22 Best Shampoos in Malaysia (2023) For Your Hair

If you find that your hair always feels coarse and look lacklustre, chances are you’re not using the right shampoo for your hair. Using a good shampoo ensures that your hair gets the essential nutrients required to be healthy. Not only will your hair take on a silky smooth exterior, but it also will be less prone to premature breakage and tangles. A good shampoo will also care for your scalp and keep it in a healthy condition so that there is less hair fall.

The good news is that there are many different shampoos with superior formulas available out there for you to choose. Here are the best shampoos in Malaysia for healthy and beautiful hair!

Sunsilk Shampoo Smooth & Manageable

The Sunsilk Shampoo Smooth & Manageable comes in a striking pink bottle that you’d surely notice sitting on the shelve from afar. Its formula is a nourishing and enriching one, which helps to replenish essential nutrients for your hair follicles to grow healthily. You’d find that your usually rough hair feels smoother and softer. Your hair moves weightlessly and falls back into place perfectly. There is also less tangling of hair so that you can comb through your tresses easily. Get manageable and beautiful hair today with the Sunsilk Shampoo Smooth & Manageable.

Kerastase Bain Prevention Shampoo

Best hair loss shampoo

The Kerastase Bain Prevention Shampoo is designed to be a preventive measure against hair loss. When applied on your scalp, this Keratase shampoo starts to stimulate blood circulation, and this helps hair grow faster and better. More nutrients can be delivered to sustain the hair growth and your hair will also turn out smoother and silkier. As it refines the textures of your hair and reinforces each hair strand, there is a densifying of hair tresses. The result is a fuller head of hair that is soft and smooth. Fend against premature hair loss with the Kerastase Bain Prevention Shampoo.

LOreal Paris Elseve 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo

The LOreal Paris Elseve 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo is made with oil extracted from Almond, Coconut, Olive Oil, Argan, Camelia and Jojoba. This combination ensures that it is super nourishing and comprehensive such that your hair gets all the nutrients it needs to grow. With consistent use, you’d find that your hair has an added shine too! When dispensed from the container, you’d instantly fall in love with the sweet floral aroma, and this stays on your hair even after washing. For an affordable yet effective option, you’ve got to choose the LOreal Paris Elseve 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo.

Innisfree Green Tea Mint Fresh Shampoo

The Innisfree Green Tea Mint Fresh Shampoo is super mild and gentle and is suitable for sensitive scalp. It has a cleansing property that can gently remove all traces of impurities, dirt and excess sebum from your scalp. This keeps your scalp clean and rids of any clogged hair follicles that can cause dandruff and hair fall. Without any silicone and parabens in its formula, it is also suitable for use on sensitive scalp. If you’re looking for a shampoo that gently cares for your hair’s wellbeing, you have to get the Innisfree Green Tea Mint Fresh Shampoo.

Herbal Essences Bio Renew Shampoo

The Herbal Essences Bio Renew Shampoo with Argan Oil of Morocco is a repairing shampoo that restores hair to its optimal silky smooth condition. Argan Oil is highly nourishing and contains many beneficial proteins and nutrients. This allows your hair follicles to reconstruct each hair strand and become smoother in texture. At the same time, the other ingredients in this Bio Renew formula ensure that your hair strands and scalp get the necessary hydration for a stronger hair barrier. See your hair shine like never before with the Herbal Essences Bio Renew Shampoo.

Moist Diane Extra Damage Repair Shampoo

Best shampoo for damaged hair

The Moist Diane Extra Damage Repair Shampoo is a deeply nourishing and revitalising shampoo. When applied on your face, it lathers up and feels luxuriously moisturising. The nourishing formula penetrates each hair strand to repair the hair structure. At the scalp and hair root, it also seeks to moisturise your hair follicles so that the hair receives adequate nutrients for healthier and shinier hair growth. With less frizzy hair, it gets easier to manage and comb your hair without breakage. Get practical and effective help for your damaged hair with the Moist Diane Extra Damage Repair Shampoo.

