14 Best Rice Cookers in Malaysia (2020) For Fluffy and Delicious Rice

Rice is very much a staple food for us. We can have rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A good rice cooker can ensure that the cooked rice turns out perfectly each time. Just think about it, rice that is always fluffy, warm and fragrant and complements just about any dish or gravy.

If you’re wondering whether there is such a godlike rice cooker in existence, you’d be happy to know that we’ve helped you shortlist the best ones in Malaysia. Here are the best rice cookers that you can find in Singapore!

Panasonic Rice Cooker SR-E28A
  • Fuss-free and reliable for perfectly cooked rice
  • Doubles up to boil soup or steam dishes
  • Keep warm function for warm rice

The Panasonic Rice Cooker SR-E28A is designed to be a fuss-free rice cooker that produces perfectly cooked and fluffy rice. It has a 2.8L capacity and enables you to cook for a medium-sized family. At the same time, you can even boil soup or steam fish in this rice cooker. This gives you ultimate versatility, all with just one equipment. Its lid is entirely made of metal, which means it can withstand high heat safely.

As it has a keep-warm function, you can cook your rice ahead and this rice cooker can keep it warm until it’s time to eat. You definitely get a reliable and quality rice cooker with the Panasonic Rice Cooker SR-E28A.

Tefal Mini Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker
  • Fuzzy logic technology for variety of cooking options
  • Preset function for convenience
  • Compact and easy to store

The Tefal Mini Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker comes with a 5-layer and 2-mm thick ceramic pot for even cooking. The diamond coating prevents the food from sticking to the base. Employing the Fuzzy Logic technology, this mini rice cooker is adept at cooking a variety of different kinds of rice. The menu comes with 11 preset programs which allow you to cook brown rice, porridge or even instant noodles!

If you find that you lack space in your kitchen cabinets, this Tefal mini rice cooker has a compact design that allows you to store it easily. The small size also prevents you from overcooking and unnecessary wastage of food. For a durable and high-quality rice cooker, look no further than the Tefal Mini Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker.

Philips Daily Collection Jar Rice Cooker HD3115
  • Smart heating technology for even cooking
  • Large capacity for big families
  • Keep warm function up to 5 hours for convenience

The Philips Daily Collection Jar Rice Cooker HD3115 is an excellent option for bigger families. With a 1.8L capacity, it can cook up a feast for up to 12 people. As it uses a smart heating system, each grain of rice is enveloped in the evenly distributed heat and cooks well. This means that you can cook a large portion at one go without compromising on the quality and taste of the rice!

As it can keep the rice warm for up to 5 hours, you can prepare the rice first before you start preparing the dishes with this rice cooker. This allows you to plan your cooking in advance so that there is less scrambling nearer dinner time. Simplify your cooking routine with the Philips Daily Collection Jar Rice Cooker HD3115.

Khind RC918 Rice Cooker With Steamer
  • Specialises in fluffy rice without crust
  • Comes with steam tray for convenience
  • Easy to use and fuss free

The Khind RC918 Rice Cooker With Steamer is a no-nonsense rice cooker and is designed specifically for the crust-free camp. This Khind rice cooker ensures that every grain of the rice is cooked and remains soft without getting overly crisp at the bottom. You can also steam vegetables or meat with the steam tray to save time and effort!

With only one button to activate the cooking of rice and a switch to start it up, this rice cooker is straightforward and easy to use. It has a cooking capacity of 1.8L and is suitable for family of 4 to 6. If you belong to the crust-free rice camp, you will surely love this Khind RC918 Rice Cooker With Steamer.

Cornell Buffalo Jar Rice Cooker
  • 5 presets for versatility in cooking
  • Optimal heat distribution technology for fluffy rice
  • Energy-efficient for reduced electricity consumption

The Cornell Buffalo Jar Rice Cooker has a dual heating element that allows it to distribute heat evenly and efficiently to cook the rice. This helps to reduce electricity consumption and at the same time ensure that rice is cooked perfectly every time! You can also use this Cornell rice cooker for cooking porridge or soup and steam vegetables or meat. It also comes with a keep-warm function so that your rice won’t turn cold if it’s cooked beforehand.

With a capacity of 1.0L, this rice cooker is relatively compact and can cook for up to 5 portions. It is easy to use and there are 3 signals that indicate clearly whether the cooker is cooking, keep warm or in porridge-cooking mode. For a conventional rice cooker that guarantees quality and efficiency, the Cornell Buffalo Jar Rice Cooker is a top contender.

Toshiba RC-18NMFIM 1.8L Digital Rice Cooker
  • Smart rice cooker for perfectly cooked rice
  • 10 cooking presets for versatility
  • Non-stick pot and easy to clean

The Toshiba RC-18NMFIM 1.8L Digital Rice Cooker is a smart rice cooker. It comes inbuilt with the microcomputer control to regulate and monitor the optimal temperature to cook your rice. This allows it to cook a mixture of rice grains at the same time without over or under-cooking one type. Its pot is non-stick and is easy to clean up after cooking.

If you like to get creative in your kitchen, this will be a plus point because you can even bake cakes or breads with this cooker. It has a preset baking and fermentation mode which allows you to prepare the dough all with just this Toshiba cooker. You can experiment all you want with different recipes with the Toshiba RC-18NMFIM 1.8L Digital Rice Cooker.

