11 Best Projectors in Malaysia (2023) From Just RM159

With Netflix and Apple TV+, you now get easy access to all your favourite movies, TV series and dramas at your fingertip right from the comforts of your home. If you add a projector into the mix, your home viewing experience will be complete. You’d probably not be able to go back to that tiny little TV or laptop screen that you’ve been using for so long! You may be wondering if a projector would actually work, especially if you have space constraint. The good news is that there are a variety of projectors that are tailor-made to suit all kinds of spaces, and some are even made to impress at business settings.

We have helped you narrow down to the best projectors that you can consider purchasing for your own personal home theatre or office use. Here are the best projectors that you can get in Malaysia today!

Epson EB-S41 Projector

The Epson EB-S41 Projector is one of the best performers in terms of its price to quality ratio. At a highly affordable price tag, it has the ability to project high-quality images that makes the projection come to life. Be it re-watching your favourite blockbuster or giving a persuasive business presentation with different moving elements using this projector; you’re sure to feel that the projections are truly vivid and larger than life. This is thanks to its great contrast and the white and colour light output of 3,300 lumens and 3 LCD technology. It is also able to achieve up to a 350-inch display!

The plus point about this projector that it is lightweight and makes for great portability. You can simply carry it in its case and set it up and align it easily with the keystone slider. The Epson EB-S41 Projector is a fuss-free yet high-quality projector that will capture any audience’s attention.

Epson EB-X05 Projector

The Epson EB-X05 Projector comes with a lamp light source that is long-lasting as Epson claims that you can watch a film daily for the next 15 years. This longevity makes this a worthy purchase as it gives you a long-term solution. With a high contrasting ratio of 15,000:1, you get highly vivid images with defined shadows projected onto the screen. Inbuilt with the 3LCD technology, you get a white and colour light output of 3,300 lumens for impressively sharp and high-quality resolution. You’d never miss out the minute details with this clarity!

As this projection supports Wi-Fi connectivity, you can even project content from your smartphone or iPad using Epson’s iProjection app. This makes for great convenience and seamless connectivity, especially at a business meeting. Check out the price of the Epson EB-X05 Projector on Lazada today!

Mirval Y6 Portable Projector

The Mirval Y6 Portable Projector is truly a portable device with its dimensions of 25cm by 17cm with a height of 8cm. It is compact and lightweight and makes for a great on-the-go projector. It also comes with a built-in speaker so all you need is just this one projector to get your projection going on the big screen. It gives a clear resolution that portrays the colours of the images vividly. It is able to support up to 1080p. With an inbuilt cooling system, the noise generated by the projector is greatly reduced to prevent any disturbances.

The LED light bulb can last for up to 30,000 hours before it needs to get replaced, and this gives you great lifespan. It is compatible with laptop, PS4 or any android boxes, so you get a variety of connectivity options for your home entertainment! The Mirval Y6 Portable Projector will be a great addition in your bedroom, so just get it today without any hesitations!

Xiaomi Fengmi 4K Projector

Best short throw projector

The Xiaomi Fengmi 4K Projector is the answer to assuage all your space-constraints concerns. With a super short-focus functionality, all it needs is 24cm from the projection screen or wall to project up to a 100-inch display! This means that you won’t have to rack your brains trying to think where to place the projector just to get that big screen that you’ve always longed for. With the capability to handle 4K resolution, you’d also be getting high definition and vivid projection so that the colours look vibrant and alive. You’d also be able to appreciate the smaller minute on-screen details.

Xiaomi has also thrown in the intelligent cooling system to regulate the temperature of the projector. This ensures that the internal system doesn’t get too hot and prolongs the longevity of the projector! There is also an eye-protection mode to reduce the glare and this is great, especially if you have kids at home. For a decent projection at a great price point, you have to consider getting the Xiaomi Fengmi 4K Projector.

BANOSS YG300 4K Projector

Cheapest projector

The BANOSS YG300 4K Projector is an easy to use and fuss-free projector that is great for casual use at home. It is lightweight and can be moved from the living room to your bedroom or even to the kitchen easily. This also comes with a remote control so that you can control it from the comforts of your couch! It also has been designed to have great ventilation and optimal heat dissipation with minimal noise generated.

