15 Best Pressure Cookers in Malaysia (2020) For Fast & Delicious Meals

Cooking up a delicious meal is super quick with a pressure cooker. For recipes like stews and soups, a pressure cooker can complete it in less than an hour. On the contrary, it would take you 2 to 4 hours to get it done on the stove. With the popularity of electric pressure cookers, it has also made pressure cooking much easier.

To help you choose the right pressure cooker, we have searched the entire internet. Here are the best pressure cookers you can buy in Malaysia!

Philips Electric Pressure Cooker HD2139
  • Preset cooking menus for convenience
  • Non-stick inner pot for easy cleanup
  • Automatic pressure release that is safe

The Philips Electric Pressure Cooker HD2139 is one of the most popular pressure cookers in Malaysia. It is easy to understand why. Every Philips product we have used is always well-designed, functional and decently-priced – so is this pressure cooker.

We like how there are preset menus which you can select from so you won’t have to adjust the time and pressure manually. From rice, chicken, beef, congee, soup and even cake, it’ll make cooking as easy as a piece of cake.

With its automatic pressure-release function, it’ll release the pressure once your food is done. That means your food gets ready faster and saves you the trouble of needing to release the pressure. We highly recommend this quality Philips Electric Pressure Cooker!

Midea Pressure Cooker MY-CH502A
  • Quick and efficient cooking
  • 7 preset menus to choose from
  • 10 safety features to protect you

With a pressure that goes up to 40KPa, the Midea Pressure Cooker MY-CH502A will cook up yummy meals in no time. It is a multifunctional pressure cooker that can cook anything from rice to meat. Also, it comes with 2 different non-stick pots – one for rice/porridge and the other for soups/meat.

Some of us might be a little worried when using a pressure cooker. But don’t worry as this Midea Pressure Cooker has 10 different safety mechanisms to ensure you are always safe. Some of the safety mechanisms are the anti blockage protection, overheat protection and pressure relief device. So you can use this pressure cooker worry-free to cook up nutritious meals for your family in ultra-quick time.

Russell Taylors Electric Pressure Cooker

Cheap pressure cooker in Malaysia

  • Super affordable price for a pressure cooker
  • Perfect cooking results every time
  • 70% faster cooking than usual methods

If you are searching for a cheap pressure cooker, the Russell Taylors Electric Pressure Cooker is perfect. It comes at under RM200 and can be even cheaper during sale periods. At the same time, its performance is equivalent to some of the more expensive models.

With this pressure cooker, you’ll be able to whip up meals 70% faster than other cooking methods. Ever wanted to make a stew? Normally, that would take 5 to 6 hours. Now, you only need less than an hour for super tender meat and deeply delicious stew. You won’t regret getting this value-for-money pressure cooker!

Ewant Electric Pressure Cooker
  • 8 different cooking functions
  • Delayed cooking setting for up to 24 hours
  • Keep warm feature

The Ewant Electric Pressure Cooker is another value-for-money buy that you won’t want to miss out on. With more than 800 positive ratings on Lazada, you know that you’re getting an excellent pressure cooker.

This Ewant Pressure Cooker can cook 8 different menus based on its preset. You can also manually adjust the timing and pressure settings to suit the recipe you’re following. 

With a delayed timer for up to 24 hours, it becomes very convenient to plan your meals and cooking time. Furthermore, it has a keep-warm function which keeps your food fresh and hot for whenever you’re ready to eat. This pressure cooker is the definition of good and cheap!

Philips Pressure Cooker HD2137
  • Pressure or slow cook with amazing results
  • Multiple menu functions from stewing to baking
  • Saute and sear for one-pot cooking

Want to make an entire meal in a single pot? That dream is now a reality with the Philips Pressure Cooker HD2137. Besides having many different preset menus from soups, stew to even yoghurt making, it also has the important sear and saute function.

This means you can now saute onions, garlic or sear your meat in the pressure cooker itself. Being able to do this is not just convenient but also makes your meal taste better as it gives you the ability to layer flavours better.

The Philips Pressure Cooker HD2137 can also work as a slow cooker if you want to slowly stew anything. With its multiple functions that are designed for convenience, this Philips Pressure Cooker will be a great fit for your kitchen.

Primada Pressure Cooker PC6010
  • Super fast cooking
  • Large capacity of 6 litres
  • Energy savings of up to 40%

Imagine being able to cook up a tender and delicious meat stew in 30 minutes. You can do just that with the powerful Primada Pressure Cooker. It offers you the superpower of whipping up chef-level meals with a push of a button.

With a large capacity of 6 litres, you will be able to make meals for a medium to a large family with zero problems. To visualize, in its 6-litre capacity, you’ll be able to cook up 12 cups of rice. So don’t worry about not having enough space. Another plus point is its energy-saving capabilities which can reduce electricity usage by up to 40%.

Noxxa Pressure Cooker
  • Big 8 litre inner pot capacity
  • 10 cooking functions with one click
  • Accurate temperature control

At 8L, the Noxxa Pressure Cooker is one of the largest you’ll find. With its size, you can fit in an entire meal for a family of 6 to 8. That makes it the best pressure cooker if you have a large family.

It has an extensive cooking menu to choose from. Within those menus, you can also customize the time and temperature settings for added precision. Once you set it, its smart memory will remember your favourite settings and keep it for next time. The entire cooking process will feel very smooth and convenient.