Pantene Shampoo Total Damage Care

The Pantene Shampoo Total Damage Care has been reformulated and improved to address the issues faced by damaged hair. This Pantene shampoo is formulated with Keratin Damage Blocker to enhance your hair’s ability to defend against environmental stresses. This helps your hair rehabilitate and improve its texture as times goes by. The Pantene Shampoo Total Damage Care is also highly nourishing so that your hair gets sufficient moisture and nutrients to grow well.

Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

The Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo contains native herbal ingredients like Butea Frondosa and Bhringaraja to strengthen your hair and enrich your scalp for less hair fall. This two in one function ensures that your hair not only falls prematurely less but also improves on its texture and lustre. With strengthened hair and a moisturised scalp, you’d find that your hair is able to grow out longer and looks shiny. This shampoo also has a pleasant aromatic scent that lingers on your hair. See the difference quickly with the Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo.

Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo

The Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo transforms hair to look smoother and soft with a few washes. Its extra moisturising formula nourishes your hair and conditions it to be baby soft. As the shampoo lathers up easier and coats the entire hair strand easier, you won’t have to pump too much to ensure all parts of your hair gets the shampoo. This makes it really suitable for long hair! With less tangle and frizz, you might even be ok to do away with combing your hair every day! The Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo will definitely give you healthier and shiny hair.

Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo

Best shampoo for dyed hair

The Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo presents itself as a highly affordable option to take care of your hair after you have dyed it. Hair exposed to dyeing can get brittle and dry, and it requires nourishment to regain its healthy and silky smooth exterior. However, this could sometimes interfere with your freshly dyed hair colour and cause the colour to fade quickly. This Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo is designed not only to prolong the dyed colour but also to help your hair regain its health. You get to preserve your dyed hair colour and protect your hair with the Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo.

Dove Volume & Nourishment Conditioner

The Dove Volume & Nourishment Conditioner is meant to supplement and seal in the benefits of the Dove Volume Nourishment Shampoo. With a lightweight yet still luxurious texture, the condition coats and penetrates the hair strands so that your hair becomes more shiny and soft. It is gentle on hair and scalp so rest assured that this would be suitable if you have sensitive scalp or skin. Your hair also feels more voluminous as this condition ensures that your hair maintains an optimal healthy growth. For a great nourishing conditioner, you have to get the Dove Volume & Nourishment Conditioner.

Clear Shampoo Ice Cool Menthol

The Clear Shampoo Ice Cool Menthol provides a gentle cleansing of your scalp and unclogs the hair roots of sebum and impurities. This helps to keep a sterile scalp condition for less dandruff and stronger hair roots. With menthol in the formula, your scalp experiences a cooling sensation when you wash your hair with the shampoo. This refreshes your scalp and allows it to feel relaxed. As your scalp destresses and goes through the rehabilitation, you’d find that your scalp flakes less — bid goodbye to unsightly white specks known as dandruff with the Clear Shampoo Ice Cool Menthol.

Nizoral Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Best anti-dandruff shampoo

The Nizoral Anti Dandruff Shampoo is a medicated shampoo that is antibacterial, to prevent fungi and yeast growth on your scalp. This will help to reduce the irritation of scalp and formation of dandruff. There will also be reduced itch. With a deep yet gentle exfoliation, all dead skin, excess sebum and impurities that are on the surface of your scalp and deep within your hair follicles are eliminated. This results in a reduced hair loss because your hair roots can hold your hair in place better! Rather than spend thousands on hair loss treatments, do it yourself at home with the Nizoral Anti Dandruff Shampoo.

Tresemme Shampoo Keratin Smooth

The Tresemme Shampoo Keratin Smooth features the key ingredient, Keratin, that is super beneficial for healthy hair growth. Keratin is rich in proteins and helps to rebuild the structure of each strand so that your hair looks smoother and silkier. There is also less frizz so that your hair becomes easier to take care of and style. If you do tie your hair regularly or subject it to heat, it is important to equip your hair with the essential nutrients to repair itself. You can do it with the Tresemme Shampoo Keratin Smooth.

