16 Best Smart TVs in Malaysia (2023) From RM700

A Smart TV opens up endless possibilities for your home entertainment options. With prices of Smart TVs becoming more affordable recently, it is a great time to get one for your home, bedroom or even office. There are quite a number of brands available, from well-known brands like Sony, Philips to newcomers like Coocaa and Hisense. It can be quite tough to choose a brand or model to buy. But not to worry because we have done all the hard work for you by shortlisting the best. Here are the best smart TVs you can find in Malaysia today!

Philips 65-inch UHD Smart TV 65PUT6023S

The Philips 65-inch UHD Smart TV has a remarkably slim body that it almost looks like a thin sheet from the side. With 4K ultra HD technology, the screen delivers crisp resolution with sharp and vivid colours. You won’t have even have known that many shades of orange existed with this TV. What you get is an unparalleled sharpness to the video quality with a high contrast and better depth ratio. All motions are flawless and swift without any blurry pixelation.


Offering 3 HDMI inputs and compatible with Philips Easylink, you can easily connect with other equipment like your Blu-Ray player or home theatre system and control all of them with just one remote control! Talk about comfort and convenience right from your couch. You have to get this Philips UHD Smart TV for an elevated experience.

Philips 65-inch UHD Smart TV 65PUT6023S

The Sharp 50 Inch 4K UHD Easy Smart LED TV is programmed with Sharp’s very own high luminance technology, which ensures that you get the clearer video and most optimally contrasted screen images. It connects quickly and easily with your smartphone or any tablet and instantly mirrors the content. This means that you can binge-watch your favourite YouTube channels on the big screen all day long just by toggling on your smart device!

This is a highly affordable and value for money purchase, especially if you’re looking for a high resolution and smart TV. At 50 inches, this Sharp UHD Easy Smart LED TV sits well even in your bedroom but definitely feels large than life with its vivid contrast and colours.

Samsung 50 Inch UHD Smart LED TV UA50RU7100KXXM

The Samsung 50 Inch UHD Smart LED TV is an energy-efficient TV that gives you great bang for your buck for every minute of great enjoyment. It is a well-built TV that features great resolution and colour display and comes with Dolby Digital Plus so that you get good audio quality too. This eliminates the need to upgrade your sound system.

You can also rest assured that this TV offers you sufficient connectivity ports, as it has 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports. With a slim design that is space-conscious, it can fit even in your study room. For an excellent entry-level TV that still offers you unparalleled resolution and clarity, you have to get the 7 series Samsung UHD Smart LED TV.

Sony 4K Smart LED TV KD49X7000G

The Sony 4K Smart LED TV offers the 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology that gives you redefined pictures and improved contrast to reveal the most minute details and truest shade of the colours. This is further augmented by Sony’s 4K X-Reality Pro upscaling and TRILUMINOS display.

With smart capabilities, it instantly syncs up with YouTube to allow you to catch up on all your subscriptions and also connects instantly with your smartphone or devices. With ClearAudio+ sound system, you get a totally immersive experience as you lounge on your couch and prepare to unwind for the evening. You won’t regret getting this Sony 4K Smart LED TV.

TCL 4K UHD LED Smart Android TV 55P8S

The TCL 4K UHD LED Smart Android comes inbuilt with HDR 10, micro dimming and Wide Colour Gamut. The synergy of the three components effectively elevates the clarity, vividness and real-life of the images on the screen. You get a more vibrant and brighter picture quality that makes this TV feel very premium.

It is compatible with most streaming sites like Netflix and Youtube and comes installed with Google Play Store. If you’re big fan of soccer, this TV has a Sports mode that allows you to immerse yourself in the thick of all the action! There’s a reason why TCL is fast becoming one of the most popular TV brands. Get the TCL 4K UHD LED Smart Android TV today!

Coocaa 4K Smart TV 50Q5

With the crazy number of positive reviews about the Coocaa 4K Smart TV online, we had to see what the hype was about. And we are very impressed with everything this smart TV offers, especially at a very competitive price point. No wonder it is the top-selling smart TV model on many different eCommerce sites.