If you have kids at home and want to play cartoons or educational programs for them, this would definitely be a great addition! It is also compatible with AV, HDMI and USB connectivity. With such functionality, the BANOSS YG300 4K Projector is certainly unrivalled as compared to its peers in the same price bracket!

BenQ MX550 DLP Projector

The BenQ MX550 DLP Projector is a high-performing projector that promises to deliver crisp and vibrant true-to-life colours on the big screen. It comes with a 3600 ANSI lumen high brightness and a ratio of 20,000 to 1 high native contrast. The lens are crafted with precision so that you get crystal-clear projections. With these outstanding specifications, your business presentation or home theatre is guaranteed to be electrifying.

This has an energy-efficient EcoSmart technology which reduces the use of electricity by 70% for the same results. It also offers dual HDMI ports so that you can easily switch from one device to the other without having to go through the hassle of switching the plugs. Close your deals with the BenQ MX550 DLP Projector today!

Acer X1123HP Projector

The Acer X1123HP Projector is a top-notch projector with 3600 lumens and supports a high resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels display. It has a contrast ratio of 20,000 to 1 and a throw ratio of 1.96 to 2.15. This is an excellent throw ratio, which means you won’t need too much space to project to a large screen. At a weight of 2.4kg, it can be carried around easily from room to room.

If you’re conscious about prolonging the lifespan of the lamp light source, you can opt for the ExtremEco mode feature that conserves the energy, and this gives you up to 15,000 hours of lamp lifespan! It also has an all-black body that makes it look really sleek. You won’t regret getting the Acer X1123HP Projector.

Viewsonic X10-4K Short Throw Projector

The Viewsonic X10-4K Short Throw Projector belongs to the elite class with ultra-high-definition LED technology and the Harman Kardon in-built speakers. This is coupled with one of the shortest throw ratios of 0.8 that we have seen, which means that space constraints are no longer a valid concern at all.

At the same time, it is a smart projector with auto-focus and auto-keystone calibration for a fuss-free setup! You can also control the projector using your voice, which means hands-free and all done possibly remotely. As it has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, it is compatible with many devices. For an unrivalled home theatre experience, you have to get the Viewsonic X10-4K Short Throw Projector.

Sony VPL-DX271 Projector

The Sony VPL-DX271 Projector is able to project bright and clear presentations or short clips, even in a brightly-lit room. This makes it a great option for classrooms or meeting rooms in the day setting. With a 3,600 lumens colour light output, this projection is definitely not joking around and is sure to meet your expectations. It also has dual HDMI ports so that you can connect different devices ahead of your presentation for a seamless transition.

With a stylish and compact design, it is a sleek addition to any room. Weighing just below 3kg, it is also quite easy to move it around. If you’re rushing off to the next meeting, you’d be happy to know that this has a Quick Power Off which makes it shut down within 10 seconds! Check out the price of the Sony VPL-DX271 Projector on Lazada today!

Viewsonic M1 Portable Projector

Best portable projector

The Viewsonic M1 Portable Projector fits snugly in your palm and makes for the best on-the-go projector. It is super lightweight too and comes with a built-in battery that offers up to 6 hours of playback time per full charge! The smart stand supports the projector and can rotate up to 360-degree depending on where you want to project on. There’s no need for a separate tripod to set it up whatsoever!

This comes with Harman Kardon speakers which means that there is absolutely no compromise to the audio quality. You get an enhanced and augmented viewing and crisp sound experience. For the best portable projector, you have to get the Viewsonic M1 Portable Projector.

Mirval YG500 Mini LED Projector

The Mirval YG500 Mini LED Projector has been amped up and upgraded to be an all-new improved version of itself. It now supports Wi-Fi wireless mirroring screen, which adds onto the connectivity options for projection. You can simply use your smartphone now to project onto the big screen! With 2800 lumens, you also get clear and crisp projections that look vivid and lifelike.

This Mirval projector is also able to support a resolution of up to a 1280 x 720 pixels. It also has a built-in stereo speaker that delivers high-quality sound. In addition, it has ports for HDMI, VGA, USB, AV and MicroSD, which gives you great connectivity options. You only need the Mirval YG500 Mini LED Projector to complete your home viewing needs!