You can even stir fry dishes in this pressure cooker. When stir-frying or slow cooking, you can set the exact temperature you want to get the results you need. The Noxxa Pressure Cooker truly feels like the complete kitchen appliance.

Sharp KQA60RD Pressure Cooker
  • Beautiful striking red finish
  • Cooks rice, beans, meat, porridge and stews

With its beautiful red exterior, the Sharp KQA60RD certainly stands out from the regular boring silver pressure cooker. It will definitely add some style points to your kitchen and become the centrepiece of it.

Also, it adds some points to your cooking skills. With its simple to use functions, you’ll be able to make anything from soups, rice, stews, meats and beans perfectly all the time. Once you put the ingredients in, let it do its work while you sit back and relax. All you need to do is to dish it out on a plate and voila, dinner is served.

Cornell Pressure Cooker CPC-E60C
  • Multifunctional - pressure, slow cook, steam
  • Cookbook with 16 yummy recipes
  • Secured by 9 safety features

The Cornell Pressure Cooker CPC-E60C is not just a pressure cooker. It is also a multi-cooker, slow cooker and steamer. With all these functionalities, it can easily replace 2 to 3 appliances in your kitchen.

If you are new to pressure cooking, you’ll love that it comes with a recipe book. Inside, there are 16 yummy recipes that are easy to follow. It’s a great introduction to pressure cooking and helps you to build confidence in using it. Embrace the wonders of pressure cooking with this Cornell Pressure Cooker today!

Butterfly Pressure Cooker
  • From 4.5L to a massive 16.5L
  • Half the price of an electric pressure cooker
  • Very fast cooking times

So far, we have been talking about electric pressure cookers. But if you are looking for a manual pressure cooker, check out the Butterfly Pressure Cooker. It comes in many sizes, from 4.5L up to a humongous 16.5L. If you are unsure of which to get, we recommend the 5.5L or 8.5L model.

So why should you get a stovetop pressure cooker? There are two main reasons. Firstly, it is much cheaper than the electric version – usually half the price. Secondly, a stovetop pressure cooker can build up pressure faster. This means faster cooking times. If you are a fan of stovetop pressure cookers, Butterfly is the brand we recommend.

Tefal Home Chef Smart Pro IH Multi Cooker
  • Reduces cooking time without compromising on flavour
  • 19 pre-set programs for versatility and ease of use
  • Removable parts for easy washing and cleaning up

The Tefal Home Chef Smart Pro IH Multi Cooker comes with a spherical pot that is easily detachable for a quick wash up after you’re done with it. With 19 pre-set programs, you can easily get creative or even be inspired to come up with a diverse culinary menu for your friends and family. You can also do sous-vide with this multi-cooker. Get the Tefal Home Chef Smart Pro IH Multi Cooker today!

Breville BPR700 Pressure Multicooker
  • Safe to use with 3-way system steam release
  • Fast Slow Pro function to bring out maximum flavour and best textures
  • Programs for specific dishes for ease of usage

The Breville BPR700 Pressure Multicooker features an easy to use program selection LED screen that allows you to select the type of dish you’re cooking and the preferred pressure cooking level. This multicooker adopts a Fast Slow Pro function that alternates automatically between pressure and slow cooking. What this does is bring out all the flavours and gives you the most tender results in less time required in total. You not only get to impress your family and friends but also spend more time with them once cooking time is significantly reduced. This also has a 3-way steam release system, so rest assured that this cooker values safety first! Elevate your status in the kitchen with the Breville BPR700 Pressure Multicooker.

Giselle Digital Pressure Cooker
  • Convenient cooker that replaces all other pans and pots
  • Multi-functional program for endless possibility
  • Disassembles for easy washing

The Giselle Digital Pressure Cooker does what Doraemon is able to do with his magic pouch. It not only is able to deep fry, saute, defrost and pressure cook; it can even cook rice or congee and or even a cake. One Giselle cooker replaces all your other pans and pots and renders all of them redundant immediately. There are in total 22 pre-set programs so all you need is one press of the button, and you’re good to go. The inner pot is made of aluminum alloy which ensures its quality and durability. You can cook with ease and like a pro with the Giselle Digital Pressure Cooker.

Birkeshire Multi Pressure Cooker PC-260-M
  • Fuss-free cooking for ultimate juicy and tender meat
  • Gives you space-saving by eliminating other cooking equipment
  • Non-stick inner pot for easy cleaning

The Birkeshire Multi Pressure Cooker is priced at a reasonable price point without compromising on its functions and quality. Offering 36 pre-set programs and the option to customize your own, you get to experiment with different forms of cooking to bring out the best of your dishes. The non-stick inner pot is triple-coated, and this durability will ensure that cleaning up is always a breeze. This doubles up to be a saute pan, rice cooker and even food warmer. You won’t regret getting the Birkeshire Multi Pressure Cooker PC-260-M.

Trio Pressure Cooker TPC-1835
  • Spring valve to ensure safety from steam
  • Even heating for the best results
  • Well-coated inner pot for longevity

The Trio Pressure Cooker TPC-1835 has a minimalistic design and is straightforward to use. The silicone sealing ring ensures an air-tight ensemble that sets out to pressure cook. With pressure cooking that has been designed to bring out the most flavour of your ingredients, you get great and consistent results in half or one-third of the usual time! The pot comes with an advanced coating technology that ensures even heat distribution for best results consistently. For an elegantly designed cooker that is easy to use, you have to get the Trio Pressure Cooker TPC-1835.

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