14 Best Power Banks in Malaysia (2023) From RM26

The idea of running out of battery on your smartphone or tablet is scary. Thankfully, you can solve that problem by getting a power bank. With a power bank, you can charge your devices from 0% to 100% without needing a power plug. Thanks to the portable and lightweight design of most power banks, you can bring it around conveniently. If you don’t have a power bank, it’s time to get one!

There are hundreds of different power bank brands and models out there. The question then is which one should you get? To help you make the right decision, we have tested, watched reviews, checked the specifications of dozens of power banks. The end result is this shortlist of those we think are worth buying. Here are the best power banks that you can buy in Malaysia today!

Pineng Power Bank PN-969

Cheap 20000mAh power bank

The Pineng Power Bank PN-969 is one of the most popular power banks in Malaysia. It has a capacity of 20000mAh with 2 different outlets to charge 2 devices at one go. With 20000mAh, you can fully charge an iPhone from 0 to 100% for approximately 4 to 5 times. Despite its large capacity, it is still considerably portable and slim enough to fit in your pocket. It also comes with a pouch bag which protects the exterior of the power bank.

Conveniently, it is fitted with an LED display which shows the current battery level from 0 to 100%. With this display, you can accurately track how much battery is left to alert you to when you need to charge it. At under RM50, we are also impressed that a 2-year local Malaysia warranty covers it.

Overall, the Pineng Power Bank PN-969 is a value-for-money option. With more than 1800 positive ratings on Lazada, it is an assurance that you’re getting a quality product. Definitely check it out!

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 3 Pro

The Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 3 Pro is the premium offering from the very popular Xiaomi range of power banks. It has a large 20000mAh capacity that will provide your devices with a quick boost whenever they need it. Equipped with Fast Charge technology, it can deliver a maximum output of 45W to your devices.

It has a total of 3 output outlets which means you can charge a total of 3 devices at one time. If you often find your laptop running out of battery, this Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 3 Pro can help you because it is equipped with USB-C charging. It’ll provide your laptop with previous hours of battery, so you don’t have to look for a power point everywhere you go. Thanks for its Fast Charge, this power bank also charges up fast in just 4.5 hours even with its large capacity.

If you want a Fast Charge power bank with USB-C connectivity as well, the Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 3 PRO is our top recommendation. From smartphones to laptops, this power bank can charge them all in ultra-quick time.

Pineng Power Bank PN-936

Cheap 10000mAh power bank

The Pineng Power Bank PN-936 is very similar to the previously mentioned PN-969 model. The key difference is that this PN-936 has a smaller battery capacity of 10000mAh instead of 20000mAh. With a smaller battery capacity, this allows the Pineng Power Bank PN-936 to be slimmer and also lighter. As such, if you’re looking for a very portable power bank, this may be the one for you.

When charging with this power bank, you do not need to worry about overcharging. Once you plug it into your phone, it’ll automatically start charging and also stop charging once it senses your phone battery is full. We also like the textured exterior of this Pineng Power Bank. When holding it, it gives you a better grip and prevents you from dropping it. A useful feature if you are as clumsy as us!

The Pineng Power Bank PN-936 is a best-seller with more than 1300 positive ratings on Lazada. With its cheap price and excellent features, this is a portable power bank which you won’t be disappointed with.

Xiaomi Powerbank 2S

The Xiaomi Powerbank 2S is a closer competitor of the Pineng PN-936. Both of them have a battery capacity of 10000mAh with a slim design. In our opinion, if you’re looking for a higher-quality option, we would go with Xiaomi. They are known around the world for their power banks and have a longer history than Pineng. However, this Xiaomi power bank is also more expensive than its Pineng counterpart, by about 1.5 times. However, it is still very affordable, especially when you compare it to brands like Anker.

The other key features of the Xiaomi Powerbank 2S is its dual USB output. You can charge two devices on it at one go with a maximum output flow of 2.4A. Inside this Xiaomi Power Bank are a total of 9 layers of safety protection. You are protected from short circuits, overvoltage and overcharging. When using this power bank, you can have peace of mind.

Another useful feature is the low power charging mode. For devices like a Bluetooth headset or a fitness tracker, they require much lower charging intensity. You can activate the low power charging on this power bank by pressing the power button twice. With that, you can safely charge all your devices.

With its added features and top-notch safety protection, we think that the Xiaomi Powerbank 2S is worth the slight premium over the Pineng PN-936. Check it out if you’re looking for a quality 10000maH power bank!

Pineng PN-956 Power Bank

Best power bank with inbuilt cables

The Pineng PN-956 Power Bank is an ultra-convenient option because you don’t need to bring additional cables to be able to use it. Instead, it comes inbuilt with Micro-USB, Lightning and Type-C cables which fit seamlessly into its side pockets. With 2 built-in wires, you can charge two devices at one time.