It has a fantastic 50-inch 4K display that will make watching any show on it a pleasurable experience. With the Android 8.0 system, you can get access to thousands of apps on the Google Play Store. From YouTube to Netflix to Spotify and even games, this Coocaa Smart TV does it all.

With a built-in Chromecast, you can cast whatever you’re watching on your phone to your 4K smart TV. The interconnectivity is very convenient and makes sharing videos to your family a breeze. If you want a quality 4K Smart TV that doesn’t cost a bomb, this is one you have to consider – especially since it is so popular in Malaysia!

Philips 4K UHD Smart LED TV 55PUT6002S

Just a few years ago, we wouldn’t have imagined getting a 4K 55-inch smart TV because it was just way too expensive. Thankfully now, we can get all these wonderful features at a very affordable price as evidenced by the Philips 4K UHD Smart LED TV.

Besides having a 4K Ultra HD resolution, it is further enhanced by the Philips Pixel Plus Ultra HD Engine. Every movement on the screen feels smooth and looks sharp even on the smallest details. If you enjoy watching action movies or natural documentary, this 4K Smart TV will elevate your experience and make you feel like you’re inside the film itself.

For a large 55-inch screen, this Philips TV is surprisingly slim and sleek. It’ll fit nicely on your existing TV console without any issues thanks to its compact design. If you want a large 4K Smart TV without breaking the bank, this Philips model is a dream come true.

Sharp UHD Easy Smart TV LC60UA6500X

Imagine being able to watch 4K videos all the time. Thanks to the Sharp UHD Easy Smart TV, that could be a reality. It does not only offer you ultra-sharp 4K resolution but also converts non-4K videos into 4K resolution with its X4 Master Engine Pro II. You will literally be watching 4K videos all day long with this amazing Sharp TV.

Accessing the Smart feature on this TV is as easy as ABC. With one single click on the remote, you can access apps like YouTube or browse the internet. Additionally, this TV can mirror your other smart devices like phone or tablet. If you want to show off your baby’s photos to your family during a gathering at your home, this feature would be super useful. If you are obsessed with high-quality videos, you’ll fall in love with this Sharp Smart TV.

Samsung 4K Smart Curved TV UA55NU7300KXXM

Once you go curved, you never go back. At least that is what many people who have bought curved TVs told us – and we agree. A curved TV experience is just extraordinary and immerses you deeper into every video. If you want a good example of a curved TV, check out the Samsung 4K Smart Curved TV.

Even before considering its curved screen, its 4K resolution is already amazing. 4K resolution has 4 times the number of pixels compared to 1080P resolution. If you’re going from a Full HD TV to this 4K TV, the difference is glaring. Every detail is enhanced and sharper than ever, even in dark scenes.

You’ll also notice that the colours on this Samsung Smart TV to be sharper and more vibrant because of its PurColour technology. Another feature to highlight is its Auto Depth Enhancer that angles the video, so it looks more life-like. When you add all these features and include a curved screen – you get the perfect 4K Smart TV.

Haier 4K Smart TV LE50K6500UA

Cheap 4K Smart TV Malaysia

With more than 100 positive reviews on Lazada, the Haier 4K Smart TV is a very popular best-seller. So why do so many reviewers love it? Firstly, its price is unbelievably low for a 4K 50-inch Smart TV. We doubt you can find a better and cheaper deal in Malaysia right now.

Secondly, it has all the functions you need from a Smart TV. You can access apps like Netflix, YouTube or almost any app available on Google Play Store thanks to its Android system. You will also be able to mirror the content on your smartphone directly onto the Haier Smart TV.

Its 4K resolution means you can enjoy your movies and TV shows more clearly than you have ever experienced before. In terms of quality, it does match up to most of the other 4K TVs besides the much more expensive ones. Now, you and your family can upgrade your TV experience without overspending thanks to this Haier 4K Smart TV.