Elba Mini Rice Cooker ERC-D1233
  • Mini and compact for convenience and portability
  • Able to stew soup and cook porridge

The Elba Mini Rice Cooker ERC-D1233 has a compact design and a handle, which allows it to double up as an electrical lunch box. You can carry this around easily, and it can cook for up to 3 portions of rice. In addition, it is also able to stew soup and boil porridge so you can mix it up just with this one cooker.

The inner pot is coated and is non-stick, so it is easy to clean and durable. This Elba cooker is basic functionality in a bite-sized package but suffices adequately to cook rice. It can also keep warm so that your food won’t turn cold. Simplify your meal preparation with the Elba Mini Rice Cooker ERC-D1233.

Pensonic PRC-6E Rice Cooker
  • See-through glass lid for ease of cooking
  • Keep warm function for convenience
  • Easy to use and clean

The Pensonic PRC-6E Rice Cooker is yet another decent compact rice cooker that is suitable if you’re living on your own. With a small pot with a capacity of 0.6L, it cooks a perfect portion for 1 to 2 servings. It has a minimalistic design with one press down button to activate the cooking and keep warm modes. You can also monitor the progress of the rice without having to disrupt the cooking with the see-through glass lid.

As its inner pot is coated and non-stick, you can wash up easily after your meal without hard scrubbing or effort. Cooking for yourself can be straightforward and easy; all you need is the Pensonic PRC-6E Rice Cooker.

Midea Rice Cooker MG-GP18B

Cheapest rice cooker in Malaysia

  • Aluminium inner pot for durable use
  • Easy to use with simple press-down button

The Midea Rice Cooker MG-GP18B wins hands down and gives you more quality than its very affordable price tag. The inner pot is made of aluminium and the lid is made of stainless steel. Both materials ensure that this rice cooker will durable and can last you for a long time.

It has a straightforward design and compact body, which makes it fuss-free and easy to use. All it takes is a press of the button to get it cooking, and you’d get warm and fluffy rice in no time. If you’re budget conscious, you should consider this Midea Rice Cooker MG-GP18B.

Milux Mini Rice Cooker MRC-703
  • Multifunctional for versatility in cooking
  • Ergonomically and thoughtful design for ease of use

The Milux Mini Rice Cooker MRC-703 has a beautiful design and will fit right in if you have a stylishly furnished kitchen. It comes with 5 preset programs that allow you not only to cook rice but porridge, noodles, soup and steam vegetables or meat! It has a non-stick coated inner pot which prevents the rice from sticking to the base. You can easily take out the pot to clean and wash.

You can also monitor the progress of the cooking as it comes with a glass lid that is transparent. The tempered glass ensures the safety of use with heat and there is a convenient handle to lift it up without burning yourself. This provides convenience and ease of use. The Milux Mini Rice Cooker MRC-703 is an affordable option that will satisfy your basic cooking requirements.

Faber FRC 210 Rice Cooker
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Keep warm mode for added convenience

The Faber FRC 210 Rice Cooker is certified to be safe to use and promises a reliable rice cooking performance. It has an entirely white and stainless steel design that is minimalistic and pleasing to the eyes. All you need to do is press the button to cook or keep the rice warm, it is as easy to use as that!

It has a compact design so you can easily take it out to use and store when you’re done. If you’re looking for a fuss-free option, the Faber FRC 210 Rice Cooker should definitely exceed your expectations.

Electrolux Rice Cooker ERC1300
  • Non-stick for easy cleaning after
  • Large capacity to cook for bigger families
  • One-touch control and easy to use

The Electrolux Rice Cooker ERC1300 is a quiet but much-needed kitchen assistant. It works quietly but excels at what it does to whip up tasty and nutritious food for your whole family. With its non-stick inner pot, cleaning up is straightforward and requires minimal time and effort. This makes it easy to use. A worthy mention is its one-touch control where you can click to choose to cook or keep warm.

With a 7-cup capacity, it is decent sized and can whip up a feast for a big family. The see-through glass lid allows you to monitor the cooking progress whenever you need to. You can pull an entire feast off with the help of the Electrolux Rice Cooker ERC1300.

Primada Smart Cooker PSC50
  • Smart cooker with digital programs
  • Cooks and reheats and even bakes
  • 3D heating system for optimal cooking and energy saving

The Primada Smart Cooker PSC50 is the dark house that is equally capable as its more premium peers. It is a smart cooker that is inbuilt with a wide variety of digital programs. Not only can you cook rice, but you can also even use this cooker to dry, steam or make yoghurt! Talk about the versatility and wide spectrum of functions.

With a ceramic-coated inner pot and a 3D heating system, heat is transferred and distributed evenly to ensure optimal cooking results. It also makes cleaning and washing up quick and easy. With a 5L capacity, you’d have no trouble whipping up a feast for a family reunion or celebration. You won’t need other kitchen appliances if you’ve got the Primada Smart Cooker PSC50.

Orito Electric Rice Cooker
  • Cooks brown rice perfectly for a nutritious meal
  • Non-stick and removable inner pot for easy cleaning

The Orito Electric Rice Cooker not only cooks white rice well but can pull off perfectly cooked brown rice too. The grains won’t turn out too hard or tough to bite into but still remain fluffy and soft. Also, the fragrance of the rice is also preserved so that you can savour each and every bite!

With a non-stick inner pot which you can remove and an upper lid that you can detach, cleaning up is super easy. You will find that this Orito Electric Rice Cooker is a worthy companion in the kitchen, especially if you’re on the journey to eating more healthily!

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