Additionally, the Pineng PN-956 Power Bank is very light and compact. In fact, it is one of the smallest power banks on our list of recommendations. It comes in either black and white and has the iconic textured exterior of Pineng Power Banks.

If you don’t have to deal with the hassle of bringing charging cables with you, the Pineng PN-956 Power Bank is a popular and affordable alternative.

Huawei Power Bank AP09S

Best power bank for Huawei smartphones

If you’re using a Huawei smartphone, we highly recommend that you get the Huawei Power Bank AP09S. It uses the SuperCharge technology, which gives it a maximum output of 5A which will charge up your phone super quickly. If you don’t have a SuperCharge compatible cable, don’t worry as it also comes with a Huawei 5A cable.

Besides charging up your devices fast, SuperCharge also helps you to charge up your power bank faster. It takes just 2.5 hours for a full charge which is much faster than other power banks which need 5 to 6 hours.

The Huawei Power Bank AP09S is the best power bank for you if you use Huawei devices. The SuperCharge compatibility will keep your batteries full all the time.

Yoobao Power Bank A1

Weighing at just 258 grams, the Yoobao Power Bank A1 is one of the lightest 10000mAh power banks available. It also has a slim and thin profile of just 1.35cm which makes it fit seamlessly in your jeans pocket. The exterior casing is made with aircraft-grade aluminium which is both lightweight and durable.

It can deliver Fast Charge of up to 2A through micro-USB and also lighting cables. Concurrently, your devices are protected while charging thanks to its multiple safety features. In Malaysia, the Yoobao Power Bank A1 is available in silver, grey and red. So check out this extremely portable and slim power bank!

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Powerbank

Best wireless power bank

The Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Powerbank lets you charge your Android and Apple smartphones without cables. For Android devices, it can charge with speeds of up to 10W. For iPhones, it reaches a maximum of 7.5W. Alternatively, it also has two physical charging points which allow you to charge a total of 3 devices at one time.

Honestly, wireless charging is still slow compared to cable charging. It’ll take about 2 to 3 hours for a full charge depending on your phone’s battery size. However, it is a convenient option because you don’t need to bring any cables around. Thankfully, if you need fasting charging, this power bank can reach up to 18W with a compatible USB-C charging cab;e.

If you’re looking for a wireless power bank, the Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Powerbank will fulfil all your needs and more.

Romoss Sense 8P+ Power Bank

Equipped with QuickCharge 3.0, the Romoss Sense 8P+ Power Bank is up to 3 times faster at charging than your regular power bank. It is compatible with all phones from Androids to iPhones which makes it a versatile option. It has a mega-sized capacity of 30000mAh which lets you charge your phone between 5 to 8 times over.

With its larger capacity, it weighs 671g which is heavier than your regular 10000 or 20000mAh power banks. If you want a slighter small model, you can go for the Romoss Sense 6PS+ which is 435g. However, we find that the Romoss Sense 8P+ is still pretty portable and easy to fit in a small bag. This power bank has a total of 3 input and 3 output ports which include micro-USB, lightning, Type-C and USB ports. Basically, whatever cable you have will work with this power bank.

If you’re on your phone all day long, the Romoss Sense 8P+ Power Bank will give you the power you need with its massive capacity. Check it out today!

Samsung Wireless Battery Pack

Best wireless power bank for Samsung

The Samsung Wireless Battery Pack is a high-quality wireless power bank that is compatible with Qi-enabled charging. If you are using the Samsung Galaxy S10 or any Qi-enabled devices, this power bank can charge it up wirelessly. But don’t worry if some of your devices aren’t Qi-capable, because there is an option of USB charging as well.

The Samsung Wireless Battery Pack is more expensive than the Xiaomi Wireless Power Bank. The two main reasons why you should get the Samsung one is quality and Samsung compatibility. If you’re using a Samsung smartphone, this should be your top choice.

Mini Power Bank

Best portable power bank

This Mini Power Bank fits an impressive 25000mAh battery capacity inside its extremely compact size. It measures just 89mm by 63mm by 22mm with a super light weight of 186g which is lighter than some 10000mAh power banks. Additionally, this Mini Power Bank has dual power output and has Fast Charging capabilities of up to 2.1A.

On its screen, it’ll let you know the remaining battery life as it charges your phone. We also find the all-black design to be very sleek and fashionable. While this is an OEM model, the manufacturer has taken extra care with a total of 9 safety functions to ensure safe operation.

This Mini Power Bank has the best size to battery capacity ratio. If you’re looking for an extremely portable and space-saving power bank, you should get it.

Anker A1231 PowerCore Slim Power Bank

Anker is viewed as one of the leading brands for power banks in the world. They are known for their high-quality, reliability and safety. Therefore, you won’t go wrong if you choose the Anker A1231 PowerCore to be your power bank. The confidence that Anker has in their product is seen by their 18-months local warranty. Additionally, this power bank is sold by the Anker Flagship Store, which means you are definitely getting an original one.

