9 Best Portable Air Conditioners in Malaysia (2023)

Portable air conditioners are an excellent alternative to wall-mounted air conditioners. They are usually much cheaper and don’t need any complicated installations. Portable air conditioners are essentially plug-and-use models which makes them a super convenient option. 

Is a portable air conditioner good for Malaysia?

Yes, a portable air conditioner is great for the hot weather of Malaysia. It can offer you almost the same cooling power as a standard air conditioner but with a few other advantages. As mentioned, they are much cheaper and easier to install. Also, their portable design makes them easy to move around from room to room. If you want a respite from blazing hot weather, portable air conditioners will do the trick.

Want to know which portable air conditioners are the best for the Malaysia weather? We went through every single model available in Malaysia and created this shortlist of the best. Here are the best portable air conditioners you can find in Malaysia today!

Midea MPH-09CRN1 Portable Air Conditioner

With hundreds of positive reviews about the Midea Portable Air Conditioner, you know you are getting a quality and value-for-money product. It has a maximum power of 9000BTUs per hour. For a portable air conditioner, it is very powerful and can even reach a low of 17 degrees celsius. Even the hot weather of Malaysia will stand zero chance against this powerful airconditioner!

Its auto-swing function is also useful for circulating the cold air around the room. Additionally, inside the air conditioner is the Silver Ion Filter which can kill bacteria as the air passes through it. This helps to ensure that the air is not just cool but healthy as well. Two thumbs up to Midea for designing a fantastic portable air conditioner!

Fujiaire Portable Air-Conditioner

With the SuperIonizer, the Fujiaire Portable Air Conditioner can eliminate germs and bacteria in the air while blowing out freezing cold air. The SuperIonizer discharges negative ions to kill bacteria and viruses naturally. With the worsening air quality nowadays, having a dual function air conditioner is a good idea.

With multi-directional castor wheels at the bottom, this Fujiaire Air Conditioner is very mobile. You can wheel it from your living room to your bedroom and save having to install or buy 2 separate air conditioners. Overall, we love the idea of combining an ioniser with an air conditioner and thus highly recommend this Fujiaire Air Conditioner.

Elba EPACD3910 Portable Air Conditioner

Turn on the Elba Portable Air Conditioner, and you will feel the change in temperature almost immediately. It has a powerful cooling engine that when combining with a 2-speed fan, helps to cool down a medium-size room quickly.

The best part about portable airconditioners like this Elba model is that they require zero installation. It is essentially a plug and use model which means you don’t have to pay extra or wait for someone to install it, unlike a full-sized air conditioner.

Maintaining this air conditioner is also very simple. The main thing that requires cleaning is its air filter. Once every few months, you can just remove it, wash it and let it dry before sliding it back in. If you want to get an air conditioner quickly, this Elba Portable Air Conditioner would be the perfect no-frills option.

Midea MPF-12CRN1 Portable Air Conditioner

This Midea MPF-12CRN1 Portable Air Conditioner is pretty similar to the previously reviewed Midea model. The main difference is that this model uses an ionizer to move air molecules faster. In layman terms, we would say that it cools down the room quickly because the cold air travels quicker throughout the room.

It is also slighter smaller in size, which makes it a more convenient option if you plan to move your air conditioner around from room to room. Because of the ionizer, it is slightly noisy in our opinion but not too loud that it disturbs your sleep. Additionally, it also has the bacteria removal abilities with the Silver Ion Filter. To be honest, we think that either Midea models would work great – so whichever one you choose, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of a cold room.

Acson A5PA10C Portable Air Conditioner

Most powerful portable air conditioner

Most other portable air conditioners are maxed out at 9000BTUs. That makes the Acson A5PA10C Portable Air Conditioner a rarity as it goes up to 10000BTU per hour. That may only be 11% more powerful, but when translated to real-world performance, it makes a big difference in how fast your room gets cooled.

Together with its powerful cooling performance is the ability to adjust its fan speed and swing. With 3-speed settings for the fan, you can choose one based on how cold you want the room to be. When you first start it up, we recommend using the fastest speed so that it can reach your desired temperature faster. Also, the air distribution is good with the multi-directional airflow. If you want a portable air conditioner that can rival a regular air conditioner, you should definitely check this Ascon model out.

MEC iPort Portable Air Conditioner

The MEC iPort Portable Air Conditioner looks different from other portable air conditioner models. It has a modern look because it has an automatic cover which slides away when the air conditioner is turned on. When you turn it back off, the cover will slide back to cover the air vents. Besides looking very cool, there is a practical reason for this function. It helps to keep the inside of the air conditioner clean as air and dust cannot enter when the cover is closed.

With 440m3 of airflow per hour, it offers exceptional cooling and ventilation. There is another feature that we think is worth highlighting. It is the Follow Me Feature. Basically, it will direct more airflow towards where the remote control is. To make the best use of this feature, you should place the remote control near you so that you can enjoy all the refreshing cool air that this air conditioner delivers.