LG 4K HDR Smart TV 65UM7290PTD

“Wow!” That’s the first thing that’ll come out of your mouth when you see your favourite movie playing on the LG 4K HDR Smart TV. It literally feels like you’re watching a movie in your very own movie theatre. It also doesn’t hurt that its surround sound is exceptional with strong bass and a wide range of sound reproduction.

We are also very impressed with the colours of this smart TV. With its True Colour Accuracy, the colours in every scene are shown precisely to how the movie director wants you to see. The quad-core processor helps to drive consistent delivery of ultra-clear 4K images to your screen. So far, we think that it is the best 4K TV ever (that isn’t crazily expensive).

Another cool thing about this LG Smart TV is its AI assistant – the LG ThinQ AI. You can converse with it to let it recommend some shows to watch based on your likes and dislikes as remembered through your previous viewings. In a 21st century smart home, this is the Smart TV you need!

Sony Bravia Internet TV KDL48W650D

The Sony Bravia Internet TV is a Full HD model instead of the 4K resolution. However, it still performs very well in terms of video and image quality thanks to Sony’s proprietary X-Reality PRO technology. This technology enhances every image it shows by reducing noise and improving clarity. Even watching fast-paced action movies is an amazing experience because of its Motionflow XR which smoothens fast action into a cinematic quality video.

If you like a strong and deep sounding bass, you’ll enjoy the speakers on the Sony Internet TV. From low pitch or high pitches, this speaker does it all well. With good sound quality, it makes the entire viewing experience so much more pleasurable. Unsurprisingly, this Sony Internet TV is extremely popular, especially when among online shoppers in Malaysia – so definitely check it out!

TCL Android Smart TV 40S6800

Equipped with the Android Oreo operating system, the TCL Android Smart TV opens up a world of possibilities to upgrade your TV experience. You can access popular apps like YouTube, Netflix or download many of the other apps in the Google Play Store.

Video and audio quality is perfect on this TCL Smart TV. One thing to highlight is its Micro Dimming function which automatically senses dark and bright areas and automatically adds contrast to them. It has a built-in Harman Kardon speaker which ensures pretty good quality sound. If you want full access to the Google Play Store on your smart TV, this is a great option to consider.

Toshiba Smart Full HD LED TV 49L5650VM

Toshiba believes that what makes a TV smart is not just being able to load apps and browse the Internet. Instead, it is about the TV being able to adapt to what the user wants. That is exactly how the Toshiba Smart TV is designed to do.

Its interface is very user-friendly even if it is your first time using the functions of a Smart TV. You’ll get used to it in just a short amount of time. After that, you can arrange the homepage to put webpages and apps that you frequently use for quicker access. Additionally, you can also use your smartphone (Android) to control this TV instead of remote control. If you’re looking for a user-friendly Smart TV, look no further than this Toshiba one.

Daewoo L32S790VNA Smart TV

Cheapest smart TV in Malaysia

Want the functions of a Smart TV at a fraction of the usual price? You can get all that with the Daewoo Smart TV. It is probably the cheapest 40-inch Smart TV in entire Malaysia – if you find one that’s cheaper, let us know and we’ll check it out!

It has a 32-inch screen which is the perfect size for a smaller living room or a bedroom. You won’t feel that the screen is too small because of its narrow bezel display. Under the hood is the Android 5.1 operating system that gives you access to a wide range of apps. To be honest, this Daewoo Smart TV can’t compare to the latest 4K Smart TVs that cost more than RM2000. However, it is an excellent cheap alternative that won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

Hisense Full HD Smart LED TV 43N2170PW

16. Hisense Full HD Smart LED TV 43N2170PW

The Hisense Smart TV is a 43-inch model with a Full HD Display that will impress you with its sharp image quality. There are two reasons behind its impeccable video – the MasterPro and Natural Colour Enhancer. With the MasterPro, the colour and contrast of each image are improved which is especially evident when you view scenic images. The colours are further improved by the Natural Colour Enhancer that makes it more real.

Through the Hisense VIDAA U operating system, you can get access to more than 260 different global and regional apps. With a quad-core processor, performance is speedy with zero lag. Enjoy all the benefits of a smart TV with this Hisense model!