort and support that you expect.

Cassa S Shape Office Chair

The Cassa S Shape Office Chair is sturdy and well-designed. It has an exceptionally strong structural integrity thanks to its one-piece structure. They have even tested it out by getting 3 people to stand on the chair! So when you sit in this chair, you can be confident that it will support your weight.

The back of the chair is designed in an S-shape to follow the contours of our back. With the curve in the bottom, it provides vital lumbar support too. The back of the chair is made with mesh which allows air to pass through. This means your back will be kept cool while you sit. The seat has thick padding which gives your butt the cushioning for excellent comfort.

Priced at under RM80, the Cassa S Shape Office Chair is a budget-friendly choice for anyone looking for a sturdy and comfortable chair.

IKEA MARKUS Office Chair

10. IKEA MARKUS Office Chair

IKEA is known for its value-for-money furniture. The IKEA MARKUS Office Chair is our pick of the bunch. To be honest, it is priced at a rather high price of RM499. However, its design and features are worth taking a look at. The chair has built-in lumbar support that is essential for long hours of sitting. It is also sturdy enough to support a maximum of 110kg. Additionally, it has an extremely high mesh back of close to 100cm. Therefore, if you’re taller and bigger size, this IKEA Office Chair may be perfect for you.

Things to consider when buying an office chair

Is it height adjustable?

Most office chairs are height adjustable. Having an adjustable height is important for aligning the chair with your height and also your desk. By tailoring the height to your needs, it’ll feel more comfortable, especially when you are planning to sit in it for long hours. Office chairs that have wheels are generally height adjustable. For office chairs with no wheels, there is a high chance that you will not be able to adjust its height.

Does it provide enough support?

A good office chair should provide support to your back and lumbar regions. Our back requires good support to prevent issues like backaches, cramps, soreness or even migraines. Some key aspects you should look for is a curved back and lumbar support areas. Another good way to check if a chair provides good support is to look at user reviews on whether there are any complaints about back problems after sitting in the chair.

Is it comfortable to sit on?

One of the most important aspects you should consider when purchasing an office chair is whether it is comfortable or not. If it hurts to sit in, you should definitely not buy that office chair. When buying an office chair online, you may not have the chance to sit in it to try it out. All the office chairs featured in our articles have garnered positive reviews for comfort from real-life users. Again, you should read up on reviews by customers to check on this comfort aspect. Generally, if most of the users comment that it is comfortable, you’ll find it comfortable too.

Is it tall enough for your height?

A majority of office chairs are made to fit a variety of heights. Usually, if you are within 150cm to 180cm, you should have no problem with the back height of any office chair. However, if you are taller than 180cm, you may find that some office chairs have backs which are too short for your entire spine area. As such, you may find that those chairs are not comfortable and supportive enough. If you are taller than 180cm, we recommend that you get an office chair with a high back.

Do you need wheels?

A large portion of office chairs is fitted with wheels. Wheels make moving the chair around easier, especially when you can sit in it and roll together with it. If you’re getting an office chair with wheels, make sure that the wheels are of good-quality and quiet. You don’t want to get an office chair with squeaky wheels because it’ll irritate you to no end. However, some of you may prefer a wheel-less option because you don’t intend to move your chair around. In general, office chairs without wheels are slightly cheaper than those with wheels. In our article, we have excellent recommendations for you, whichever you prefer.