Among all the Anker power banks, the A1231 is the slimmest and most portable. It has a weight of 212g and dimensions of 14.9cm by 7.8cm by 1.4cm. It can charge at speeds of up to 3A using a USB-C connection. There’s also a trickle charging mode that is good for charging devices like earphones to match the voltage better.

With more than 30million satisfied Anker users around the world, the Anker A1231 PowerCore is bound to satisfy you too!

Anker Nintendo Switch Power Bank

Best power bank for Nintendo Switch

Love playing on your Nintendo Switch for hours but always running out of battery? The Anker Nintendo Switch Power Bank will solve that problem for you. It is the result of a special collaboration between Anker and Nintendo. This power bank to optimized to the specific power needs of your Nintendo Switch.

It has a total capacity of 20100mAh which let you charge your Nintendo Switch from 0 to 100 about 2.5 times. It’ll give 15 more hours more playtime for your favourite game. At the same time, you can also use this Anker Power Bank to charge your other devices such as your smartphone and tablet too.

This Anker Nintendo Switch Power Bank is more expensive than your typical power bank. But for a specialized power bank for your precious Nintendo Switch, we think it is worth paying more for quality.

Solar Power Bank

Best power bank for outdoors

Thinking of going to the outdoors? Then you should definitely get the Solar Power Bank. With it, you can actually charge it under the sun. While the charge rate is not fast, it’ll still give you vital battery when you need it. On average, if you need to charge it for about 40 to 50 hours under strong sunlight for it to go from 0 to 100%. Honestly, this isn’t the most efficient way of charging. But it can be an energy-saving feature if you let it charge through solar a couple of hours a day.

This Solar Power Bank is built very sturdily to allow it to survive the rough outdoors. It is resistant against small water droplets, dust and shock-proof too. Additionally, it has useful features for the outdoors, such as a lighter and also LED lighting that can serve as your light source. With a total battery capacity of 15000mAh, it can be your light source for a pretty long time too.

If you’re an outdoor junkie, this Solar Power Bank will be the perfect power bank for your adventures. With its solar charging and wide-ranging features, it still comes at a very reasonable price – so get it now!

Why should you get a power bank?

A power bank allows you to keep your electronics charged up all the time. You won’t ever run out of a battery within the day as long as a power bank is with you. This is especially important if you use your devices heavily for watching videos or gaming.

A power bank is very portable and easy to bring around. Most power banks weigh around 200g to 400g. It is only slighter heavier than a typical phone. In terms of dimensions, they are usually slim and sleek. Therefore, you can easily carry the power bank around in your bag or even pockets.

You can get a power bank for a very cheap price. While there are premium brands like Samsung and Anker, which do cost more than RM150, there are much more affordable options that are low RM50. With all the benefits of a power bank, this is a very reasonable price to pay.

How to choose the best power bank?

Battery capacity

The first thing you should consider when buying a power bank is how big the capacity you need. Power banks come from as small as 5000mAh to 30000mAh. The larger the capacity, the more you can charge your devices without running out of battery. On average, to charge a smartphone from 0 to 100%, it’ll take anywhere from 5000mAh to 8000mAh. Our recommendation would be to get a power bank with at least 10000mAh. If you require larger capacities, go for one with 30000mAh.

Size and weight

The size and weight of the power bank closely correlate to its battery capacity. The larger capacity power banks will weigh more and have a larger footprint. On average, a 10000mAh power bank would weigh around 250g. For a larger 30000mAh power bank, it will weigh around 500g. However, this size concern is not such a big worry because most new power banks are designed to be slim and lightweight.

Charging speeds

Some power banks are equipped with Fast Charge technology which delivers power at about 2 to 3 times faster. If you want fast charging speeds, definitely go for a power bank with Fast or Quick Charging. If you don’t mind slower charging, you can go for a regular power bank which will cost less. There are also power banks which are equipped with wireless charging technology. Before buying those, make sure that your phone is compatible with wireless charging.


There are many different brands of power banks in Malaysia. You can go for very established brands like Samsung and Anker. However, very established brands are likely to be more expensive. There are more value-for-money options like Xiaomi and Pineng which are among the cheapest power banks. At the same time, their power banks are highly popular and have thousands of reviews by real users in Malaysia.


You can get a power bank for as little as RM30. At the same time, there are power banks which cost more than RM300. As you can see, the price range for power banks is pretty wide. Brands like Pineng as available for RM30 to RM80. Xiaomi is slightly pricey at RM50 and up. Next up are brands like Anker which cost at least RM120.


It is essential to get a power bank that is covered by warranty. If anything goes wrong, you can get your power bank fixed and exchanged. Also, having a local warranty gives you peace of mind because it shows you that the seller or manufacturer believes in the quality of the power bank. We do not recommend getting a power bank that does not have a warranty. Most power banks we recommend come with at least a 6-months warranty with some covered for as long as 2 years.