15 Best Ovens in Malaysia (2023) From Just RM100

Ovens are an excellent investment for any kitchen. It expands the range of cooking and cuisines you can create so you and your family can enjoy convenient home-cooked meals. There are two main types of ovens – tabletop or built-in models. Our personal preference is standalone or tabletop models because they are much cheaper and easy to add to any kitchen.

We have done our research on almost every electric oven available in Malaysia, both standalone and built-in ovens. From the hundreds of models, we have shortlisted those we think are the best. Here are the best ovens you can buy in Malaysia today!

Khind Electric Oven OT5205

The Khind Electric Oven OT5205 is one of the most popular ovens in Malaysia. There are more than 300 positive ratings and reviews on Lazada. Reviewers often rave about its large spacious 52L capacity, an excellent range of functions and also value-for-money price.

With its large 52L capacity, you can easily fit a super huge 3kg chicken in for roasting with space to spare. We are also impressed with its wide-ranging functions which allow it to bake, broil and roast exceptionally delicious meals. With a power rating that ranges from 1800W to 2200W, you get powerful heat that is well-distributed. This means all your food will be cooked evenly.

If you’re looking for a large and value-for-money oven, we highly recommend the Khind Electric Oven OT5205!

Khind 28L Electric Oven OT2800

If your kitchen countertop does not have much space, the square-shaped Khind 28L Electric Oven OT2800 may be the perfect fit. Because of its iconic square design, it takes up less horizontal space (only 39.2cm by 38.8cm) but still gives you a big enough capacity of 28L. You can still fit a whole chicken inside! We also love the vintage feel of this oven which definitely stands out from the usual designs.

Keeping in line with its vintage design is the knobs for controlling the temperature, cooking functions and timer. For temperature, you get a good range of control from 100 to 220°C. While for the timer control, you can set it up to 60 minutes. Inside the interior is an energy-saving lamp which gives you a clear view of whatever is cooking inside.

This Khind Electric Oven comes in beige and black. Personally, we think the beige amplifies more of its vintage feel. No matter which colour you choose, you are getting a great oven with good functionality and design.

Butterfly BEO-5246 Electric Oven

The Butterfly BEO-5246 Electric Oven is a very good choice for an oven because of its spacious interior. It has a 46L capacity which is good enough to cook a huge chicken. As such, this oven is suitable for medium-sized families.

The spacious interior also allows you to fit in two racks so that you can cook more food at one go. Accessories such as baking trays, baking racks and a crumb tray are provided in the package. With this oven, it comes with grilling, convection and rotisserie functions which are everything you need.

If you’re looking for a mid to large-sized oven, the Butterfly BEO-5246 Electric Oven would be an excellent choice to consider.

Panasonic NU-SC100 Steam Convection Cubie Oven

Best oven for healthy cooking

The Panasonic Cubie Oven is unlike your regular oven which uses convection or convention heating methods. The main feature of this oven is its steaming and convection functions which makes it a healthier cooking option.

With this oven, you can steam buns, fish and vegetables. Alternatively, you can roast chickens and meat with its convection mode. You can even activate both steam and convection modes to get the best of both worlds. If this sounds confusing, don’t worry. This Panasonic Cubie Oven comes with 16 automatic menu options which allow you to cook up complicated dishes with 1-click. There is no need to fiddle with the temperature or time settings if you use these 16 presets.

If you like oil-free and healthy cooking, the Panasonic Cubie Oven will be a dream come true! You can whip up healthy and delicious meals for your family with ease.

Pensonic PEO2306 Electric Oven

As with all of Pensonic products, the Pensonic PEO2306 Electric Oven is priced very affordably and is one of the cheapest in Malaysia. In terms of functionality, it has pretty standard features. It has a maximum power rating of 1380W. Its capacity is on the smaller side at 23L. For temperature, you can set it up to a maximum of 250 degrees celsius which should be more than enough for most of your cooking needs. The timer has a maximum setting of 60 minutes which also alerts you when the timer is up.

Overall, the Pensonic PEO2306 Electric Oven is an average oven with a below-average price which makes it a pretty good buy for budget-hunters.

Firenzzi Electric Oven TO-3035

To us, the Firenzzi Electric Oven TO-3035 has one standout feature that sets it apart from other ovens. It has a dual thermostat by which you can separately control the top and bottom temperature. For example, if you want to crisp up the crust of your baked pie, you can set the temperature at 180 degrees for the top and use only 100 degrees for the bottom. You’ll find this feature to be very useful in helping you get perfect cooking results every time.

This oven has a good size of 35L, which is suitable for a small to medium-sized family. It also comes with 6 cooking functions which adds excellent flexibility. In the package, accessories such as 2 bake trays, crumb tray, rotisserie handle and tray handles are included.

If you want precise temperature control, the Firenzzi Electric Oven TO-3035 is our top recommendation.

Cornell 56L Electric Oven COR-CEOSE561SL

If you want another option for a large standalone oven, the 56L large Cornell Electric Oven COR-CEOSE561SL is a good alternative. It has 6 different heating modes which you can set from 100 degrees to 250 degrees celsius. It uses convection waves which ensures even heating at every corner of the oven. With a built-in inner light, you can quickly check on the progress of your cooking at any moment.

Faber Forno 66 Electric Oven

With a 66L interior capacity, the Faber Forno 66 Electric Oven is perfect for a large family. It allows you to cook up large trays of treats or food in one go. At 66L, it offers you 20 to 30% more space than the average large oven.

In terms of features and specifications, it has good usability that makes it a very functional oven. It has accurate temperature control of up to 250 degrees celsius. You can also set the timer to go up to 60minutes. Once the countdown is over, the oven will set off a bell alert so you can enjoy hands-off cooking.

