8 Best Probiotics in Malaysia (2023) For Good Health

Probiotics can play an essential role in improving our gut health and immune system. Probiotics can boost healthy and friendly bacteria which lives in our gut. Some other potential benefits that probiotics that bring are weight loss, improvement of IBS, prevention of diarrhoea, improvement of brain and heart health. It is no wonder that a growing number of people in Malaysia are using probiotics as a daily supplement.

If this is your first time trying a probiotic, you may be unsure as to which one to get. To help you, we have gone through dozens of probiotics to shortlist the ones we think are the best for you. Here are the best probiotics you can buy in Malaysia today!

Nature's Bounty Acidophilus Probiotic

Nature’s Bounty Acidophilus Probiotic is a wonderful choice, especially if this is the first time you are taking a probiotic supplement. Each pill contains a total of 100 million active cultures at the time of manufacture. This may sound like a lot, but it is a good amount that isn’t too overwhelming for a first-time user.

The manufacturer recommends that you take a tablet daily. Once you open this bottle, do remember to refrigerate it as it’ll help keep the active cultures alive for better effectiveness. With daily use, you should experience an improvement in your digestive health and also a strengthened immunity.

This Nature’s Bounty Probiotics is by a well-trusted brand with more than 40 years of experience. There are no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, preservatives in this probiotics.

Nature’s Bounty Acidophilus Probiotic is one of the most affordable probiotics available. You get 120 tablets for less than RM50 which is a terrific deal for a quality product. The low price combined with good quality is why we highly recommend this probiotic for first-timers.

Atomy Probiotics 10+

Best probiotics power

If you want your probiotics in a powder form, then definitely go for the Atomy Probiotics 10+. It adds a dash of flavour to your probiotics supplement with a refreshing orange taste. To take it, you can either pour it in your mouth directly or mix it with water. Our preferred option is to mix it with water so that you can enjoy it like a glass of orange juice. It goes really well with a meal!

The Atomy Probiotics 10+ is one of the strongest probiotics in the market. Each packet contains a total of 3 billion probiotics made up of 12 strains of probiotics. Besides probiotics, it also contains several natural health ingredients such as kimchi, banana, ginger, prune, strawberry, and apple. With a wide range of beneficial probiotics and ingredients, you get a wide range of health benefits too. Some benefits are better mental health, skin, heart health, lung health, stomach health, and of course, gut health.

The Atomy Probiotics 10+ is an extremely popular option in Korea. Finally, it is available in Malaysia now. So don’t miss out on this potent probiotics powder!

OHMS Probiotics Gold

The OHMS Probiotics Gold is the result of more than 30 years in research by Dr Iichiroh Ohhira. He has succeeded in blending up a probiotics mix which adapts to our body’s unique probiotics strains. There are 12 different strains of lactobacillus & bifidobacteria that are combined with a power of 900 million CFU per capsule.

The process of making the OHMS Probiotics Gold is a long and tedious process. It takes a few years of fermentation in the special temperatures of Okayama in Japan for this probiotics to reach its final state. That is why this probiotic does cost more than most of the other options out there. However, the price is worth it because you are getting a product that will tailor itself to your specific probiotic needs.

With the extra effectiveness of this probiotics, here are some of the health benefits that users have seen. It can help significantly with diarrhoea and constipation. Concurrently, other possible benefits include faster recovery from fungal infection, pneumonia and dengue.

If you want a high-quality probiotic that is tailored for your body, the OHMS Probiotics Gold will give you the best effect.

21st Century Probiotics

Best probiotics for acid reflux

If you have acid or gastric reflux, a probiotics supplement like the 21st Century Probiotics could be the answer to your problems. With its 8 billion probiotics in each pill, it can ease your stomach discomfort, bloating and gas. These probiotics cultures are stored within a vegetarian capsule and comes alive once it touches your stomach gastric juices. Once this process happens, you’ll find your gastric issues quickly eased. This new formulation also has added prebiotics which strengthens the effect of the probiotics.

For probiotics that are manufactured in the United States, the 21st Century Probiotics is a very affordable option. The manufacturing process has been certified under the Good Manufacturing Practice. Additionally, their factory has been strictly audited by the US Food and Drug Administration.

For effective relief of gastric issues such as acid reflux, we highly recommend trying out the 21st Century Probiotics.

Biogrow Probiotics Capsules

The Biogrow Probiotics Capsules may not have the most number of probiotics strains or cultures in a single capsule. However, it ensures that the probiotics reach your stomach in a healthy state so that you can reap its full benefits. Biogrow can achieve this thanks to their Probiocap Microencapsulation Technology. Through this process, the probiotics are protected from heat, shock and acid.

Each capsule of the Biogrow Probiotics Capsules has 2 billion CFU with comprises of 3 strains of probiotics – Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Bifidobacterium longum. These probiotic strains are able to improve your gut and intestinal health which are vital for a healthy life.

If you want a probiotic that you can get the most of out, the well-encapsulated Biogrow Probiotics Capsules is the right one for you.

Bio-Life AB Junior Pre & Probiotics

Best probiotics for kids

The number of probiotics supplements for kids is limited because most probiotics are only available in capsule form. With the Bio-Life AB Junior Pre & Probiotics, you can give your child all the benefits of probiotics in an easy-to-drink powder form. With its delicious taste, your kid will love it!

This powder contains both probiotics and also prebiotics. The 3 strains included are Lactobacillus acidophilus LA5, Bifidobacterium lactis BB12 and chicory inulin. Essentially, your child’s gut and gastrointestinal health will be improved. It may also help in increasing his or her appetite, which is essential for a growing child.

If you are looking for a probiotic for your child, definitely get the Bio-Life AB Junior Pre & Probiotics!

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Women’s Probiotics

Best probiotics for women

While most probiotics are made for both genders in mind, having a probiotic which caters specifically to your gender’s needs is definitely a plus point. If you’re a lady looking for probiotics, we would highly recommend the Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Women’s Probiotics.

In terms of probiotics strength, it has 50 billion CFU in one tablet which consists of 16 different strains of probiotics. These probiotics help to maintain one’s gut, intestinal and immune health. 2 of the probiotics included, the L. reuteri and L. fermentum are unique in that they improve vaginal health.

This probiotic is made to be shelf-stable and does not require any refrigeration which makes it convenient to keep or bring around. It is also hypoallergenic and does not consist of any dairy, gluten or soy.

Given that the Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Women’s Probiotics is made especially for women, it should be the top choice for any lady who’s buying a probiotics supplement.

MegaLive FloraMax Probiotics

With a total of 19 strains of probiotics, the MegaLive FloraMax Probiotics has one of the most diverse probiotics supplements in the market. When comparing it to other options this is a 100% improvement over the average probiotic capsule.

With more strains, it generally means it has a broader range of positive health benefits. For example, this probiotics can improve your digestion, nutrient absorption and immunity which are pretty standard benefits. However, it also can reduce lactose intolerance, improve UTIs and improve your bowel movements.

The probiotics cultures are freeze-dried to keep their effectiveness. Additionally, they can withstand strong acid levels found in our stomach and stay alive. This means you’ll be getting the majority of the benefits into your system.

If you’re seeking a well-round probiotic with a wide range of health benefits, the MegaLive FloraMax Probiotics would be an excellent choice!

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