11 Best Sofa Beds in Malaysia (2023) From RM199

A sofa bed is extremely versatile and space-saving. You can transform it into either a full-sized sofa or a spacious bed in just a minute or two. It is especially useful when you have guests over because you don’t need to spend money buying a bed just to host them.

There are many different kinds of sofa beds which you can choose from. They come in many shapes, sizes, materials and also design. To help you find the right sofa bed for your home, we have done all the research for you to shortlist the best of them all. Here are the best sofa beds you can buy in Malaysia today!

Viva Houz Helena Sofa Bed

The Viva Houz Helena Sofa Bed gives off a premium vibe while priced pretty affordably considering its premium finishes. It is a 3-seater sofa that can be effortlessly converted into a flatbed. The backrest of the sofa can also be adjusted to 3 different levels which is great for lounging.

Its interior is filled with high-density foam padding which offers a good balance of comfort and support. This is very important because you want good support when using it as a bed, otherwise, you may wake up with aches and pain. The entire sofa also feels very sturdy thanks to its inner wood frame which is supported by its metal legs.

The Viva Houz Helena Sofa Bed is available in 4 different colours – black, blue, dark brown and maroon. All of the colours are stylish with a minimalist feel to them. Get this amazing sofa bed and you definitely won’t regret it!

FOREVER 4-Seater Fabric Sofa Bed

If you’re looking for a spacious sofa bed, the FOREVER 4-Seater Fabric Sofa Bed would fit the bill perfectly. Most sofa beds are designed to be flatbed or 3-seaters. If you have a family of 4, you usually need to get an L-shaped sofa. Thankfully, this sofa bed is designed with extra space to fit a total of 4 people. When converted into a bed, it has dimensions of 180cm by 94cm which can fit two adults comfortably. With a total of 6 stainless steel support legs, it offers excellent stability comparable to a regular bed frame.

The exterior material is extremely breathable, which is suitable for the usually hot and humid weather of Malaysia. Air can pass through it freely so you’ll feel cool throughout the day and night. The fabric is also designed to be easy-to-clean. You can wipe it down once in a while to keep it clean.

For its large size, you might expect this FOREVER 4-Seater Fabric Sofa Bed to be very expensive. Surprisingly it is super cheap and affordable and costs less than RM400 when we wrote this article. Check it out before stocks run out!

Cheap sofa bed

With a price that is below RM200, the Like Bug Iris Foldable Sofa Bed is a super cheap option that you should check out. It is a 3-seater sofa which can support loads of up to 200kg, which means you can fit 3 average-sized adults with ease. We also like that this sofa is relatively compact so it can fit in any living room or even a smaller room.

Whether sitting or lying down on this sofa bed, it feels comfortable because of its 7cm high-density sponge inside. This sponge keeps its shape well which means it is durable and long-lasting even after years of use. You can choose from 6 different colours from black, blue, brown, grey, purple and red to match with your home’s design.

If you want a sofa bed that does not burn a hole in your pocket, the Like Bug Iris Foldable Sofa Bed is the one you want!

MyFurnitureLab Atom Foldable Sofa Bed

If you love the minimalist look, you’ll love the Atom Foldable Sofa Bed. It has a very simple design which is pleasing to your eyes. It is almost like an art piece. This sofa bed proves that sometimes the best design is simplicity.

This is one of the sturdiest sofa beds around. It is a 3-seater model that can support heavy loads of up to 300kg. If you don’t mind a squeeze, we reckon that you can fit a total of 4 adults on this sofa. The fabric of this sofa feels like leather, but thankfully this sofa does not come with the huge price tag of a leather sofa. Because MyFurnitureLab is a direct seller that cuts out the middleman, which explains why this beautiful sofa is priced under RM200. Yup, that’s right, so don’t miss out on this fantastic deal!

Viva Houz Costa Sofa Bed

With a combination of high-density padded foam and zigzag sprints, the Viva Houz Costa Sofa Bed provides both excellent support and comfort. This is especially useful when sleeping because you can feel your back getting the right support it needs. That being said, sitting down on this sofa bed also feels very comfy with its plush padding.

One interesting look from this sofa bed is its chrome legs. Instead of the boring straight legs, it has curved legs that give it an interesting profile when you look at it from the front. With these chrome legs, the couch gains a touch of modernity and looks rather futuristic. Because this sofa is made in Malaysia, there is good quality control compared to overseas factories.