Ryo Hair Loss Care Shampoo

The Ryo Hair Loss Care Shampoo hails from Korea and comes in different formulation for different hair type. The shampoo for normal dry scalp is more nourishing and serves to replenish key nutrients to strengthen your hair roots. Your scalp receives the essential revitalising benefits too and this helps it be healthier. Your hair roots also get strengthened so that it is able to hold the hair strand in place well. For a preventive solution to potential hair loss, you’ve got to try the Ryo Hair Loss Care Shampoo.

Selsun Blue Extra Strength Treatment Shampoo

Best shampoo for itchy scalp

The Selsun Blue Extra Strength Treatment Shampoo contains Selenium Sulfide to make it a medicated shampoo to combat the production of fungi and yeast. Both are bacteria that thrive on a dirty and clogged scalp, and are usually the cause of dandruff and scalp itch. This Selsun shampoo exfoliates your scalp and also kills the bacteria so that your scalp is rid of these issues. Get the Selsun Blue Extra Strength Treatment Shampoo today for an effective dandruff treatment that works!

Batiste Dry Shampoo Original

Best dry shampoo

The Batiste Dry Shampoo Original refreshes your hair easily with just a few sprays without having to wet your hair. This dry shampoo is for you if your hair roots tend to get oily easily which causes your hair to look flat and greasy all the time. The formula is able to mattify this greasy look and allows you to fluff your hair so that it looks freshly washed and blown. For an easy and fuss-free way of cleaning your hair, the Batiste Dry Shampoo Original is the solution!

Grafen Root Booster Shampoo

The bestselling Grafen Root Booster Shampoo lives up to its hype. The shampoo comes with root stimulating tool that you use to massage the shampoo into your scalp for ultimate absorption. The shampoo contains highly nourishing herbal ingredients that target hair loss and scalp revitalisation. You may even see a volumizing effect of your hair with prolonged use of this Grafen Root Booster Shampoo!

Alpecin Double-Effect Caffeine Shampoo

Best shampoo for dandruff

The Alpecin Double-Effect Caffeine Shampoo is a double-acting shampoo that first exfoliates and cleanses your scalp then work its powers to prevent excessive hair loss. The first result is less dandruff and scalp itchiness. Caffeine in the formula then stimulates blood circulation for better provision of nutrients to your hair follicles to encourage healthy hair growth. The second result is then a thicker and fuller head of hair. Use the Alpecin Double-Effect Caffeine Shampoo conscientiously and you’d see the miracle happen before your eyes!

Pantene Shampoo Micellar Moist

The Pantene Shampoo Micellar Moist features the key innovative Micellar technology that allows the shampoo to pick up dirt gently without stripping away moisture from your scalp and hair strands. The shampoo manages to feel lightweight even while being very moisturising. The end result is a mattified hair that is smooth and shiny. Get a clean scalp

Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

Best for dry hair

If you regularly bleach your hair or are just exposed to the sun regularly, you may find that your hair gets dry and frizzy all the time. The nourishing and moisturising formula of the Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner replenishes the key nutrients your hair needs. There is also less split ends so that the overall texture of your hair can rival those portrayed in the TV commercials. Get enviably gorgeous hair with the Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner.

Petal Fresh Shampoo

The Petal Fresh Shampoo contains a blend of Australian Tea-Tree extracts to combat scalp itchiness. Thanks to the tea-tree extracts in the formula, your scalp feels a soothing and cooling sensation when you use this shampoo. At the same time, it is rich in nutrients which helps to restore your hair to its optimal health. As it does not contain any parabens or harsh preservatives, the Petal Fresh Shampoo is highly suitable for use on a sensitive scalp too!

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