The Faber Forno 66 Electric Oven offers you a capacity that is usually only seen in built-in ovens. If you want the space with the convenience of a standalone model, this is a very affordable option for your kitchen!

Morgan Electric Oven MEOHC22

Cheapest oven in Malaysia

The Morgan Electric Oven MEOHC22 is likely the cheapest electric oven in Malaysia. We found it after hours of research. At the time of our research, the price was stated to be below RM100, which is a fantastic deal for an electric oven.

Another plus point about this oven is its compact size. It is perfect for a small household size of 2 to 4 people. It has a 20L capacity which is large enough to prepare full meals. At the same time, it does not require much countertop space. Despite its low price, it has a sleek and beautiful black exterior accentuated with quality stainless steel knobs.

If you want a compact and cheap electric oven, you’ll love the value-for-money Morgan Electric Oven MEOHC22.

Electrolux EOB2400AOX Built-In Oven

Best built-in oven

If you want a high-quality built-in oven, our recommendation would be the well-designed Electrolux EOB2400AOX Built-In Oven. Firstly, it has a massive capacity of 72L. The large size can be split into 3 different levels, so you have additional surface area for cooking.

With this oven, you can bake, grill or roast with excellent results. The oven is equipped with a powerful fan that distributes the heat quickly and efficiently throughout the entire oven. Additionally, it has a 4-layered glass door which keeps the heat in for better energy efficiency. After cooking, clean up is easy thanks to the enamel coating on the interior. It makes stains and spills easy to wipe up as it doesn’t stick.

The Electrolux EOB2400AOX Built-In Oven is the best you can get. Although it is considerably pricey, its features and high-quality makes it worth the price.

Mistral Electric Oven MO32RCL

The Mistral Electric Oven MO32RCL is a no-frills model that gives you all the cooking functions you need in a simple package. Inside its interior is 4 stainless steel heating elements that provide powerful heating that goes up to 250°C. At the same time, you can precisely control the temperature starting from 100°C.

With a good mix of accessories along with its 32L interior capacity, there is a lot you can do with this Mistral Oven. It comes with a baking tray, wire rack, tray handle, rotisserie and crumb tray – essentially everything you need. With 6 different heating options, you can precisely control which part of the oven is heated for optimal conditions.

With a price tag of less than RM200, the Mistral Electric Oven MO32RCL is a budget option that still gives you everything a more expensive model would offer. So definitely check it out today!

Rubine Built-in Oven RBO-LAVA-70SS

If you have a bigger family, a built-in oven like the Rubine Oven RBO-LAVA-70SS will be a better option than a countertop model. This model provides you with a total of 70L of capacity which is almost double the usual capacity of countertop ovens. With that extra space, you can cook more in the same amount of time and prepare huge meals for your big family.

For convenience, this oven also has 8 preset cooking programs from defrosting, convention heating to grilling. This gives you good flexibility in terms of heat control while reducing the headache of needing to adjust the settings manually. On the inside of the oven is a total of 5 side supports for shelves so you can fit in more at one go. With a double-glazed door, it helps to keep the heat inside which increases the efficiency and reduces your electricity bill.

If you’re going to use your oven regularly, definitely consider the professional-level Rubine Built-in Oven RBO-LAVA-70S. It is more expensive than a countertop model but gives you much more capacity and options which makes it worth it.

Beko Built In Oven BIM22100X

The Beko Built In Oven BIM22100X is another excellent option for larger families. It has a spacious 71L interior capacity that comes along with larger-sized accessories such as its 25% larger baking tray. Another interesting feature is its sturdy door. As you might be cooking larger portions that weigh heavier, the door is designed to support weights of more than 20kg. You can rest the oven tray on the door while gearing up to bring the tray up to the counter. This is a seemingly small feature, but you will find it very convenient in your daily use.

Cleaning up after using this oven is also straightforward thanks to its enamel coating. With this coating, stains do not stick easily. As such, you can use a wet cloth and wipe it down once and get a perfectly clean oven after. It’ll save you loads of time while ensuring your oven remains in tip-top condition even after years of use.

Made in Europe, the Beko Built In Oven BIM22100X is a high-quality option that’ll offer good reliability for regular cooks. Even with its premium positioning, its price is still very reasonable when you take into account its quality. Definitely worth a look at!

Elba Built-in Oven 6840SS

Cheap built-in oven

The Elba Built-in Oven 6840SS is one of the cheapest built-in ovens in Malaysia. Compared to the previous Electrolux oven, it is less than half the price. In terms of space, you get a 56L interior capacity. There are a total of 8 different function settings from conventional to grill to defrosting with various in-between.

It also takes up less space with its built-in dimensions of 558mm by 580mm by 550mm. If you have a smaller kitchen, this smaller built-in oven will help you save money and space at the same time!

FlavorWave Halogen Turbo Convection Oven

The FlavorWave Halogen Turbo Convection Oven looks very different from an oven or even air fryer. It combines the principles of convection ovens and air fryers to provide you with the best qualities of both.

It allows you to cook healthier as it requires 80% less oil than other styles of cooking. It is also very powerful and can cook up to 3 times faster than conventional ovens. It can reach up to a maximum of 250 degrees celsius which is amplified with its tight seal which traps the heat in.

This oven is highly versatile and multi-functional. You can roast, grill, fry, toast, reheat, defrost, bake and steam with it. With these wide ranges of functions, you can conjure up any dish you want!

Even with its excellent features, the FlavorWave Halogen Turbo Convection Oven has a very attractive price. So if you want the features of both an air fryer and oven, this is the one to get!

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