Available in grey, brown or blue, the Viva Houz Costa Sofa Bed is an excellent option to consider if you want good support.

JAEDEN PU Leather Sofa Bed

The JAEDEN Sofa Bed lets you choose between a 3 or 4-seater depending on your needs. Both the 3 seater has a width of 90cm in its bed form while the key difference is that the 4-seater is 20cm longer at 180cm. If you want a sofa for more people to sit on, or a bed that is closer to a full-sized bed, get the 4-seater model. It only costs RM40 more and is worth paying slightly more for.

The exterior of the sofa is covered with PU leather that stimulates the feel of leather without the high price tag. This PU leather is high-quality and is very durable. It also makes keeping it clean effortless because you can just wipe it with a wet cloth. Underneath the PU leather is a 7-cm thick high-density sponge that has a medium firmness which most people would be happy with.

If you’ll like a cheap leather sofa, this JAEDEN Sofa Bed with its PU leather coating is a great choice to consider.

Lavino Perth Sofa Bed

The Lavino Perth Sofa Bed has a Scandinavian-inspired design that gives off an IKEA showroom vibe. But it is about half the price of what you would expect to pay for a sofa bed that has a similar design. Placing this sofa in your living room or bedroom will add a dash of class to your living room or bedroom.

As a bed and sofa, you’ll find it extremely comfortable thanks to its very thick cushions. It gives you a premium feel as your body sinks into the cushions. With a firmness rating of 5/10, it is more suited to someone who likes their bedding on the softer side. The sofa is covered by a linen fabric which is water repellent. This means that it won’t stain easily and can also be cleaned rather easily.

Futon Floor Sofa Bed

The Futon Floor Sofa Bed is different from most other sofa bed. It is much more compact and can even be stored away easily when you don’t need it. This futon style is Japanese-inspired because it is meant to be put on the ground.

While this floor sofa is very compact and moveable, it still offers sufficient space for up to 2 people to sit and sleep on. However, it will be a little squeezy so we recommend that it be used for just 1 person. This sofa is also unique in that it can be adjusted to fit 6 different positions from sitting to lying down.

If you’re looking for a one-person sofa, this Futon Floor Sofa Bed is perfect for you!

Lavino Terre Fabric Sofa Bed

Need a sofa that can transform into a spacious bed? Look no further than the Lavino Terre Fabric Sofa Bed. When it is transformed into a daybed, it measures 215cm by 163cm which is bigger than a queen-sized bed. This is perfect for couples and can even fit 3 people if you squeeze a little. As a whole, this sofa bed is about 1.5 times larger than your regular sofa beds when in the daybed form.

While this sofa is a 3-seater, it also comes with an additional Ottoman stool which allows you to make it into an L-shaped sofa. As such, it is the perfect sofa to fit even 4 or 5 people because of its spacious design. With a firmer cushioning, this sofa bed provides excellent support for your back. Additionally, its neck rest can be adjusted to 6 angles so you’ll always be able to find a comfortable position to rest your neck.

The Lavino Terre Fabric Sofa Bed is perfect a home which needs a spacious sofa and bed. It can essentially be a substitute for a queen-sized bed. Check it out if you need a big sofa bed!

MF Design Titan Sofa Bed

It takes just under a minute to convert the MF Design Titan Sofa Bed from a sofa into a bed and vice versa. As such, it is very convenient and also easy-to-do even if this is the first sofa bed you are getting. The design of this sofa bed is luxurious because of its well-chosen colours and plush exterior. As you sit on it, you will feel like a million bucks. The best thing is that this sofa bed costs just over RM400! So you are getting a luxurious sofa bed for a huge bargain. With more than 60 positive ratings for this MF Design Titan Sofa Bed, you know you are getting a great product!

IKEA Friheten Sofa Bed

11. IKEA Friheten Sofa Bed

The IKEA Friheten Sofa Bed is smartly designed with hidden storage space which you can utilize. This helps to keep your room tidy because you can keep your things out of sight. This sofa bed is not just a sofa and a bed but also a storage cabinet!

This IKEA sofa is big enough to fit 4 people when in a sofa form. When transformed into a bed, it is almost as big as a queen-sized bed so it can fit 2 sleepers very comfortably. It also comes in 6 different cover colours from beige, black, grey, blue and dark grey.