Morgan MAC-091 Portable Air Conditioner

The Morgan MAC-091 Portable Air Conditioner is rated at 9000BTU and 380m3 for cooling capacity and airflow respectively. While it may not be the most powerful in terms of these 2 specifications, in real-life performance, it provides faster cooling than other models with the same rating.

We also like that there are 4 different modes to choose – Cool, Fan, Dehumidifying and Sleep. You’ll find a good use for each function. Cool mode is for when you want to reduce the temperature of the room fast. Fan mode is for when you want to ventilate more than cool the room. With the humid conditions in Malaysia, the dehumidifying function can be useful in reducing humidity. Lastly, the sleep function is good for saving energy while keeping the room cool during the night.

With this Morgan Portable Air Conditioner being rated A for energy efficiency, you can enjoy it without feeling guilty about a high electricity bill.

Pensonic Portable Air Conditioner PPA-109

The Pensonic Portable Air Conditioner is powerful enough to cool a room as large as 300 square feet or 28 square metres. In real-life tests, it can also be used for larger rooms as long as you direct the fan towards where you are sitting.

Sometimes having an air conditioner malfunction can be a headache. But not with this Pensonic model as it can self diagnose whatever problem it is facing. From there, it will signal to you what steps to take to rectify the issue. This saves you the time and money of hiring an aircon technician for minor problems.

Arctic Air Mini Air Conditioner

9. Arctic Air Mini Air Conditioner

The Arctic Air Mini Air Conditioner is unlike your usual portable air conditioner. In fact, it acts more like an air cooler. However, we included it because it is a very cheap and portable alternative.

What makes it so much more portable is that it is USB-powered. You can connect it to a power bank, and you’ll be ready to go. That is unlike the typical portable air conditioner which needs a powerpoint. For such a small device, it is also surprisingly multi-functional. It can cool, humidify and purify the air. Also, it looks really cool thanks to its 7 LED mood lighting. If you want an ultra-portable cooling device, this would be an excellent buy.

Why you should get a portable air conditioner

1. Cheaper alternative to standard airconditioners

A full-fledged air conditioner system can cost you thousands of dollars. On the other hand, a portable air conditioner usually costs below RM1000. If you look out for deals in online sites, you can even find some that cost RM800 and less. With a portable air conditioner, you can enjoy all the cooling benefits that an air conditioner brings, without spending too much.

2. Doesn’t take up much space

A portable air conditioner has a compact and small design. It does not take up much floor space. Even if your room is small, you can fit it in without any issues. This makes a portable air conditioner very versatile as you can use it in both big or small spaces. If you live in a one-room or studio apartment, you’ll appreciate the compact size as it is not larger than a standing fan. No matter the space you are in, a portable air conditioner allows you to enjoy the benefits of air conditioning. 

3. Portable and easily movable

In addition to the small size, a portable air conditioner, as its name suggests, is very portable. Many models come with wheels attached at the bottom which makes it super easy to transport from place to place. Unlike a full-fledged air conditioner which is a permanent fixture, a portable air conditioner offers you complete flexibility in movement.

4. Very easy to install and set up

Getting a portable air conditioner up and running is almost effortless. You don’t need to hire a handyman to do plumbing works, set up electrical wires or mount it. It just needs to be plugged in with a window nearby for its pipe to transport the hot air out. Setting up takes minutes compared to a full-day. Best of all, you can do-it-yourself which saves you money.

Disadvantages of portable air conditioners

1. It is noisier

If you are sensitive to noise, a portable air conditioner may not be for you. They are definitely louder than regular air conditioners are their compressors are inside rather than installed outside of your window. This can be a negative as the noise could affect your sleep. However, most portable air conditioners nowadays are less noisy. As long as you are not super sensitive to noise, it shouldn’t affect the average person.

2. Less powerful

Because of their smaller compressors, a portable air conditioner is going to be less powerful than a window air conditioner. This means that they will not be powerful enough for larger rooms. If you use it in a bigger area, you might find that some parts of the room are not cooled with other parts are cool. Therefore, we would only recommend a portable air conditioner for rooms smaller than 400 square feet.

Where should you put a portable air conditioner?

A portable air conditioner should be placed near both a power outlet and a window. You need the power outlet to supply electricity. The window is needed to pipe out the venting hose which transports hot air to the outside.

How long does a portable air conditioner take to cool down a room?

A good portable air conditioner should take no more than 10 to 15 minutes to cool down a room fully. If there are high fan speed settings, it can even be faster as the cold air can circulate faster throughout the entire room. A caveat is that the room should not be bigger than the stated effective area of the air conditioner.

Are portable air conditioners energy efficient?

In general, most models are relatively energy efficient. You can look out for models rated A and above for energy efficiency if you are concerned about high electricity bills. Portable air conditioners can be more energy efficient than regular air conditioner units in some ways. For example, if you only want to cool down a single small room, a portable air conditioner would be the more economical choice as you don’t need too much cooling power and capacity. 

Portable air conditioner price in Malaysia

From our research, we found that most portable air conditioners in Malaysia cost less than RM1000. Prices usually range from RM600 to RM900. There were also cheaper portable air conditioners at less than RM100. However, those models work more like air coolers as they need ice and water to work.